idk i dont understand myself anymore

Taking a break...?

Hiatus, I guess? At least until I’m feeling more like myself. May take a couple days, weeks, or even longer. I’m not sure. I may just completely regret everything and just delete this later —

But eh…I just haven’t been feeling like myself this past week, so I think I should just take myself off the internet for a while. I don’t think it’s been being a good influence on me recently.

Also, my current dosage of my medication hasn’t been working, and I’m not sure if I can increase it another time. I may have to see my doctor again to find another solution. But right now I just…feel miserable. Not having very good thoughts and I’ve been having…rough nights. I don’t want to burden anyone with what I’m going through, so I’ll be taking a break from everything and just try and focus on school.

I’ll be putting things in my queue for a little while, so hopefully that’ll keep my blog active until I feel happy enough to come back. I may try and draw some digital art or make some other stuff and post them from time to time, but other than that I won’t be talking much. I want this blog to remain as normal as it can be, without my dumb ramblings. Sorry, I just don’t want to bother any of you, so I think it’s just best that I distance myself from everything for a while. Even skype…probably.

Hope you all understand, and I wish you all nothing but the best and happiness. ♥︎