idk i dont understand myself anymore

idk i might lose followers for this or smth but tbh im leaning more and more towards radical feminism bc most of the points are far more logical and based in reality than liberal feminism, and actually tries to do something about misogyny rather than just make it more appealing to women lol

also ive seen lots of people on here who got labeled swerfs and terfs and upon checking their blog, these people have a better understanding of sex work and gender than most people

idk i guess if anyone has a problem with that feel free to unfollow me or whatever but yeah idk i dont really consider myself a libfem anymore, ive realized more and more how damaging it actually is, the past few years liberal feminism on tumblr has done me more harm than good

tbqh tumblr liberal feminism has made me push myself more into gender roles, “sex positivity”, and made me feel it more necessary to be “feminine” than any man ever has and im tired of it

its lame and i dont have the patience for it, its mostly just the same old misogyny rebranded to appeal to young girls and i dont wanna promote it anymore

anonymous asked:

My best friend confessed to me and i rejected her.. i feel like staying in contact with her is making things worse.. I've always been flirty with her and everyone else tbh but now it feels like im leading her on and i dont know how to interact with her. I feel terrible bc i liked her before but once i knew she liked me back i just.. couldnt anymore?! Almost to the point of disgust idk whats wrong with me or if i should distance myself to make it easier for her

this is awkward. i think you should have a talk with them, and understand the mutual feeling. but be 100% understanding if she likes you still. but tell them that you can’t control how you feel. if you think space is best then explain how you could both benefit even though you’re friends

Taking a break...?

Hiatus, I guess? At least until I’m feeling more like myself. May take a couple days, weeks, or even longer. I’m not sure. I may just completely regret everything and just delete this later —

But eh…I just haven’t been feeling like myself this past week, so I think I should just take myself off the internet for a while. I don’t think it’s been being a good influence on me recently.

Also, my current dosage of my medication hasn’t been working, and I’m not sure if I can increase it another time. I may have to see my doctor again to find another solution. But right now I just…feel miserable. Not having very good thoughts and I’ve been having…rough nights. I don’t want to burden anyone with what I’m going through, so I’ll be taking a break from everything and just try and focus on school.

I’ll be putting things in my queue for a little while, so hopefully that’ll keep my blog active until I feel happy enough to come back. I may try and draw some digital art or make some other stuff and post them from time to time, but other than that I won’t be talking much. I want this blog to remain as normal as it can be, without my dumb ramblings. Sorry, I just don’t want to bother any of you, so I think it’s just best that I distance myself from everything for a while. Even skype…probably.

Hope you all understand, and I wish you all nothing but the best and happiness. ♥︎