idk i dont really like the quality


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what about villanous since one of the storyboards is u know, what u think? u will support that?

excluding the whole fiasco with LTF, which is so damn muddled and vague that i really dont want to engage myself in anymore, it doesnt really hold my interest.

for starters, its honestly not that well animated. idk why people think its high quality for a mexican cartoon especially when there’s shows like legend quest 

but the humor kinda sucks, the character designs just scream bland tumblr bait (to a point where i was fully convinced that that was the joke but its all played completely straight),and the overall premise just isnt that engaging.

so even if i was a huge LTF fan and i defended them  till my final breath, i still wouldn’t support this cartoon one bit

OK am I the only person that doesn’t think the early manga art for SNK wasn’t that bad. It had a unique charm to it and it flowed+conveyed emotion really well, and lended itself well to tell the story. I’m always a fan of bold and graphic styles, and honestly I dont think the quality of SNK’s manga art was any worse than many other early chapters of popular shounen manga

Also semi related to Flight Rising, I’ve had a HEXrpg account for a few years that I never used, so I started a new one and I realised just how much I missed it

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kirishima !

  • do I like them: HELL YEAH HELL YEAH HELL YEAH 
  • 3 bad qualities: NONE HE’S THE BEST KID EVER
  • favourite episode/etc: EVERY EPISODE HE’S IN
  • otp: bakushima
  • brotp: kirikami
  • ot3: kamibakushima
  • notp: ashido/kirishima
  • best quote: idk all of them!!!!!
  • head canon: he’s trans

Then and Now. (click them for better quality)

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  • do I like them: YES
  • 5 good qualities: okay 1. he’s probably actually really emotional but he bottles that shit up give him a therapist, 2. hes like. v cute ok 3. he! trusts! kirishima! 4. he looks up to all might isnt that cute 5. hes actually got a heart ok he paid kiri back for his night goggles if that aint nice i dont know what is
  • 3 bad qualities: 1. hes an asshole 2. he bottles his emotions up and then explodes (pun intended) 3. hes very versatile,, 
  • favourite episode/etc: ahhh i only like stuff from the manga so far,,
  • otp: bakushima
  • brotp: bakushima again lmao
  • ot3: kamibakushima
  • notp: i really dont like deku/bakugou
  • best quote: idk theyre all p good
  • head canon: hes also trans. and v gay

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hey.. hey..... ask meme......... todoroki .................

  • do I like them: yep!!
  • 5 good qualities: keep this short bc 5 is a lot: he Strong, he Smarts, his hair is cool, he blunt but hes also a meme
  • 3 bad qualities: hmm i personally dont really like his hero costume i think it could be more flashy but other than that idk
  • favourite episode/etc: the tododeku fight tbh
  • otp: tododeku what a surprise
  • brotp: momo or uraraka
  • ot3: iidatododeku idk the ship name
  • notp: any of the girls tbh
  • best quote: “never forget who you want to become” - i literally cannot explain how much i love this quote okay
  • head canon: he Gay

send me a character?

i love how on astrology posts esp on fb its a really like over simplistic vague post and people will like debate in a massive essay why they dont have said quality, like.. ‘im a capricorn moon but i dont do that……’ and then its like, do u have to disclaimer every post u know something like… (general characteristics of a singleton moon in capricorn not effected by house placement or aspects) idk lol

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You still doing Matchups, if so can I get one? I mean as you can probably tell by now, I'm always making stupid jokes in an attempt to make others laugh and I'm always trying to make others smile unfortunately though I tend to be a bit short tempered and angered easy, I dont prefer the indoors or outdoors I like them both, I'm also really good with my hands. I hope that's enough! Thanks!

Honey you don’t even gotta ASK I’ll do it either way. I ship you with REINER/YMIR

REINER : because idk if you know those but Reiner needs someone that’s good with their hands. He’s pretty THICC down there if you get what I’m saying. Besides that he enjoys your side comments and jokes. He thinks it’s an awesome quality about you and admires it deeply. You also have an aura of confidence he thinks is hot. Believe or not he’s actually quite capable of calming you down temperamental situations.

YMIR: Usually I’d match someone like you with Sasha buuttt I’ve made and exception. She likes your witty comments and finds it very very very attractive. She’s the same with the indoors/outdoors thing and you two have a lot of similar interest. The only issue with this is probably that you both have ill tempers. She’d probably get mad with you about someone and you both could bitch about it to each other later. Ymir also needs someone good with their hands ( if you get what im saying here ).

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  • do I like them: Yes!
  • 5 good qualities: Polite, Strong, Rational, Calm, Adaptable
  • 3 bad qualities: Prude, Shy, Self deprecating
  • favourite episode/etc: That ep where somebody makes fun of Spartos bc nobody ever remembers him and Spartos just :^(
  • otp: Spartos x Happiness
  • brotp: Spartos and Pisti
  • ot3: Spartos, Pisti, and Yamraiha
  • notp: Spartos and Sinbad??? idk i dont really have any strong opinions on this
  • best quote: I honestly can’t remember a quote from spartos I’m sorry
  • head canon: Spartos, especially when he first joined The Squad, was very insecure about his religious beliefs compared to the others, who were all very free in contrast and had little to no religious connections. He felt pressured to “ease up” and experienced a lot of inner turmoil about what he should do.

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  • do I like them: yeah dude!!!
  • 5 good qualities: uhh smart, like super funny bc of his serious shtick, he’s like the dad of the group, he actually cares a lot!!, and??? just a good boy
  • 3 bad qualities: none he’s great
  • favourite episode/etc: uhh no idea
  • otp: idk?? i dont really ship him with anyway
  • brotp: iida/deku/uraraka
  • ot3: the same as above but platonic
  • notp: uhhhhh idk man
  • best quote: ???any?
  • head canon: im bad at these but he’s unofficially the dad of class 1-A and he takes care of the class so well?? everyone is super appreciative of him

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Puck from glee for that ask meme?

  • do I like them: this is tough…bc it’s hard not 2 associate the actor w him.. but he used to be a character i really liked!
  • 5 good qualities: funny, charismatic.. i cant list anymore tBH FHUSIHG
  • 3 bad qualities: crude, perverted, rude
  • favourite episode/etc: i always liked the eps w zizes!
  • otp: puck/zizes…and i alSOO liked him and cedes !
  • brotp: idk finn and pucK
  • ot3: puck/cedes/…..finN
  • notp: idk i dont really mind any ship with puck LOL
  • best quote: “leggo my eggo” 
  • head canon: that his actor isn’t mark salling LOL

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Yo, you've got the HD version of MM:FR, right? Can you go through and pull screencaps (or a gif, even) of the moment people are saying that Cheedo and The Dag kissed? I'd really love to see that but my version is so low quality!

it’s hard to see what’s exactly going on and even zoomed in with the hd it’s still a bit blurry cause they’re out of focus in the background but idk how else to interpret this??? cheedo is all over the dag in this scene, like just cuddling into her and rubbing her face on her neck like i dont know how i never noticed it before but that really does look like she’s kissing her. on the mouth. so.

a teeny tiny nagito doodle!! i love him a lot……
(almost at 250 followers! thank you so much!! also if anyone has any requests… specifically nagito requests.. feel free to send them!)

oops i haven’t been posting doodles lately cause i’ve been working on this aaa

i had the idea for this weeks ago and i finally got it out of my system except i hate it 

inspiration came from here
“the blue tide pulling me under” 

click on the image to see better quality!!