idk i dont really like the quality


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ive been seein a lot of style challenge things going around and it looked fun!! so here’s my take on it,, i just drew myself 9 times bc i couldnt think of a character to do. i chose a couple of the styles bc theyre like. formative to how i draw now? (fma & the vocaloid boxart) the rest were suggestions and ones i chose cause i thought theyd be fun  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (click for better quality :^/)

also go check out @tubular-todd‘s art bc its??? super good i dont think i did it justice tbh

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198, 165, 131, 129

165: Do you believe in Aliens: uh, i dont really think it matters? like its not like god or superstitions where faith effects yr behavior and values etc.. aliens are just something that may or may not exist and we have no way of knowing yet? so idk why someone would choose to believe or not believe in them yet?
131: Small town or Big city: i hate small towns but i also hate encountering people - ’m gonna pass on this one
129: Ben Stiller or Adam Sandler: i dont know who either of these people are
198: I am really: sorry about the quality of these answers


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nickname: yan

starsign: scorpio

height: 163cm (maybe idk)

last thing i googled: getemoji bcos i had to change something lmao

fave music artist: troye sivan, bangtan, the neighbourhood, the 1975, khalid, dean, frank ocean, p!atd (it varies so much omg)

song stuck in my head: dont have any lmao

last movie i watched: a really bad quality moana

last tv show i watched: mmmm does k drama count? if it does then it’s weightlifting fairy kim bok joo!!! it’s so good i love it so much

when did you create your blog: may 2016

what kind of stuff do i post about: study related things, bullet journals, notes, sometimes things that i find aesthetically pleasing

do i have any other blogs: yea lmao

do i get asks regularly?: from time to time

why did i choose my url: it was meant to be sarcastic and surprising like oh look im studying

gender: female

hogwarts house: slytherin :))))

pokemon team: I DONT PLAY

favorite color: pastel pink, yellow, blue, black

avg hours of sleep: i’m on break so around 9-10 hours?? but sometimes 6-7 depending if i have work or any events

lucky number: 27

favorite character: oikawa tooru and victor nikiforov!!!

how many blankets do i sleep with: one

dream job: idk man i just want to be happy

following: 577

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i've been having a rlly tough time lately w some health issues (which is not the point of the message) and one of the things that makes me feel better for a while is lookingat ur blog?? idk why but i just. love ur blog and there's just something about it that makes me happy for a little bit despite everything ilu maddie thank u for Quality Content like conservatives dont deserves 2 have cow interaction

ohhhhhhhhh this makes me? really happy? i hope things get a little easier for u soon 


Then and Now. (click them for better quality)

ladykima replied to your post:if someone made me jackie and hyde icon i would be…I can make you some! any particular pics / screencaps you’d like? or even an episode or a season I could comb through? /

 tess i love you but i cant find like quality pictures of them??. idk if its cos im stoned but like i’d really like an icon on this moment

this that isn’t really much to go by but i cant think everything is pretty with them i honestly dont mind 

a teeny tiny nagito doodle!! i love him a lot……
(almost at 250 followers! thank you so much!! also if anyone has any requests… specifically nagito requests.. feel free to send them!)

oops i haven’t been posting doodles lately cause i’ve been working on this aaa

i had the idea for this weeks ago and i finally got it out of my system except i hate it 

inspiration came from here
“the blue tide pulling me under” 

click on the image to see better quality!!

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youve been talking about a fashion industry au and i am intrigued. do u have any headcanons or thoughts - or are u just tagging stuff that looks like it belongs in a fashion industry au?

OH WOW WOW OKAY SO NOT MUCH REALLY IF IM HONEST. BUT I DO HAVE THOUGHTS. cant believe someones actually interested.

i haven’t got any like BIG and COOL headcanons or anything, but i will say that the main boys i’ve had fashion industry au thoughts about are taehyung, yoongi and namjoon. this is mainly due to their irl fashion sense that we’ve seen.


okay so firstly if you go into my #fashion industry au tag, you’ll find that the first person who inspired this au was taehyung.

my headcanon is that he’s a fashion designer (even tho he is SO model material). i have this headcanon for two reasons:

1. when he’s at award shows, i’d see photos of him, and i would imagine him sitting in the front row of fashion shows and…

he’s watching u walk down the runway…

…and he is judging u.

2. the second reason is purely after watching this video. the vague translation is hoseok telling tae that he looks like a fashion designer. and then tae (with sass) says “jin, come here”
Very fashion designer. also this.


do i

even need

to say anything

 about yoongi’s

fashion sense????

i mean really like, when does he not look like he’s just casually at the top of the fashion industry? (those sneadals never happened)
im still deciding what exactly he does in the industry yet. to say that he’s just a model or a designer feels too small.
i kinda like the idea of him being an editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine. full-on devil wears prada style, you know? i can imagine him walking into HIS building, looking effortlessly flawless, striking fear into his employees and asking where his damn coffee is. and it definitely fits his ‘works extremely hard but makes it look like he doesn’t do anything at all’ persona.


i wouldn’t call him an “underground” fashion icon like i dont really know a lot of fashion terminology. but basically what im saying is that he’s not reaaally in the industry? sort of. idk. he focuses on social media popularity. he pushes his own fashion style via his instagram and other media under the name #kimdaily.

unlike yoongi who slays in top notch stuff - whom you can always rely on to give you top quality looks to worship - namjoon is more into breaking the boundaries of fashion, you know? 

you’ll say; “that black pleated skirt was a mistake,” 

or “why does he look like one of the three blind mice?”

or “those pants belong in the 90′s, and should stay there”

but then his very monochrome and ‘out there’ style just grows on you. and all of a sudden you’re making mood boards out of his kimdaily style, trying to emulate it into your own clothes.
boom. he’s a Forward Thinking Individual whom the masses rely on to be Streets Ahead of the fashion world.

so yeah…thats literally all i have. hope that satisfied your curiosity anon :D


“If you are delivering something of quality, and somebody is giving you pickle juice. Fix the situation. Get rid of them, from your life, from your work or from whatever! And find people that know better than to deliver pickle juice.” - Tyler Oakley :]


this was the first thing i thought of when i saw this post. and yes, they’re doing the flour baby experiment.

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Yo, you've got the HD version of MM:FR, right? Can you go through and pull screencaps (or a gif, even) of the moment people are saying that Cheedo and The Dag kissed? I'd really love to see that but my version is so low quality!

it’s hard to see what’s exactly going on and even zoomed in with the hd it’s still a bit blurry cause they’re out of focus in the background but idk how else to interpret this??? cheedo is all over the dag in this scene, like just cuddling into her and rubbing her face on her neck like i dont know how i never noticed it before but that really does look like she’s kissing her. on the mouth. so.