idk i dont put up selfies as is



shhh its a secret that my lips are stuck like this

anyways this was probably supposed to be a bias selfie tag but oh well i guess i’m my own bias.

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So idk if yall are still doing autistic selfie day but in case we still are here’s my contribution 💋💋
We have spent our lives being spoken over, told that our points of view are benign and infantile, and treated as second class citizens by those who claim to help us. They dont acknowledge our opinions and when we fight back against their abuse they kill us. I refuse to put up with it for another April, a month dedicated to shoving A$ agenda down our throats.
I’m autistic. Society seems to hate when I say it, but I’m a beautiful autistic person and I will be until the day I die.

if i was troye sivan for a day i would..

- wake up and put my most dad yet aesthetic outfit on
- sing to myself every fucking second
- take 912 selfies bc the world needs more troye selfies
- finally film a tronnor collab (reenacting the blue neighbourhood trilogy ofc)
- cure cancer bc troye is totally capable of that
- leak blue neighbourhood
- water sarah, connors tree, for him. (dont kill me)
- finally fucking upload a video
- go to sleep happy