idk i dont like this much but i was bored

the design of lv x supreme was lazy and boring and like supreme just priced out so much of their customer base like none of the kids that queue up outside waiting for drops are gonna be buying this collection it’s gonna be some old white guys idk i just dont think it was a good move on either part??? but we’re all talking about it so it’s cool i guess 

i preferred it when everyone was uglier. like idk in the early 2000s i remember no one really wore much makeup and fashion was a bit weird and everything felt a bit clumbsy. instagram makeup makes me so uncomfortable bc its basically all these ppl sculpting their faces to give the illusion that they look as close to everyone else as they can. its beautiful dont get me wrong!! but its all so samey! im bored now lets go back to doin weird shit get this precise perfect stuff out mi face

do u ever go to school and the first thing u wanna do is go home and sleep because ur so fucking tired but then when u get home u dont even want to sleep anymore and ur like straight up energized as soon as u get home and like u love home so much bc home is amazing but sometimes u get sick of home and like u wanna leave home and go to the city and explore the world but at the same time all u wanna do is sit there

while im glad yo//i exists, im pretty sad cuz like. i like it but. feel kinda. eh? like it didnt stike much with me and felt kinda boring at times. i still cant really get myself to fully watch the last two eps. maybe thats just cuz 1) everything was spoiled for me and 2) im neither a big sports anime or romcom fan. 

but a true issue i have with it is just that like, i feel like there was too much sexualization? which i know is more of an anime industry problem in general. but i dont watch many animes these days for that very reason. tiddy bouncing junk is so off-putting. and while i get the usage behind it in y///oi, i just dont like the whole stripping thing, the constant ‘sexy kat///sudon’ stuff, and everything with chris. i dislike the hot spring scenes as well, but those are understandable for the most part. this is strongly a me issue tho. like, this is my demi/ace issue. it just grosses me out… like i guess i could be reading too deep but theres always this vibe and it bothers me, cuz this is such a good anime otherwise.

a lot of the reason i say tht nya is treated super horribly by her writers is bcuz i see a lot of myself in her as a character and once. 

some. stuff……..happened in s6 and a lot of content that i previously found Fine became triggering to me, i started getting a lot more defensive and aggressive regarding the writing. 

esp for her. 

shes v important to me and i rlly do relate to a lot of her struggles w trying to feel important and being generally unable to work w a team as well as not wanting to defect from her established routine way of doing things. 

so sometimes i get kinda. Strange abt how i talk abt her. 

yeah she has a lot of problems but tht doesnt mean i dont like her. i think shes Boring and could use better writing but the whole show could n said bad writing doesnt diminish my enjoyment of it as much as it would in some cases ?

idk i just dont want ppl assuming tht im gonna keep complaining and being negative abt the shows writing i just would appreciate more attention to detail w her and allowing her the freedom to exist outside of a team

cuz u kno. not everyone can work w others. not everyones cut out for it. and thts not a bad thing !

~Princess Marble~

I drew this 2 days ago, but i procrastinate until now to post it. Sorry if the quality is bad, i drew this on my phone and i don’t know how to configure the size (aside that i dont know how anatomy works) (*ノ∀`*)

I love this AU so much! i wanted to draw Prince Carpet too, but i’m still not confident enough to put my Philly online (o^ ^o)

Thanks so much @phantheraglama for making another precious AU (*´▽`*)

btw… gender rolls are the worst kind of bread


the 13 year old in me would be so delighted to find out five years later i was so bored i tried this again and he is shaking so much i cant even take a steady picture this is next level