idk i dont like it :

Ok what the fck is up with people defending that footage of that dog being forced into water for that stupid
Like even if they rescued it when it went under they shouldnt have forced it into that situation anyways? Like they could have gotten that footage without putting that dog in danger
Its a dog it doesnt
….its not like “Im an actor im doing this for the movie i can get through this”
theyre just stressin it out and scaring it without it knowing why

*sees another scout thats ok with doubles* ok…

*sees another scout that Isnt ok with doubles* AhhHH UMMM

*sees another scout that literally calls doubles Fakes*  🔪 🔪 🔪

someone giving prompto his handy dandy camera for his bday,

   “i am NOT–” johnny cut himself off, hurling a fireball towards a target. it was out of pure anger. “—talking about my opinion on this registration… bullshit.” to say he was conflicted was an understatement and him using his powers in front of someone who could potentially agree with this new act was risky.


sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
(remake of this)