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Relationship status: single
Favourite colour: dark red! But also thousands of other colours
Lipstick or chapstick: red lipstick is super super rad so that
Last song I listened to: lovestruck by the vamps is currently playing
Top three shows: merlin, brooklyn nine-nine and elementary
Top three characters: remus lupin, halt o'carrick and will herondale (look it wasn’t easy, but they came to mind first)
Top three ships: merthur, peraltiago and jenny/gilan because I can’t think of anything else but also they’re pretty darn cute

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Aspecs are LGBT+ and should be celebrated this Pride Month, so here you go.

Slightly pink tinted because, hey, it’s me. Everything is pink here.

Started replaying TEW with a New Game + and without the rest of the plot it’s just a game about Seb being obsessed with Green Gel and leveling up and welp Seb/Green Gel is the only true love, so here is a pic in the honor of it.

Are there any post civil war fics where Wanda realizes that leaving with Clint was a bad idea and she should’ve just stayed at the compound? It be cool to see Wanda go off on Clint for dragging her into it. Maybe realizing that Tony might have been right and isn’t as horrible as she thinks he is?

The thing that makes me the most upset about the Supernatural finale is how with one. short. scene. the writers took something I loved dearly, something that made me happy, something that helped me and countless other people get through the week, and they ruined it. Supernatural made me happy. Supernatural made me love Thursday. Supernatural was something I could always count on to be there and make me smile at least a little. Even the episodes I didn’t like had at least one or two scenes that made me smile. And of course nothing made me smile more than seeing the name “Mark A. Sheppard” at the beginning of an episode. Just the thought of “oh his name isn’t here this week but it might be there next week” was enough to cheer me up. Good things are worth waiting for after all. But now that feeling is gone. Now when I think about Supernatural it just reminds me of what’s gone. It makes me feel sick and I just want to cry. I know it’s silly to get this emotional over a fictional character in a tv show, but everyone needs that one silly thing that makes them happy. And now that thing for me, and a lot of other people, is gone. Even if Crowley returns to the show it doesn’t change how I feel now. Sure I’ll be ecstatic then, but that doesn’t change how it isn’t fair. It isn’t fair how Sam, Dean, and Castiel always get treated by other characters and the writers so differently. They always get the most attention and the most care. Castiel, Mary, and Lucifer are all already confirmed for the next season and it isn’t fair. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Winchesters and Castiel but their characters don’t make me feel the same, they don’t have that special something Crowley does. Mary, I honestly don’t really care about at this point. I liked her at first but after the whole MOL thing I’m just kind of sick of her. And then there’s Lucifer. Lucifer who everyone, including myself, used to love. He was and still is a great character with great lines, and I’ve managed to keep liking him for a long time, but I’ve had enough. He is the last person I want to hear is coming back to the show, especially since the whole point of Crowley dying was to get rid of Lucifer! I just want Crowley to come back. I want him to come back and be treated with the respect he deserves, especially since he sacrificed himself for two assholes who never treated him decently. I just want him to come back so I can love my show again…


lmao I noticed that a lot of filipino artists have been popping up recently?? and I was like,, what if,, we all lived in one apartment? AU where I kidnap all of u n we live together happily where i’ll protect all of u from mean people and no one’s gonna care about how you dress or your length of hair yea? I dont know all of you personally but this is just a cute little thing I thought of lmao cause I was thinking about how I could walk past any of you one day, never knowing you’re actually a Tumblr artist who draws gay things and cries about fictional characters 

also I noticed y’all wear glasses?? um ok suspicious

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draw the squad idea by @bendan-ninja

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What are your opinions on John winchester... just my curiosity spiking?

Oh boy, that one. 

I think he was a bad, neglectful parent. But I don’t agree with the pretty wide-spread characterization of him as a total demonic, drunk asshole who hates his kids’ guts and beats them up. I don’t think John actually beat them up – not on a regular basis, at least? I could maybe see arguments getting heated and violent, but not so much of a constant smackdown for every small mistake. He might have put them down verbally, if the Impala comment to Dean in the end of s1 was anything to go by… we all know Dean would never let Baby get rust or anything :(

I think he, kinda, destroyed them emotionally and totally didn’t provide enough support. He loved Sam and Dean, I’m pretty sure – but love alone’s not enough. He was a traumatized, scared man who wasn’t in the place to raise kids. I know it turned out that this childhood was the only way Sam and Dean could save the world. If they were raised happy and safe without any training and only ever becoming close with each other in their formative years, I doubt they could foil Lucifer’s plans that were thousands of years in the making in Swan Song. But John had no way of knowing that, so, that’s no excuse!

Also, that face that Dean makes in the Dark Side of the Moon when talking about John…

Yeah, that one. Poor guy. From the looks of it, John would never let them be kids, especially not Dean with his parentification burden. I could maybe understand wanting your kids to be ready if you know monsters are coming for them. But, damn, he could’ve stayed with them. Teach them how to shoot a gun if you really gotta, but you can also play catch with them and read them bedtime stories, yanno. 

What would Astro’s s/o be like?

Note: my friend ( @prncssjn ) asked me who I thought Astro would be compatible with to help her get to know them, and I ended up making this a post bc I wrote so much. This is just my opinion based on my own perceptions of Astro, and their ideal types <3 


Originally posted by syairasaad

IDEAL TYPE; someone with a nice and bright smile; someone who has a kind heart; someone with a similar personality; someone who I can joke around with; someone with the same humour; someone like MJ

  • I think he’d be quite malleable with this? Like I could see him with a few different type of people
  • I think he’d need to be with someone who sees the world with as much joy and love as he does
  • He’d definitely be drawn to someone with a bright, bubbly personality, who would encourage his optimism
  • As he said himself, he’d need to be with someone who he can joke round with; that would be essential
  • He’s always making other people laugh, and I think something he’d really want to bring to his relationship was laughter
  • I think he’d also really value kindness in an s/o, since he himself seems to have such a soft, warm heart
  • I think he’d also work well with someone who could look after him, either emotionally or practically (since he is still very much a child)
  • But he might also work well with someone with a more sober personality; someone to ground him and balance him out (so long as they were always up for a laugh and to have fun)
  • Essentially, MJ would be with someone humorous, caring, good-natured and kind


Originally posted by puppyjinjin

((i know this gif is old af but look he’s so cute))

IDEAL TYPE; someone with their own opinions and who can speak their mind

  • I think JinJin would want to be with someone who’s as mature and laid-back as himself
  • No preference for introvert or extrovert, but I think he might prefer someone a bit on the ambiverted side (like himself)
  • But, he’d want to be with someone who has a sense of humour, too
  • JinJin always just seems to be having a good time, and he’d want that with his s/o, too
  • But at the end of the day, I think he’d also really enjoy building a deep, meaningful relationship with them, so some element of intelligence and thoughtfulness would also be important
  • In all honesty I see him with a girl that he knows can bite back; someone who has a good sense of self and knows how to stand up for themselves
  • Even his ideal type supports this; I think self-assurance would be really attractive to him
  • I think he’d want to be with someone he could really talk to, and who would genuinely have a conversation and a debate with him
  • Essentially, JinJin would be with someone intelligent, mature, witty and honest


Originally posted by asterocky

IDEAL TYPE; someone who likes me; someone that I love; someone who I can laugh with together; someone graceful someone who I automatically know is my girl

  • I think Eunwoo would be drawn to someone who was into the arts
  • I think he’d definitely be attracted to someone with a more mild, calm personality, and who’s on the more introverted side
  • He seems quite low-energy, and his closest friend is quite introverted to, so I don’t think he’d handle an overtly extroverted s/o very well
  • I think he’d want an s/o that was very understanding and patient; he has a packed schedule, and he feels a lot of pressure all the time, so having an s/o who can support him properly would mean the world to him
  • I think kindness would be a big deal to him, too; he admittedly has a problem with coming off a bit cold sometimes, so he’d want an s/o to help him with that
  • From what he said about his ideal type, I think Eunwoo would look for a kindred spirit; someone who gets him, and who can truly understand him
  • I think that means that it would really limit his amount of potential partners, but it means that any relationship he does get into is going to be quite deep
  • Essentially, Eunwoo would be with someone intelligent, peaceful, patient and understanding


Originally posted by heybinnie

IDEAL TYPE; someone I’m attracted to; someone who loves music; someone with a pretty smile and smiles easily; someone who can help me be more organized

  • Someone kind, and with a lot of room for love in their heart
  • Like I think that’d be a deal breaker for him
  • I can see him with either an introvert or an extrovert, tbh, no real preference
  • I think he’d have to be with someone thoughtful; he puts a lot of his time and energy into his loved ones, and you can tell how genuinely he loves them, so he’d need that reciprocated
  • He’d need to be with someone who enjoyed being affectionate; he’s such an affectionate person and that’d be a big thing for him
  • Going on from that, I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who was very loving and dedicated, since he puts so much into his personal relationships
  • I think, similarily to Eunwoo, Moonbin would look for a kindred spirit, but in a different way
  • I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who’s soul was a loving and as kind as his, because I think then he’d be in a relationship where he was truly cherished
  • Essentially, Moonbin would be with someone loving, thoughtful, affectionate and dedicated


Originally posted by parkminhyuksdf

IDEAL TYPE; Someone cute and lovely; someone nice; someone who thinks of others well; someone who takes care of others well; someone considerate

  • Someone laidback; he’s such a chill person, and he’d enjoy that in an s/o
  • But, I think he’d be drawn to someone who was really passionate; you can feel his passion for dancing, so I think he’d have trouble connecting with someone who didn’t have a passion for something
  • I feel like Rocky might prefer being with an introverted or ambiverted person, just because he’s quite quiet and reserved himself; he might prefer someone on that wavelength
  • Similar to most of the other members, I think he’d want to be with someone thoughtful; he’d appreciate an observant s/o, because it’d feel like the relationship really meant something to them (and it might help Rocky be a bit more forthcoming with his feelings, since he wouldn’t have to breach the topic – his s/o would)
  • Once again, I think he’d be with someone kind and compassionate, who has a love for others (although, that could be said of all members of Astro)
  • I think he’d also enjoy an s/o who was as quick-witted as he is; he’s very clever, and I think he’d need someone who could keep up with that
  • Essentially, Rocky would be with someone passionate, laid-back, clever and compassionate


Originally posted by astronomicalscenarios

IDEAL TYPE; someone who thinks of me a lot; someone who’s interested in me and my life

  • He’s the hardest for me to get a grasp on since he’s so young (he even said in an interview that he’s never had a crush before, so he doesn’t even know himself)
  • But, I think at this point in his life, he’d need to be with someone who was just as enthusiastic about the world as he was
  • He’d need to be with someone who’s open to having fun, learning new things, and making mistakes
  • He seems quite enthusiastic about experiencing and learning about the world, and if he had an s/o, you know he’s sure as hell going to drag them along for the ride; so, the s/o would need to be open to that
  • I think he’d also enjoy being with an s/o who had a quirky sense of humour; Sanha’s known for being unique, and I think he’d deeply enjoy connecting with his s/o on that
  • Essentially, I think Sanha would be with someone inquisitive, open-minded, adventurous and joyful

late night rendezvous with sehun ✨❤🌃 

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fantastic beasts but like,,,,,,,, without the plot,,,,,,,,,,,,,, just two hours of my boy newt taking care of all the creatures in his suitcase- and maybe a sideplot about picket’s struggle to fit in with the rest of the bowtruckle,,,, no johnny depp no deeper plot no awkward romantic pairings just good old newt scamander and his magical creatures


So, I recently hit 7000+ followers \(*o*)/ and honestly, I’m really surprised .__. -I haven’t been posting original content for some time now (lol my bad) and like the fandom’s been dead ahah.  I’ve been working on some videos and other projects but I can’t finish anything ;__;.  (but i promise one day, i will show you all :D)

Anywho, during summer I took some photos cosplaying and I was really nervous about posting them so I just kinda held them back but like.. you guys deserve something so here goes ♥ 

Thanks for sticking through <333 


I’m so full of power, I feel like I can see without opening my eyes. Like I could go nova if I wanted to and have my own galaxy. Is this what it’s like to be Simon Snow? To have infinity in your chest pocket? - Carry On, Rainbow Rowell

hello! i just hit 500+ followers, and i’m honestly so grateful for how nice and friendly everyone has been so far. thank you so much!! as a way of giving back to you guys, and to celebrate 1 month of being part of the studyblr community, i’ve decided to do something special. i’m going to have a one week long q&a session and give blog compliments!


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Angry Thoughts about Know It All
(non-angry ones below, after)

  • NO continuity from previous episodes re: this serial rapist – they could have easily done it like with the push-in rapist last season, with allusions to it in earlier episodes to set it up. except that would require episodes to be aired in order and apparently we can’t have that. 

  • as with heartfelt passages, this “barba-centric” episode only gave us about five minutes with him. and NO time with him away from liv except that two-second phone call. GIVE RAÚL ESPARZA MORE MATERIAL he’s such a good actor and needs Time To Shine

  • speaking of which, i would have killed for a scene with him and the little girl he’s helping out. that would have been so bittersweet, and so interesting to see that side of him.

  • so fucking mad they did ice t so wrong by cutting the scene where fin announces he made sergeant. fuck that.

  • was sad at the missed opportunity to mention kim / give rollins some kind of emotional reaction while dealing with an “untrustworthy” younger sister who has addiction problems :(

  • no one cares NYPD was hacked??? at all?? i didn’t necessarily want them to spend time on that but they should have at least acknowledged that it was a big fucking deal

  • too much time on witness interviews and exposition. we get it. give us character moments, i beg you.

  • wtf was with that carisi shit. is he googling bras on his work computer? is his girlfriend? why are these things happening. why are they doing this compulsory heterosexuality shit. (he could still be bi but lmao they’ll never give us that in canon)

  • the outside scenes didn’t read as reshoots – the one in the snow was filmed in Feb; iirc kelli giddish tweeted about it – so julie martin’s excuse about it being postponed due to weather was probably BS

Not Angry thoughts about Know It All

  • that final scene was so good. it was so good. olivia calling him “rafael” (!!!!), the hand touch to the heart, the emotion, all of it. my barson heart is thriving on that.

  • the secret was sweet and i’m really relieved that it was, like, something to do with ethics but he still was doing the right thing. wish they hadn’t built it up so much beforehand so it could have been more of a twist / not feel like a bit of a letdown though. (or spent more time on it so it didn’t feel like a letdown lmao)

  • ROPE GUY!! i’m sad because this probably means he’ll never come back, but the moments with him and fin were sweet. 

  • i know there were others but i can’t remember them right now

  • but i will say that if they start the next episode with a scene of barba talking to the DA, or immediately after with just him, i will forgive so much, i will be so happy (they’re not gonna do it)

  • oh and i do SO LOVE that barba was so honest and open, going to the DA immediately to disclose what happened and face the consequences :’) i mean i’d expect nothing less but still. smol brave barba. i love him.