idk i don't even like this show that much

it’s so sad how there’s essentially no big fandom for the musical fun home on tumblr when be more chill and deh and those musicals get a ton of attention cause like…. fun home is an amazing show with great music and songs and a female lesbian protagonist and her sexuality is like a major plot point, and yet people would rather ship boys together when they’re not even explicitly stated as gay idk i wish it would get as much recognition as them

kegstand jared is all over my dash OBVIOUSLY and honestly i am struggling not to hit the reblog button every single time i see it

why, lord




So this is my second don’t starve character after Waldine.

His name is Wayland (I know, it’s a very good name). He has a really shitty job and is stressed 24/7. And I made this little comic showing his “power” if you can call it that.

Okay so this is his pros and cons:

-Can slow down or even stop time completely when he’s getting attacked. So if some wolf try to eat his arm he could just run away from it.

-He does not have a lot of sanity, only like 120 or so. And when he stops time he loses around 50.

-He don’t need to eat as much as other characters.

yeah idk i’m tired.I’m gonna draw more of him later.

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OK I'm not even gonna talk about jonerys cause I'm shaking 😍but what are your thoughts about Jamie,I mean he's such a good soldier such a loyal guy but his love for Cercei is his poison,Tyron really love him too,idk I'm team Danny/Jon all the way but I don't want him to die

This is a great ask. I love Jonerys but I like all of Thrones so I enjoy the chance to talk about something else too! 

Jaime is in my top 5 faves. I love him SO MUCH and I think this episode really showed us his heroism and bravery. I loved how when the dothraki were coming over the horizon and they all knew they were doomed, Bronn told him to leave because he’s valuable and a commander but he refused to abandon his men. And even with only one hand, he rides and fights so valiantly. 

I mean this shit right here? Instantly iconic. Amazing.

(not for repost :))

This episode was so complex because of Jaime. By now we love him. The audience roots for him. But we also root for Daenerys so it was in some ways nice watching the girl we love get her revenge on the Lannisters, who have been pretty much evil and also the top dogs getting their way for seven straight years. 

But it wasn’t all fun to watch. It was heartbreaking even though it was epic. Jaime was still so full of hope, talking to his horse (”Come on, boy!” I cry) and then we know how it all panned out. He watched the entire Lannister forces decimated before his eyes and he didn’t give up. He faced Dany and Drogon and he didn’t give up. 

So overall this episode was really grey. Even though Dany is my ultimate fave, we didn’t get this battle from her perspective the way we got her burning of Slaver’s Bay. We saw most of this battle from the ground, and we saw the horror for the Lannister soldiers. The same Lannister soldiers that D&D made it a point to show us weren’t all bad in ep1 with the wholesome Sheeran scene.

I think that even Tyrion was conflicted watching it. No, he won’t betray Dany. But the reality of war was hitting him the same way it did at Blackwater Bay. He realized what it meant to unleash something devastating on an enemy army and to watch people die in the horrors of war. And for the people thinking Tyrion looking out for Jaime means he will betray Dany, come on. No. Tyrion has always loved his brother. He can want Cersei off the throne without relishing the idea of Drogon roasting Jaime in front of him. 

I think this episode portrayed Jaime as one of our heroes. That’s not to say that Dany is a villain. She isn’t. But I think it’s showing us that there’s good on both sides, which is an important theme this season because we know that all the “sides” right now–Stark, Lannister, Targaryen–HAVE to band together, as discussed in Jon and Dany’s cave scene to fight the WW.

Anyway, I agree that Jaime’s love for Cersei is toxic but he is coming into his own and I think sooner or later he’s going to separate himself from that relationship and when he does it will allow him to become the man he’s always had the potential to be, the hero we get glimpses of in scenes like this one and the scenes with Brienne :)

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Looking at Mark's (Got7) placements, how do you think he'd go about trying to get the attention of someone he fancies? I wonder if he'd prefer someone with strong water placements to balance him out. Or maybe theyd bore him idk lol

Hi anon! I think the person having water somehwere would actually be nice because the guy can be too agitated and emotional in a bad way - as in having to deal with bad feelings like rage that he can’t control since his Sun combust Mercury in Virgo is bringing him great denial… So someone with healthy water signs that are making them observant, eager to make him open up and overall caring (also patient lol) can be great for this guy. The thing with Mark is that I think he’s genuinely nice but has so many unresolved feelings that he does not deal with at all that he might act emotionally unavailable sometimes, so the person has to have some kind of spark, per say… To actually attract him and make him wanna make a move. So water placements alone won’t immediately attract him that way, but it’s likely that it’s what will make him want to stay in the long run.

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okay but magnus/malec getting ~10 minutes of screentime is actually .. A LOT? i mean that's 1/4 of the episode .. in a show that consists of 7 main characters and a lot of secondary characters (with another one, aline, being introduced right in this episode?) like .. i'd watch 40 minutes of malec too, don't get me wrong, but them having something like 10 minutes is actually more than i had hoped for? lmao idk i think this fandom has weird expectations sometimes that can never be fulfilled tbqh

I know it’s like…

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It's really sad what I'm abput to say, but... I had to start watching PLL all over again bc this season is so boring, idk, I just don't feel the same way about pll than I used to. It's not the same mystery or the same feeling. I'm not afraid of A.D like I used to be of -A. The drama it's not the same, even Ezria is turning boring. Idk I just needed to tell someone this, and maybe you feel the same way(?) Anyways, I love your blog.

You’re definitely in the majority, I’m in the minority when I say this is my favourite season.

I feel like a lot of people love the earlier seasons so much just because the show was so new and so fresh. As a fact, A is more dangerous now. Impregnations, kidnappings, turning Aria against her best friends, etc. The more mature storylines now just do not compare to the “high school cliche drama” of earlier seasons like Hanna stopping her dad’s wedding and Ella receiving a ticket to the Art exhibition Ezria went to. It’s a fact that AD is more dangerous than Mona when she was A. Heck, even Charlotte, as she built a dollhouse. Yet, so many people prefer the show back when Mona was A. I think that’s because we were all younger (literally, 7 years ago is a long long time ago) and we were all excited by the concept of a new TV show with a gripping storyline. We will take anything!!! The show started off as a high school drama where the queen bee goes missing - we couldn’t possibly expect a dollhouse and impregnations back then. We would take ANY form of mystery. And little did we know, that whatever we got back then, would soon become the SUPER HIGH end of the benchmark that we will use to judge future episodes.

I think that now that the show has gone on for so long and the stakes are higher, we don’t really care about heightened stakes. In my opinion, the show IS better, but most people don’t care that the show is better, because it’s DIFFERENT to “what I first fell in love with”.

Again, I feel like it’s a fact, not opinion, that AD is more dangerous than previous A’s. Yet we prefer the softer A. And so in summary, I feel like we keep saying we love the previous seasons ONLY because we were younger back then, we were in a much more positive space and right now in season 7 we are currently chasing that original high we got with a brand new show. We keep on comparing the newer seasons to “good old season 1” and because we’ll never get a perfect comparison, we keep feeling let down. But in reality, the comparison is that season 7 is better - but because it’s not the SAME as season 1, we don’t recognise that.

I feel like not caring about current storylines is merely a matter of franchise fatigue (which is totally normal after 7 years!), and not a matter of storylines not being of high quality. But that’s all just my opinion, obviously this can all be so wrong. Who am I, to say “this IS how the minds of PLL fans work”. Just my feelings on the whole situation because I see this everyday! 💙

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I really feel like Zach's mom is a really rigid(is that even a word? English isn't my first language sorry) and tough with her son, I mean I'm sure she loves him but she isn't exactly good at showing him and mybe that is why he feels lonely? Idk I don't see her as a really loving mom... what do you think ?

I totally agree. We haven’t seen much of his mom but I definitely think she’s the type of mother/woman that, no matter how much she loves Zach, would find it hard to prove/show her love. I feel like she wants to be able to show Zach that she loves him she just doesn’t know how to. 

It definitely could be the reason Zach feels so lonely. I, also, think it’s the reason why he keeps being friends with/hanging around with people like Marcus, Bryce, Justin, etc, because, at least, when he’s around them, he doesn’t feel as lonely and feels like people actually care about him and want him around. 

I don’t know why, but I like to think that it was because of how she was raised, because if she was raised to think that scolding and seeming almost disinterested was a way a building character and being a loving parents then she would assume that she should treat Zach in that way. I, also, think that, maybe, she finds it hard to connect with Zach because he’s a boy, I think she might be quite close with her daughter because she understands how she works, but when it comes to Zach, it’s a whole new ball park and she doesn’t know quite how to manage that. 

i’m just really sad about maggie. it’s actually really hard for me to get into fandoms. it’s hard for me to genuinely enjoy a wlw ship with both characters + the storyline of the show + other characters as well. this was supposed to be The Show and The Ship and The Characters and it didn’t even last a year. i always put so much of myself into these characters and i’m always let down and left devastated afterwards lmao idk why i do it to myself.

also I’m super frustrated bc I feel like me friends aren’t interested in me or my life anymore and don’t ask me or write me and instead of talking to them about it I just rant on my blog which all of them follow.

I mean I am so angry??? They all could know my fucking pronouns, they are right in my blog description, but they don’t look (and mostly don’t use tumblr anymore so I’m totally making all of this up BUT STILL) or ignore when told and Idk

I’m just sick of being the way I am and everyone ignoring me makes it just worse I guess

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I have to admit that lately, Ty's tweet are more and more obvious and show how much he is in love and Lauren always liked his tweet. Like all of them lately are an indirect to her and even all of the reply basically mention Lauren. And yeah! we don't really like Lauren being with him but we all know how Lauren is, she doesn't give a fuck about appeareance, and Ty is the kinf of bad boy she likes, so.... idk, I think there is a thing between them now

all of the reply basically mention lauren? cause that’s basically just the fans. how can they know the truth? im still not sure.. the only tweet that could possibly be about lauren is the LMJ one. they could be friends or they could be doing a collab but i wouldn’t assume they’re in love based on cryptic tweets and a birthday party invite.


redraw i did of ken bc my mom loved the fanart i did two years ago and i wanted to show her how much i improved since then

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I want to do an animation course and I have to make a portfolio..I think I remember seeing you took an animation course and I was wondering if you had any device. If you don't thank you for your time. I adore you so much you're such an inspiration.

Oh gosh idk if I have much good advice on portfolios rn cause I have yet to make my own ;u; but I’ve heard things like start if off with a strong piece, and end it with your strongest. Keep them interested and excited about your work, like if you’re showing it in person then act as if you’re really excited to tell them about your work; if you’re not very enthusiastic about it then they’ll feel as if you don’t even like your own work, which rubs off on them.
If you’re applying for a specific thing, like animation, fine art etc then include things in your portfolio to show off your work with that specific thing. Say you’re applying for an animation degree but you only show your painting, no character designs or storyboarding, it doesn’t really show your skill and interest for the thing you’re applying for. 

Here’s some advice from a friend that I found really useful, and will probably help you more than I have!

my art feels so boring… oh, will i ever be happy with it again?!! i used to be very happy with my art and confident in my ability to draw! even if i look back on some of those pieces and feel they’re not as good as i remember, i don’t… hate them? and despite seeing their flaws going forward, i feel happy seeing them because i remember being satisfied with the work, and that feeling will come up in my memories.

now any time i draw i just feel so drained. and more often than not i hate something before i even finish it… which makes me sad. i struggle to think of ideas, or to find motivation. art is part of what i feel like “i” am… so not being able to do it how i feel like i should be able to after all these years is more than disheartening!! something that used to carry me through my life feels like a chore now and i don’t feel good at it anymore and it makes me sad.

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My way of thinking is "If I pretend it didn't happen, then it didn't happen." and idk if it's healthy, but it's the only way I can even try to like Game Of Thrones after loving Petyr so much. He's the only reason I watch the show now, honestly. ;-;

Hugs <3. That’s basically what I am trying to do. Pretend it’s not happening. So deep in denial still, really. I still have the tiniest sliver of hope left, and that’s going to just make things so much worse…

Ugh, this is nowhere near as bad as the deaths I dealt with in my other top fandom (Harry Potter). I have never been so attached and invested in a character before. Like, I was devastated about Dumbledore and Fred and Lupin and Tonks and Sirius (and Hedwig, omg animal deaths always wreck me), but I’m pretty much stupidly in love with Petyr, so it’s waaay worse.

Now, I do like a lot of the other characters in GoT, and I’ll watch the episodes eventually and watch next season, but I won’t be enjoying it nearly as much (like not even close). So I definitely feel you there.

Hugs again and thanks for the ask <3

An Unexpected Evening

Author: Assbutt

Character: Sam

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, fluff, cussing

You sit down on your bed and pop open your laptop for another hour of research. Sam was in the library and Dean was either eating or taking a nap, maybe both knowing him. Your phone buzzed next to you and the name ‘Sam’ lit up on the screen. You unlocked your phone and opened the message to see a picture of him hard. The only thing was, he wasn’t wearing anything over it. You gasped sharply and threw your phone at the foot of the bed. The image was burned into your mind, you shook your head and tried to blink it away, but nothing helped. You slowly got up and hesitantly picked up your phone, the picture still bright on your screen. You stared at it for what you knew was too long and then closed it. Sam hadn’t sent any words with it, so maybe he accidentally sent it to you. You type 'Uh, wrong person?’

The gray bubble pops up on the left of your screen, dots circulating. The words that came after were 'Actually, you are exactly the right person. :)’

Shit. Sam… He- what? You went and sat on your bed again, still thinking about the picture. This turned you on. Sam turned you on. You had never-

A light moan fell from your lips as your phone vibrated between your legs. Why did you set it there?

'How’s my baby?’ You read the message at least five times before replying 'Since when am I your baby?’ with a smug look.

'Since you stared at that picture as long as you did.’

What the fuck?! Did he have cameras in your room?! Jedi mind tricks?! You felt your face get hot and red.

'I gotta admit, that was pretty nice. ;)’ you quickly text back.

'There’s more where that came from.’ You could just imagine the look on his face right now.

Damn, this really did turn you on. Sam had never, ever since you’ve known him, been like this. Especially with you. 'I have a little something for you too.’ You snapped a picture of your cleavage and sent that.

'Oh, you don’t want to tease
me. 😈’ Sam quickly texted back.

'I think I do.’ You sent a picture of your thighs that time.

Sam shot back a picture that started with his belly button, to him tugging at the waistband of his jeans. You bit your lip at how you wish that could be your hand. You sent back the same sort of picture, tugging at the waist band on your shorts.

'Damn, you’re gorgeous.’ He replied.

'And you, are sexy as hell. 😏’ you laughed at yourself and the fact that this was actually happening.

'Glad to know I can live up to Crowley. 😋’ he texted.

'Lol, so Sam… What’s with the sudden burst of feelings for me?’ You gulp as you hesitantly press send.

Nothing. Then you see him type for a minute. It stops. Your heart is pounding hard against your rib cage and it feels like a hummingbird, begging to get out. Typing. Nothing. Typing for a couple minutes. Then a message pops up. 'Well, I was reading about how these creatures mate… And how similar it is to humans. They spend a lot of time together, then one day they develop feelings and just get together. I don’t know… But I thought of you and how much time we spend together. And I got a little excited…’

'Yeah Sam. I saw.’ You snickered and hoped he heard it through text.

'Would you like a live show?… We ask for volunteers. 😉’ you thought you almost heard him giggle all the way from the library.

'Oh idk… I’m kind of enjoying this Sam. 😆’

He sends another picture just like the first. You groaned and bit your lip at the picture, staring even longer this time.

'Don’t taunt me Sam. Plus, we’re sexting, not snapchatting. 🙊’

'What’s behind those hands (y/n)?’

'😳’ you clear your throat. Maybe there was a reason you and him had never done this before. You waited a solid five minutes, still no more messages. 'Sam, you know I was joking right?’ You pace the room nervously.

'Come to the library.’

'Gladly. 😊’ you look yourself over, fixing your clothes (although they would probably be in a pile on the floor in five minutes), and combing through your hair with your fingers. You walked out into the hall and out to the library. You skipped to the library excitedly, hoping today was your day to finally get laid by a Winchester. Your phone buzzed in your pocket. 'Come find me. 😋’

'The library is huge! How am I supposed to do that?’ You quickly typed.

'Look down each aisle of shelves. If I’m not there, remove an article of clothing. Then move to the next aisle. 😏’

'Shit, Sam. Once I get a hold of you… I swear…’

'😂’ Sam texted before your other message hardly got out.

'Can I get a hint or something?’ You ask.

'Start on the left shelves. Hurry, I’m growing impatient. 😈’

'You aren’t the only one.’ You snarked.

You walked to the left, the first aisle… Empty. You remove your shirt and continue. Aisle two, also empty. You remove your tank top. Next aisle vacant… Buh bye jeans. Doesn’t he want to take off ANY of your clothes himself? Guess not. The next aisle empty. You throw your bra down and that leaves you in your underwear. Now this is just pissing you off. Your brow begins to furrow in frustration until you see Sam in the next aisle. He was fully dressed. “What the hell? Why did I have to get undressed but you didn’t?”

“I thought you might like to undress me.”

“You thought right.” You smiled. You walked over to him beginning to remove his jacket and then his shirt. He pulled you in close, grabbing your ass. You moan into each other’s mouths as he grinds himself against you, giving the friction you both crave. You pull away from him to pull his pants down and throw them at the books in one swift move. He wraps his arms around your waist, pulls your feet off the ground and shoves you into the shelf. There would be bruises tomorrow, but not from the books. “Fuck, you’re so hot. And so wet for me.” He grunted and moved a hand down to your panties. You moaned as he stuck his fingers in them and pulled them down. He let you down to the floor, still pushing you against the books, kissing you violently. “Saaam-” you moan. “I need you. Now Sam.” You gripped his shoulders as he pushed into you slowly, letting you adjust. He then got up to speed, his hips slapping against yours. You could hardly hear the flesh on flesh over the ridiculous moaning from the both of you. “SAM!!!” You screamed into his neck and you went over the edge. He started trembling and he went over his edge in seconds. Once you were both done you got down to the floor, panting next to each other. You laid on top of him and he whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you stroked his hair. In this moment you felt bliss, and comfort. You would never leave his side as long as you lived.

idk what really made me decide to write this post but it kinda just came to my mind and i feel like i just want to talk abt it

so despite my cynical attitude or whatever over the past few months i wanted to say that i will literally always love wolflet ?? like we are almost into the second month of 2016 but i’ve just decided that scarlet and wolf’s relationship will pretty much always be important to me. 

maybe it’s bc they were my First Real OTP or something like i remember reading chapter 23 of the second book (train scene) in seventh grade and just feeling this kind of love and excitement that i’d never felt before. and for some reason i kept going back and rereading that scene (especially the last paragraph woo) bc it just felt so special and beautiful and it made me so happy. and i’d never really felt anything like that with a fictional pairing. like i don’t know why these two stood out to me so much they just. did.

and i could kind of go on and on abt how i spent my entire eighth grade year thinking abt them and developing stories in my head and stuff and flipping through my copies of the lunar chronicles trying to find even a couple of words that had the potential of being wolflet af blah blah blah blah blah. and yes eventually i grew out of them and fell back in and out of love etc etc, but i feel like i’ll never truly stop adoring them ?? like there’s a part of me thinking that in twenty years i’ll be reminded of tomatoes or trains or brightest stars and get a little fluttery inside.

here’s the thing tho. i am 100% finished with trying to thoroughly explain my love for that pairing. i don’t care abt the deep symbolic meaning of the wolf/scarlet relationship, i don’t care abt the brilliant little red riding hood parallels, i don’t care how feminist it is, i really. don’t. care. bc at the end of the day it’s literally just something i enjoy ??? it’s really in the books and marissa meyer wrote it and it’s there for me to love ???? i can open my copy of the second tlc book to the Train Scene™ anytime i want and just indulge in its beautifulness and i truly am grateful for that.

so i guess i just wanted to say that, even tho i don’t really know why, scarlet and wolf’s romantic relationship will pretty much always be something that i love. and i’ve been loving a ton of characters and pairings and stuff from so many different books and shows but i feel like wolflet will always stand out to me. so i kinda just want to thank marissa meyer for creating something so perfect that will always be there for me to adore. 🍅✨