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ok this might be discourse but like. the director didn’t deserve a sympathetic ending?? he was obsessed and awful and hurt everyone he came into contact with, his justification for hurting tons of people was that he was the one who suffered the most/alpha counts as himself (horrors we inflict on ourselves) and he had no choice which tbqh is absolutely wrong, he purposefully manipulated and hurt people (including his family) non stop for his own gain and selfish reasons,,,,,

like do you think that calling ur daughter “your greatest creation” somehow redeems you for all the awful things u did?? like not only does that downplay the years of torture u put on alpha and make it seem like u somehow own carolina, you didn’t do shit buddy, she made herself great. u can’t just say smth nice and look sad and somehow be a good person yknow 

anyway in summary the director is Bad and i heavily dislike him and the day i call him church is the day i die GoodNight 


Klance Week 2016 - Free day

idk if the prompt was ‘free day’ or it implied ‘do whatever’ so I took it literally.. also, cartoon bc i had to rush this whoops, sorry

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Hey, I was wondering if you could possibly update the pack cuddles, sleepover, slumber party tag. Does that exist? Whoop idk. Or possibly the truth or dare, spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven kind of tag? IDK i recently wrote one and i want to see how it is compared. i don't know. Thank you.

sleepover was just updated and our pack cuddles is actually puppy piles so here’s some of those

The Broken Alpha by xtumblrsterekx (1/? | 1,441 | G)

Derek will do anything he can in order to protect his pack. Even if it means getting tortured or nearly killed. There’s a reason he does that though. It’s because he thinks he deserves it for not being able to protect his family. 

Panthera Leo by msbugz (kpumsy) (26/? | 36,238 | R)

Derek thought he’d seen it all but off course, when it came to Stiles, the rules always seemed to bend or stretch or find new ways to confuse everyone.

[Or the one where Stiles gets turned and immediately goes into a full shift… and refuses to let anyone but Derek touch him]

A Moment of Calm by KareSilver (1/1 | 2,478 | NR)

Stiles struggles to keep it together, anxiety and panic eating away at him, Derek knows just what to do.

Glory of the Dead by thedarknovak (10/10 | 41,925 | R)

In the wake of the death of head Whiterun guard Jon Stilinski, the newly orphaned Stiles has no where else to go. Sure he could stay with Melissa, but he wants to escape he wants to see Skyrim. So he goes to the only place he could think of. He goes to Jorrvaskr, the same place his best friend Scott had gone to a year prior. He wants to make his father proud, he wants to become an honorable warrior and make it to Sovngarde. Then he thinks why would the Companions ever want a slim half Breton as an prestigious warrior of their ranks.

Or when Stiles joins the Companions

Or when Stiles was given a choice of being given the blood of the wolf, but the choice is made for him when something terrible happens to him. Stiles struggles accepting that he’d now be joining the eternal hunt.

Will Stiles or Derek address the very apparent feelings both of them share for each other? Will Stiles find a way for Derek and him to make it to Sovngarde?

So here begins the Adventure of Stiles Stilinski, hero, werewolf, mate. The dragonborn has a run for his money with Stiles around.

Stiles Stilinski : The Protector by Little_red_2000 (1/1 | 13,222 | R)

It’s all very new to Stiles, his and Derek’s relationship has been going on for less than a week, but it’s so natural that he feels that it’s been longer than that.

Everything is almost perfect, except for one thing. No one knows about it. He has an inkling that Derek’s betas know but they haven’t said anything yet.

Haze by baeberiibungh (1/1 | 1,086 | G)

Stiles curls his hands around Derek’s neck tightly. Derek is hunched over and not looking at Stiles

5 times Stiles didn’t like the idea of being a parent and one time he did by Mellow (SweetCandy) (1/1 | 8,257 | G)

Stiles Stilinski hates many things.
Spiders, Crocs, simple gramma mistakes (“Scott, you’re stands for you are and not that something belongs to you, is that so hard to understand?!”), double dippers, deniers of science, overly religious people who discriminate others because of their religious beliefs, burnt popcorn, people that don’t eat silently, the kind of neighbors that decide 7am on a Saturday is the ideal time to mow their lawn with the obnoxiously loud lawnmower, people who abuse animals and don’t appreciate dogs, cat people, marriage, he also hates every kind of troublemaking supernatural creatures, and of course, Kate and Gerard Argent as well as any kind of Hunter.
The only reason the Argents and other Hunters aren’t at the top of his lists of things he hates is because there’s one thing that he hates even more. It disgusts him really and he tries to avoid those who suffer from that kind of parasite, mostly so he can avoid the parasite itself.
The number 1 thing he hates: Children and pregnancies.


During Allison’s pregnancy, Stiles repeatedly realizes why he doesn’t want to be a parent, of course, Derek has to prove him different!

heyyyy so i need to more commissions! i finally have my laptop back after having it fixed for a while, but then my car decided to break down yesterday and it turns out that my insurance does NOT cover it and i need to pay out of pocket

idk how much exactly it is but i’m sure it’s going to be well over $300

so i’m opening up 10 commission slots! basically how this works is that you send me an ask if you want a slot, then i give u my commissions email, and then we go from there.

i have more options than what’s shown up here, but the only things i can NOT do are custom pins and charms (things that need to be physically mailed) because i won’t have a car until god knows when

here’s my commissions page for prices and options!

this shit got me fucked up
  • viktor: oh so what was it that you needed to tell me?
  • yuuri: oh yeah... i think we should end this...
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: