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But she was real good about taking care of people. Whenever I got beat up and started cryin’ my eyes out, Leila would go up and slap the bastard who did it. When the guy got angry, that’s when Ladd stepped in with a brick. He’d always try to beat the bastard until he couldn’t move, but Leila’d kick Ladd and say, “We’re done here!”. Guess she had to do that, or the poor bastard would die.
I always watched ‘em from the back, admiring how strong they were.
That’s the way things usually went.

Baccano! - 1931 - Another Junk Railroad

Started my Seroquel XR tonight and the dose was bumped up by 100mg and I’m really hoping this does something for me because I’m not liking the cloud of an impending psychotic break looming over my head.

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I didn't see this as a tag on the tags page or as a masterlist yet but letters? Phanfic has three fics tagged with letters and you guys have one fic under letter/letters but its not in the official tags page but this might be enough for a mini masterlist? Another letter fic would be Waiting by littlelioncats. Also related but a tag request for penpal or diary? I guess writing could be an overall tag for these topics but that's kind of confusing...

idk so I’ll just make a mini masterlist of each here to start the tags


Dear Dan

Phil writes a letter to Dan.

Dear Dan (Letters That I’ll Never Send)

Phil loves Dan, and writes down his feelings in letters that he’ll never send.

Dear Phil

Dan and Phil have been friends since elementary school, but Phil is just a little bit different from the other kids. After Dan stands up for Phil on the playground the two of them become best friends and maybe even more. Written from Dan’s point of view as a letter to Phil recounting special memories.

Open When You Need To Know How Much I Love You

Until The Day We Cease To Exist

I miss you. I miss you more and more every single day, Daniel James Howell-Lester. I want you back, but I know that’s not possible. It never really was. They said I was lucky, but I think you’re the lucky one. You don’t have to live forever without your soul mate.



Love Makes Anything Possible

Dan and Phil are pen pals in primary school. They are able to send each other gifts and letters through the schools. One day, Phil receives a package from Dan and a letter explaining that Dan was in the hospital and might not survive.

Pen Pals From Heaven

A story about when two boys become best friend over letter, will they stay friends or become ‘friends with benefits?’.

The Pen-Pal Project

Philip Lester & Daniel Howell,Are assigned to write letters to each other called the “Pen pal project"Letters and letters and letters.Each day.Knowing more of each other.What will happen when they meet in person.Fall in love?Or just be friends….


Dear Diary

Dan gets a new diary and starts writing personal secrets in it. After awhile, Phil starts writing back.

Dear Diary

During the two months of Skype calling AmazingPhil, Dan gradually starts to fall in love with him throughout each day. But what will happen when Dan decides to tell Phil how he feels?

~ Tori


“…you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” [Genesis 32:26-28]