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Breaking Down

Request: I love your stories so much! If it is no trouble I was wondering if you could write a newtxreader where the reader feels like she has been a burden to Newt and it gets to the point when she leaves when he isn’t noticing? And then he comes to find her? Really angsty please? Thanks! 

Word Count: 2,106

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The pot clatters to the ground, breaking open and sending black dirt rolling across the floor. Newt cranes his head around from where he’s working. He watches the shrivelfig bounce across the ground and ricochet off his boot.

Wiping his hands on a towel, he leans down and lifts it. “Efficient.”

You return his grin with your own half-hearted smile as you turn to grab a broom.

Newt notices your insincerity. “You okay, love?”

Your back to Newt, you nod. “Fine.”

He focuses back on the potion in front of him. “You sure?”

“Positive,” you murmur. Guilt tugs at you. You don’t like lying to Newt, but this isn’t his problem.

You go to sweep up the spilled dirt, but before you can even touch a grain of it with the broom, it starts spinning around. The pieces of the pot reassemble themselves, and the dirt shoots back into the mended pot. Newt doesn’t need to look at you for you to know he’s smiling.

“No need for the broom, love, I’ve got it.”

You stare at the clean ground, unmoving. Of course you’d mess up and break something Newt needed. Of course he’d need to clean up after you.

“Everything okay?” The nonchalant question comes from over his shoulder as he stirs the mixture.

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Title: Doubt
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,220
Characters: Kurt Wagner x Reader, Warren Worthington III, Jubilation Lee
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Assumptions of infidelity, a bit of self-deprecation
Notes: Request from @multipotens for “idk if I already sent you this (if I did oops) but could you maybe write a Kurt X reader where he’s jealous of warren cause the reader and him are best friends (both the badass leather jacket people at Xavier’s) and when people hear that Kurt is crying in his room the reader comforts him and flufffff? ugh nervous and insecure Kurt is my life! thank you so so much I love ur account!!!!” // Thank you!!

Originally posted by claracivry

When you know someone extremely well, it’s easy to tell when something is bothering them. They may never intentionally give any indication that something’s wrong, but nevertheless, you can still tell. And that was how you knew that something was up with Kurt.

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i watched weekly idol episode 297 yesterday and their guest artist is monsta x. first of all, i just wanna say that monsta x is so extra i can’t help but to laugh at how funny and awesome and extra they are throughout the show 😂

but then, something just caught my attention. i’m sorry if i sounded super bias about this but i just want to highlight the fact that monsta x just love hyunwoo so much.

why did i say that?

because- whatever hyunwoo does, everyone will just cheer at him, supports him and saying that he’s the best. idk why but that warms my heart to the core. knowing that all of mx’s members support and love their leader so much, it’s such a great feeling.

albeit a lot of people contemplated whether hyunwoo can be a good leader or not, somehow now, hyunwoo is showing the people out there that he is capable of being a leader. the fact that hyunwoo gave up some of his lines for hyungwon and shares his pay from his individual cf with his members… that’s amazing. really. idk if other people can do what he did.

there’s something in the way that the 6 of them looks at hyunwoo makes me feel so full inside. i can see and somehow, feel, that all of the members cherish him, respect him and love him so much. and as a hyunwoo stan, i’m happy that my sohn hyunwoo is loved by everyone.

just wanna say that love you hyunwoo! you amazing, you the bias, you the everything boo ♡ and in weekly idol when he did the chopstick wave 😂 i just can’t he’s so extra 😂

shoutout to monsta x and our great leader shownu! ♡

anonymous asked:

hi! idk if youve been asked before already but what fics would you recommend? (nsfw preferred but not necessary lol) any ship(s)

Well I haven’t really read many fics tbh, but I did read a Yoosung x MC and it is the. best. thing. since. sliced. bread. 

You can find it here. 

And if you haven’t read any of my fics yet then I guess you should ??? I’ll put down the ones I remember that I’ve written. 

Cross Dressing Seven x Dom MC

Seven x MC (Face sitting kink) 

Unknown x Yoosung (Yoosung’s 3rd ending) 

V x Dom MC

Yoosung x Dom MC

And if I’m missing anything someone plz let me know and I’ll add it! (You an also go to the blog’s main website and search fics) Hope this helped!


Peggy Schuyler x Fem!reader
Words: 748
Prompt: Can you please please please do a peggy x fem!reader?? Like, the reader has deep feelings for peggy and peggy has always been touchy to the reader and reader cant take it anymore and confesses to her?

this was my first femalexfemale mini fic and i think it’s cute but also kinda sad. idk i hope i did an okay job
i’m recording my first song tomorrow so i’m probably not gonna be very active! i’ll try my best though.

also i don’t have a lot of friends on tumblr so if you wanna chat then send me a message! 

requests are open as usual, see you on the other side of the war x


You and Peggy had been friends for as long as you could remember. You and the youngest of the Schuyler sisters were almost inseparable, but lately you had been feeling different about her. You would often stare at her and admire the way her hair fell down the back of her dress, or the way her dress perfectly hugged her sides.

In your eyes, she was perfection. But you pushed your thoughts away. You knew that they were wrong, and that you would be exiled from the town if you were found to be thinking this way about another woman.

So, as you knocked on the door of the Schuyler mansion, you found yourself feeling nervous to exchange words with Peggy. You were scared of saying the wrong thing, now that you knew of your “special” feelings for her.

Peggy opened the door, smiling wide. “Hi (Y/N)! I’ve been waiting for you to arrive!” She exclaimed, pulling you into a hug. You sunk into her hug, letting the smell of her expensive perfume wash over you.

“So what are we going to get up to today?” You asked, pulling away from Peggy.

“Well, I figured we could have some tea, maybe go for a walk or a carriage ride. Also, Alexander is coming over so we can annoy him,” Peggy suggested, taking your hand and walking you inside.

“Ooh, I love annoying Alexander. What do you think we can call him out for this time?” You asked, smirking slightly.

“Maybe we should tell him his beard looks like a squirrel died and he glued it to his face,” Peggy suggested, giggling quietly.

“Or, you could both find something more productive to do with your time, like baking a cake.” You both spun around, blushing as Angelica looked at you sternly, her arms crossed firmly over her chest.

“A-Angelica! Of course, that’s exactly what we were about to start doing. Right, (Y/N)?” Peggy said, smiling innocently. She nudged you lightly, you shivered slightly, nodding quickly.

“Do you two honestly think I don’t know you well enough? Whatever you’re planning, I want it annihilated immediately. Eliza and Alexander have an important meeting with our father today, and I don’t want anyone to mess it up,” Angelica said, pushing a loose strand of hair out of her face.

“C’mon sis! We’re allowed to have a little fun every now and then,” Peggy said, grabbing your hand again and pulling you upstairs.

“Just don’t mess anything up!” Angelica yelled after both of you.

“We won’t!” Peggy replied, pulling you into her room. She shut the door, sitting down on her bed. “What now?”

“I don’t know…” You mumbled. “We could braid each other’s hair?” You suggested.

“That’s a great idea!” Peggy exclaimed, untying her hair and patting the empty spot on her bed. You took a seat, pulling your hair out.

Peggy starting playing with your hair, you shivered under her touch. “Your hands are cold,” You mumbled. Peggy shrugged. “I was drinking cold water earlier,” She stated, stopping when her hands reached your back. “God, you’re tense.”

Peggy began to work her hands into her back, attempting to massage the knots away. You bit your lip hard. “You can stop anytime,” You said quickly, tensing even more.

“Nonsense, I don’t want to leave you feeling tense,” Peggy replied.

“Peggy, please. Let’s just do what we came in here to do. I don’t want to leave with stronger feelings for you,” You said, freezing.

“Did you just say… (Y/N), explain right now!” Peggy exclaimed, moving her hands away and standing up. “What’s going on?”

“I love you Peggy Schuyler! I know it’s wrong, but I’ve been holding this in for so long! I’m sorry!” You exclaimed, starting to cry. Peggy shook her head, pulling you into a hug.

“I don’t know what to say. I… I love you too. Just, not in the same way. I don’t know…”

“I’ve gotta go,” You whispered, running out of her room. You bumped to Eliza, tripping over her skirts.

“(Y/N)! Is something wrong?” Eliza asked, giving you her hand. Alexander stood next to her. “Is this Peggy’s friend?” He asked, helping you up.

“I have to go,” You mumbled. “Let Peggy know this is my fault, not hers.”

You turned from Eliza and Alexander, running from the Schuyler mansion. You had lost both of your shoes while running, but you didn’t care. You weren’t facing her again, you were never going back into that house.

fanaticfangirl001  asked:

Can you write a phil x reader where the reader and phil are dating and she does a baking video with Dan and Phil and Dan kind of let's it slip that she's dating phil and the phandom explodes.

Based on their easter baking video!

•"Almost…done…with…the lights.“ Phil says as he fixes the little for the video. His tongue was sticking out, making him look really adorable.

•You put you hair up in a bun (unless you have short hair) and then began helping Dan place all the ingredients on the counter. Trying not to laugh at the fact that he was wearing a bunny costume.

•"We’ll start in 3…2…1!” Phil pressed the record button on the camera, you and Dan moved to the side so you won’t be on camera.

•"Grow a flower, grab your fluffiest lamb, and give birth to an egg. Cause it’s time for some easter baking!“ Phil said looking straight at the camera. You laugh at him but try not to be too loud.

• “Introducing, my easter-y assistant!” Phil said, and Dan walked into the camera’s frame.

•"And introducing my less exciting easter-y assistant!“ This was your que to walk into frame. "What do you mean less exciting? Look at my snazzy shirt!” You pointed at your colorful pastel pink shirt which had bunnies all over it.

•After decorating the mini eggs on top of the baskets, it was time to put them inside the refrigerator.

•"This has been the longest two hours of my life!“ You whine as you three waited for it to finish cooling. You felt your throat get dry so you decided to get a glass of water.

•"They’re almost ready, turn the camera back on!” Phil says to Dan, you just place your glass on the counter. Not realizing how close it is to the edge.

•"It’s now been two hours, time to take these bad boys out!“ Dan says as he opens the fridge. He places the easter nests on the counter accidentally bumping the glass off the counter.

•The loud crash startles you causing you to scream. Dan and Phil just laugh at you. "What? You know how jumpy I am!” You shove both of them.

•"Well, Phil must be scaring you a lot to cause you to scream every night, huh?“ Dan says. You and Phil didn’t pay attention to his remark since you two were busy picking up the broken glass.

•Once you all were done with the video, Dan decided to go lock himself in his room so he could edit the video. Little did he know that he left a small clip in the video, one that was supposed to be edited out.

•The next day, you were at work when your phone was blowing up with text messages from Phil. Once you got off work, you decided to head over to D and P’s.

•"What’s wrong?!” You ask as you walk into their apartment. Dan was in a corner laughing as Phil’s face grew red.

•"Um, Dan left a clip in the video basically exposing the fact that we’re dating.“ Phil said, expecting you to freak out. You damn well knew how the phandom was, but you really didn’t mind.

•You watched the video and blushed at Dan’s comment and how you and Phil did not hear him say that. You all just laughed off the situation, just as the fans were freaking out (in a good way) that you and Phil were dating.

Idk how to feel about this. Probably not my best blurb. ☹️️ Oh well, I hope you enjoyed it!

A Love Across Time Part 10/14

Warnings: Swearing SMUT 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

Anonymous Request: Idk if you’re taking in request but i have one of you could possibly do a reader X Bucky ? She has cosmic powers and can show a universe in her hands and one day he was testing her limits and she went back in time to the 40s ?


Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12 II Part 13 II Part 14

Bucky stood in shock staring at the bathroom door. It was only when the kettle started screeching that he sprung into action, running into the kitchen, taking the kettle off of the stove and then headed down to the bathroom.

Y/N was already in the shower letting the hot water roll down her back and enjoying the warmth when Bucky stepped in. Her back was to him so he ran his hands up against the current of the water and gently grabbed her shoulders to turn her around to face him.

She looked up at him and smiled then let her eyes roam the length of his body. Her eyes lingering on his left arm and she leaned in, placing a gentle kiss where the metal arm would eventually be attached to his shoulder. She ran her hand down his arm and took his hand, bringing it to rest on her face.

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