idk i cry

It truly breaks my heart hearing that some of y'all are mistreated and talked down to as if you mean nothing. Let me tell you this, you mean something to me. You are worthy of love and you deserve happiness. You are loved and I promise it gets better, whatever you’re dealing with will pass I know it may seem like it won’t but trust me it will. You’re stronger than you think and you will get through this. God I truly wish I could give you all a giant hug and squeeze you and tell you just how wonderful you truly are. Please don’t be afraid to message me if you need it, it doesn’t matter if we’ve never talked I am here if you ever need me!


miles congratulating michael on the pregnancy!!! i’m crying!!!


                                                                That’s what we are.
                    We are the thing of beauty created from catastrophe. 
                                                               Debt, Nina G. Jones.

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And you managed to do what everyone wants: to get a role on Skam! How did that happen?
That’s because Henrik, who plays Even, is my buddy!  We played in the Revue three years ago, and he tipped them about me and then they called me, so … !