idk i couldn't get it so that it was actually in color

iseeallthatsdark  asked:

Okay. I've thought carefully about what I wanted to ask. What would each of the Dads do if MC was sick and Amanda couldn't look after him because she's in college. Or even how would the Dads like to be taken care of when they're sick.

((I feel like I’ve already done this one but idk so here it is (possibly) again!!))

he makes you choke down some fucking apple cider vinegar and then follows it with a hot toddy
-he builds you the equivalent of a pillow fort on his living room couch and sets you up with a list of favorite movies
-he works mostly from home for a few days so he can look after you (I headcanon he’s a private detective tbh)
-by “look after you” I mean that he sits with you snuggled against him on the couch and does pretty much whatever you ask of him

-he has a million and a half home remedies to try out
-and after a couple of days you have to be like “CRAIG. I just need to go to a doctor”
-he reluctantly takes you (“I’m serious, MC, if you would just drink this the doctor wouldn’t even be necessary!” You glare daggers at him from inside your blanket cape)
-other than his weird cures, though, he’s very good with you. He’s always there to get you an icepack or rub your sore back or clean up your puke
-he only kisses your forehead though. Nothing near the mouth until you’re better

-he takes you to the doctor right away but after four kids he can probably diagnose you himself
-you two go to the doctor and he’s like “I’m pretty sure it’s x” and the doctor checks you out real quick and gives you meds. Joseph was right
-He actually doesn’t hover too much? He has to go to work and stuff still so he makes sure you’re all settled in and then makes sure he’s gone for the shortest amount of time possible
-when he isn’t home he asks Chris to please get you anything you might need
-Chris is surprisingly good at checking on you. Christie and Christian try to help, too, but they mostly just get you juice

-he’s soooooo sweet
-he makes you tea with honey and is willing to make/get anything you’re in the mood to eat
-kisses you so much. He dotes on you above and beyond
-“Mat sweetie I love you but if you keep rocking me back and forth like that I’m going to throw up on you.” He chuckles sheepishly and apologizes

-“Hugo I think I’m sick” “…how sick? Like sick-sick? Could go to school sick or hospital sick? There is no in between” HUGO YES THERE IS AN IN BETWEEN
-he’s makes sure you’re comfy and have everything you need and then goes about his life
-“Hugoooooo take care of meeeeeee!” “Honey I have 30 papers to grade I can sit beside you and get you something to drink but that’s about it”
-even though he says that he still stops grading about 10 papers in and holds you and plays with your hair

-he buys you thinks. So. Many. Things.
-like literally he brings you hope snacks and drinks and then coloring books and stuffed toys and movies??
-normally you would be like “I’m not a child” but you…actually really appreciate it
-like having those things around when you’re sick is nice
-and if you want makeup or cigars or something else?? He’ll buy those too. Just smothers you in gifts.

-he has. so many home remedies
-and actually? they make you feel a lot better
-like you go to the doctor for actual medicine but Damien provides some pretty amazing pain control
-massages your back and shoulders and anything that hurts
-calls home to check on you almost every hour while he’s at work

elkian  asked:

Do you ever think that Bankotsu looks a whole lot like Hiten? It's been nagging at me.

yeah i do i mean they’re character designs are clearly very similar and having sat down and looked for images of both and made comparison image thingies i would really not be surprised if this was intentional.

first and most obvious imo, is their outfits and weapons: 

they have VERY similar outfits and while i can think of some others with similar outfits to theirs, (renkotsu,sesshomaru and suikotsu come to mind) their outfits are probably the most similar out of all the chest-plate-hakama-tucked-in-boots-combo dudes. 

literally the main differences are hiten has more decoration, 2 pauldrons, soles to his shoe/foot situation, the wheels and no front cloth thing. the basic set up is pretty much the same though.

it is important to note tho that part of that is probably because this is apparently a Look of the time since i just quickly did a lil refresher search to make sure i wasn’t bullshitting and yeah, sesshomaru, pm everyone in the band sans jakotsu, mukotsu and maybe ginkotsu, and manten have a similar setup. 

however all of them also have thigh armor hanging off their waist whereas hiten and bankotsu don’t which is part of what sets them apart from the rest visually, it creates a much sleeker, lighter look. That works since both of them are the ‘lighting bruiser’ type. 

they also share the lil design detail of a lil splash of color on their kimono on their left shoulder (our right), something they both share with sesshomaru.

it’s also really interesting that they both use longer ranged weapons tho, that’s more bc hiten=thunder/lighting demon=they use spears usually in lore sooo and bankotsu=big ass sword thing=clearly identifies him as v strong bc that shit is LITERALLY NOT POSSIBLE TO LIFT.

next is face/ hair:

the big similarity here is obviously their insanely long braids which might actually be about the same length i think (ass length). however their bangs/fringe situations are different. Hiten’s generally has the ‘this is what fell out of my braid’ look while bankotsu’s has an ‘i consciously picked this look’ vibe, since it’s the whole front that remains out of the braid and is cut seemingly to frame his face. 

the next similarity is the fact they’ve got shit on their foreheads but there’s not much similar there past the fact they’ve both got shit on their foreheads.

that’s kinda where the similarities here end tho (except maybe eyebrows but to me it looks like they just have inuyasha lite™ so i don’t count it).

for one thing hiten, while it’s not as fucking huge as his brother’s, has a Big Ass Forehead. and it not just that his hair is pulled back making it look like that, his hairline is literally closer to the top of his head than bankotsu’s is. 

their faces are somewhat similar in that they both look about the same age and have the same face shape (tho idk how much of that is just takahashi’s bad Same Face habit).

hiten’s face is inherently more bad guy-y with the thinner eyebrows,and slitted pupils. that kinda shit is usually code for ‘i’m evil’ in character design, especially the eyebrows. the thinner and/or pointer the eyebrow the more evil.

what’s interesting is that his eyes are actually bigger than bankotsu’s. usually bigger/less pointed eyes means they’re good, young or cute (or all of those). but here’s hiten when his MASSIVE kawaii eyes and luscious bottom lashes/yugi muto eyeliner. My impression is that the wideness combined with the vvvvvv thin slitted pupils is suppose to help make him look more Other and thus unsettling since he’s a yokai and not a human. 

bankotsu on the other hand has Big Eyebrows, usually a design cue for youth, goodness/purity and strength (especially in boys his age) and much more canny looking eyes. his eye’s aren’t as small or pointed as say, naraku or sesshomaru’s (which might as well just be lines tbh). but they are definitely smaller than inuyasha or miroku’s, two guys in the same age group as him. 

that eye shape in character design usually says something like ‘i’m confident, i know something, i’m in control’. which works very well for him since he’s the leader of the Bo7, and the size being to the medium side indicates his youth and that he’s not a complete Shit Lord. 

and while i was hunting for images i also realized that they have a lot of similarities character wise as well. which leads me to think that the similarity might’ve actually been intentional, i’m not sure though since i have no real evidence. 

both of them are big brothers who battle inuyasha for the shards/bc fuck that guy then when they lose their little brother(s) are hellbent to get their revenge against inuyasha, the person they feel is responsible for their death(s). 

both generally seem pretty pleasant, charming even, and are clearly capable and controlled. however hiten has a rash streak and a hair trigger temper while bankotsu does not. hiten is more ‘godzilla on a rampage’ while bankotsu is more ‘some people wanna watch the world burn’, an absolutely major difference in character.

I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that bankotsu and the band are meant to be spiritual successors plot/theme/meta-wise to hiten and manten or parallels or foils or something like that. there’s clearly echoes of hiten in bankotsu and his relationship to the band and one of the themes/motifs of inuyasha is the relationships of brothers.


obviouslystiles  asked:

(1/?) Hey there! So after the finale, I was wondering what your thoughts were on Peter and what the hell actually happened. You have followed Peter pretty closely, so I'm curious to your thoughts. His speech to Scott and the fight (if you can call it that because Peter literally did nothing to fight back), made no sense. I don't feel like Peter was really after Scott's Alpha spark. He even claimed that a True Alpha spark couldn't be stolen by killing the Alpha, right? Was that a lie? If not -

(2/?) what was he doing then? He wouldn’t put in the effort to kill Scott unless he got something out of it. Also, his speech was almost like he wanted to push Scott to step up and BE an Alpha. Teach him a lesson about being a leader. But why, Peter? Athena’s theory was that Peter just wanted to kill Kate, and Scott was merely an instrument to do that. Maybe? But why have Kate turn Scott into a Berserker if he knew she controlled them? Did he know? I feel like I’m missing something, idk what

(3/3) Idk, Peter showed a LOT of emotion this episode and my feels for him were seriously amped up! Like @_@ I’m glad he didn’t die, and I’m entirely amused that he is shacked up with Valack and the trashy romance novels - even though this can only end badly. I’m just really confused about what the hell his plan was. I get that Peter is still reliable fail!wolf, but what was his plan B? Why give up the fight? Also, do you think he recognized Valack at the end or no? I can’t decide. Thanks!


Okay! I at least may have this one.

I’m at least gonna pretend to myself I understand things for a few hours until I probably realize I don’t. Again.


Theory: Peter is trying to become kanima master of an Alpha kanima, Malia


Peter never wanted to kill Scott, but his prime directive, his Plan A, was to make Scott dead…and give Scott’s power to Malia.

Scott: You taught Kate. You helped her. All for power.
Peter:For my family’s power. 

Peter:A werewolf can’t steal a true Alpha’s power. But maybe a Nagual jaguar, with the power of Tezcatlipoca behind her…Maybe she can.

I think Malia qualifies under this description.

Her credit shot is of her in La Iglesia:

We also see her naked back in the post from “More Bad Than Good” in the opening credits, and it’s covered in the same dust and mirror shards as the Berserkers when they die, implying a relationship.

(Cut for naked Malia.)

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Ghosty Kisses

Written for @katrinawritesthings‘ polyquest! Also on ao3!


Rating: PG-13

Pairing: jongho, jongkey, jongyu, kinda jongtae

Summary: based on the prompt “someone moves into a new house and they knew there were ghosts in there bc they can see ghosts but they didn’t know they were obnoxious mushy romantic assholes that won’t stop making out in the washing machine”

Warnings: Cursing

Taemin had gotten behind on his laundry with how crazy everything had been since he moved to a new city. Hearing the alarm go off on the washer, he walked over to the nice little laundry room in his new house. It had been about a month since he’d moved and he was adjusting to the new job well. He’d made a friend too, a guy named Moongyu. He’s thinking about the plans he has with him this weekend when he opened the dryer to clean out the lint trap and instead found two transparent men kissing. “Fuck!” he yelled moving back and hitting his head on the dryer. “You guys scared the shit out of me! Why are you making out in the dryer?”

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anonymous asked:

Idk I feel like this situation is a little different than normal. I'm all for blaming management but I wasn't upset about this and I could also see it being as a situation where either Niall or Harry couldn't go and then the other one decided to stay back bc since some ppl see the situation fragile that 2/4 would be better than 3/3

There were rumors from one of the dedicated stalker fans that Niall was in London yesterday.  I find that strange.  When stalker fans say things like that, it’s usually for a reason.  Clearly the official narrative is that Niall is still on vacation, so why would the stalker fan say that?  I assume because they actually saw him or know someone who did.

Why would Niall and Harry fly to London and then not go to the Brits despite not having any other visible engagements?  You put your BTS engagements to the side for awards shows like this.  This is basically the British Grammy’s as far as I’m aware.  

It wasn’t just Harry and Niall being missing either.  It was clearly a power play by the combined forces of 1DHQ.  There’s a reason Liam and the other boys have been avoiding naming their team during thank you speeches for the last 2 years now.  

  • The fact that they named Sony, Syco, Simon Cowell, and Modest by name tonight means they were forced to.  
  • The fact that Simon was shown on the screen for a good few seconds for no real reason wasn’t a mistake.  
  • Pictures of Louis at the Sony afterparty?  Not a mistake.
  • Pictures of Lilo posted by SJPR aren’t an accident either.
  • Louis was basically being held captive as his body tried to leave the frame in the picture Simon posted.

Don’t even get me started on babygate.  This is the first and only time Louis has said anything from his own mouth about being a father, about Freddie by name, and the first time he’s managed to sound even an ounce excited when questioned.  There’s a reason he was able to avoid it before and was forced to do it now.  There’s a reason he played along as best he could.  It’s because 1DHQ were pouring the pressure on and it was in Louis’ and the band’s best interests to play along for now.

They clearly didn’t enjoy it.  Louis gave 2 warning signs with the upside down smiley and the (photoshopped- still not sure what’s up with that) solo selfie. Harry’s big belt buckle tweet which the fandom interpreted as “buckle up” may have referred to this too.  The lonely buffet Instagram certainly did.  

Then, during the interviews Louis mentioned Jeremy Kyle- a show where paternity disputes are often shown, and Daddy Cool- a reference to a song that is decidedly not about a father in the literal sense.  

Harry posted on Instagram fairly quickly after they won their award, proving he’s interested in the Brits and was paying close attention.  His post was in color which I associate with sincerity and a lack of fakeness.  Black and white is for hiding and stunting while color is for reality and truth.  He also left the H out of THE and moved it to the end which I interpret as a pun: the missing H is there in the end.  Harry’s present even though they’d rather you think he’s not.

Yes, I’ve been told there are only 2 H’s in Scrabble, but 1) you can get more than 1 game, and 2) something can have a practical cause and still serve a metaphorical purpose.

If this wasn’t all a stunt by 1DHQ, we wouldn’t be seeing the myriads of warning hints and shade throwing incidents that we have today.  The only good thing about today was the sheer joy that is Lilo interacting and the fight the boys put up in the only way they could.

This was a power play.  I find it interesting that the boys played along and my guess is that they’re on their best behavior because they’re trying to give 1DHQ as little leverage against them as possible.  I think they’re able to stomach playing along because they know the deadline is very, very soon.