idk i cant draw shit

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I've a hc that Izuku and Katsuki both love absurdly spicy foods. No one else understands how they can stand it, but they love getting the death curry when they have the chance.


hey you guys wanna see the worst thing ive ever drawn

A hand drawn mood-board for the 2017 rebranding and Daniel Howell’s aesthetics

(yes that is, in fact, a shibe because I ran out of ideas sry not sry)


the Tired One and the Loud One

(((i havent watched voltron yet because i have trouble thinking about anything thats not osomatsu san sorry)))

“You didn’t go.”

“How was I supposed to?” 

its a page of weeg!!!!


tfw you just wanna use your powers to pretend to make your hands disappear n impress Sorcerer Supreme herself when some anti-mutants pass by…

(aka guess who’s gotten back into X-Men) + [bops]

listen………… dont @ me but i love tempest