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I am having like such a fucked up time rn like I feel… so incredibly empty inside and no one in my life cares which I guess is how it goes and it’s not even necessarily a one way street but like idk idk…. I’m sick of this space. I’m sick of having to prove I’m cool to boring, untalented white people, I’m tired of listening to people really try to prove they’re activists or even remotely “woke” when they can’t even shut the fuck up long enough to let a black woman say a sentence, I’m sick of hearing I’m intimidating, I’m sick of jealously and rivalry and competitiveness, I’m so, fucking sick of everyone in my life picking on me for having a following when realistically they want the same thing and also routinely emulate things I do to achieve it????? I’m sick of people who can’t be happy for me when I’m successful when literally the intent of my work like really what success is for me is spreading a more positive message about black adolsencense/ identity???????????!!! I hate! This place! I’ve grown so much here but I’ve also felt so awful consistently. I feel like it’s still rare to find people who actually give a fuck about what they’re doing?? I also still find myself clinging desparetely to the ways I’ve learned to love art so deeply in the spaces outside of this institution. I just. There’s not enough for me here and I’ve been sort of really hurting about some elements of childhood but I feel like an alien to the people around me like? Where could I begin? How could I expect anyone to understand??????? I am hurting