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A.N. Hi all. * ahem* so as I stated. I took a two-week break. My job hit a break and my family visited and I was showing them around Japan. My inbox was already kinda out of hand. And while it might not make a huge difference in how long stuff takes to get answered. I need to shut down the box. I have enjoyed the reaction questions to existing posts but it makes it hard to keep track of. For real I took a day to make as many as I could all at once and made no dent. I had more than I left with. Which makes sense. But its still hard af to manage.

Also, I’m taking this time to bring up the idea of starting a Patreon for this blog. It would be something where for every 4 art posts people can pay a dollar, or per month or whatever. I don’t expect a lot, just something to act as an incentive to make more art posts and focus on the blog. So let me know if you think that is a good idea ( I’ll leave answers enabled for this post because the ask box is, as I said before, closed) the Patreon will also have no links to my main blog. ( also it might take me a while to figure it out and make sure I can do 4 posts per dollar… cause if I can’t I won’t do it. No way I’m charging a dollar a post. not even if that shit is colored. Idk about tears where you can pay more either. like…. priority questions? idk… I don’t really like that.)

I also hit 4000 subscribers! * airhorn* And want to keep doing comic pages from the fanfiction. So expect…. what like.. three more of those. @-@ each thousand representing a chapter. If you have moments you would like to see… leave a message below.

I am flabbergasted at all the support and this has been so much fun, but I am one sleepy adult kid in japan who will keep asking for people to be patient even though no one has complained about time.

SO here’s the part where I add a question mark to make sure you can ask questions?

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Jaal makes flower crowns for the crew.

OMG yes. Can you imagine. Suvi and Kallo getting matching flower crowns because they’re best friends and are always together. Gil gets one during their poker game to try and throw him off. It works for a bit, though he still wins. He keeps it safe when working on the nomad or core taking care not to ruin it. Lexi gets one and its one of the ways she feels like she’s a part of the family, not just a doctor employed on the ship. Peebee gets one and wears it when no one is looking. Vetra gets one and it looks great on her, she asks Jaal to make one specially for Sid next time they’re headed to the Nexus. Drack gets one and forgets he’s wearing it while walking around Kadara. The first person to work up the courage to make fun of it gets headbutted. Kesh hears about it, thinks its sweet. Liam gets one and he doesn’t stop wearing it until the flowers are wilted because Jaal is his bro and he’ll use what he gave him. Both Ryder twins get one. If the sibling is still in a coma they still get one, but so does Harry. It brings a bit more joy when people wake from cryo.
And then imagine everyone making one for him in thanks? Using flowers native to the milky way (that they may have taken from the nexus without proper permission) and flowers native to Aya and Havarl.

Anyway. This sentence excited me. Flower crowns are a gift. The idea of Jaal making them for the crew? More so.
(I wasn’t completely sure what this post was supposed to be. But I am 100% here for it)

Y'know what, fellas? I’ve seen a few of those egg things float around. I’ve never seen any of them hatch.

So here’s the deal.

If you are following either of my blogs- that’s @coughedfeathers OR @occasionalmankey - then feel free to reblog this post. And I’ll tell you what pokemon hatched from eggy.

Just a simple like “POKEMON hatched from the egg!”

(( Just popping that rule in to hopefully stop this getting out of hand! ))

If you have any kinda type preference- like water or fairy or whatever, put that in the TAGS of ur post. Otherwise I will probably just pick one of my faves tbh.

((I can’t be asked with generators. I’m on my phone 90% of the time.))

Idk how this post will go, but if it does end up getting big… please be patient with me? I am only one person that’s probably sending the message on her phone.

Please don’t reblog this more than once. Also! Please have your askbox open. Obviously.

Begin Again

Pairing: Officer Standall x Reader

A/N: Probably the most niche character I’ve ever written for, but the man is irresistible. Dipping my toes into the Standall water with this one. Maybe making this into a few part series? Want more? Want less? Tagging some people who showed interest in daddy standall fics on @yandere2phetalia post: @brieflymaximumprincess  @purgatory-destiel @idk-anymore-about-life @freestylerofficial @texasblues @callmemario3 @fallenangeldanielle @i-will-burn-your-heart-away @betheboo55 @i-am-fandoms-and-satan

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//graphic depictions of cannibillism// enters the pit

When I got back from the convention I bought a bag of Doritos and I thought this would be a good idea but instead I have a lot of regrets one of which is sharing it right now. I have some more legit cosplay pics i might post later if I feel up to it eep




turns out after i told him where i was he came to the building i was studying in but he was in a different room getting his more important stuff/heavier assignments (aka the ones he actually needs to focus to do well on) done and then after he was done with that he came over to where i was 

it was kind of like a scene from a drama?? haha like i was studying literally with my face in my book when i heard these footsteps. i didn’t look up because i didn’t want anyone to come over and sit with me, but then i heard his voice and he was like,

“you’re still here? 👀”

and i turned and it was him!! i was like ??? lol so i was like what are you doing here? and then he told me he came a couple of hours ago and was studying in one of the adjacent rooms getting some stuff done. he told me that he knew he wouldn’t be able to get it done if he stayed with me from the start because all we do when we “study” together is talk LOL (which is true, i can’t blame the guy for prioritizing his school work in that sense lol)

but yeah the reason i was ranting in my previous text posts was because i was kind of testing him by telling him to come and study with me. he kept saying that it was hot and his room was cool and then he kept avoided giving me a straight up answer of whether he would come or not. then he told me he was going to take a nap so i was like uhh okay wtf he obviously isn’t interested in me/hanging out with me (because i’m CLEARLY giving him an opening to do so) and yeah that kind of hurt me. but after his nap he must have come to the building i was in, got his stuff done so he could talk to me without being pressured by school work, and then actually sat with me to “study.” 

i was at a loss of words when he actually came because idk… it’s those actions that speak louder than words. he came… and i really thought he wouldn’t. that means he wanted to hang out with me, right? it’s safe to say that right?? the interest might be mutual?

augh i don’t know, but eitherway I’m glad he got his homework done before hand though because we literally just talked for the whole two hours we were together haha. he’s interesting. 

If there's an East Wind.. What about the other 3 directions?

Guess what? Like Eurus is the East Wind, there are three others - Boreas, Zephyrus, & Notos. The four major ones. All 4 were siblings. Born to Eos and Astraeus, I believe.

Boreas- is the Greek god of the cold winds from the North. (Cold. Ice. Iceman. Mycroft?) From what I have read Boreas is powerful, and sounds kind of like the big brother here. But that could just be my own perception.

Zephyrus- is supposed to be the gentlest and blows from the West. Here’s the catch, Zephyrus is said to have fallen in love with a man. In some stories, he is also known to play an instrument. (Hint hint. East against West. Sister vs Brother. Eurus vs Sherlock ?)

Zephyrus and Boreas are mentioned most often in the stories. (Sherlock and Mycroft)

Notos - Comes from the South and is supposed to be a destroyer of crops. (Idk where I am going with this, but a 4th sibling???) Notos is also said to have burnt stuff down, and the fights between him and Boreas are supposed to be the deadliest. Notus’ sculpture is shown to pour water from a pitcher.

Yeah I don’t know. But that was fun. Feel free to expand on this.

There’s a lot of material on the Internet about the four winds. Feel free to check it out. 

 P.s. This is a developing and evolving post and I’ll keep adding stuff to it as I find it. Update: One more (conflicting) theory here


Sorry I was quiet the last 2-3 days, I got a bad news and I was really not in a good place mentally so I needed to stay quiet. Plus the rush of the finals (which is, thank god, over) I was just overall really sick with myself and everything and had little motivation to be online! I am now and will be attempting drafts on all my accounts <3 Some of them will be queued others will be posted <3 Thank you all for understanding!

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Moshi moshi \(^▽^)/ Su is here….! 2016 is about to end in two or three weeks. I spent a whole year here. i never expected this year will be so special to me thanks to all you guys. a month ago i hit 2k but this ff is not to celebrate my followers count. i made this ff to wish my followers, mutuals, and senpais a merry early christmas!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ).  thank you so much for following my blog. i cannot explain how grateful i am to every single on of you. i wish i could thank you all a million of times.i hope everyone has a beautiful day bc you all deserve this!!! pls always be so kind and lovely <33 also i am sorry for the dumb header i have no inspiration rn

·  To my mutuals: last year i made this blog and started to make edits about this time.gradually, this blog started to gain followers and as days passed i get to meet so many amazing and kind people who always make my day better. everybody here, we all have our busy and tiring daily life..sometimes this things become so essential that we cannot even take a bit rest and work restlessly but as for me, when i open this site and start talking to you, get to know you better, i feel like everyday i can pass more lively. idk what will happen in future, how long we will be together. one day we may all have to go on our separate ways…but even if that day comes, even one day we cannot live so peacefully like now..i want to tell you all that i am really glad i met you, i talked to you, i became friends with you….thank you so much for following me, for reblogging posts from me, for liking my edits, thank you so much everything, for every single thing you have done. i want to cherish my tumblr experience with everyone *TIGHTHUGS*~ ♡

here i start….

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pepperbox replied to your post:

/lies down starin at ceiling here i…

this has been me for a while tbh. like there are attractive dudes?? but when i thought about it more, idk if i’d ever want to be in a relationship w/ one?? and idk if me thinking i’m bi is bc i am or if i just think i should be

pull up a wine and have a cookie, friend. I’m comin at the exact same problem from the exact same angle :’D every dude relationship has been so plagued with me being like “???? am I doing this because I want to or because I’m supposed to????”

also rl currie is kind of a legendary doormat who will do backflips to make her friends happy so. hard to separate that from. stuff. sometimes. :c

all the touch starved related posts seem to be about romance or sex and honestly??? no thank. gimme platonic affection any time but miss me with that romance shit

like platonic hugs are good!!!! no one really hugs me apart from my mum (and thats after she does shit so i associate family hugs with me having done something wrong oops)

idk its probably why i boop my friends noses and shit? like instead of hugs im more lowkey affectionate cause i dont wanna be annoying but i am anyway. but yea i like being affectionate!!! i like receiving hugs and other friendly things too!!! i just dont get it back often so it might freak me out a bit

tofnew  asked:

am i late idk brah but can we Talk About key's lookbook dance

can we talk about Key’s lookbook… I want to do nothing but talk about key’s lookbook

Dance: | ✰ | ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (okay im not even lying when I say this performance is my favorite solo from tokyo dome. Jinki’s is a really close second but DAMN i really Really love key’s perfomance of Lookbook he absolutely kills it)

Url:  | ✰ | ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (lasgnlasg adorable)

Icon:   | ✰ | ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (cutest)

Theme: | ✰ | ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (yess i love the simple ones)

Posts: | ✰ | ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ | ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (shinee but specifically jinki who i need more of Constantly)

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