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Quick MML Hogwarts AU sketch dump before Thanksgiving, because I have so many feelings for these kids and some are happy and some are sad and I just want all the fics from @imaginashon

i know this is probably the most predictable post i’ve ever made but here’s why joey’s very relatable and why you guys should stop dragging me for loving him so much

1. very sleepy

goodnight preds

goodnight joey

2. loves dogs

that’s doug. joey bought a giant teddy bear from costco for him and its name is bubbles

and here’s his previous dog lily

3. very affectionate?

(x) boop

(x) now that is what i call a great hug

4. ???

(note the smile too wow)

(both from x)

5. incapable of not smiling

and if you ask me that’s exactly what angels looks like?

6. loves his lineys

laying out the facts

i don’t know about you but personally the jofa line is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me

7. hates kesler

icons only…


8. always speaks too soon

9. overcame bad hairstyle decisions, as in went from this: (x)

to this:

which imho is… inspirational.

this is maybe just 20% of all the reasons i love him so follow for more idk

Ok but Matt’s mom gave Stephanie a necklace that says ‘family’ on it and I’m lowkey emotional.


So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)

i feel like i’m the only one who genuinely likes black paladin keith

So this cat right here let me tell you about this cat. I have seen her roam the neighborhood for years and particularly enjoys my neighbors front yard and yes I already asked it is not there cat but she just really likes their yard.and yeah idk what her story is but she growls at me when I go near her and runs away and yet was right at my front door? Anyways its sorta cool how for 5 years this cat like just goes where the wind takes her sometimes I won’t see her for weeks at a time and then boom she comes back and just hangs around my house…anyway I have named her Amber

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I just had to run this by you because I know you'll make sense of it and help me feel better..... I just read a post talking about how this is the season we're likely to see Lance mature and fall in love and like... Nyma is coming back.... what if it's her.... or what if it's her coming back that makes Lance realize his feelings for Keith?? idk dad I'm freaking out

are these people forgetting that nyma literally manipulated lance? nyma and rolo manipulated the whole team like… ah yes, a perfect love interest! she used lance. she. had. ulterior. motives. i doubt she was actually, genuinely interested in him in the first place. obviously, she’s not Evil or something but her being lance’s love interest? nope. how the heck would that work as a slow burn romance with little things that will pay off later, anyway? it wouldn’t, plain and simple. lance is not just going to take one big step backward and 100% trust nyma after she did that, let alone fall in love with her. are these people just forgetting like… everything???

lance matured a lot in many ways, especially in regards to keith and their relationship… setting aside the rivalry, which was made such a big deal from the start. what else happened in s3? lance and keith got much, much closer and had the most development next to lance and allura. keith opened up to lance, something he never does. he opened up to lance of all people. lance, who used to set him off and rile him up, is now who he turns to in times of need and weakness. on top of that, the scene in which he does this is gorgeous, visually. it is… it’s romantic, that’s the only way to really put it. the colors red and blue come together to make purple, just like the “we are a good team” scene, in which the lighting is purple aka their colors combined. also, (for the 2843875th time) the bi flag colors and the gay flag colors were used in that episode, as well as s1ep6. lance supported keith and backed him up, he was there for him pretty much all of s3. lance went to keith with his worries, when he easily could have gone to shiro—his hero. keith tried to comfort lance and lance appreciated it, even if it wasn’t perfect because he knows keith is not Mr Comfort/he’s not good at people. i know he knows this because lance is the one who helps explain things to keith when he doesn’t get it, he’s also just good with people. this only opened the path for keith to be able to comfort and reassure lance better in the future, once lance properly opens up about his insecurities. keith may even start to pick up on it now that he got a little glimpse into who lance is. with shiro gone, lance was keith’s rock and that will not disappear. their development will only continue. many people have said this but, if they were simply going for a friendship arc between these two, they rushed it. they became friends way too fast if that was all they’re doing with these two.

the main keith and lance interactions we really get before s3 ended, were soft ones. the bedroom scene (which continues with keith trying to stay behind at the castle so lance can continue to pilot red) and “i got you, buddy!” like hey remember the shot of keith we got at the end of the bedroom scene? that was fucking special, dude. this comparison has been made already, but:

the first one is from s3ep2. that was—for the most part—how lance usually viewed keith, but then…. after keith tries his best to offer some comfort to lance, we get the shot from ep6 and it’s noticeably very different. while the first shot is from lance’s POV, the second one is through his eyes. it’s set up so we make eye contact with keith and everything… and keith looks beautiful. he’s in the center of the shot, he’s the sole focus of lance’s vision at that moment. he looks open, welcoming, and friendly, in complete contrast to the first shot of him… because that is what they were trying to portray with this shot. it insinuates a change in lance’s view of keith and a change in their relationship. they went through the effort of animating keith hanging up his jacket at the start of this scene when it would have been easier to just have him sitting on his bed or something…. but without his jacket, keith appears more vulnerable and open. the fewer clothes you have on, the more vulnerable you are and keith almost always has his jacket on… so, it’s definitely significant that they showed him hang it up before lance enters the room. this shot fits perfectly with lance maturing and finding love. their overall development fits perfectly with that. i know this was not what ur ask was about but idk, it’s just… the people out there thinking nyma will be lance’s love interest are fools. 


idek this is so cliche I just I wanted to draw something fluffy for a certain baka because I’m a terrible friend and drawing is the only thing I can do I’m sorry

i loved her.

i loved her and i left her.

and maybe that makes me a bad person. maybe she’ll tell her friends about how i broke her heart. how i didn’t love her enough to stay. but i always leave. it’s what i do. it’s who i am. i feel the wind blowing, and i go with it. i have always gone with it.

i see the moon in the sky and i ask her what it’s like to see everything. and be everywhere. and that someday, i’d like to do that too.

That fkcn mood drop that always comes after socializing, whether it went well or now…

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hello uh;; sorry if this comes off as sudden but i wanted some advice as ive been really down about this. im taking my n levels this year and idk why but for years it makes me feel really inferior knowing that im in the NA stream and so many of the people that are close to me are from the Express stream and that makes me so sad knowing that soon they will be gone and ill be left behind both in education and them being somewhere else. idk what to do;;

hey hey, i understand how you feel but please don’t look down on yourself being in NA! i’ve had lots of friends in NA and I’VE always been jealous of them bc they were given lots of opportunities to try more hands on courses like Design & Technology and Cooking while us express kids were stuck with academic studies.

i’m assuming that you’re not as close with your classmates as you are with your Express class friends? if you have a CCA, try to bond with your juniors and make friends with the fellow sec 5s who’re staying too!

remember, kids in the express doesn’t mean that they’re inherently “better”. you aren’t being “left behind” either, they’re just graduating earlier and you’re doing just fine as you are, with the original structure of secondary school which used to be 5 years anyways! have trust in your friends that they won’t simply leave you either.


negative thoughts about Tegoshi to stress him out

So I wrote a thing in response to this post.  It makes a few specific references and really only makes sense if you look at that first, but I didn’t want to add this on by reblogging because 1) I don’t want to start an argument or anything (though I think I’ve kept it civil, it’s just a different opinion, I just like to really examine each point and why I disagree okay) and 2) it’s over 1500 words SO

Basically the post is about how Harry should have become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and I respectfully disagree and here’s why

I have a fricking midterm tomorrow what am I doing

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I will always question how he got laid at thirteen

Ways to Cheer Yourself Up (When wanting to be alone) - 50 top things to do
  • 1. Go ON Tumblr, believe it or not, we don't care where you're from, what you do, how you're being you, as long as you are being you, you're pretty much welcomed on here. That's why i love it. Unless of course you are homophobic or judgemental or ignorant - then the people will speak for themselves, we look out for each other here.
  • 2. Read Books; escapism is a wonderful thing
  • 3. Listen to music; and no - not the sad, 'ALL BY MYSELF' type music, but the kickass songs like 'I will Survive' or 'Loser Like Me' just celebrate yourself for being awesome, because we know you are; even if others don't; especially then actually.
  • 4. Become your own superhero. Every single one of you have a talent or a dream. Follow up on that talent/dream. YOU ARE WORTH IT, and you can be whoever you want to be.
  • 5. DISNEY MOVIES. Unless you absolutely hate bursting out into song - better cut of highschool musical and glee while were at this, then Disney is the best pick me up ever.
  • 6. Watch your favourite TV shows. Remind yourself why life can be awesome. Watching your fav characters usually means you can relate to them.
  • 7. Go on walks - it's very pretty outside, and sometimes our heads can be overloaded with information or stress, I advise calming music and a nice walk outside in comfortable clothes.
  • 8. Have a diary. A friend of mine recently bought me one, and it's a godsend because all the anger, or emotions I feel, I try to put in the diary rather than putting it out on others. It also calms you down. I feel better when I write.
  • 9. Speaking of writing...if you enjoy it- WRITE. Writing is a wonderful way to escape. You can put all your emotions into your characters and they just come to life. I tend to do that when I'm stressed.
  • 10. If writing is not your thing then bake. I've actually ironically read in a fan fiction where a character would bake when stressed and try out new recipes, this character tried making butterbeer; maybe be adventurous; have a food blog or something to keep you occupied.
  • 11. Be With Your Pets - Pets are loyal creatures, and they love you, even when you're being a pain in the ass, and I hear they're very good listeners.
  • 12. Now I don't know about you, but I LOVE Musicals. If you are a musical fanatic like me and you're feeling a little down, my dears; listen to those awesome voices, because sometimes we just - need - a break (Also, if you haven't watched RENT, watch it - NODAYBUT TODAY...or Starkid...Starkid make the most funniest musical parodies, even if you don't like musicals I suggest it, and if you're not enjoying their YouTube Channel, then I'll eat my own hat).
  • 13. ASK ME ANYTHING. If you really want to talk to somebody but you don't want to talk to people you know and you just want to get things out, my ASK box is always open.
  • 14. Find a hobby. If you don't really want to talk to anybody, that's okay, sometimes we need to just have some 'me time'. In my me times, I usually deactivate from Facebook, and just focus on things that make me happy. Like; Puzzles, Sudoku, Games, writing, cooking, singing, whatever it is...travelling even. Enjoy yourself.
  • 15. Travel. Maybe being stuck in the same place is the problem, maybe you're head wants to be in a place where it can ACTUALLY THINK.
  • 16. Go Hiking. I suppose Hiking is similar to walking but if you're an outdoor person, this is a great way to clear your head and to feel fresh.
  • 17. Hit The Gym. Or even do your own exercises. I like to walk - do crunches, and I love Zumba. I love dancing. If you love being active, this is also another way to clear your mind from negative things.
  • 18. GO SEE A MOVIE!!! When was the last time you had fun? Even if it's just by yourself. You're allowed to treat yourself. Go, enjoy, be surrounded by people, even if they're strangers.
  • 19. If you like coffee, treat yourself for one at a local cafe. Who knows, you might meet your coffee soulmate in a cafe one day.
  • 20. STOP thinking Negative. Have a Pros/Cons List. Try not to outweight the Pros list with the Cons. Please?
  • You are good enough.
  • 21. Write down a bucket List, and start ticking them off. Having goals and dreams is healthy. If you have dreams, then you have a direction of where you're going.
  • 22. Get help. It's okay, if you're head is in a really bad place to reach out to people. It really is okay.
  • 23. Help others. If you're not sure what to do with yourself at all, be useful to other people less fortunate than you. Volunteer! Work with Charity, Feed the homeless, help the guide dogs association.
  • 24. Smile more. It looks good on you, believe me. Spend time with your guilty pleasures, my guilty pleasure is binge watching glee
  • 25. Please DO NOT go to a pub to drink to ease your mind, if you are going to do that, do it with a friend, or somebody close.
  • 26. Eat Chocolate. Okay yes while society says NO DON'T EAT THE FATTY FOOD. Hey; screw them. If you feel better eating a bit of junk go for it. There's nothing wrong with eating a whole pizza or tub of ben and jerry ice cream when feeling upset - just try not to make TOO much of a habit : p
  • 27. REBLOG YOUR FOLLOWERS POSTS, you might be surprised that you aren't the only one feeling the way you're feeling, you might be surprised by how much you're forgetting that hey - it's gonna be alright.
  • 28. Do something nice for your neighbour. Ah who knows, have you ever actually talked to them? Maybe they might be lonely too.
  • 29. Have a GAMES Night. A very good friend of mine loves Games. If You LOVE Games, then hell have a marathon of them. Play the sims, be in control.
  • 30. Speaking of marathons...dun dun dun - MOVIE MARATHON, I Don't Know About You Guys, But Having A Harry Potter Movie Marathon always cheers me Up. WITH FOOD Of course, and good company, but this is about cheering yourself up, so if you don't want company, that's okay.
  • 31. Draw. I love drawing too. I suppose I'm more of the creative person. There are a lot of different types of people out there, maybe you like solving things - do those fancy cube things Idk what they're called. If you are like my brother and you love Maths, then maybe you can tutor someone. On one hand you're helping someone, and doing something you like doing, just like I'm drawing because I like drawing.
  • 32.Be with kids. believe it or not, kids are the most innocent little munchkins, and they honestly don't care what you look like, if you play hide and seek with them they'll be thrilled, so long as you're nice to them, they're generally nice to you... but be warned, they tell it how it is too. I talk a bit different. The most popular thing they've said to me was "Is that why you talk funny, because of the things in your teeth?" (They've also never really seen braces before) I even had one kid determined to get me to sing 'Everything is awesome' I'll never forget that because this kid clearly didn't care how I sounded, and just wanted me to sing with her. I felt great.
  • 33. If you're into Fairy Tales, Please Please Read Chris Colfer's The Land Of Stories series 1-4. It's an amazing series, and you almost forget what world you're in once you start reading. Plus, there's more coming (I'm a little excited)
  • 34. Watch Pixar Movies. You can't go wrong.
  • 35. GO TO HOGWARTS. Harry Potter Fan? Visit - Platform 9 3/4s in London, or go to the Harry Potter World, or if you can't actually visit these sites, go on Pottermore.
  • 36. Read Fan Fiction, you might not be a harry potter fan, but whatever fandom you are in, believe me sometimes Fan Fictfion Cheer me up. I adore Glee *Don't Judge Me* and Dalton is the best thing ever. Or Little Numbers...or Both. They cheer me up big time.
  • 37. Role play. If you like superheroes or characters, go be with the crowd. I believe they have events like Comic Con, and on Facebook they even have Events for such things, go be with strangers! So long as it's safe of course.
  • 38. Write a letter to the person who inspires you most and send it. You might be surprised by an answer.
  • 39. Pick up your instrument. Don't ignore your musical talent if you do have a musical talent. Remember, you're worth it. I don't care what you've done. Pick, It Up.
  • 40. Maybe go visit your family? I know this is about 'quality me time' but if you haven't seen your family in such a long time or are at a distance. Maybe being surrounded by something familiar is what you need.
  • 41. Change Careers. If you're not enjoying what you're doing or studying, change it. I remember in highschool a teacher said you might change your job 10 - 12 times before getting it right. It'okay, you just haven't found where you're meant to be yet.
  • 42. Enter a competition - Who knows what will come from it, take risks.
  • 43. If you're a risk-taker, challenge yourself. IDK how you're going to do that, but google has some pretty good answers. Even ask your tumblr followers, they follow you for a reason after all.
  • 44. Go on a boat. Go Fishing! I don't know, it's not my thing, but if you like fishing, then hell - go out there and fish.
  • 45. Find time for yourself, are you working too much? Maybe you are working too much. You know life doesn't stop for nobody, and if you keep pushing yourself so hard, time will go so fast and you won't realise how much of that time you could have spent on your own self.
  • The world is not going to end if you treat yourself.
  • 46. You ARE Good Enough. Listen to my words. Sometimes encouragement is all we need, when people feel hopeless, or like everything's gone wrong. It's gonna be okay. I promise, just hang in there.
  • 47. Write Down Quotes that Inspire You. I have a wall of these, and of people that inspire me too, and it reminds me of the good things in life when I'm in a crappy mood.
  • 48. Find something to do. If you're not doing anything, go take up a course, research things that interest you, you might be surprised by what comes from it. Join a community that enjoys doing things you do.
  • 49. Go To The Beach - If you live in Australia like me, visiting the beach is actually really calming and me and my best friend always would go on a random drive, and drive up to a beach or a look out, and it was always calming. Enchanting too sometimes. Maybe we forget about the place we live in, and what's exciting about the place. If you're in New York, visit Broadway or The Statue Of Liberty, or if you're in London, go to the London Bridge, or the Eye, visit the Eiffel Tower if you're in Paris...just go Anywhere.
  • 50. Take a random journey. Go on a train to somewhere new, go on a road trip. You never know what's around the corner.

Sometimes I really wonder how people manage to be larries but also kind of think that louis is some kind of idiot that just accepts whatever ‘nasty selfish Harry’ is doing like he’s some love fool that just accepts things while the fandom clearly sees through said version of Harry like what kind of relationship do people think they have? And do people realise they are basically questioning louis’ intelligence?

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Any other pairing headcanons you have?

Paddy x Rhodonite! (Idk their ship name?)

- Rhodo always points out to Paddy that what she just predicted already happened, but she doesn’t do it to make her feel bad. She does it so Paddy knows that someone cares about her visions and so she knows that her visions were real and came true

- When something that just happened bothers or scares Rhodo, Paddy predicts it and the way she words it makes it sound not so bad. It helps Rhodo’s anxiety

- Paddy’s enduring optimism being the perfect contrast to Rhodo’s limitless pessimism

- Rhodo looks out for Paddy’s safety constantly because she’s so important to her she couldn’t bare to lose her

- she holds …………….

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AhHhH I love your blog!!! Can I request RFA+V+Saeran just like being friends(maybe implied at the end that they become more?? Idk idrc)with MC and when they meet her for the first time they find out that she has an abusive boyfriend??? I know it's like,,,,,,, a really hardcore topic and all,, but ,, i mean,, yah hehaha, you don't have to if it's too much !!

thank you so much :)))
here you go!


- he is the most protective out of everyone in the group and you treat him like an older brother because he’s always there for you no matter what

- and when he first met you, he was so happy to see you but he’s also very shocked seeing the red bruises on your arms

- you told him it was nothing, but he suspects that it can’t be just ’nothing’

- and not moments later, a man came running after you, shouting your name in a very angry voice

- Zen was quick to connect the dots and when your boyfriend grabbed you by the arm, he intervened

- he literally threatened and almost fought the bastard straight-up but because of you he didn’t

- it took a long time for your abusive boyfriend to back down but Zen was always there for you and sticking up for you

- he didn’t trust that your boyfriend would leave you alone just like that so he offers you to stay at his house for safety

- and once your boyfriend became your ex and disappeared, Zen was relieved

- he still allows you to stay with him, and in fact he believes that you should definitely move in

- maybe he has feelings for you or maybe he doesn’t but the fact that he’s your best friend now and he cares deeply for you doesn’t change


- she was so surprised that you were still staying with an abusive asshole

- she literally found out the day she first met you because you had a black eye

- she will fight him anytime and any day just so he was clear never to hurt you

- and when she met him for the first time, she gave him her signature judo kick which left him curled like a ball on the floor for minutes

- she even clearly stated that she’ll call the cops if he ever tries to do anything

- she promises to keep you safe 

- the asshole never came back


- what? you have an abusive boyfriend?

- he will get you 10 guards to keep you safe and if that’s not enough he’ll get more

- he doesn’t deal with the jerk directly so he’ll have all the CID or FBI or whatever to track the poor excuse of a human being down and have him jailed and far away from you

- you can count on Jumin for almost anything and with his status he helped you greatly

- you can never stop thanking him because it’s such a huge deal and he got rid of the asshat in the blink of an eye

- truth was, Jumin already started to like you long ago so this was no problem for him

- and he wants to do anything and everything he can to make sure you’re okay because you deserve so much more


- he gets so worried about you

- like how could you stand being with a jerk??

- he’s actually afraid of what he could do to you if he ever tried to intervene so he calls the police straight away

- but after calling the police, he feels even more worried

- so he invites you to stay over at his house until the police calls back to say he’s been caught

- throughout your stay at his house, he’s very thoughtful and considerate towards you

- he even makes sure your wounds are cleaned up properly so it will heal in no time

- he’s so much better than your ex and you can definitely tell Yoosung’s actions are genuine


- how in the world did he miss out the part where you were beaten up for years?

- and the fact that the abuse has gotten so serious makes him want to strangle himself for not noticing the signs earlier

- your first meeting was him enveloping you in a tight hug

- and ever since you met Seven face-to-face, you’ve never seen your abusive boyfriend anymore or even hear anything from him

- that’s definitely a good thing but you can’t help but worry if he ever comes back to harm you and Seven

- but Seven assures you that you’ll be fine as long as you’re with him

- and to make the mood more lighthearted, Seven will always tell you jokes so that you’ll forget all about it


- he feels so sorry for you

- how can a sweet girl like you end up with someone so abusive and inconsiderate?

- he will shield you and even hide you if your boyfriend comes searching

- he doesn’t care if he takes the beatings instead of you, just so long as you’re okay and not suffering

- he made it clear that he cares deeply for you so he’ll do anything to ensure your out of harm’s ways

- if things get overboard, of course V wouldn’t keep quiet so he’ll call the cops

- and even though V looks calm, he’s boiling with rage inside and when he threatens, the words that come out of his mouth drips like venom

- your boyfriend is in deep trouble if he ever tries to ever touch you again


- he wouldn’t even waste any moment

- your abusive boyfriend has been beating you up for years so Saeran is going to give him back all the pain but worse

- he goes full-out beating the crap out of him until he’s half-dead

- you had to stop Saeran or the bastard would’ve died 

- Saeran gives one last death glare at him before pulling you away

- he calls you stupid for sticking with him and you silently agree

- but he’ll never leave your side and he’ll make sure your wounds heal properly

- he knows how horrible it feels to be abused and he doesn’t want you to go through that

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: I just don't understand why everyone's suddenly Anti-Jon Snow now, like he's a traitor or has betrayed the north. He's trying to gain a military alliance with a strong powerhouse like Daenerys who is admired and equally feared by many people. They are both strong leaders and if Daenerys takes the throne then she'll always be at peace with the north giving no reason to start a new war because it is better to have allies than enemies. And perhaps jon fell in love in the process??? Idk but he's doing his best to strengthen the North and protect his people like he always has and maybe he's just playing the game - maybe it was strategy. We don't know. Don't turn on Jonny boy , my heart hurts and I am sobbing on the inside, has he not sacrificed enough??? Has he not proven himself....
  • Also me: no really , I'm good. Im okay