idk i always like what i don't have

hey, a small request:

can y’all who have seen a decent amount of my art, or who have been following me for a while… can you tell me why you like it? like what about my art makes it seem appealing or unique to you?

Sometimes I really wonder how people manage to be larries but also kind of think that louis is some kind of idiot that just accepts whatever ‘nasty selfish Harry’ is doing like he’s some love fool that just accepts things while the fandom clearly sees through said version of Harry like what kind of relationship do people think they have? And do people realise they are basically questioning louis’ intelligence?

  • The most common phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"
  • The least carried out phrase heard in the band room: "God I hate band so much. I'm gonna quit"

negative thoughts about Tegoshi to stress him out

So this cat right here let me tell you about this cat. I have seen her roam the neighborhood for years and particularly enjoys my neighbors front yard and yes I already asked it is not there cat but she just really likes their yard.and yeah idk what her story is but she growls at me when I go near her and runs away and yet was right at my front door? Anyways its sorta cool how for 5 years this cat like just goes where the wind takes her sometimes I won’t see her for weeks at a time and then boom she comes back and just hangs around my house…anyway I have named her Amber

It was going to be a happy sketch but then I re-watched the season 2 finale and it was not happy so I thought I would share the unhappy. 

IDK what happened here.  Maybe for whatever reason Marco couldn’t use his dimensional scissors to find Star and he spent the entire summer looking for her. 
Star got in a big battle with Toffee some place in Mewni and barely escaped with her life… and that’s when Marco finally manages to find her.  Disheveled and hurt, but alive. 


I shouldn’t do this because I’m terrible at all forms of roleplaying and as a rule I tend to only want to do ships that I’ve written out like this in actual groups, but…………….here’s a list of m/f ships I’ve been working on for a while that I rly wanna do and if u wanna do one (or more) with me please please please im me, I will be absolutely ecstatic~~~~~

am I the only person in this site that wasn’t raised entirely on Disney and Harry Potter

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what do you think about people calling jungkook 'big nose'?? honestly i think it's a bit offensive but idk

ok, so here’s my opinion…

it’s a poc issue, seeing as big noses are def seen as an ethnic feature. with eurocentric beauty standards, big noses have been regarded as ugly, etc etc. anybody with a big nose (like moi) knows you always get comments, it’s def associated with ya race, and you grow up feeling bad.

personally…i love jungkook’s nose sooo soo so much. it’s so beautiful and it really suits him, and it’s not small!! i have no interest in eurocentric beauty standards. 

so from what i’ve seen, there was no’s a tag thing, and like….it’s really ppl with big noses treating jungkook with a lot of affection you know? it’s just recognizing he does not have a small nose, and loving how beautiful he looks. and like i really don’t think anybody was being mean or hating on him? 

my second point, i don’t really like framing it as insulting, bc using it as an insult is what makes it shameful to have a big nose? like does that make sense? i just see it as feeding back into viewing big noses as ugly if, as somebody with a big nose, you can’t talk bout it

however, i do understand that it can be a sensitive spot for some people and i really understand cuz im still self conscious bout my honker. you know that post that’s like what would you get plastic surgery on if you could? all the tags saying nose (which was my thought too) made me so :(( 

with that being said i do think it’s kinda wild, and i just think ppl weren’t saying it with malice, and it’s just kinda being affectionately joking bout a feature that gets a lot of crap y’know?

MY LAST POINT THAT’S REALLY MY MAIN MAIN MAIN POINT!!!!!!! i don’t like white people adding their two cents into this!!! it makes me uncomfortable 1) to police poc bout a problem they’ve contributed to (systematically y’know) 2) it’s not their business? tbh 


The boy has spoken! PLEASE stop asking him about what’s going on with C-Clown!

I think one of the most difficult things for me to deal with as a dominant perceiver is the constant struggle I have between my aux and tert judging functions. Perceiving functions are the way in which we gather information from around us, sort of like our five senses. Judging functions, on the other hand, are what interpret this sensory information. For dominant perceivers, we will always perceive before we interpret. And it is this process that always throws me in for a loop.

Theoretically, when dom-Px gathers information, it has two routes in which this unprocessed data can go: the auxiliary or the tertiary function. And for me, what makes this the most difficult is that, in effect, you are consciously choosing one truth over another. Whether or not functions pairs are meant to work together, they are opposites. They either repel or they become a bomb waiting to go off. For those that are unaware of the struggle between the two, the latter happens. For those that are overaware of the two, the former does.

But now going back to me (lol), the nature of Fe and Ti make it even more irritating. Being an INFJ 5, I am constantly aware of Fe matters going on around me, but also Ti input. And unlike Fi-Te, our Ji is not connected to our personal values. Where I imagine Fi to be like a burning passionate fire, Ti is like cold smooth metal machine. There are cogs upon cogs performing different functions. Each and every day, useless cogs get replaced with new ones. At least for me personally, this remains at the core of my being.

Now ofc, when I say that, I’m not being like, “I have no feelings and Tru™ emotions. #lookatmyedge” The power that comes with Fe-Ti is the power to detach from social matters. And in a lot of ways, I feel it’s extremely… inhuman? You disconnect from what you feel and you judge the situation through the eyes of objective rules. And/or, you judge it by what makes Ti-sense.

Now going back up to my original point, it’s such an… awkward position to be put into? I’d guess this is especially so for aux-Fxs. Sometimes what makes Fx sense or what is the best for society isn’t necessarily logical or right. You’re forced to realize that you have to choose between people (Fe) or logic (Ti). What’s the best for society (Fe) or the most sensible and consistent (Ti). It can be really stressful at times and make you look back at yourself to examine your humanity.

Though I suppose the part of growing up and developing as a person is learning to meld the two together. Realizing that you can have both Tx and Fx at the same time without giving up the truths of both.And that going completely to one side of the spectrum is not the best answer, but something that incorporates both.

But dammit I still have nightmares about what it was like to be with you
I told you it hurt I was crying on the floor and you laughed
And now you show back up with that same smile and I feel like my insides are ripping apart
Do you not have any remorse for killing an innocent girl
Do you not even care that she always flenched when you reached for her
She said she was scared
Dammit she was scared
She tried to kill herself twice
A bottle of aspirin because the heart ache wouldn’t go away
She would rather been touched by death than by you
vent or something? feel free to ignore

I want more horses but I don’t think I can handle caring for more than what I already have lol.

Idk about you guys, but I always wish that SSO’s system worked like this: Everyday you log in, you HAVE to care for your horses, or they get sad. Everyday you DON’T login…no problem, your horses are fine. Cause I could totally see people skipping out on horse care while playing. This might still be problematic if you have lots of horses, but??? This was always what I thought would maybe be better or something, idk. The whole horse care is just annoying to me cause it’s such an obvious “give money” function.

And the reason I hate that is because like,, I bought the game. I already paid for it because they offer a one time payment. Why should I have to pay more to have a good playing experience (happy horses) if I already bought it? People are gonna buy star coins for other stuff anyways. Idk just how I feel.

I don’t really wanna throw more negativity out there but there’s a part of me that considers leaving this game behind now. It’s just declined so much the past few years. I loved SSO because of its potential to be good…and besides the horse models and new areas, nothing else has gotten much better.

Just because they SAY they’re working hard on having story quests out “soon” doesn’t excuse them from I dunno…the past three years. I’ve been wondering if they’re trying to finish a huge chunk first but I wish they would have just released story quests in smaller parts so I wouldn’t completely forget where we are. I know they’ve released a lot of content in the past few years but again, it make no sense to have so many unfinished quest lines. Idk I’m done now. I’m tired and I want to love this game but it gets harder all the time. If you read this far then thank you for listening to me.

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For some reason I always had this headcanon that Toby would make Paige his best person and then Toby would suggest Walter being Happy's. Idk why but I always just thought that would a cute dynamic.

I like the concept of Best Person more than Best Man/Maid of Honor, because what if the person you’d want to have that significant role wasn’t that particular gender?  I could see Paige being something significant to Toby way before I could see her being that for Happy (though I still think Sly and Walter are both closer to Toby than Paige is, and Sly is the most significant in terms of what has already been done for Quintis’ relationship), and other than Toby, Walter is easily the most important person to Happy of that team, so if Ada can’t be a part of it, I’d rather see Paige on the Toby side of things and Walter on the Happy side.  (Not to mention I’m a total sucker for the Walter/Happy friendship ever since early S1 so that’s something I’d personally love as well.)

I feel like Happy is going to relent based on whatever happens in Broken Wind with her and Paige and Paige will be Maid of Honor, but while they clearly care about each other I just don’t think they have enough history/the right kind of history to really sell that.  

The way I see it making the most sense is doing a Best Person concept and having Sly and/or Paige being Toby’s and Walter being Happy’s.  Then of course Cabe would walk Happy down the aisle.

this is really belated but man…. i’m so grateful for my little squad of friends? like. they always pick me up when i’m feeling down and they’re there for me always like. this is such a special thing and i can’t tell you how thankful i am to have them in my life !! and idk i just?? really wanted to say it !!

@bcthisattva@coyotefaced, @kagonosuzume, and @koueii, thank you all so much ; e ;

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what abt clone wars??? 👀👀

oh shit i’m gonna i don’t wanna lose followers for this but… i feel like i don’t really care as much as other people do… about the clones themselves?

send me a fandom and i’ll tell you an unpopular opinion i have about it

there are many things in life i’ve come to realize that are neither virtues or vices but are simply what we make them to be. this isn’t exactly an original conclusion i suppose lol many people talk about moral gray areas. idk.. like religion isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s simply a vessel. what you put into it is what you get out of it. and can help you reach a destination.. but in the end where you end up is decided by you, and your values. disobedience, loyalty, love.. all things that depend on who is wielding them and why. everything we see will be a reflection of the self.. everything we do.