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  • So I got an A for a chemistry test two weeks ago and it was a really big deal for me because I really, really suck at chemistry and my desk neighbour spotted it of course
  • She: God, this is so unfair! You absolutely don't deserve this mark! I studied hard for this test, I should have gotten this mark instead of you! You haven't even studied like always you lazy-
  • Me: Uhh..I studied the last two nights?
  • She: Yeaah..suuure.. try and tell that someone else. It's so unfair, I or another person who actually made an effort should have gotten that A

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Your theory that Natsu hiding under the bandage the dragon's scales could be a great idea for a Nalu fanfiction, where Lucy discovers the scales on the Natsu's arm... my imagination runs :) It is not a request, I know you do not do requests, it's just an idea that came to me after reading your response to a question.

Same omg I am SO tempted, I’ve been thinking about it ever since I answered that ask….. :’D
Actually you now what- I’M GONNA DO A THING. It’s not the thing you wanted but it just came to me so bear with me okay? I’ll probably write one about her discovering the scales, too - another time. ;)

“Natsu, no!!!”

The words still echoed through his mind.

She had been the last thing he had seen before the flames roared up around him, swallowing him whole and pushing her far away. Then the pain had come.

It had been excruciating, unbearable; nothing he had ever felt before.

And now nothing was as he knew it. HIs world lay in ruins.

And he - who was he, now?

His leathery skin moved thickly as he spread his wings, and he could feel every single scale on his body. They were still fresh, barely grown - scalding him, even if he did not feel any pain.

Not anymore. The transformation his body had went through must have destroyed every last nerve end, leaving him feeling weirdly hollow. The pain was gone. And he was… empty.

But he was still Natsu.

Would his voice sound the same if he used it?

He was too scared to try.

But his decision had been a conscious one. One he would make again.

He had protected them all. Who cared about the cost?

And they were all still standing there. Right in front of him, but weary. Ready to attack if need be. They did not know if he was still Natsu.

Except for one.

She stood closer than any of them, her knees shaking from the simple task of standing upright. There was too much blood on her, and he felt a growl bubble up in his stomach. There was fire in there, raw and strong. He was burning from the inside out.

There was no going back now.

Even if he realized - there was a cost, and he cared about it.

He cared about his hands, which he had used to hold her, to protect her, to touch her. He cared about his skin that had felt her soft body when she embraced him. He cared about pulling her along behind him as they ran. He cared about Lucy.

And about losing her.

But she was alive, like all the others, and it was all he needed.

Slowly, he turned away.

“Don’t you dare!” she cried.

Natsu froze.

“I know you can understand me. Don’t you dare leave like that!”

But what was he supposed to do? Maybe, if he didn’t use his voice, he could convince them that he had none. That he was not Natsu anymore.

Slowly, he took another step towards the mountains.

But when he felt something wind around his tail, tugging with little to no force, his head snapped around.

It was just a little string in his eyes, her whip. Nothing that could truly hold him, of course.

But as their eyes met - for the first time, and oh how it hurt - she wound her end of the whip around her wrist, signalling him that she would not let go. He would have to pull her along.

The tears were brimming in her eyes, but her resolution was clear.

She would not leave him all alone.

Now Happy was flying towards him too, crying. His eyes flickered between them.

He never had a choice, did he? Had he not promised her to not leave her behind again? Stupid, stupid Natsu. Almost going around breaking promises.They were his companions, no matter what.

And so, he surrendered.

With a flick of his tail, he had her screaming as she soared through the air. Of course, she had not let go. She was a Celestial Spirit Mage, never going back on her word. 

With a loud yelp, she crashed against his back. He had calculated well,a nd the impact was not a hard one. He could feel her against him, but it was faint; nothing like skin against skin. His scales were thick. Her hands sought hold as she tried to climb further up.

He helped her by pushing her upwards with his tail, until she rested safely between his wings. She buried her face against him, and he could smell the tears, even if he could not feel them.

"Thankyou, Natsu.”

“Let’s go, Lucy, Happy.”

And with that, he was in the air, carrying her away on strong wings as Happy silently flew beside them.

His voice was not the same, but it was not completely different, either. Maybe he could do this. Lucy sniffed on his back, snuggling closer to seek shelter from the strong winds.

In that moment he vowed hewould be back - and if it was only to bring her home. He would come back to Fairy Tail.

Because he was still Natsu.

And he was not alone.