idk hwat this is


mild sun and moon spoilers ahead !!

theres a different in game explanation but imagine like. gladion cutting the holes in his clothes himself.. baby gladion, who just ran from home in an act of rebellion, dressed like his mom wanted him, going out and buying the edgiest thing he could get his hands on and then cutting holes in it because it just wasnt edgy enough

  • me: *puts hand dramatically to forehead* i wish i was a genius....i wish i was the most beautiful person alive but instead i am the worst, most miserable creature on earth....
  • what they say: hey ur not the most beautiful person or the biggest genius ever but ur rlly smart and pretty!! :))))
  • what i hear: ur not the most beautiful person or the biggest genius
  • me: excuse me

Ayy I felt like I should make one of these myself cause I just love all these characters and want them all to have love and be happy?? PLEASE KUBO-SENSEI GIEV THEM ALL HAPPINESS
Imma list my ships now:
(No specific order btw)
Milasara (idk hwat their ship name is)
EmilMichele (lol, idk either of the Italian sibs’ ship names with their baes)
Georgi needs to learn to be loved more, he especially needs to love himself (I didn’t expect me to love this guy so much and yet here I am)
Chris and that mystery guy ain’t slick (that’s all I have to say for some reason lol)
And idek, I just thought since Minami is a big Yuuri fan, a Victor fan would be a nice date mate for him. They can be fans of their favorite skaters together (and be total shippers of Victuri as well~//shot)

If anyone ships any of these as well please follow and/or message me! I’d love to talk about them!!

motherofthecoven  asked:

Hey Kyo! I have been a fan of you for about 10 months now an I've tried to download Dreamtalia but it's just not working out for me. I'm not sure what I'm doing and if it's at all possible, can I get a step by step guide? I love you work and it sucks that I'm currently unable to play it.

technically in its description i did but idk hwat else to describe?