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The Avengers as music albums.


Some Marvel flower crown designs! I was going to make more but I got tired, haha

Bruce’s flowers are anemone (fading hope), green roses (harmony/peace), and hepatica (anger).

Sam’s flowers are periwinkle (beginning of friendship), pansies (loyalty), and lemon blossoms (faithful love).

Bucky’s flowers are dogwood (forgetfulness), daffodils (new beginnings), and primrose (sadness). 

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Bruce | Sam | Bucky

Exhausted didn’t begin to cover how thoroughly drained Bruce felt. He never slept well in new places. It was rare that he even slept the first two days after he arrived anywhere. Paranoia was one hell of a motivator to stay awake despite his body’s need for sleep. “Please tell me there’s coffee.” He wasn’t going to be able to function without it. “I don’t care if it’s cold.”

Avengers Rap Parody

I like Clint


And I cannot lie
The Winter Soldier can’t deny
When Cap walks in with his itty bitty waist
And a round shield in your face, you get


My magic hammer
If you


Stucky AU where the Winter Soldier has been created by Hydra to stop Captain America in the past so he’s sent back in time to kill pre-serum!Steve Terminator style – except they fall in love and the Winter Soldier can’t finish the mission and when he’s “pulled” back to the future he thinks it’s all over except that ofc they meet again with Steve as Captain America (who’s never been able to forget him uwu)

spacebucky, sergeantjamesbuchananrogers, bitchcallmebucky what do you say, preserumsoldier squad?

am I the only one who feels like out of all the avengers bruce is the one who doesn’t get much of a backstory


he’s just there for convenience
and he hardly gets any character development at all

am I the only person who feels this