idk how you spell it but he's beautiful

It would always be like this, but even if Yuuri had done it every day, It just feels like he’d done it for the first time.

Yuuri would wake up and turn around, Seeing the most beautiful man he’d ever encountered, Viktor, Looking straight at his Life and Love, With his Blue eyes the color of both the Sky and the Ocean, In pure adoration. While the morning’s sunshine makes his skin Glow, His fine, Platinum hair Shine brighter than how it does in another hour of the day, and Yuuri would just smile and caress the soft and smooth skin of this perfect man, Careless if His own ring is blinding its owner with its own shine, and Viktor would just helplessly touch the same hand that’s just, adoring him, and Yuuri would see Viktor’s ring, and Yuuri would realize how lucky he was, to have this man bonded with him, as he thinks of reasons on why did he even deserve Viktor.

Yuuri was careless of what would happen in the next few Hours, and all what he wanted was right there, and all what he wanted was this man, and all what he wanted was to love this man for yesterday, for today, tomorrow, and for forever.

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You must NOT do your English homework , otherwise you would know how to spell "psycology" correctly dumbass! Also, change your profile pic, nobody wants to see how hideously ugly you are. Go cry to mommy & daddy!

Thanks sweetheart that was a typo and thanks for reminding me to fix it and I get called beautiful all the time, so idk where you’re getting the “ugly” from lmfao.

Also I dont have a dad to cry to, he left me but that does not bother me one bit because hes missing out on his daughter growing up to be successful and beautiful, as much as I hate to sound self centered, it’s true. But I do have a kickass mom that raised me right, clearly you’ve been beaten as a child or not raised right because based on your arbitrary behavior you seem like a sad person, who hurt you? If you need someone to talk to about your pain I’m here, love. Good day.