idk how you people spell her name

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So what do you think of Rapi Kaur? Idk how to spell her name

Ahhhhhhh I think she writes a single sentence then presses enter at random spots. Her poetry is clearly written specifically to go viral and get shared and so it’s vague and shallow and universally relatable. She has no grasp of style or craft and many of her poems/metaphors seem to be taken word for word from those generic quotes pasted onto pictures of sunsets that my mum shares on Facebook.

I mean, I understood why people like her, I get why her messages are relatable, but I also get that she knows her audience and there is no way she doesn’t have them in mind when she writes. It feels disingenuous.

I’m definitely being a snob here but I adore poetry that is personal and emotional. Poetry that you can tell took effort, whether from just how raw it is or because of the style and form. I’ve read millions of poems and loved most of them, and adore many modern poets, so it’s rare for me to fully dislike a poet’s entire works… But I do. I really do dislike her works.

Here’s a thing I read that I agree with:

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Hey just curious, how do you pronounce Caeda's name??


I recently learned some people pronounce it “SEE-dah” to compare it to her Japanese name, Shiida (SHEE-dah). But the spelling would need to be Ceada or something as far as I know.

I think the games pronounce it “KAY-dah” too idk? but that’s how most people prounce it.

Typically I just say “My Wife”