idk how you people spell her name

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Hey just curious, how do you pronounce Caeda's name??


I recently learned some people pronounce it “SEE-dah” to compare it to her Japanese name, Shiida (SHEE-dah). But the spelling would need to be Ceada or something as far as I know.

I think the games pronounce it “KAY-dah” too idk? but that’s how most people prounce it.

Typically I just say “My Wife”

The Protector - Severus Snape x Student!Reader


Hiya. Could I get a snape X student reader where she gets bullied for her hair cause she’s a metamorphmagus (idk how to spell it lol) but she still like always has a cheery attitude and one day she’s getting knocked around, people calling her an abomination and all that jazz and he stops them and asks if she’s okay and she plays it off and stuff saying that she’s fine but he can see she’s not so he takes he back to the class coz she has a cut lip and it’s just all fluffy ?? If that’s okayyy?? X


For reference:

(L/N) – Last Name

(H/C) – Hair Color

(E/C) – Eye Color

(H/N) – House Name

* If you click on the ‘what’s this’ link on the name changer it will lead you to site where you can get an extension to modify whatever text you want. I know for sure it works on Chrome but not about anything else.

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 I tweaked some things, i hope you don’t mind, doll :)

The  Protector

He was taking inventory when he heard it.


Normally nothing would be particularly peculiar about such a thing, after all, children were always laughing about something. But this was different. First of all, general merriment was rare in such a dismal place as the dungeons. Second, was the way the students were laughing. The noises were harsh, grating upon the ears like nails on a chalkboard, not lighthearted. These were not the result of carefree schoolyard jest. He put the mysteriously half-empty vial of gillyweed back on the shelf as it could be attended to later, unlike the situation brewing in the corridors. He climbed down the step ladder and followed the sounds with a thinly veiled urgency. He wasn’t usually like this, meddling in the tedious affairs of school yard children but somehow this was different. Perhaps it was the way the laughter echoed off the stone the way it did all those years ago. He shook off the wispy fingers of years past and continued on, sweeping down the damp corridor.

“You’re such a freak, (L/N).”

He could hear their words now, but not see the children. He could hear the scuffling of feet, the muffled sound of someone being pushed.

“An abomination, more like.”

He rounded a corner and there they were. Five of them, his own students, formed in a tight circle around a girl with (H/C) hair. He knew her, of course he did, it wasn’t like a metamorphmagus was easy to forget, especially one that was always so nauseatingly cheerful in his class. Whatever second thoughts he had about stepping in were erased when he caught a glimpse of the unfortunate girl. (E/C) eyes were wide with fear, bright hair rumpled from the constant shoving, and messenger bag emptied on the ground. He assumed the shredded slips of paper that littered the hall had been, at some point, her school work.

One final shove sent her flying into a rather burly seventh year boy who held her in place as a tall dark haired girl stepped forward.

“Maybe you’d be less disgusting if we just got rid of your hair,” the Slytherin mused out loud to her comrades.

The frightened girl’s eyes widened further and she struggled to free herself as the group laughed again.

“Please, just let me go,” the (H/N) pleaded,” I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

A few of the other children laughed as their ringleader drew her wand,” You’re right, you won’t be telling anyone, especially after we wipe your memory.”


“What exactly do you think you are doing, Miss Renaldi?”

Amelia, the Slytherin, froze, but as she realized who had spoken, relaxed. He supposed that she thought he’d let her and her pitiful little friends walk free.

She turned to her head of house with nonchalance,” Oh, you know, Professor, just having a lovely little chat with our favorite (H/N). Right, (L/N)?”

The bit of hope in the girls’ eyes had died just as quickly as it had been rekindled at the sound of her would-be savior’s voice. She probably thought he’d leave her at the mercy of the Slytherins. The boy holding her tightened his hold over so slightly, a silent urge to agree with Amelia. The girl gave a rather watery smile and nodded. This was so very like that one day. The one day he made the mistake of taking a detour to Charms. A group much like this one had found him and surrounded him much like this one did to the young metamorphmagus. A teacher had come to his aid much like he did to hers, but that professor believed the lies James Potter spun. He would not do the same thing.

“Do chats with you and your,” his eyes swept over the group, identifying each and every one of their faces,” companions often include harassment?”

Amelia’s face twisted in confusion,” Pardon?”

“I asked, Miss Renaldi,” he said with a sneer,” if conversations with you included assault on a regular basis.”

Everyone shifted uncomfortably, wondering why on earth Professor Snape was bothering with such a question. He was their Head of House and usually let things like this go. Even the metamorphmagus had confusion and suspicion swimming in her eyes. She didn’t know if he was really here to intervene or just to make her situation worse.

The girl in question opened her mouth, preparing to give a mundane mess of a mitigation, no doubt but before a sound could escape, she was cut off.

“It was a rhetorical question, I know exactly how those unfortunate enough to come across your path fare.”

“Mister Barrington, if you wish to continue being a student of Hogwarts then you will release Miss (L/N). I can’t imagine how she has put off with your awful stench up until this point.”

The boy’s beefy arms released their prisoner immediately, and a moment later their owner, one Claudius Barrington, gave a rather conspicuous sniff of his armpits, just to see if the statement the potions professor said was true. By the face the boy made after doing so validated the claim. The (H/N) was free, taking a few hesitant steps away from her captor but still looking rather wary of the entire group. He couldn’t really blame the girl as in this situation, he wouldn’t really trust himself either.

His steely gaze swept over each and every one of the Slytherin students,” Now, all of five of you. Detention-”

There were a few protests.

“Every Saturday-“

They grew louder.

“Until the end of term-“

Now the voices echoed off the stone walls once more.

He raised his voice over the clamor, “AND a 36 inch essay on why I shouldn’t have all of you expelled.”

The way his cold eyes bored into each and every one of the offending students made them all fall silent. The students, including (Y/N), all flinched when those eyes narrowed and he spoke once more.

“Well,” he said with a sneer,” What are you still doing here? I want that paper on my desk by lunchtime tomorrow.”

There was a scramble as Renaldi, Barrington, and the other Slytherins ran off to the common room. It was just like Professor Snape to actually report them to Dumbledore if the essay wasn’t to his liking. (Y/N)’s eyes were wide with surprise as she turned their gaze upon him.

There was relief in her voice,” Thank you, P-“

He did not let her finish, instead silently waving his wand in a way that put shredded parchment properly together and in a neat stack before sending it back into her bag, which flew a bit hard into her chest. She let out a little ‘oomph’ at the sudden impact but did not fall.

Snape turned on his heel, not sparing the student a glance until he realized that she was not following him.

“With me, (L/N).”

Still clutching her bag to her chest, the girl followed the man obediently down the corridor and inside the Potions classroom.


Although a bit confused, she did as she was asked, watching as he opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a rather worn looking textbook.

“Do they,” he paused, glancing her way for a moment,” always go out of their way to harass you?”

She shrugged,” Yes, but it’s quite alright. I’ve a friend who’s rather gifted with healing magic so getting hurt doesn’t matter so long as I don’t let those tossers get to me.”

He nodded, staring hard at the book in his hand,” Have you purchased your textbook for my class as of yet, Miss (L/N)?”

(Y/N)’s eyebrows furrowed, not sure what potions books had to do with the topic at hand,” Not yet, Professor. I was meaning to go to Flourish and Blott’s on tomorrows’ trip to Hogsmeade.”

Snape was over to her desk in three long strides, dropping the tattered book on table with a solid ‘thunk’,” I think this one will serve its purpose quite well.”

The (H/N) raised an eyebrow at her new possession, wondering if the moment she touched it, would be that in which it fell apart.

“You may find,” the potions master drawled,” that this particular book holds more than just potion recipes. As such, I suggest you look over it tonight.”

“Uh, thank you, Professor,” the girl said quietly,” not just for the book. For, um, -“

She blinked in surprise as she was cut off,” You’re welcome. No go,” he ordered, “I distinctly remember assigning an essay on everlasting elixirs earlier today. I expect it on my desk tomorrow, (L/N), no excuses.”

The smile the sixth year gave him threw Snape off a bit. He couldn’t remember the last time anyone had actually directed one of those towards him.

“Of course, Professor.”

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Ya know that vid that China& her sis (idk how you spell her name sorry) did about types of annoying people I think she's throwing a little bit of anonymous shade especially at the couple part towards CERTAIN people...Juuust saying it seems like that but it ain't my biz so 🐸 ☕️ 😝

LOL yeah that’s why I linked it in one of these messages ;)