idk how you can hate her

i’ve just watched the new skam clip (again lmao)

and today i’m not so angry

i’m really proud of Sana and how she didn’t run into Yousef when she saw him, but she acted cool and naturally (i hate it when in most of tv shows the main girl can be like ‘you hurted me, but i still love u and u don’t have to do anything bc i’m not even angry, wrrr)

and Noora made me feel less angry at her

she thought of Sana and wanted to idk be with her or smth? maybe she is just lost and doesn’t know what to do with this whole situation wiht William? i try to understand her but it’s really hard sometimes hahah

we will se

i hope everything will be okay and my otp (yousana ofc) will be living happy ever after


Hi, my name is Vincent. I’m moving to a small apartment and can’t take my 10 month old German Shepherd, Sasha, with me. She enjoys running and playing but she won’t be happy confined in a concrete jungle. My partner, thankfully, owns a large amount of land with other dogs she can socialize with. I believe that’s the best place for her to be. However, getting her to paradise is the hard part. Please, anything is helpful. I want to see Sasha happy with people who love her as much as I do. Selling her on craigslist is sketchy and especially bad for female dogs who are most likely going to be used as breeders and are poorly treated.
My 9yr old sister with autism and downs syndrome will miss her very much, but we need the money to get her to a good home with people we trust. As I said up above, my boyfriend has offered to take her but I need to pay off her expenses before he can take her and I don’t have the money for it. All funds will be used to pay off her expenses and get her to a good home where I’ll still be able to see her. I will be moving by the end of March and need at least $200 for her to go to the home she deserves. Please, please, I don’t want my dog to go to the wrong people. Anything at all will help Sasha live a happy long life with people who will love her and give her the attention she needs.
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Thank you all so much.

devil-lafayette  asked:

i love Athena so fucking much you dont even know. she is my mother. Gimme some Athena headcanons PLEASE

u want some athena hcs, here you go 

- she probably loves netflix!! idk i can just see her staying in n watching tv shows all day

- she hates any games of chance bc she might not win

- she loves to read/watch anything related to greek mythology so she can laugh if its wrong

- as the three virgin goddesses, how much do you want to bet athena, artemis, hestia get together and gossip abt everyone else’s love lives (possibly while at the spa or something)

- she loves her family, she really does but sometimes they’re too much which is why she’s pretty much best friends with hestia bc as the oldest, she’s pretty much the boss

- athena’s all abt that cozy, warm aesthetic fam - coffee, tea, blankets, neutral, earthy colours, oversized sweaters

-she probably has a bookblr or a studyblr - she also writes poetry on tumblr

Drunk in Love

Originally posted by crankgameplaysreactions

Request: If you can, can you whip up a lil headcanon or blurb of drunk Ethan and hes being really cuddly and lovey dovey with fem reader

Summary: Drunk!Ethan is v affectionate, Fem!Reader is just trying to get her best friend home

A/N: helloooooooo my friends! Idk how to do headcanons, so here is a smol thingy. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 250, smol am srry

Request some more my beautiful friends!

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Beautiful-Calum Hood Smut

Idk if you’re still taking smut requests, but can you do one where Y/N is really uncomfortable with her body, like literally hates how she looks and (any of the boys) finds out and basically shows her how beautiful she is to him?? Sorry if that makes no sense😂 I love your writing btw!! Xx

I saw this request and I had to do it because I totally relate. I’ve struggled with body issues my whole life and I’ve read some smuts related to that and also whoever wrote this I love u <3


The hateful words dug into you like small knives, each digging deeper until tears had begun streaming down your face. Since you had begun dating Calum, Twitter was a battle field and it was only you and Calum against millions of fans.

Thousands of tweets were sent your way daily about how Calum could do much better than you and every tweet seemed to mention your weight and how they felt you could use a trip to the gym.

Before you went public with your relationship you were almost always confident with your appearance. By no means were you overweight, you never thought that until everyone started picking apart your appearance minute by minute.

Today was the worst day yet. You had woken up to thousands of twitter notifications because of a couple pictures were taken of you and Calum shopping yesterday. The pictures hadn’t been taken in the most flattering angle which just caused some of the most extreme fans to type degrading things.

As the day went by more hateful words filled your feed and the more you read the more you believed.

Calum wasn’t supposed to be home for a couple hours so you stood up from your previous position on the couch and walked to your shared bedroom. Just looking at yourself in the vanity made your heart ache more. Slowly, you removed your clothes to be able to see your whole body, not covered with over-sized pieces of clothing to hide your body.

You stared at the space where your thighs touched and how your stomach stuck out further than your liking. As you tore yourself apart with insults you didn’t even realize the door closing and Calum’s loud foot steps.

“What are you doing?” he asked, looking at you through the mirror.

You jumped and reached for your shirt to cover yourself even though Calum had already seen you naked before. “N-nothing.”

His face softened, “I saw Twitter today.”

“Oh,” you sighed, looking down at your bare feet. “I’m fine, Calum. They’re just mad at me because I have you and-”

“Well they shouldn’t be mad at you. They should know how happy I am because of you and how beautiful you are and how amazing you make me feel.”

He walked towards you slowly and lowered the shirt from your body. “It’s just hard for me because everything they say about me just hurts. Every tweet after the other just digs deeper and I hate it. I hate how I look and sometimes I think they’re right about me. You’re so…you, and I’m so…different.”

“Y/n,” he whispered, “I love you. Don’t let some people who don’t even know you tear you down.”

“It’s just hard to not let it get to me when it’s true.”

His hand raised to wipe your tears away, “It’s not true.”

A sigh was released from your lips, “Calum, I kind of want some time alone.”

His eyes were full of sadness at the way you were putting yourself down. Slowly he dropped his head down and mumbled something quickly before leaving you to yourself.

Not quite sure what to do, you decided to take a shower after more days then you would like to admit without one. Since all of your clothes were already off, you stepped in and turned the water to near burning temperature. 

After minutes of standing beneath the scalding water, you almost couldn’t feel the burning sensation of the water. Slight sniffles came from your nose and you couldn’t help yourself anymore. Sobs wracked your body as thoughts of your weight flowed through your head again.

You could feel your thighs sticking together and the way your stomach jutted out and how your upper arms stuck to your sides.

The shower curtain moving made you jump as you turned to see Calum slipping into the shower with you. “Jesus fucking Christ, Y/n. Why’s the water so damn hot?”

All you could manage was a shrug as he moved his arm past you to increase the flow of cold water to balance the temperature of the water. 

After the water cooled down, Calum wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your back against his bare chest. “I love you.”

A small smile grazed your lips, “I love you too, Cal.”

He squeezed you tighter against him and began pressing kisses against your collarbone. “I love all of you Y/n. I love your stomach and your thighs and everything else you hate about yourself because all of that makes you the girl I fell in love with a couple years ago. I hate that you feel shitty just because a couple of people called you shitty names because you’re so much more than those horrible names.”

You leaned your head against his shoulder as he lightly sucked on your neck. “Calum,” you whispered.

“Can I make you feel good?”

Words seemed to be stuck in your throat so all you could manage was a small nod and immediately you moaned when his hand slithered around your front to cup your heat in his hand.

“You’re so beautiful,” he purred into your ear as he slowly started to circle his finger around your clit. Your chest was heaving when he entered his digit into your tight hole.

“Cal,” you warned, not in the mood for teasing.

You felt his wet hair nod against your head in understanding. “I know, baby.” He retracting his fingers from your pussy and brought his lips around them. “You taste amazing,” he purred.

Eyes blackened with lust, he turned you around abruptly and closed the space between your lips. Without permission, his tongue entered your mouth, but you weren’t going to protest. 

Without much thought, you reached down to his almost fully erect member and wrapped your hand around him. Your kiss was interrupted with a loud groan from Calum which caused you to smirk. “No, this is about you, not me,” he panted.

A small frown formed itself on your face and you slowly retracted your hand. Calum brought your chin back up so your lips could connect again and he hesitantly moved you so your back was facing the cold tile wall. With the sudden coldness against your bare back, your nipples hardened against his broad chest and he shivered at the sensation. 

He removed his lips from yours and lowered them to your neck. “Let me show you how beautiful you are to me,” he murmured into your neck.

Without an answer, he lowered his lips, not leaving them in the same place for long. First, he moved to your hardened buds, sucking each briefly before placing meaningful kisses along your stomach, and he finally stopped when he was kneeling in front of your heat.

Just the sight of the boy you loved in front of you, almost begging to eat you out made you rub your thighs together. He lifted one of your legs to rest on his shoulder before placing more kisses on your inner thighs leading up to your wetness.

You felt his fingers slowly separate your lips and you moaned when he placed a feather-light kiss on your bundle of nerves. When he started lapping at your entrance you almost lost it. Trying to contain your moans, you gripped his hair with both hands and tugged slightly releasing an attractive grunt from Calum.

When he entered one of his long digits into your dripping pussy you cried out. It seemed like forever since you had had a release. “Please,” you whimpered.

“Please what, princess?” he groaned at the sight of you above him.

It seemed impossible for words to form, but you eventually controlled yourself, “More.”

He seemed pleased with your answer and added another finger in with his next thrust. You gasped and moved one hand to try and grip something against the wet wall so you wouldn’t injure Calum with how hard you were pulling on his hair.

Reading your mind, he removed his other hand from your ass and moved it back to his head. “You’re so hot when you pull on my hair.”

You opened your eyes to look down at him rapidly thrusting his fingers into you while attaching his mouth to your clit. Not even able to moan, you suddenly came at the sight of him going down on you with one last thrust of his fingers.

Your stomach felt like it was exploding due to your intense orgasm and you were left slouched against the wall with a content smile etched on your face. 

When he came up from kneeling you immediately crashed your lips against his. “I love you so much,” you panted against his lips.

“You think I’m done?” he asked with an amused expression.

Your eyebrows quirked up with amuse, “So I’m assuming you aren’t then?”

“You know I can’t stop until after I’ve been buried inside of that pussy of yours,” he groaned, slowly raising your legs to wrap around his waist.

Biting your lip to stop from moaning at his words, you pulled his face closer to yours to attach his lips to your as he sunk in.

As expected, the kiss was broken when both of your mouths opened wide from pleasure. “You’re so thick, Calum,” you moaned loudly.

Calum seemed to be at a loss for words as he moved out of you only to push back in deeper. His mouth remained open and only quick pants exited his mouth as he quickened the speed of his thrusts.

“How can someone be as beautiful as you,” he cried out, getting closer to the edge.

A small amount of blush spread itself across your cheeks at his words, “I’m not joking, Y/n, you’re so beautiful I can’t believe I’m even with you right now-fuck!” he yelled.

You raked your fingers down his back, a move you knew would cause him to lose it. He knew what you were doing and once knowing you were steady against the wall, moved his thumb to rub harshly against your clit. 

The tight knot in your stomach indicated that you weren’t far off and Calum knew it too. “Please cum. Fuck I’m so fucking close, princess.”

His begging sent you over the edge along with his long, deep trusts.

You squeezed yourself tightly over his cock and cried out. He followed your lead and soon came in four, long spurts.

His panting didn’t subside until minutes after the two of you had calmed down. Wincing slightly, he pulled out of you and held you up slightly due to your shaky legs.

“Do you want to get dried off?” he asked. You just nodded in response, now, too exhausted to speak.

He picked you up bridal style and carried you to the counter where he sat you down. Reaching for the towel rack, he handed you your towel which prompted you to dry yourself off.

After the two of you dried off, you slowly wrapped the towel around your body and walked to sit on your bed. Calum trailed after you and sat beside you.

After sitting in sweet silence for a moment, he lied down and tugged you towards him. You nuzzled your head in his neck and wrapped an arm around his bare chest. “Thank you,” you mumbled into his neck.

“Of course. And next time, please talk to me about this. I hate seeing you hurt. You mean the world to me and when I come home seeing you devastated over some stupid words it breaks my heart.”

All you could manage was a nod and a peck to his shoulder before enjoying the peace of sitting there with the man you loved. 

Yes, part two of Stress Reliever is coming shortly.

So I’m like kicking myself for this but like…I hecked up. 

I’m gonna be redacting a post and doing a redo because it bothers me so much. I put it up on the archive blog tho so it will still be accessible. 

{Here’s the post on the archive blog just so you know}

And a more detailed explanation as why I want to redo that ask below:

I’m sure lots of people aren’t as worried about this as I am but ehhh it’s bothering me so I figured I’d make a post about it. So a little while ago I published this ask and for some reason when I posted it it didn’t sit right with me. After sitting on it I realized why exactly that was. Basically the ask goes against the lore I originally set up for the blog and kind of makes for poor story-telling I guess?

1. When Daily was first introduced to the Cryptons after V2′s death, Len actually hated her and I…embarrassingly totally forgot about this fact while making this ask. I sorta had more in mind how he acts towards her when he does eventually befriend her. 

2. Daily and Len’s relationship iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis a little more complicated. Idk if anyone remembers but I created a Mikulen shipping blog a few months back and it was indeed supposed to be the muses of this blog. (It’s gone now lol you can bug me about it on my mod blog if you really want) BUT I kind of want to keep them being together for a little while as part of the lore. Basically while I’m sure Daily would hide her true feelings about the ordeal, I feel that this post being the way it is might just confuse people when her true feelings are exposed as she gives no visual indication of feeling anything else. 

Okay, that’s it really!! I’m trying to be more conscientious of how my work is viewed and read so I can get better at character development and storytelling! I’ll post the redone update as soon as I can.Thanks for reading this if you did!

Have a great day and a bonus Meeku:

Derek Imagine~ Mate

Word Count~ย 864
Rating~ safe, basically
Warnings~ fluff
Pairings~ Derek x Reader
A/N~ย Hey, i love you guys. Sorry in advance for how much it sucks. =( Also, this has eactly 4500 letters. Thatโ€™s cool.
Self-promo~ Instagram:
Wattpad: @LGBTQPenguins
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Hey can I request a Alpha!Derek x Reader where she and Isaac are close friends and are working on something together (like a project or something idk) and they work late so she ends up staying over. And Derek is super jealous/protective cause sheโ€™s his mate? You can decide whether he has told her sheโ€™s his mate yet or not! Thanks x

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I'm gonna get up on a soap box a little here:


the girls in DEH need MORE RECOGNITION

the girls in DEH need more recognition


Do you see a pattern here?

I think that, for the most part the fandom can pretty much agree on that.

You might think Alana is annoying, or that what she did was wrong, but that doesn’t make her not important. She is an incredibly deep character and I’ve hashed some of that out in a previous post if you care about my opinion. Also can I get a “HELL YEAH” for Kristolyn Lloyd? That woman is a gd powerhouse.

You might dislike Zoe, I know I dislike some of the things she says, but that doesn’t make her any less of a strong, developed, wonderfully written and portrayed female character. Zoe is important. And can we talk about Laura Dreyfuss please? Talk about perfection personified.

I mean idk how you could hate Heidi that woman tried so damn hard. She isn’t perfect because who is? but she owns that fact, more so than any other character in the show. She knows she’s fail at times but that doesn’t mean she didn’t give her all. Heidi Hansen is important. Heidi Hansen is Supermom and you can fight me behind Denny’s at 3am if you disagree. Also I’ll fight you if you dare insult my mother Rachel Bay Jones.

Cynthia, oh Cynthia. She is a terrible mother. And you know what, that sucks. But you know what else? She lost her son. Okay, this woman lost her freaking son, and she has every right to lose her damn mind. But she exhibits characteristics of a kind and caring person, who is generous and thankful for her lot. Her failing Connor (and Zoe) doesn’t make her a bad person. No one gets handed a “how-to mother” book when they have kids. People make mistakes, some people make a lot of mistakes. She tried. That’s all you can do sometimes. Cynthia Murphy is important. Don’t you dare dispute it. Jennifer Laura Thompson puts nearly as much emotion into that show as Ben does. She’s on stage sobbing and playing a grieving mother every night and someone give her an award please.


•Evan Hansen is the main character. He’s gonna get attention.

•Connor Murphy is a mystery (and played by Michael Faist). He’s gonna get attention.

•Jared Kleinman is the comic relief and therefore easy to make jokes around. He’s gonna get attention.

•Larry sucks. No attention for you. (But yay Michael Park!)

•We don’t need to tear the other characters down, just boost these ladies up so they are on an even playing field as the others.

But there should be just as much Alana and Cynthia as there is Jared. Just as much Heidi as there is Connor. Just as much Zoe as there is Evan.

And this isn’t just one persons fault. It’s everyone’s fault. I know I’m guilty of posting more about Connor Murphy than any of the ladies. And the media does it too. (I NEED MORE LAURA INTERVIEWS ALSO KRISTOLYN). But it is something that we can all fix. It doesn’t take much to put a pause on our bathbomb memes and show these ladies some love.

And this isn’t just a DEH problem. It’s in every fandom out there for the most part.

Your future is NOT dead

“my future with Jemma is dead. Killed that, too.”

Killed that too***

Leopold James Fitz is currently dealing with murder, blood on his hands that he never was in real control of, but knows it was still him,

And he sees what he did as equal to KILLING his relationship with Jemma.

He didn’t ruin it. He didn’t destroy it. He KILLED IT.

Just like he killed Agnes.

He thinks he killed their relationship like he killed a human being - meaning that relationship was what gave him LIFE.

And he thinks he killed that life.

And what’s more, he is so so SO wrong.

“How can she even stand the sight of me?”

*He says as she watches him through a camera crying because he thinks she hates him*

Also Fitz, idk if you noticed but later she straight up LOOKS at you and then HOLDS YOU.


I’m just gonna say it. Your future is not dead.


Because this is NOT how your story ends.

And Jemma Simmons knows it.

And she’s not going to let what she saw in a false reality keep her from loving and marrying the love of her life.

She won’t let it.


Gif is mine

idk if you did something like that already,but i have a request for a LaSalle imagine. the reader is suffering depression and insecurities and doesn’t think she’s good enough. So Sally wants to help her and show her how amazing she is 😊 

Requested by hungrybishop~

That sad, disheartened look on your face was an expression LaSalle has been seeing more and more. And he hated it.

Especially when you smiled every time you caught him staring. Like you were hiding something.

“Sugar Belle, tell me what’s botherin’ you.” LaSalle carefully pushed, watching as you looked away. “If I can help-”

“I don’t think you can, Chris.” Was your low response. “Not unless you can make me a better agent, because between you and Pride and Sonja, I’m just not good enough.”

Instantly, his heart gave a tug. LaSalle instantly moved himself to stand in front of you, trying to catch your eyes. “Sweetheart, you’re a damn good agent. And I know for a fact that King and Percy feel the same way. We all do.” His tone was firm; pushing you to believe him.

yoongi-centric anon// Yoonseok + Gnash ft. - I hate you I love you

“Feeling used
But I’m
Still missing you
And I can’t
See the end of this
Just wanna feel your kiss
Against my lips
And now all this time
Is passing by
But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you
I hate you, I love you,
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you
I hate you, I love you,
I hate that I want you
You want her (him), you need her (him)
And I’ll never be her (him)”

I have butchered your baby I’m sorry but my hands were itching to draw your beautifully crafted chars!
I was going to do yoongi but then I couldn’t think of lyrics to put from his pov ahahah
idk do I want to risk butchering your babies further ?? anyway i hope u liked my effort lmao
also because I had drawn this on a huge canvas on mspaint if u want the full res of just hoseok in his somewhat pixelly glory then lemme know! ♥


like even speaking objectively even though it’s hard for me, sasha is such a well rounded queen i can’t believe someone can just not see that! 

  • her looks are always impeccably on brand but extremely versatile, so much so that i’m just gonna say this - she’s the first queen i’ve ever seen on rpdr to deliver both throughout all of her looks; 
  • she’s not a comedy queen per se but she’s got her own brand of humour and she knows how to be funny and how to deliver a fucking joke, her save on the michelle roast was so iconic that i literally thought the joke not landing was part of the script; 
  • she’s so intelligent and educated, both in art history and such and current social issues; 
  • she’s a literal piece of sunshine but she can be shady as well so there’s never a dull moment with her;

honestly i literally cannot see how you can hate someone like this! and most of those people claim all of this to be “fake” and a “facade” but idk to me it just looks like some nina level delusion & paranoia. today most of them were either bitter val stans or those “every queen this season is boring and i don’t like any of them but ima still watch and ruin everybody’s mood with my negative ass comments” types but i’m still mad as fuck. 

anonymous asked:

if you don't mind could you list some people I can follow to get started? It would really help <3

do u know how much i hate this (also cOOl i’ve never been asked) i’m gonna list some harries i know like there are a lot of ppl i would recommend to follow jus bc but idk if u want that or jus harries but oke here we go:

@halsetto @allthehazza @harrystylesalbum @harrygotstyles @1dedus @appreciatetommo (she’s becoming a harrie i think she’s close to her final form) @harryfeatlouis (i mean she like…..she has the Good content u know) @harryhateblog (would like for me to say that she’s #1 on the charts n #1 in our hearts she’s v upset she didn’t get a note) @helladonut @cupcakelirry @babeharoldstyles @thereignofsoloharry @alienwitchstyles @kalelube (my other half look at her) @harrysfalsettos @harryistyles @packersbeanie @activatenarry @stylesweaty @stylesreborn @tsevers @stockholmsstyles @millionharry @stylesonly @thightat @tigerthightat @curatingstyles @slytherinbisexual (idk she’s jus the ale to my kale) 

I don’t know about you, but I really wish that Candy went with Amber and be like “Ok listen, I know that Priya and (bf) are blackmailing you with that stupid box. But, even though I hate you, and you should feel ashamed for a lot of things, seriously a LOT, that letters are not one of them, because they are just the prove that you know what you want and you’re trying to achive your dreams unlike the rest of us that don’t even know what we want for tomorrow’s breakfast. So all I’m saying is that you’re a bitch, but you’re brave just for even trying that modeling thing… Ok byeeeee”

anonymous asked:

So I hate used to really ship Klaroline but lately my mind has been breaking on them. Idk I just think Klaus has done too many bad things to her and her friends to give him a second chance. Can you change my mind? Why do you ship them so hard?

Hi, okay so Idk if I’m going to be able to change ur mind because at the end of the day you feel how you feel. A lot of times I’ve doubted my shipping of Klaroline so ur not alone. The thing I wanna tell you before I start is that shipping is supposed to be fun so pls do not agonise over it; if it’s still fun, do it, if not, don’t.

(Warning: Anti D*mon and Dullena) 

*cracks knuckles*


  1. Firstly you have to remember when it comes to the issue of Klaroline being problematic, is that that all ships that stem from tvd or TO are inherently problematic. This is because the show its self is problematic. It’s misogynistic, it’s systematically racist and most relationships on the show put the female character at a distinct disadvantage. So very few ships can be seen as healthy or idealistic in the real world. I might say Stelena, Jolaric, and Jalaric are rare examples but even then those ships have their various issues.
  2. Secondly, even if the writers and the CW, in general, did a better job with their shows, you have to remember that this is the vampire genre. It’s meant to be gothic and the characters are meant to be morally dodgy, selfish and do horrifying things. TVD’s mistake was that it could never properly straddle the line between keeping up that gothic theme and appealing to a teen audience (hence the babies, and romanticising of characters that are clearly villains, - cough, cough Damon) so often they put too much emphasis on morality and people being either ‘good’ or ‘bad; even though supposedly good characters like: Matt, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena do bad, selfish things all the time. (More detail in point 3)
  3. Because Klaus was conceptualised when TVD was actually half good and they were still writing a show about vampires; dark, twisted, immoral, seductive, vampires; he hence is a product of that. Klaus is a vampire in the true sense. I don’t believe a person can be a Klaroline shipper unless they accept the fact that Klaus is not a good person. He’s not supposed to be and that’s part of what makes his dynamic with Caroline so interesting. Love, or infatuation/affection, doesn’t change him. Yes, he does things deviant to his ‘cold hearted bastard’ persona. The gifts, deviating from his evil plans for Caroline’s sake, showing mercy, reasoning, barging when he doesn’t have to etc… But none of these things makes him redeemable. This isn’t one of those ships where love makes the person more moral and good. In fact, in Caroline’s case, I’m quite sure it does the opposite - or would do, had they gotten more screen time - Caroline is very in denial about her vampirism. She constantly makes claims about how she’s a ‘good vampire’ (an oxymoron in its self) and is characterised as ‘judgy’ because she demands such a high moral standard from other people around her. And while yes, she is exceptionally good at controlling her urges and at self-discipline (likely a result of  being under Stefan’s self-denying mentoring program and learning about vampirism from someone who detests it because of his own lack of control) Caroline still does terrible things often just because it’s convenient for her or because it’s ‘what it takes to get the job done’. Caroline’s often the most level-headed out of all her friends when it comes to doing something immoral in aid of the greater good, in fact, she’s almost eerily ruthless, especially if said action if in aid of helping one of her friends. (See the slaughtering of the 12 witches for Bonnie’s sake). But Caroline doesn’t see that, she also very scarcely acknowledges how much she loves being a vampire and from day 1, Klaus has been perceptive of how much she does. From when he saves her life, to when he intuits that she doesn’t want the cure and predicts that small town life wouldn’t be enough for her + encouraging her to think outside of the box and use her vampire abilities to get a dress for prom. Even his smug little recital of what Caroline says in 5x11 (’in school, building a life for her self, plans… etc’) shows that he knows that Caroline is just playing herself with her whole ‘mission to be normal’ (e.g: being in school - whic she dropped out of - playing house with Alaric and the babies, being with Stefan, who was always ‘the perfect guy’ in Caroline’s mind, because of the pedestal she put him on, denying herself the true pleasures of vampirism). Furthermore one of the most poignant Klaroline scenes for me is when Klaus is burying the 12 witches and calls Caroline out because not a few hours ago she’s called him a terrible person, because he did terrible things and now here they are staring at the corpses of the witches Caroline killed for Bonnie, while also, inadvertently, enabling an evil, supernatural being to rise from the dead and raise hell. on mankind. For a Klaroline shipper the moment is agonising because Klaus passes up the opportunity to be a shoulder for Caroline to cry on but at the end of the day it was something she needed to hear and quite frankly doesn’t hear enough. As long as you’re a vampire and you feed of human flesh, lie, compel, steal, murder at your own leisure; as long as you’re a witch/human/hunter who enables or condones it, you cannot claim to be ‘good’ whatever that’s supposed to mean.
  4. The most important thing, in my opinion, to remember about Klaroline as a ship is that Klaus’s actions are never presented as okay. Caroline never tolerates anything he does and constantly calls him out on his behaviour, furthermore, the show doesn’t romanticise him or excuse/ignore his behaviour. In contrast characters like Damon, who magically become the hero because it’s the only convenient way to put him with Elena. Elena’s love is supposed to change him and make him a better person but we see no evidence of this on the show, Damon’s his same rapey, abusive self all 8 seasons. But with Klaus, no excuses are made. He’s not supposed to magically turn good, you ask why I ship them so hard? It’s because 9/10 in all their scenes together and in their dynamic in general Caroline always has agency and nearly always has the upper hand, even when she’s dying. She manipulates Klaus into saving her life (”I know you’re in love with me’ ‘I guess we’ll never know’) in fact I’m convinced that Caroline used her A1 drama skills in that last part where Caroline makes those little croaky dying noises and was actually laying it on thick so that Klaus would be moved enough to save her- which he did. Caroline constantly manipulates Klaus and uses her emotional upper hand against him (’Show me I can trust you’ ‘I was promised a date for one of my hybrids’ ‘Show me your compassion’). So the relationship doesn’t just purely consist of Klaus doing horrible thing to Caroline and her friends and getting away with it. It’s far more complicated than that, there’s a power struggle involved and it’s extremely gripping and intriguing.
  5. When it comes down to it, Caroline was Klaus’ first choice, unlike many other TVD relationships, there’s is is centered around Caroline (take dullena for example, even in a show centerd entirely around elena, every bit of their relationship is all about Damon, or he finds a way to make it about him). Like I said Caroline has the agency, the empahsis is on her future, her hopes, her dreams and ultimately he respects her wishes, leaves mystic falls gives her space and waits for her to be ready.

I hope that helps or gives you some perspective. Anyone who wants to chime in please feel free to add something else.

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personally i hc pidge as 15-16 and am uncomfortable with shidge, BUT if you prefer her at a different age and ship it i dont h8 m8

This is how to react though if you don’t like a ship that’s completely your choice you don’t have to hate people for it idk why antis can’t get this

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Idk if anyone else already said this but I love how in zaddy, she slept with someone else. I hate how in some fics the girl's entire world is the boy and she can never move on. But she did!! She can hold her own & I absolutely love that about your story! You can love someone with all your heart but still love yourself enough to not make someone else your entire reason to live. I'm rambling lol I just loved that little detail!! Your writing is so good!! ๐Ÿ’ž

Thank you, I’m glad you like the OC :) I wanted her to try to move on and lead a normal life without him because she, and everyone else, is capable of it. Thank you so much for this, it made me really happy to hear how you feel about it:)

Following You Around

Anonymous Request:Hi! Do you write for Gideon (OUAT)? If so, could I request one where the reader knows him (maybe they met in passing, he kidnapped her, idk) and he keeps making excuses to see her (although he’s still considered bad). They have a sarcastic “I hate you” kind of friendship until Gideon realizes he likes her? You can decide how the ending goes!

A/N: *insert rainbows and glitters* So here is your Gideon request anon c: Hope you like it!

P.S: My imagine request is open boo c:

( The gifs are not mine )


- 2 years ago -

You woke up in a cold dark place, you didn’t know where you are and you were scared.

You tried to get up but your wrapped around the chair. You tried to budge to get out and escape.

Originally posted by ouatedited

“Try all you want love but you’ll never escape.” You heard a voice as you saw a tall hooded figure enter the room where you are being kept.

“Who the hell are you?” You said with a sassy tone in your voice and you furrowed your brows as you look at the figure in front of you.

As soon as he entered the room he removed the hood that’s covering his face   

“I’m Gideon.” He said with a small smirk on his face.

“Oh well, Hey there Gideon don’t you mind if you just.. Explain why the hell I’m here?!” You said your voice still sassy and you heard Gideon chuckle for a second.

Gideon started walking to where you are and you furrowed you brows and put on a distasteful look on your face.

“I want you to tell me something..” Gideon said walking slowly to your figure.

“I’m not telling you anything.” You cut him off before he finished his sentence and you smirked while you looked at him dead in the eyes.

As soon as Gideon reached towards you he looked down at your eyes and held his hand out to the back of the chair.

Gideon tilted his observing you.

You stayed still not showing any sign of weakness, you held your head up high and held you gaze on his face.

“I’m not taking that for an answer.” Gideon said breaking the silence between the two of you.

“Well, you should. And like I said.. I’m not telling you anything.” You said leaning your face towards him with a fierce look on your face.

Originally posted by wicked-chocolatine

Gideon held your face tightly and looked at you with a smirk on his face he chuckled when he saw a twinge of fear pass through your eyes.

“We can go like this all night long.” Gideon said, his smirk becoming wider and you just stared at Gideon getting intimidated by him.

You frowned in defeat and heard Gideon chuckle for one last time.

- Present Day -

It was Friday night and you were having dinner at Granny’s alone, accompanied by a novel you love while waiting for your order.

You were in the middle of reading your book when you heard a familiar voice next to you.

“Mind if I cut in?” You heard Gideon say and just sitting down at your table without waiting for your permission.

Originally posted by ungifable

“You…” You said, the amount of sass in your voice prominent and you rolled your eyes as Gideon sat down in front you and you heard him chuckle.

“What do you want now Gideon?” You said as put your book down and crossed your arms looking at him annoyed by the fact that your kidnapper had the urge to see you again.

“What? Can’t a man like me just casually talk to a lady like you?” Gideon said raising both of his brows and smiled at you as he leaned his back to the chair crossing his arms, copying you.

“Well if you remembered clearly, You kidnapped me. Gideon. And I don’t see any particular reason why you should be around me.” You said and looked at his face while you raised a brow and gave him a fake smile.

Gideon smiled widely and brought his finger to his lips and shook his head as if something was funny about what you said.

You just stared at Gideon with a ‘what-the-hell is funny?’ face until Ruby came up and gave you your order.

“Thanks Ruby.” You said as you turned you glance to Ruby and gave her a smile.

“Who’s this (Y/N)?” Ruby asked turning her gaze to Gideon.

“Him? Oh, He’s just nobody.” You said as you turned to look at Gideon who is still smiling at you.

“Let’s not be rude here (Y/N), my dear.” Gideon said while he smiled and winked at you making you furrow you brows.

He turned his gaze to Ruby who is still there looking at the two of you.

“I’m Gideon.” Gideon said as he smiled and shook hands with Ruby.

“Ruby.” She said smiling back at Gideon and you can see that she obviously likes him and it makes you want to choke.

“Well if you need anything, Let me know.” Ruby said as she winked at Gideon turned around flashing her perfect body at Gideon.

You just looked at them with an unpleasant look on your face 

“Kill me now.” You thought to yourself and turned to your food ready to eat it.

You ate your food silently and there were no words spoken after Gideon and Ruby’s short conversation. 

As you were eating your food you can feel that Gideon is staring at you and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

“What?” You said breaking the silence between the two of you.

“Nothing.” Gideon smiled as he leaned back again and crossed his arms while watching you eat your food.

“If you’re just going to look at me like that the entire time then you can leave.” You said looking at him in the eyes.

“But what if I don’t want to leave?” Gideon said challenging you.

“Then I will.” You said as you smiled about to stand up and take your food to move in another chair but you stopped as soon as you heard Gideon laugh.

You looked at Gideon and he just laughed at you making you stare at him. You haven’t seen this side if him and it makes you wonder what would’ve happened if you met in a friendly circumstance and not in the “I’m gonna kidnap you for information” kind of way.

And if you were to be honest, You kinda liked Gideon. He’s just as challenging and sarcastic as you are. You liked that about him, you liked how he can just make you want to kill him with sarcasm and end up having fun instead.

“Oh, (Y/N). if you only knew why.” Gideon said standing up, a smile still on his face.

He started to walk past you and you turned around while looking at him in surprise.

“Wait, Where are you going?” You said as you furrowed your brows making him stop.

“You said I can leave, and that’s what I’m doing.” Gideon said walking while he’s still facing you.

“See you around, darling.” Gideon said as he reached for the door. He smiled at you and gave you one last look then he winked at you just as he left.

You were still standing trying to get what happened all in your mind then you sat down and just stared at your food the entire time.


(Time skip)

It’s been days and you kept on seeing Gideon everywhere and anywhere since you saw him at Granny’s.

Like you just see him everywhere you go even at work. He comes by your apartment and it just seems like he’s following you around like a lost puppy and it’s starting to get weird.

He even tried to blow up your office after you stayed there to work for the whole night. 

And there was one time when he saw you with talking with Henry and he disguised himself as another man then casted a spell at Henry and since then Henry stayed away from you.

It’s like Gideon’s still at something but this time everyone is his enemy except you. He treated you differently from the others, He makes you see his good side but he shows his dark side to everyone.

You don’t know why Gideon is acting like this and its starting to make you curious. 

It was late at night and you’ve got nowhere else so to go so you just decided to go by the playground. You know you’re too old to go to the playground but no one else is there so you can do whatever you want.

As you stopped by the playground you went by the swing and sat down. You haven’t seen Gideon anywhere today and you were kind of glad and sad about it.

You kept on swinging and thinking about Gideon. You can’t keep your mind of him all the time and you were starting to have deeper feelings for him than you did before.

You heard your phone ring and you stopped swinging to look at the your phone. You turned turned your phone on and you looked at the screen to see a message from an unknown number.

- Unknown Number -

UN: Hey

You looked at the message and you completely have no idea who messaged you so you just ignored it.

Your phone ring again and you saw another message from the unknown texter.

- Unknown Number -

UN: Don’t ignore me.

You furrowed your brows and you’re sure that this might be Gideon. Everyone knows you and no one was a stranger to you so it was obvious that this might be Gideon.

“You’re such a stalker Gideon.” You thought to yourself. You looked at the screen of your phone. You smirked slightly and started to text this ‘Mystery’ texter of yours.

-Unknown Number-

UN: Dont ignore me.

Y: And who might you stalker be?

UN: You tell me.

Y: Not a chance.

Y: It was a pleasure communicating with you stranger. GOODBYE.

UN: But we’re just getting started.

You turned your phone off and put it in your pocket and just stared at the slide a couple meters away from you until you felt your phone buzzing in your pocket.

You took your phone out and you looked at the screen. The number that you texted earlier started calling you.

You stared at it for a second til’ you decided to answer it.

Y: Hello?

UN: You look pretty lonely there.

You: And who are you supposed to be?

You rolled your eyes and stood up from the swing. Gideon does like to keep a mystery going though it’s pretty damn obvious what he’s trying to do sometimes.

UN: Like I said You tell me.

Y: Damn.. Are you sure you don’t want to tell me?

UN: I’m pretty sure about it.

You rolled your eyes then shaked your head smirking to yourself and inhaled deeply thinking about what you should say next.

Y: You know you’re pretty creepy Gideon.

As soon as his name slipped off of your mouth you heard him chuckle.

G: Am I?

You: You are.

G: Turn around.

You turned around and you were startled to see Gideon just behind you, sitting at ine of the swings.

Originally posted by odonoghues

You turned your phone off and slowly slipped it in your pocket. You just stared at Gideon and you saw a smile cross his face.

”What the hell are you doing here Gideon.” You said looking at him and he took your hand to his.

“Why do you keep on following me?” You said while you furrowed your brows and took your hand away from his touch.

“Don’t you want me to?” Gideon said then he stood up from the swing with a grin on his face and started walking close to you.

You just looked at him with a puzzled look on your face.

“I don’t know.” You said and tilted your head and Gideon was just standing there in front of you.

”Why are you even like this Gideon? This is not like you. You’re… completely different.” You said furrowing your browns and Gideon looked down then breathed deeply

Gideon reached to hold your face while staring in your eyes with a smile still on his face and you stayed still.

“You made me weak,” Gideon said looking deeply into your eyes

“You’re my weakness (Y/N)…” Gideon suddenly stopped and just looked at your blank expression.

“Gideon, I know what you mean.” You said taking the hint. You saw Gideon a twinkle in Gideon’s eyes and he smirked.

“What if I tell you that I want to take you with me. Will you come?” Gideon said smirking down at you.

“You tell me.” You said taunting Gideon and with the look on Gideon’s face you can tell that he already knows what’s on your mind.

Gideon leaned in to kiss you and you didn’t hold back. Gideon loves you and you love him too.

Gideon pulled away from the kiss and you were both breathing heavily trying to get some air after the kiss.

“Let’s get the hell outta here.” Gideon said smirking down at you and without another word you both disappeared.


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You are so cool. This jonginishitiation girl is so childish and illogical. Trying to make kd shippers image bad, and trying to be all smart and slick but in reality she is a just dumb gurl who is butthurt that we don't believe in her fictional otp. I can't wait till kxk brake up news so I can see her face xD, since she only believe in sm and media's confirmation. Or maybe she will be like the delulu BY shippers who act like "no sm didn't confirm their brake up yet u.u".

i personally don’t see how hating csoo or pcy correlates with shipping kd. when i let it be known i’ve hated pcy and his ships for years, before kd. so idk why these demons are creeping my blog without comprehending the actual information i’ve talked about. like if you want to screenshot and use it to demonize other kd shippers in general, at least give it context. but no.

anyway – kd modifying the choreography to interlock fingers really got people screwed up. i wonder if they saw the video of them playing footsie? they’re (jonginiz–on) acting as if what we talk about personal effect herself and ji and krys and ksoo. and it’s really dumb. get over yourself. go back to gif making or something.