idk how you are even real bye

“How do you define pressure? We’re all living privileged lives. People in need, people fighting for sheer survival, they’re under real pressure. For me, this tournament is something of a trial, a huge challenge to show what we’re capable of, to go to the max. If we manage to play to our full potential on a consistent basis, we can lift the trophy, it’s as simple as that. But that’s not what I would call pressure.” - Bastian Schweinsteiger when asked if he felt he was under pressure



okay but for real now, i opened a redbubble today and it’s still a lil empty (but that’s gonna change soon i  promise ;w;)
and if you could check it out/maybe even buy something that would be incredible and you’d really help me out ;^;
oke thenks thats all, bye <3