idk how well the coloring on these look

ka//ura “bonding” scene: floating in the dark, vast emptiness of space, forced to hold on to each other, while Keith closes his eyes and won’t look at Allura until they’re found and when his eyes are actually open he looks bored

klance Bonding Moment™: soft purple colors- a combination of Keith and Lance’s colors- with them holding hands for no reason for a prolonged amount of time, talking about how they are a good team and work well together using soft voices, smiling softly at each other with soft music underneath them and the camera lingering on their smiles

bluee-cactus  asked:

How do you do that kind of paper like texture when you color? It looks so amazing <333

Thank youuu!

Well first off I use this graphite pencil when coloring for lineless art

Then for the paper-like texture I flatten the image and apply fur (Idk if all sai programs came with these textures!) and adjust the scaling. 

Now it’s lookin like a paper craft

hey um this is a random long caption. I really appreciate you all. The fact you take time to tell me about your day or how you feel or your opinion on something I ask is just nice and sweet and I know it’s small but like just speaking to me is cool even if it’s not direct. Yeah so Um I’ve been feeling weird. I’m not sure why, well I know why but idk. I know this has been emphasized time and time again but I don’t think it hurts to emphasize it again. I mean maybe it does it’s probably annoying but hey that’s me right. You know I do these over the top colorful looks and am overly bubbly sometimes it may seem but um it’s not always like that. I’m not always an angel, I can lie, I can breakdown, Im insecure, I can misinterpret things, sometimes I won’t listen.. and so on. But i try really try to be a better me and try hard to do whatever I want when it comes to what will make me feel good and not worry about outside opinions ya know (doesn’t work at times but a lot of times it can). So however you want to express yourself it’s okay. Something someone says about you or a friend or your dog isn’t about that specific thing, it’s about them and their own view of the world and how things should be. And we’re all different so we’re all gonna have different outlooks. What they think you should do may not be what you think you should do about a situation or what to wear to an event or the best way to approach that person you like.. etc. idk this really doesn’t have a point and I’m just typing as I think but.. remember ppl look through different eyes and remember to look through your own and find what works best for you and it could be wearing a yellow wig, over lining your lips, investing in equipment to efficiently stream you playing your favorite games, or entering a spoken word contest even tho you’ve only written one poem before. Idk we’re only here for a short period of time and I just want you to do and be whatever makes you smile a little bit or lose yourself in. But yeah thank you for always being kind to me and sharing that kindness and love with others as well. seriously love you all

Drunk in Love

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Request: If you can, can you whip up a lil headcanon or blurb of drunk Ethan and hes being really cuddly and lovey dovey with fem reader

Summary: Drunk!Ethan is v affectionate, Fem!Reader is just trying to get her best friend home

A/N: helloooooooo my friends! Idk how to do headcanons, so here is a smol thingy. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 250, smol am srry

Request some more my beautiful friends!

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How to do those scenery palette things

Ok so an anon asked me for this!! here’s a quick tutorial!!

Well first I edit my pics in Photoshop CS6 and I use alot of adjustment layers to make it look more.. idk colorful??

Then i go to Save For Web and see those beautiful color squares on the right??

yep this one!! ^^ i use snipping tool to save it as reference then I just randomly choose colors using eyedropper and fill up random squares and stuff

Here’s the final result!!

anonymous asked:

hey shu, just a general question here but if you were to design each of the boys' websites, how would you make them look?? like style-wise, color-wise, etc

woaH you really ask a question that got my web designing ass on fire hmm im trying not to make this a long ass essay but let’s start shall we :^)


First of all I’m mad at Harry’s team for doing everything well EXCEPT for his official website. A fucking tumblr are you kidding me??? That’s not very professional for an international star like him. Second the layout is super LAZY, LACK OF DESIGN IDK HOW HARRY’S EXTRA ASS ALLOWED THEM TO DO THIS. The website loads pretty slow because IT’S A FUCKING TUMBLR they have to use a lot of different cdns for jquery and stuff like why!!!! would you do this!!!!!! #JusticeForHarrysWebsite2k17

Ok enough for the rants. about the design, i think a full screen banner/welcome page will be nice. The color scheme, I’ll prefer monochrome or maybe monochrome with an accent color.

idek how to put my thoughts in words, perhaps something like this?? 


The thing is, I LOVE Niall’s website too much to even come up with my own ideas. Whoever is in charge of the design, I owe them my first born. The transition and animation on the website are soo neat and smooth. And also SMART. 

You see Niall actually has quite a lot stuff on his site but it doesn’t take ages to load like Harry’s GOD DAMN IT because it’s an actual web building tool written with php (for tumblr you can only write with html) plus they use a lot of jquery such as lazyload to avoid the heavily loading progress so KUDOS TO THE DESIGNERS

so um what will i do?? my first thought was Niall’s this town lyric video. I really like the drawing style and I love linear icons too. So probably some linear aesthetic? is that even a thing? asjkdlaskdj


First of all I really love the video background because like I mention earlier, that’s one of my fave stuff!!! but other than that….. i don’t really enjoy the layout because it’s kinda hard to read!!!! perhaps it might still be under construction, but i think it’s a bit too plain for liam’s style??


I think Liam definitely needs some bright colors on his website, maybe something neon-ish just like the strip that down video. i LOVE the color scheme of that video and it fits him so well. if we go with those colors along with some cool jquery animations it shall be fun!

(too bad i, for one, suck at jquery :/)


I gotta admit, I got real nervous with the louis one!! because i feel like i haven’t fully capture his style yet. there’s not much thing on the website since the single is still on the way, and looks like it’s going to be different from just hold on. so i had a hard time figuring out which style his website shall be

so turned out it’s pretty much a redesigned version of his current website :) i just really wanna show his logo since it’s one of my favorite!!!

That’s all thank you for this question!! I had fun and i hope you like them :^)

~Cause I’m gonna stand by you, even if you can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you, oh, you’re not alone, cause I’m gonna stand by you- Its Trollhunters, not trollhunter~

I wanted to practice the composition style for the painting I’m planning so I had doodled this thing on the plane ride 3 days ago and only now have I colored it so heres some good fun multiple amulet AU for the soul
I was mainly going for a mystical look to show how the different elements connected to Jim but idk how well it worked


colored @wasabu‘s sketches again , this time it’s “let’s steal Jotaro’s clothes” drawings xD

hope you like it! >w<


“Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes.” - Wikipedia

We know how Pearls in SU look like - tall, slim, ballerina type of body, smooth round gems. But what about Pearls who came out to be… defective? Off-color? Misshapen, like our Amethyst is?

Meet Baroque Pearl. For some reason I thought that Baroque could serve Pink Diamond, as she is kind to off-colors. Because her gem is lumpy, Baroque herself is.. well, lumpy. I also imagine her to be shorter than a normal Pearl.

So yeah, new OC to add to my ever expanding collection.

Oh and I gave her freckles, because that is totes adorbs.

anonymous asked:

i just saw your hand study and I'm???? how????????? i saw your amazing tutorial for lineart, could you make one on how you painted their hands? pls?? i've been staring at this for an hour

aww thanks anon ❤❤❤ haha

as for a tutorial, I’m not too sure how helpful this’ll be. I’m entirely self taught and really only know what works for me. also, that hand study was just meant to be stress-free practice for painting without line art. but I’ll give it a shot!

I think the most important thing is to find a good reference photo. something with relatively high resolution, good values, a nice color palette, and shows perspective and proportions well. this ^ is jin’s hand from a fansign pic courtesy of SWEETPINK. Idk if it makes sense, but something I think about when choosing ref photos is, “would someone think this image looks strange if they knew it was drawn?”

As for the actual painting:

1. I used a really messy/painty sort of brush to force myself to not wory so much about realism. first block out the general proportions and shape using a midtone, not worrying about being neat

2-3. next I start blocking in values to get a better idea of lighting and form

4-5. then it’s really just gradually rendering out the details, usually requiring making the brush smaller and making sure to maintain saturation when picking colors. I try not to rely on using the color picker tool bc I find that it tends to desaturate the chosen color, so just be aware of that.

6. lastly, I know the last two look pretty similar, but in 6 I went in with the burn and dodge tools to help increase contrast between the highlights and shadows. obviously you can do the same with color correction and messing with brightness/contrast under Image > Adjustments (in Photoshop CC). This is mainly to make the image really pop and emphasize form.

And that’s really it? I’m sorry anon, I’m terrible about explaining my process bc I just sort of wing it like 95% of the time. here’s all the stages together:

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful?? I promise, I’m still learning myself, and am also constantly changing my process. just remember, there’s no correct way of drawing anything!

(original hand study referenced can be found here)


well you look at that! MORE drawings!

please excuse my bad handwriteing ahah

anonymous asked:

Idk how u do it but pap looks 100 times hotter in ur latest comic :B

WHA?? Oh well xD I guess it’s the color >\\> hahah thank you anyway xD

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza


i’ve been working on making printable dot grid paper with colorable borders for an ideal combo of actually taking notes and pretending to take notes (i wanted to see how well it would work just using different shades of a standard pencil since it’s hard to switch out colors when you’re trying to look attentive :V ). planned options: blank, dot grid, dot grid with a standard pigpen cipher key, dot grid with a pigpen pangram (bc i find pangram’s more useful than keys when i write in code, idk about y'all), lined, and… that’s probably it?? idk if anyone but me will find these useful but hey

anonymous asked:

I saw you Hamilsquad personality tips and I was wondering if you could do one for physical descriptions (eye color, hair, ect). I always have trouble with writing about the characters appearances and I'm such a big fan that I'd really like to hear your opinion.

yes, of course! my personality post is here for those who haven’t seen it. i’m going to update it and make it more organized just to help you guys!

for the most part, i stick to how the cast looks! 

  • alexander
    • height: i picture him a little smol–5′7-5′8
    • apparently he had some really nice eyes bc angelica + eliza talked about them all the time in their real life letters
      • real-life hamilton had blue eyes and this makes sense to me because blue eyes are so pretty to me
      • talk about his eyes
    • skin color: olive skin tone (like lin’s shade)
    • hair type: real life hamilton had red hair! i always write my alexander with black hair though (similar to lin!)
    • body type: i picture him healthy, but still on the thinner side. some fics portray him with a little extra pudge (especially in his stomach area) which is cute but i just picture him to be on the leaner side
      • why you ask? because the boy overworks himself and probably forgets to eat,but that’s just my interpretation!
  • john laurens
    • height: probably around alex’s height but a little taller so i’d say 5′8 or 5′9
    • eye color: brown!
    • skin color: olive skin tone
    • hair: curly! (i mostly rely on anthony as how john looks)
    • body type: he is toned + fit! he’s got a swimmer body to me–broad shoulders, nice back muscles,, oh boy
    • extra: okay so this boy grew up in south carolina + john as a southern belle is just so cute to me idk 
      • let him have a little accent
      • also don’t forget the freckles! 
  • lafayette
    • height: he tol so like 5′11-6′4
    • eye color: brown!
    • skin color: tan
    • hair: curly + black! (again, daveed to me is lafayette so i just model laf as daveed)
    • body type: this boy is riPPED DO YOU HEAR ME lafayette was sculpted by the gods,,, this literal deity i love him
    • extra: don’t forget his beard. he is a scruffy boy.
  • hercules mulligan
    • height: i think he’s 5′11-6′2
    • laf is technically the tallest but sometimes i picture herc as the tallest 
      • in my universe, herc is probably 6′4 and laf is 6′2
      • then i remember, herc is shorter,,
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: brown (don’t whitewash my baby pls oak is beautiful)
      • unless you’re trying to be historically accurate then i guess that’s fine
    • hair: short but its curly if he grows it out
    • body type: muscular,, can i just say his back muscles are probably so nice + he probably has the biggest biceps + nice abs
      • not like scary ripped, but still like daaaang ripped
      • i still picture him to be soft even though he’s like so strong
      • this boy could hug me and the world would stop
    • extra: herc has big hands,,, love him
  • angelica!
    • height: 5′7
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: like caramel or light brown (think renee!)
    • hair: okay, i picture her to have this big curly hair like shoulder length. but she rarely ever leaves it curled. she straightens it a ton to look scarier
    • body type: pear-shaped–broad shoulders, wider hips
    • extra: i write this in all my fics but i picture angelica has like the sharpest eyes like if she’s really mad look out buddy because she’s already stabbed you like three times in her head
      • but her eyes definitely soften if like eliza or peggy is talking or someone she actually cares about
  • eliza!
    • height: 5′5-5′6
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: like a cream? or basically white (phillipa is eliza to me. that’s just how i depict her in all my fics!)
    • hair: black, it’s long like waist length and straight. she rarely ever curls it
    • body type: straight–small waist but hips and bust are about the same
    • extra: i picture eliza with a natural blush
  • and peggy!
    • height: 5′4
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: tan (basically jazzy–again, jazzy’s basically my model for peggy)
    • hair: dark brown, very curly! shoulder length
    • body type: “spoon” body type–hips are larger than the bust, small waist
    • extra: probs has a button nose or something cute like that
  • jefferson
    • height: he’s so tall like 6′2 
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: caramel (basically daveed’s skin tone)
    • hair: black! i picture his hair so big like it’s so big and curly like it defies gravity
    • body type: i picture him to be muscular (basically daveed’s physique) 
      • his biceps are huge
    • extra: don’t forget the scruff bc facial hair on jefferson is nice!!!
      • nice smile when he actually does smile
  • madison
    • height: 5′11
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: brown
    • hair: black + short
    • body type: i picture him to be like muscular but still have a bit of a tummy idk why
    • extra: boy is sick don’t forget
  • burr
    • height: 5′9-5′10
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: brown (leslie is my main model!)
    • hair: short + black! rarely grows it out
    • body type: tall but a little toned. not quite lanky but just a little toned. 
    • extra: kind eyes. hands are probably always cold smh
  • maria reynolds
    • height: 5′6
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: tan
    • hair: i picture it be so big and curly and heck yeah you better believe she puts it over one eye bc it’s hella mysterious; probably a little past her shoulder (like boob length)
    • body type: hourglass for sure!
    • extra: i picture her to have a mole,, idk why. maybe because she gives me marilyn monroe vibes
  • washington
    • height: man is tall, 6′4
    • eye color: brown
    • skin color: tan (christopher jackson is how i picture him!)
    • hair: i guess if he grew it out it would be dark brown? i see him as bald.
    • body type: athletic build. not quite ripped but very toned
    • extra: eyebrows,, bc have you seen chris jackson’s eyebrows??

if you choose to write her in a fic, i also picture theodosia to look like leslie’s wife nicolette! i just picture her with big, gorgeous curls as well. theodosia is just very soft to me. 

i’m torn between how i view martha,,

  • sometimes i picture her to be tall with this short curly bob and to be very athletic build 
    • almost model-like
    • she has dark skin
    •  she’s tall but still shorter than gwash (5′9-5′10)
    • intimidating
      • but then you talk to her and you cry bc she’s so nice + she’ll bake you cookies
  • other times i picture her to be much smaller than him like 5′4-5′8 
    • i guess she used to always pull george down to her level in real life when she needed something
    • in this case, she has a very motherly figure (wide hips, bigger bust)
    • light brown skin in this case

anyways, hope this helped a little!

quartzsoft  asked:

ok so i've been wanting to make an aquamarine OC and i'm stuck with so many Agate oc designs what do you suggest?? i like my OCs buff and mean idk... Aquamarines are small but they're still mean so i don't know how to design mine?? since Aquas aren't Quartzes.

Well Aquamarines are kinda chubby so I would recommend paying attention to the arms, legs and hips. You can make those areas more buff than the rest of the body. The hair should be a weird triangle shape with soft edges and don’t forget to add the bow.

The color scheme can range between green, teal and blue. Look up real aquamarine gems to figure out colors.