idk how well the coloring on these look

ka//ura “bonding” scene: floating in the dark, vast emptiness of space, forced to hold on to each other, while Keith closes his eyes and won’t look at Allura until they’re found and when his eyes are actually open he looks bored

klance Bonding Moment™: soft purple colors- a combination of Keith and Lance’s colors- with them holding hands for no reason for a prolonged amount of time, talking about how they are a good team and work well together using soft voices, smiling softly at each other with soft music underneath them and the camera lingering on their smiles

hey um this is a random long caption. I really appreciate you all. The fact you take time to tell me about your day or how you feel or your opinion on something I ask is just nice and sweet and I know it’s small but like just speaking to me is cool even if it’s not direct. Yeah so Um I’ve been feeling weird. I’m not sure why, well I know why but idk. I know this has been emphasized time and time again but I don’t think it hurts to emphasize it again. I mean maybe it does it’s probably annoying but hey that’s me right. You know I do these over the top colorful looks and am overly bubbly sometimes it may seem but um it’s not always like that. I’m not always an angel, I can lie, I can breakdown, Im insecure, I can misinterpret things, sometimes I won’t listen.. and so on. But i try really try to be a better me and try hard to do whatever I want when it comes to what will make me feel good and not worry about outside opinions ya know (doesn’t work at times but a lot of times it can). So however you want to express yourself it’s okay. Something someone says about you or a friend or your dog isn’t about that specific thing, it’s about them and their own view of the world and how things should be. And we’re all different so we’re all gonna have different outlooks. What they think you should do may not be what you think you should do about a situation or what to wear to an event or the best way to approach that person you like.. etc. idk this really doesn’t have a point and I’m just typing as I think but.. remember ppl look through different eyes and remember to look through your own and find what works best for you and it could be wearing a yellow wig, over lining your lips, investing in equipment to efficiently stream you playing your favorite games, or entering a spoken word contest even tho you’ve only written one poem before. Idk we’re only here for a short period of time and I just want you to do and be whatever makes you smile a little bit or lose yourself in. But yeah thank you for always being kind to me and sharing that kindness and love with others as well. seriously love you all

bluee-cactus  asked:

How do you do that kind of paper like texture when you color? It looks so amazing <333

Thank youuu!

Well first off I use this graphite pencil when coloring for lineless art

Then for the paper-like texture I flatten the image and apply fur (Idk if all sai programs came with these textures!) and adjust the scaling. 

Now it’s lookin like a paper craft

How to do those scenery palette things

Ok so an anon asked me for this!! here’s a quick tutorial!!

Well first I edit my pics in Photoshop CS6 and I use alot of adjustment layers to make it look more.. idk colorful??

Then i go to Save For Web and see those beautiful color squares on the right??

yep this one!! ^^ i use snipping tool to save it as reference then I just randomly choose colors using eyedropper and fill up random squares and stuff

Here’s the final result!!


well you look at that! MORE drawings!

please excuse my bad handwriteing ahah

anonymous asked:

Idk how u do it but pap looks 100 times hotter in ur latest comic :B

WHA?? Oh well xD I guess it’s the color >\\> hahah thank you anyway xD

anonymous asked:

i just saw your hand study and I'm???? how????????? i saw your amazing tutorial for lineart, could you make one on how you painted their hands? pls?? i've been staring at this for an hour

aww thanks anon ❤❤❤ haha

as for a tutorial, I’m not too sure how helpful this’ll be. I’m entirely self taught and really only know what works for me. also, that hand study was just meant to be stress-free practice for painting without line art. but I’ll give it a shot!

I think the most important thing is to find a good reference photo. something with relatively high resolution, good values, a nice color palette, and shows perspective and proportions well. this ^ is jin’s hand from a fansign pic courtesy of SWEETPINK. Idk if it makes sense, but something I think about when choosing ref photos is, “would someone think this image looks strange if they knew it was drawn?”

As for the actual painting:

1. I used a really messy/painty sort of brush to force myself to not wory so much about realism. first block out the general proportions and shape using a midtone, not worrying about being neat

2-3. next I start blocking in values to get a better idea of lighting and form

4-5. then it’s really just gradually rendering out the details, usually requiring making the brush smaller and making sure to maintain saturation when picking colors. I try not to rely on using the color picker tool bc I find that it tends to desaturate the chosen color, so just be aware of that.

6. lastly, I know the last two look pretty similar, but in 6 I went in with the burn and dodge tools to help increase contrast between the highlights and shadows. obviously you can do the same with color correction and messing with brightness/contrast under Image > Adjustments (in Photoshop CC). This is mainly to make the image really pop and emphasize form.

And that’s really it? I’m sorry anon, I’m terrible about explaining my process bc I just sort of wing it like 95% of the time. here’s all the stages together:

I hope this was at least somewhat helpful?? I promise, I’m still learning myself, and am also constantly changing my process. just remember, there’s no correct way of drawing anything!

(original hand study referenced can be found here)


i’ve been working on making printable dot grid paper with colorable borders for an ideal combo of actually taking notes and pretending to take notes (i wanted to see how well it would work just using different shades of a standard pencil since it’s hard to switch out colors when you’re trying to look attentive :V ). planned options: blank, dot grid, dot grid with a standard pigpen cipher key, dot grid with a pigpen pangram (bc i find pangram’s more useful than keys when i write in code, idk about y'all), lined, and… that’s probably it?? idk if anyone but me will find these useful but hey

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza


colored @wasabu‘s sketches again , this time it’s “let’s steal Jotaro’s clothes” drawings xD

hope you like it! >w<

gods, r.l.

Q: why do we ache for godhood?
A: my hands shake, earthquake trembles too large for mortal form. souls take eons to build and seconds to shred, bloody fingers inches deep in a still-beating heart, blackened tongues and no words left after everything (only gods have eons to heal.) zeus’ splitting headache birthed athena and mine left torn wrists and sick sheets that broke the washer. time preserves nothing. ice melts and bones shatter and angry wasps peel skin off faces covered in dirt. (gods preserve themselves.) rebirth echoes in deserted canyons. decay howls back. flowers die and no one remembers their names. (who can forget a god?) if the lightning in my veins was ever divine it has become nothing more than anxiety. thunderous screams coat lips like honey. humans break so easily: too-white teeth splitting the skin of figs. red is such an ugly color to hold inside. (gods bleed gold.) we will never be something so beautiful that to look hurts, to look destroys, will we? we will never be anything but dust.

Q: why do we ache for godhood?
A, abridged: because we are afraid.

unicorni-butterscotch  asked:

Hi, so I'm planning on doing a Viktor Nikiforov cosplay in his skating outfit, which I've seen that you have done, and I was wondering if you could give me some tips on the cosplay itself(like how to make it, or buy it, what fabrics to use,etc). I would love if you could reply back as yours is really amazing. Thank you!

Hello! Sorry for the late answer! I hope it still helps you somehow! 

Im not a very good pattern maker, but i tried…

i made the upper part from chiffon and the lower part from more dense chiffon.( the same with dif color sleeves)  AND i didn’t hem the edges: i burned them with a lighter ( cause chiffon is damn difficult to work with) 

and AFTER sewing everything together i used acrylic paint on the fron a lil bit to make gradient and soft tansition from one color to another

you can see it here i guess 

Also i used some kind of blouses’ cotton fabric for black parts: the front parts i made with sewing two pieces together  , turning it inside out and then applying the whole thing using  tailoring gossamer???? (idk how to call it in english but there;s one:)

This works like a glue thingie (which basically it is) and you just apply it on fabric, put another fabric on this thing, iron it and that’s all! 

Although my katsudon just sew these parts together and it looked amazing as well 
And the other black thingie which looks like tear or blob: i did the same thing, only i burned edges again without hemming them cause im lazy ass shit %)

you can see these details there (sorry for a bunch of my selfies haha)\

And here’s da pattern for all this shit haha . It’s not neat and excact but i hope it will help you somehow!

if you have questions left feel free to ask them!<3 And good luck with your cosplay!

nonveganzombie  asked:

Ok, should've done it on this blog, sorry 😅But what kind of Pokémon do you think the mm squad would have? Persian feels obvious for Jumin

bro i LOVE coming up with pokemon squads thank you for giving me an excuse to do these guys i put way more time and effort into this than i should have whoops


  • Rockruff
    • Puppy! Enough said lol
  • Skitty
    • Since he’s a vet, he’s gotta have the standard puppy and kitten. Skitty also represents Lisa!
  • Pawniard
    • I knew Yoosung would want a sword/knight Pokemon in there somewhere because of his LOLOL fantasy, but I chose Pawniard specifically bc it tries to be edgy and like “FIGHT ME” but at the same time it’s so small and cute?
  • Pikachu
    • He loves video games, of course he’d have the main mascot! Plus the color scheme fits, so cute~
  • Audino
    • Obligatory healer Pokemon haha
  • Togetic
    • Togetic’s all about hope and happiness, and Yoosung always tries to be a really cheerful person, so I feel he’d like one!


  • Roserade
    • I mean… look at it. Don’t tell me Roserade doesn’t scream “Zen” lmao
  • Meloetta
    • Another obvious one haha… I like that it has the Pirouette form too, which kinda represents his acting as well as his singing
  • Alolan Ninetales
    • It’s gorgeous and silvery and beautiful. Just like Zen~
  • Gallade
    • Zen’s always going on about how ~knightly~ he is haha
  • Abra
    • Psychic dreams, yo
  • Seviper
    • …read farther (also I genuinely feel Zen would dig snakes)


  • Mienshao
    • I know there’s actually a judo Pokemon, but I felt Mienshao suited Jaehee better than Throh in just about every aspect 
  • Pidgeot
    • I just kinda feel that Pidgeot gives off a Jaehee vibe? It might be the color scheme and also how diligent it looks.
  • Noctowl
    • Why am I associated a bunch of bird Pokemon with Jaehee? idk man I’m just going with my gut… Noctowl is associated with nighttime and this girl’s always up late :’D Also the color scheme! And it’s super smart.
  • Chatot
  • Kirlia
    • Ballet! Also it’d be cute for Jaehee to have a Gardevoir and Zen to have a Gallade >v>
  • Ampharos
    • Since there’s no caffeine/coffee Pokemon, I figured electricity would be the next closest thing haha. I felt Jaehee would like how Ampharos looks, as well as its gentle nature


  • Meowstic (f)
    • Female Meowstic is probably the closest thing to Elizabeth 3rd you’re gonna get with Pokemon!
  • Alolan Meowth
    • Instead of Persian I think he’d have this for a couple reasons: it is (or was, I guess) associated with high class (bred for royalty and all) and also Meowth is just associated with money, of course. we’re not gonna talk about Alolan Persian shh
  • Espeon
    • First, cat. Second, all its Pokedex entries talk about how loyal it is, and it’s evolved via friendship. Jumin really values good friends and loyal people.
  • Lilligant
    • Jumin really cares about the environment and likes gardening, so he’d definitely have at least one grass Pokemon. I feel Lilligant fits his aesthetic, I guess, out of all the grass Pokemon out there despite it being very… woman-like whoops
  • Cherrim
    • …the cherry farm lol (also this is like, the closest I could get to associating a Pokemon with grapes/wine? :’D)
  • Zangoose
    • Grumpy, v srs kitty. ò^ó Also bc I couldn’t resist giving Zen and Jumin rival Pokemon heheh


  • Rotom
    • Imagine the mayhem he’d cause with a Rotom omg he’d love it
  • Beheeyem
    • Because space. Also apparently its appearance is supposed to resemble a secret agent lmao!
  • Metagross
    • Gotta give him a robot Pokemon right? Metagross is also apparently based off both a supercomputer and UFO, so I thought that fit haha~
  • Mimikyu
    • He’d. Relate to Mimikyu a bit too much, I feel. A thing pretending to be something it’s not to be noticed and loved? kill me ;v;
  • Litleo
    • I felt he would definitely have at least one cat Pokemon, and out of all the cat Pokemon out there I thought Litleo suited him best! Fiery lil kitty <3
  • Cubone
    • do i need to explain this one it’s even more tragic than mimikyu /sobs

tbh i rlly do love how a lot of the candy-ified citizens of ooo look (im a sucker for the bright, colorful, kind of silly Look the candy ppl usually have anyways) but i really was expecting most of them to like… idk, kind of fit them more? like mr. pig and lemongrab work pretty well (pinata, pink lemonade) but i was figuring like… with tree trunks, shed be like an apple pie? marcy could be like black licorice or something more “vampy”, stuff like that


…Shizuo and Vorona, they have a good thing going there…right?
Well, they look like they’ve got something of that sort going…or do they?
Or is it just me?

— Tom Tanaka (Durarara!!x9; Chapter 3)


Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself


Shinobi. Warrior of the night. Trained to use the darkness of the shadow. I know your arts as well. But I was trained to use the light.