idk how to tutorial so this is what you get

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Could you do a graphic tutorial for/post/120855259626/throne-of-glass-by-sarah-j-maas?

I’ve never done a graphic tutorial before so I hope this helps. I’m assuming you have basic knowledge with PS6 because that’s what I use. For this graphic we’re going to use the polygon lasso tool and marquee tool so I hope you’re familiar with those.

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hey, could you give a brief tutorial on how you made this gifset /post/129789289845/the-world-is-a-dangerous-place-not-because-of ?? or at least what i should look up to find a tutorial for a gifset like that? thank you :))

hey :) ok since i promised ages ago that i will post this tutorial and i never did, i’ll do it now. if this is confusing i apologize, feel free to message me about anything, english is not my first language and i’m bad at explaining things, but i included a lot of pictures so i hope it’s going to be ok. and also i’m pretty sure there are easier ways to do this, but this is how i do it. so anyway, i’m gonna explain how i made these two gifs, or at least try to :) here is gifset, all other gifs are made pretty much the same way. so, 

1. from this

to this

2. and from this

to this

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Hey guess what when you make an art tutorial, you don’t use that as an opportunity to shit talk and bash other people’s choice of art style; you simply inform people of your method on how you do things

And fyi, hair does weird shit. Mine gets anime highlights sometimes depending on the light and where it’s hitting me so IDK why the fuck exaggerating that is such a fucking crime fuck it’s a part of the genre

gif tutorial (recommended for mac users) !!!!

hello hello hello! i’ve done a few of these over the course of a few years, but for the last year or so, i’ve been using a different photoshop, so i thought i would do an updated tutorial!!! (this is very long, so my apologies, but there are a lot of pictures to help you!!)

what you need:

  • photoshop cc 2017 (i was previously using 2015.5, but this also works with cs5/6)
  • quicktime player (for screen recording your videos)
  • mpeg streamclip (this is how you get the frames from your video)
  • i’m not sure if it matters, but i do use a mac, i’ve never used this method on a pc, but if you do this tutorial on a pc and it works, PLS LET ME KNOW

what you’ll make:

lets get this thing started!

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Faces are the only thing I feel comfortable drawing so here are?? Some tips I guess?? I’m sorry these are lame and unhelpful lol *crying* 

I didn’t do anything on anatomy because I have no right to speak on something I don’t understand BUT the most eye-opening thing in the world for me was and still is the book FIGURE DRAWING FOR ALL IT’S WORTH by Andrew Loomis! Anything I would have tried to explain, he explains 1000x better. Buy it. Read it. Love it. It has changed who I am as an artist.  

As for how I got started? One day I decided I wanted to draw and drew really really badly. Legit terrible. My fiancee still has my first “srs” attempt at a doodle hidden somewhere, and IT. IS. BAD. A lot of what you draw will be terrible (ppl are like “noo it’s not terrible you’re learning!” and yeah you are but also it will be terrible) and you will hate it for a long time and the hardest part is just kinda not quitting because all drawing is… is repetition. The basic act of drawing is just training your hand and brain to work at the same time ahaha. 

Draw the same thing over and over and over and over until you can pick out what you did badly the last time, or what you’d like to change the next time, and eventually you’ll learn things you can apply to all drawings! Idk if that even makes sense. But yeah. There are no secrets! Stare at everything! Find line and shadow in all objects, and imagine how it would translate on paper. That’s all I got.

Thank you for the wonderful compliments, and good luck lovey!!!! Practice practice practice! And never give up!!! All it takes is a lot of time and determination and I think anybody can get to any level of skill. Art is so satisfying to me, because your talent and skill directly correlate to the amount of time and effort you put in. Eventually you always reap what you sow!

A walkthrough on how I make my contained themes! Part 1: What is a contained theme?

updated November 12th 2015

Whazzup! This is Aoibara, the mun of amxthystus here! Today, I am here to teach you how to make a contained theme!

So click the read moar if you wanna learn something new today!

What is a contained theme?

Contained themes are a new trend on tumblr, especially on the RP side. It can take many tears and sweats to make one, but once you make one, it is rewarding. Why? Because contained themes often do not exactly like one another, and are pretty much a one of a kind-ish theme just suited to all your needs and fancy!

First, I will teach you the basics of how a contained theme looks like, using my examples, as well as comparison of which theme to use to make your own theme! So, we won’t be doing any actual heavy duty coding or whatnot as I want to make this simple for everybody and to explain what a contained theme has usually!

The Anatomy of a Contained theme

Alright. Lets take a look at some contained themes, and lets see what we can see which are similar.

Sooooo, Aya, what do you see similar there in these four themes I have made so far? ovo

~ -writes them down in fancy handwriting-

  • Each have their own image background, with a ‘box’ to contain the theme.
  • Descriptions are preferably placed in the ribbon tabs.
  • Most links are jumbled, in a form of a symbol, and have hoverover titles.

Yep! What my muse, Ayanami said was the pretty much the basic of the basic anatomy of a contained theme! well i actually taught him this and that so yeah Now I will explain why each of the similarities are for. And you can also look at my page to play around and learn how a contained theme is like!:

  • The background is each unique, and not done by the color sliders of the theme. So, basically, you will need an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP! If you don’t want to pay lotsa money for Photoshop then I highly recommend GIMP as it is what I would call the freeware ver of Photoshop!
  • Descriptions are often not in the description box we see in the customization option when we do our themes, and are usually in the html code using tabs. If the description is directly on the background, it often doesn’t blend well which is why we use ribbon tabs to make it visually appealing. The ribbon tabs by dxrkthemes is the most popular, and it is my favorite to use as the font is rather easy to read and most easiest to customize! Oh and the size for the text is really reasonable.
  • I usually jumble the links because first, it is funner and it gives me more freedom to match the links with my themes, and second, alot of the contained theme codes I have used often have limited amount of links, and I tend to have at least 6 links. So I highly recommend you practice and learn how to jumble links in this tutorial by unseenmockingjay!

So…There are so many contained theme codes? Which one to use?

And that is a good question! I have so far used the contained theme codes by Octomoosey and fastcst, and have edited my own hollywhood theme! I will lay out each one of the themes, and describe their difficulty of editing, and pros and cons!

Octomoosey Theme #36

Difficulty: Easy

Pros: This is the code I would refer to if you have difficulty editing codes, or just don’t feel ready to go wild with the html. Octomoosey also has a tutorial on how to set your container and everything properly in the theme description.

Cons: The font-awesome symbols can sometimes have the symbols you aren’t looking for, and can be a bit limited. So if you want to use your own text symbols, you would need to tinker with the code a bit there.

fastcst theme

Difficulty: Medium

Pros: When you feel ready enough to touch the codes, this is the code you can start using. fastcst has alot of explanation on their FAQ about the code, as well as explanation in the code itself. So, it is a good starting ground when you want to tinker with the html!

Cons: Not friendly for popup boxes. This is the reason why I switched my theme to a hollywhood theme, because if you try to put popup boxes, it will only show the portion of the popup, matching with the size of the theme and pretty much screws everything up. Idk how to exactly explain it but next time I will get a visual explanation on what happens.

hollywhood theme

Difficulty: Hard

Pros: Hollywhood themes are simple, so they become incredibly easy to edit, like adding values to edit your quote posts, tags, etc. easily. Hollywhood theme #30 400px and #52 are the most often edited codes. I use #52. I will make a tutorial on how to edit a hollywhood theme in the future for this chain of tutorials.

Cons: This isn’t very beginner friendly unfortunately, because you will be spending 99.9% of your time in the html area rather than the customization area. So basically, you will need to know where to touch when you want to make a Hollywhood contained theme. Also, I noticed alot of people struggle coding with the pagination to stay in place and not slip out when the screen is bigger or smaller. (Actually, if anyone has an answer to this issue, please inform me as I am having issues as well.)


Soooo that is all for today, and I will teach ya guys how to make an appealing background image for your contained theme next!

I hope this will give you an idea on what kind of theme you want, and I hope some will find this tutorial useful!

If you have any comments, con crit, go ahead and drop one by reblogging, fanmailing or asking me. The only rule is no anon hate!

Stay tuned for the next guide!

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aaaaa i would really like to make one of those chat edits [and make it look as authentic as possible] but idk about the speech bubbles? the icons?? the spacing between each person??? the foNT????? idk ur edits look so real like its from the game and i need you to teach me ur ways

Okay, so! Slightly disorganized crash course on the basics of my chatroom edits below the cut. (If more people want an actual guide or something I can probably sit down and make one sometime, just let me know ^^ This guide assumes you have some basic knowledge of GIMP or other photo editing software)

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I either feel numb, like I can’t comprehend my existence and I’m not real to myself, or I feel everything too deeply, and I can hear heartbeats erupting from the ground beneath me. Why is it so much harder to see good than to see all the things you’ve learned to hate, looking in the mirror and for a second you think maybe it might not be all that bad. And then it is. It’s kind of like when you say a word over and over again, sometimes you don’t feel like a person anymore. Maybe you’d be better off if you didn’t exist. There are too many young souls without a home and there are too many things to see and places to go. You end up hiding from even yourself, until you get so far down that there’s no hope to even look anymore.

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hey ros! how do you make hair look so good? there's depth in certain places and waves in another... idk how describe it! i know you have tutorials, but they don't really cover what i'm getting at.. maybe how do you use your lines to create shape/depth/flow of the hair, i guess?

ok i made a step by step on how to do it, this is how i usually do it. i hope it helps! ( better resolution on my patreon page x, support if you’d like to ;)) )

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how your tattoo's look so good in game? ;-;, mine looks creepy. maybe if you have time anyday, can you make a tutorial?... sorry my bad english

mannnnn lol. idk how helpful i could be with an actual full blown tutorial but.. i’ll give you a few tips as far as making things blend better..

take Benji’s new half sleeve for example.. this is what it looked like originally when i just slapped it on his skin as is..

you start playing with blending modes and you get something like below.. which is fine tbh.. but if you want to add a little more depth/realism..

try out different hues/saturations and voilà!

..blended as if it’s literally tattooed on to him. but honestly if you really want an in depth tutorial you should check this because Aikea covers all of it.

for that coloring keep in mind i use GIMP so idk how it translates to other programs but basically this is what i did

step 1: get ya picture

step 2: click on the colors tab and click on color balance

step 3: mine is a preset so here’s what you’ve gotta put into each different channel

(and remember to un-check preserve luminosity! this is very important)

(this is bc preserving luminosity will make the colors brighter than you want)

step 4: click ok and BAM you got ur garg

hope this was helpful

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HI KELS do u know what to search if we're looking to make an art a certain kind of merch?? i see all these cute charms that people make with their art and i want to do it to but nobody ever replies asks like that :(

Omg I’m not sure what u mean?? Do u want to make charms out of your art? I personally use Zap creatives and they have an instruction page on how to do stuff, but basically all u have to do is fit ur art into their template and send it to them!  

I’ve also seen people use inkit labs but I’ve never tried them so Idk if the quality is good.. You can also make your own charms with shrinky dink, but those r hard to get perfect, but here’s a tutorial on how to do those if u wanna check it out!! YEAH!!

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i know you get this question like everyday, but could you make an in depth tutorial about your pastel colorings? like what each adjustment does and how to adjust it based on the gif? your gifs are all so beautiful <3

sorry this took me so long to answer! aah omg I don’t know where to start okay hmmm. I’ll just break down one of the colourings I’ve been using lately and explain what each thing does.. idk ok here we go.

no colouring:



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