idk how to tag video games tbh

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1. What movie genres are you into? anything disney, action/comedy i usually like, or romcom.

2. Are you a gamer? If yes, what are your fav video games? does The Sims count as a video game? I’m not into video games tbh.

3. What’s your favorite snack? any kind of biscuit.

4. Do you read fanfiction? nope.

5. Favorite friendship between fictional characters? oh my god so hard. i love rosa/jake from b99, merlin/gwen, lito/wolfgang from sense8, jim/spock/bones from star trek.

6. What are your fandoms? idk how you count being in a fandom? is it just liking the thing or is it interacting with other people within the fandom and contributing? idk if i’m really in the merlin fandom so much anymore. i make gifs and i talk to people but idk if i really immerse myself in the fandom as much as i used to?? and i’m sort of on the fringes of the b99 fandom, i make gifs and try to get involved but it’s hard lol. i reblog a lot of other stuff too but i wouldn’t say i’m in the fandom as such?? this was a stupidly long answer lmao

7. Have you played Mario as a kid? idk..maybe?? i’ve never really paid much attention to video games.

8. Desktop or mobile? both. depends on what i’m doing.

9. Do you play sports? hahaha no.

10. Do you like to dance? only if i’ve had a lot to drink.

11. Favorite song? i don’t think i really have one atm??

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Face behind the blog tag

i don't take selfies so here are the worst/okay-est pictures of me i could find/ones without snapchat filters :^)
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Name: Sophie
Age: 16
Height: 5 something? idk i haven’t checked in a while it’s probably 5′4 or 5′5
Pronoun: she/her
Race / Ethnicity: white as heck
Partner: lol nnop
Pets: i have 3 cats and i think they all hate me :^D (lie)
Occupation: student? i guess? barley tbh……
Hobbies: video games, sleeping, doing  Absolutely  nothing 
What you like about yourself: i think i’m all around p great except not a fan of the way my face looks sometimes 
Side blogs: @lateraisin @ontimewine
People you want to get to know better? Tag 3 or more: @simreaper @thosefuckingsims @dazzled-simblr @cabsim if you’re up to it :^)