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Hey hey hey, @lanceweek​ Day 1 is here !  Inner Space/Outer Space.

Well i bet now you know how weak I am ? I couldn’t miss an occasion to draw Blue with her paladin 💙 

hello, it’s me - saffron!!! so this is my first follow forever/mutual appreciation (lol i havent even reached a goal i just wanted 2 make this for funsies) and i am immensely happy to have found a little home here on tumblr. i have made a couple tumblr blogs before but this community is one that i really treasure. look idk how to explain myself but whenever somebody says something nice to me - even just acknowledges me on here it really makes me feel so warm inside and i just wish i could perfectly express how grateful i am to all of you beautiful souls. just take this as a thank you!!!! 💖💗💓💞💘💝💕 

i really hope everyone that i have tagged will get to see this (pls tumblr fucking work for once will u)! also i scheduled this for 3am so that i don’t get embarrassed about how badly this flops loool. 


  • 🌟 : i see you often & adore seeing you on my dash & in my notifs!
  • 💌 : i have interacted with you & even if you forgot that interaction; i didn’t. it must have made my day!
  • 💎: ily & our convos, wow ur just a precious gem & even if i dont speak to u regularly i really love our chats! look, even if i dont speak to u at all….ur a bloody gem u r!!!!!! 

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p.s : if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry, this was really fun but i couldn’t keep track after a while and i really wanna post this sooner than later!!



SO! I hit 900 followers not too long ago and I was thinking I should do something since I keep missing follower milestones (666 eluded me sadly…)

I never thought I would be able to hit such a high number of followers on any of my blogs, let alone one that revolves around art and humor. I’m really grateful to everyone that follows, sends asks, and especially those of you who leave nice stuff in the tags! I’m always lookin at my tags and any comments mean a lot to me! 


>Gotta be following this blog!
>Reblog and Likes are seperate entries (max. of 2 entries)
>I have a right to refuse the request
>If winners don’t respond within the week, I will pick a new winner
>The art doesn’t absolutely have to be BSD, though it is my preference so that I know the characters
>Will discuss what I can and can’t do privately with winners

(sorry none of the example art is actually bsd woops)

Clean lineart of one character, no color
Sketch of up to 2 characters, with flat colors, will be much cleaner than the example shown!

Monochrome bust sketch of one character
or, messy b/w sketch with up to two characters

Depending on how much I’m capable of, there may be two second place winners! 
This will end when I hit 1000 followers, hopefully not too long of a wait! 

tbh there’s nothing i want more rn than to just drop everything, get a ticket for tokyo and meet up with the dude and just walk through japan together with no care in the world


Again, Tagged by @imnova! Thanks, I love these~

Artist: I want to try something new so I will pick an artist no one would exp-


What’s your gender?: Dope

Describe yourself: 21 Century Girl

How do you feel?: Lost

If you could go anywhere?: GOOD DAY

Favorite mode of transportation?: You Never Walk Alone

Your best friend?: Miss Right

Favorite time of day?: Spring Day

If your life was a tv show?: Intro: NEVERMIND

Relationship status?: Whalien 52

Your fear?: MAMA

I tag~!

idk im sorry

anonymous asked:

But they didn't say they are done in their first addition to the post. You were the one to say goodbye? I'm sorry I'd I'm missing a part of the dialogue, I'm just very confused? Was it in the tags or something?

lmao. they were literally sending asks to the op about how they “were done w it” and “didn’t want to start drama” even tho they literally started it. AND they was messaging a fellow tony stan about it. so yes. they said that.

and in my original post i literally said good fucking bye like idk how much more clear i can get?