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so i recently hit a huge follower milestone and wanted to give y’all something to say thank you! since i can’t make cc i asked if anyone would be interested in me opening sim requests, and loads of you said i should, so!! here we are!!

i’ll be opening 5 slots to begin with, and to apply all you need to do is send me a message off anon (via ask/submit/im, whatever’s easier)

you can include a description of what you want your sim to look like, or their personality, and any specifics of what you want them to include. go wild! i don’t mind how long it is.

if you have any questions feel free to ask! i will be using minimal cc (hopefully), and the cc i do use will be linked in the post.


1. @soft-almond
2. @annaisntcreative
3. @tinybittoxic
4. @nebula-simms
5. @tickledsims

Ribbons kinda make you non-threatening, no matter whether you spit literal fire or nay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Y do you only draw girls wit huge boobs and a tiny waist all the time :///

so…. i scrolled thru my art tag for a while because i didn’t honestly know what you were talking about. anon, are you talking about the drawings of…. me???? 

because. i don’t know how to tell you this, but i actually do have that body type haha. 

idk what do you guys think? should i get better at drawing different body types? i mostly draw fit dudes :(

igotsinning  asked:

!! i just read those jaehyun texts and ur tags and my heart is so happy,, i've struggled w body image for like 5 years & counting and it was just really nice and uplifting to think of my prince saying those things to me,, idk i'm just a softie LOL and to hear that you understand how hard it is to dislike your body but you still have a positive outlook i'm just,,, so glad to have seen that!! I'm inspired to look at my body a lot more positively so tysm u sweetheart u💖✨

i’m happy that your heart is happy!! honestly you cannot tell me angel jung jaehyun WOULDN’T be so sweet about body image like honestly like u said he is a prince and just overall 10/10 good person :’) what a cute jaehyun loving softie! yes i think it’s really important to try your best to think positively about your body i think its really helped me a lot and i hope anyone else who struggles can take lil baby steps to just appreciate themselves u know? i’m sure ur body is also beautiful and so are u! 💖  its hard but i just want all of u to be safe and happy and healthy and i love u so much thank u ur also a big sweetheart :’)  💖 💖 💖

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Hey, in case no one else has let you know, you tagged your last Tidus reblog as ffviii. And, if someone has let you know then...hey, how are you? You're a great ff blog and idk why I haven't followed you sooner. Peace❤️

oops thank you for telling me! sometimes i have ffviii on my mind constantly lol but i’m good! about to start up world of final fantasy :)

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I hate going through the jaebum tag on Tumblr cuz I always see someone hating on him. I know I should stay out of the tags but going through the jaebum tag is how I find new jaebum fics to read (idk any blogs that write them consistently) if I did there be no reason to go on the tag. But yea it's hard but finding a new fic is always worth it lol

BOY I hate going to got7 tag cause of the negativity that’s one thing but the jaebum tag is something else I hate it the most in the world ause I love him so much seein ppl hate him and spew negativity at him like it causes me physical pain bro like I get it your entitled to your opinion and if don’t like him that’s okay I understand but the things ppl say about him my goodness it just hurts so I have made it a thing and promised my self never to go there ever for any reason ion need that negative energy in my life🙃

But it’s usually the same blogs that do it so if you block them as you see them eventually you won’t happen open them as much and if you search jaebum/jb fan fiction or got7 fan fiction or a variation of those rather then just Jaebum or JB you won’t happen upon the negativity as much either cause fic writers usually tag their posts like that!!


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