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@anon who said I didn’t need to publish their ask, you’re so correct. It’s awful to see this whole sentiment that someone from an oppressed group deserves to have isms thrown at them because they did something ignorant. And what makes it worse is that some of these people who say this are of oppressed groups themselves and can recognize those isms when it’s directed towards literally anyone but Zayn. It’s very gross and actually kind of sad to see. They prop themselves up as the most educated person on earth yet laugh at and make posts perpetuating those things. A lot of times their excuse is “oh he’s ignorant” when in reality, they’ve been doing this stuff years before any of Zayns ignorant tweets happened. I have really so much to say about this and so many people I wanna tag and cuss out directly, but idk how to find the words to express all of it well

i think it’s really funny that people online and spoiled white college kids throw slurs around to be edgy and make fun of ppl who tell them they’re being dicks because “omg this is real life no one cares about ur feelings!!!”

meanwhile i grew up around career criminals in a very rural area, and the smart ones don’t pull that shit. it’s considered a disrespectful cheap shot that tends to make even people outside of the group you’re dissing respect you less; it’s stupid to boot, because you’re making people feel honor-bound to beat your ass and you don’t know what they’re capable of. there’s even a strong chance even your friends won’t back you up, either, because they know you just pulled some punk ass shit. people who never graduated high school and who have spent more time in prison than on the streets, who know what it’s like to get into a legitimate dangerous situation because someone looked at you wrong, who’ve been in prison riots where suddenly everyone was attacking anyone outside their race, will argue passionately that being racist is ignorant and despicable. 

in my experience they’re more likely to have met, lived with, and befriended a trans woman than some well-educated, affluent liberal -not because they were trying to be “tolerant” or some shit, but because they organically ended up in the same place and had to depend on each other for survival. they make jokes, but if i mention to them that being gay is hard they’ll understand because they know what it’s like to be judged, hated, downtrodden. if they cross a line, i can tell them they disrespected me and expect them to take me seriously because they understand the value of respect, and understand what people are willing to do to get it.

but everyone who tells you you’re a piece of shit for reducing someone to their race, gender, sex or religion is just a whiny triggered sjw, right? lmao. good luck with that shit if you ever find yourself surrounded by people with real problems.

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Wait what's this about cassandra clare being a plagarist? I only half-read one of her books and it was pretty terrible...

I got a lot of asks about this and I really don’t want to go into it too much cause boy howdy do I not want to bring the wrath of her or her friends anywhere near me. I didn’t survive the fandom wars to go out like this.

I’ll preface this by saying: no one behaved well. There were hackings and threats and fans taking “justice” into their own hands (doxxing), and someone even got thrown out of college because of it and any of us with any sense took several prudent steps back and hid from the fallout that ensued.

CC was a prolific fanfic author for the Harry Potter fandom, she wrote a lot and had a devoted following of fans and while it might seem redundant to accuse a fanfic writer of plagiarism, CC was known for lifting direct lines from other media. Some argue this was part of a “game” like “spot the fandom” sort of thing, but at the time in the 2000s when fanfic sites existed at the mercy of IP holders and without the protection Ao3 affords us, and fanficers were being actively pursued and sued by writers for creating fanfic of their work, these direct “quotes” (and they were not just “quotes”, there were entire paragraphs and pages of her work which if you ran them through plagiarism software it’d spit out entire screeds of other works) was particularly dangerous for fandom and I feel in part goes toward explaining some of the acerbic vitriol aimed towards her—rather than the simple spiteful jealousy her fans like to cite.

There were also some claims that she stole from other fanfic writers, though I can’t find any sources. In fact you will find it remarkably hard to find any “reliable” sources. That’ll happen when you have lawyers and a PR teams to scrub you as clean as they can in order to sell original books. 

And while Mortal Instruments seems to be her own work, (debatable given it’s sort of her fanfic work rehashed, so idk how to make head nor tails of that mess) in 2016 the author Sherrilyn Kenyon attempted to sue over her Shadowhunter series for plagiarism, and while certain things were never proved…eh…I haven’t wanted anything to do with her or her fandom since the early 2000s. And that’s all I’m going to say.

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for ages I've been operating under the impression that the tumblr DC fandom is just... a very specific flavor of fun and creative I guess, but it turns out that at least, I would say, 70% of the excellent DC fanfics/posts I have seen & liked ever on tumblr have been you. you're the Bruce Wayne in walmart guy. the farm memes Clark Kent guy. the person with the strangely & yet perfectly naturally sexy alfred?? I somehow never noticed the same url on all of them. Idk how I feel? I'm an Unpretty Fan

this is the first time i have received a message like this that cited ‘sexy alfred’ as one of my trademarks and i am delighted

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yall anyone can write about their experiences sure, and it’s good to do that, but sometimes you’re an anomaly, that’s why if you have time, and you want to talk about your lived experiences as examples of how the world works around you … you should supplement it with a little research, to see if you’re anomalous, or other people share the same experiences as you.

If you’re anomalous, try and find out why? What makes your experiences different from the average, why haven’t you seen the average until you did the research, etc.

It’s good to talk about your life, but it’s also good to hear about other people’s lives as well.


the ultimate shipper challenge: we could have had it all’ ships [2/5] » Josephine March & Theodore Laurence (Little Women)

Someday you’ll find a man, a good man, and you’ll love him, and marry him, and live and die for him.  And I’ll be hanged if I stand by and watch.


the edge of seventeen tag!

i wasn’t gonna do this cause i didn’t necessarily get tagged {i’m just gonna go ahead and presume that’s cause i’m on a weird hiatus and not because nobody gives a crap about me} but either way it looked fun so here it is!

at this point, toby’s sort of experimenting with hair colours and questioning her sexuality, whereas Logan’s still taking part in her everlasting emo stage and buying the cheapest black kohl eyeliner. i also put them in school uniform just because that’s how i picture them at seventeen for some reason. i find myself imagining Toby and Logan not really going to prom, but rather Toby turning up for an hour then going to join Logan and a bunch of friends in a parking lot to drink and smoke. idk man.

this was alot of fun, cheers to @alwaysimming for inventing this challenge.

i noticed a couple cool people who hadn’t done this yet so i tag:

@bonehlda , @riice , @cherrysimblr , @enriques4 , and @nolan-sims

and you! that is if you haven’t done it already <3

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95% of the ‘fics tagged mikenana on ao3 are not, in fact, mikenana. they are other ships that slap a brief mention of mikenana in the background and think it counts for shipping. like bro my dude my guys…i get tagging background ships REALLY I DO but maybe stick to tagging your brief mentions only if, you know, you’re actually helping people find or avoid your fics? when it comes to background ships that are only barely mentioned, idk…maybe tag only if it’s a ship people might want to avoid. you know the ones i’m talking about. nobody’s going to read your ‘fic for a passing mention of mikenana lmao

An idea I could get behind is if where Angels go when they die would be like “The Fog of Lost Souls” in Legend of Korra, where people are doomed to wander aimlessly around until they get mad and/or forget their own name?
And in order to save Cas, Dean and Sam have to follow him into this dimension, find him, remind him who he is and lead him out of there

waddup losers, in celebration of living thru my speech n doing an actual good job yesterday as well as reaching 500 followers recently, i’m here w a lil ff (graphic design is my passion). 500 may not seem like a lot to u big losers, but it’s incredible that an individual would find my blog, or my annoying, boring ass worth a follow. anyways, onto the stars of the show, the people i follow!! they make my experience on this hellsite tolerable and i thank them for that.

its simple: bold = mutuals n 🐮 (bc yoongi’s fear is adorable) = we’ve interacted a bit  (sorry my memory is bad so if i leave anyone out i’m sorry!!!)




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Hi!! Soooo... Nonnie here noticed a daddy discourse with Milord Kojuro lately... T_T I know you said you don't like Daddy kink but what are your thoughts on it mod-chan? I like it, but it feels weird now...

Aw, geez… I know I’m still technically on hiatus and all, but I really feel a need to answer this.

Don’t feel weird about what you like, okay? There’s nothing really inherently wrong with the daddy kink–plenty of people have probably explained it better, but all it is, is essentially a powerplay dynamic. If there are two consenting adults who communicate the aspects of that specific relationship to one another in a safe environment, then like… hey, do what you want, y’know? Safety, communication, and consent is really all that’s essential here.

Kinks are kinks–some people are going to be into the same stuff as you, and some people just aren’t. In my case, daddy kink makes me pretty uncomfortable for personal reasons, so I’m not really into it. But in other cases, plenty of people find it really appealing, and that’s fine, too! I’m not going to go out of my way to tell those people to stop liking what they like. For one, it’s content I can just scroll past, and two, like… why would I just take time to ruin other people having a good time? This goes for just about anything–if they’re not going out of their way to bother you, there’s no need for you to do the same. 

Now in terms of Kojuro and the daddy kink, like… It’s not the fact that it’s applied to him in different contexts that bothers me–there’s so many fictional characters that are associated with that kink in fan content, so hey, that’s cool! But what I don’t like is that it’s like… the whole concept is associated with him? If that makes sense? I didn’t even want to play Kojuro’s route because he was so inherently associated with the kink at first, and he was one of the very last routes I played because of it. But I ended up really liking it–which is why I feel kind of troubled by the way he’s portrayed otherwise at times. (Did you know he doesn’t actually call you “precious girl” once in his main story?)

I don’t like Kojuro being “daddy” by default, is what I mean. It’s not something I care for, but it’s really hard to avoid it when it comes to looking for content of him. And I think that’s what quite a few fans are bothered by.

tl;dr I don’t think there’s anything actually bad about associating Kojuro with a daddy kink, but I kind of wish it wasn’t some of the sole content I see from him because it’s so threaded into his character in fandom.

But do I think that people who do like to associate with that kink should be shamed for doing so? Fuck no! Anon, you’re allowed to like what you like with kinks, and if that’s a kink you like to associate with your favorite character, then don’t let anybody stop you. I encourage you to find more of that content that appeals to you–and there are going to be a lot of people who agree with you! You’re certainly not alone, so don’t let someone immediately silence you with shame for anything, alright?

I’ve only seen a couple posts about this subject, but please anon, I promise there’s nothing for you to feel weird about, okay? So long as you’re spreading positive content of the stuff you like, then you don’t need to worry about anything. 

Sometimes I see in my notifications that someone reblogged something I posted three months ago and it’s the most confusing thing because like. Why are you looking at the stuff from two months ago. How did you get there. Why did you go there in the first place.

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Hey Vic! I absolutely love your art and am an aspiring artist myself (that alliteration tho). I have a bit of trouble drawing people, even though I want a more chibi-anime style, kind of like yours. Real people aren't great bases for me but I can never seem to find any good templates. Can you direct me to any templates you might be currently using?

Hello! I’m not sure what you mean by templates - I don’t use style templates, I just sort of… make it up? Like, my style is inspired a bit by that of @maddox-rider‘s, but mostly it’s… mine? Idk how to explain it. 

You can read more on style here:

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Hey Duke, my professors always ask me what I've learned this week or what I'm trying to learn/currently learning. I think this is really valid and I get why they ask me this but every time they do I feel really stumped. I really equate doing with learning but I'm finding this really difficult to describe to them in a way that fits the more traditional 'I learned x, y, z' kind of way. Do you have any tips for describing what you're learning to other people?

My biggest suggestion here would be to rephrase it in your head as “What are you reading about?” Because it’s super easy to talk about what books you’re reading, what you remember from them, what parts of the texts you’re engaging with, what you’re eager to read more about, etc. It’s a much less abstract question to answer than “What have you learned?” but the answer is just as honest. 

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how do you decide on matches? :)

hmmm it’s all a process!!! idk how to explain myself but i’ll try!

first I read every single application first!! they’re divided by the ages of people, then i add tags based on interests, or what they’re seeking. 

then i start with an age group! i go through the tags and sometimes i find matches with super similar comments right away and match them, or sometimes i look on their blog for a while and find that their aesthetics and reblogs are similar! i also make sure special considerations are applied, like some people have specific comments and i match them based on those. 

but besides matching on interests, because not everyone is gonna have the exact SAME interests, i match based on my conscience?? like if i’ve scrolled a blog for 10 minutes and it just feels right, i match them!

the reason why it takes time is because i want to make sure every match feels right. and that there isn’t anything on their blogs that would cause conflict!!

i’m not just randomly choosing matches, i’m looking through every single application one by one and making a decision, (minors’ applications with my minor friend) so that’s why it can be tedious!

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Do you think you can know if someone is evil through astrology?

You know, I have asked myself that question a lot. I wish I had a clear answer. I love this book, Parker’s Astrology, that is kind of a guide on astrology - is not all of it, but it does a pretty good job. I bought it when I started to “study” astrology in a more “serious” way (is still a hobbie tho and I don’t know as much as I’d like) and it said in relation to synastry: Is either partner mean? Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer with no Leo Planets, strong Saturn. Resentful? Libra, Cancer. Very cool and distant? Sun, Moon or Venus in Aquarius or Capricorn. Jealous? Scorpio or Scorpio dominance, Taurus, strong Pluto.

I wish I could answer, but first, what is “mean”? Our definition of the word mean, our idea of cruelty, is different depending on the person or even, era. These days the meaning has become larger thanks to developing a more friendly, freedom loving society. Considering homosexuals or races that were different from ours, a lower brunch of the human condition etc was a normal thing before, and thank god, now is getting better. (We are far from done). Not everything that was normal is good. It was normal to have slaves, it was normal to enjoy cruel shows, or not consider animal cruelty. So what is mean and what isn’t? It depends on so many things. In my opinion, mean for me is all that you do to another, knowing that you are hurting them, or even if you don’t know, or think it’s right to do to others horrible things because of your believes that they don’t have feelings or are less than you, you would not like that done to you. For me, is lack of basic empathy and even, in little things like those people who are petty and like to see other’s unhappy in every day life, there’s cruelty.

With that said, back to astrology, considering the less empathic and more selfish placements, I do think you could find some patterns. I have to agree with Parker’s book in all the answers given. Libras and Cancer are resentful, and often, wrongfully so. The meanest guy I have met tho, was a Leo Sun Leo Moon… And those are placements I would not expect to be cruel, then again, i have no idea what his whole chart looked like. In respect of what the book said about mean people, being Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, having Strong Saturn…  Saturn is related to the devil, that is the reason it says “strong Saturn” and the reason that the sign it rules, Capricorn, is considered ruthless. I am a Cap moon and I am distant, but I am def not petty or cruel. I agree with Virgo because I have met very cold hearted Virgos. They were never cruel, just critical and always pointing everyone’s flaws and cheating and being hypocrites about it. Like maybe critizing someone for something they do, or never seeing what they do wrong and having a weird sexual side (and I can say I have seen that a lot! Particularly in all Virgo Moons I have known, and I have known more than a dozen of them!) I am a Virgo rising so trust me it is not that I have something against the sign, is just the truth of my experience. Cancer people can be very very cruel when angry and also very very kind. So I don’t know if you can say “that person is mean because it has this or that placement” but you can most def, see some flaws in them through astrology, like how myself, Cap Moon, I am distant, or how Aquarius moons are detached emotionally. Instead of the “Mean” tag - which could end up in generalizing about placements - you could try to see beyond that and find what is the common characterisitc to those particular placements. Maybe petty or judgmental idk.