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STARLIGHTの皆さま、こんばんは。 VIXXメンバー達の新年の抱負。本日はKENの抱負を公開します! #VIXX #2017年 #KENの抱負

Good evening starlights. VIXX members’ New Year resolutions. Today we’re revealing Ken’s New Year resolution! #VIXX #Year2017 #KensResolution

[sign reads: “To make and release music for Japanese fans ♡”]

trans cr. sprouthyuk

yall anyone can write about their experiences sure, and it’s good to do that, but sometimes you’re an anomaly, that’s why if you have time, and you want to talk about your lived experiences as examples of how the world works around you … you should supplement it with a little research, to see if you’re anomalous, or other people share the same experiences as you.

If you’re anomalous, try and find out why? What makes your experiences different from the average, why haven’t you seen the average until you did the research, etc.

It’s good to talk about your life, but it’s also good to hear about other people’s lives as well.

2x15 Len

I’ve seen a few posts in the Captain Cold tag recently about people hoping it’s “our” Len and not past!Len that we’ll see next week in 2x15…. 

So to help people calibrate their expectations and avoid too much disappointment, I just wanted to post a reminder to everyone of this interview from a while ago, with this quote:

He hasn’t gone on that first season Legends of Tomorrow journey yet, so when we meet him again — quote unquote alive in 2017 — I imagine that he’s going to be much like when we first met him the first season on The Flash.” - WM

Hey y'all, I need to say a thing.
I keep seeing posts in the allenbert tag like “Barry and Iris broke up!! Now allenbert can be real!!”
Look. Barry and Iris are one of the healthiest canon relationships I’ve seen in a while.
Please, you can respect their relationship while still shipping allenbert. Talking about how Julian should have kissed Barry in the musical ep instead of Iris? That’s not respectful of Barry and Iris.
I just need us to remember that we can still have fun with this ship without being anti west@llen.

Yay another tag!! I love them :)

Tag 9 people you’d like to know better…
I was tagged by @corsetscrinolinesandcupsoftea, thanks :)

How old are you? 15 

What’s your current job? Student and full time tumblr procrastinator :D 

What are you talented at? Well I love writing but I don’t think I’m talented at it, idk some people say I sing well 

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?

Well I’d love to finish the book I’m writing, but I seem to be stuck on page 38 :/ still I want to finish that. And in the future to find a nice gf… AND GET A MUNCHKIN KITTEN HAVE YOU SEEN THEM THEY HAVE TINY LEGS AND THEY’RE REALLY CUTE.

What is your aesthetic? Pastel vintage stuff and wIw books and films and just books in general, especially Stephen King novels!!

Do you collect anything? I have a book problem, I also have a record collection which I started about 2 years ago, I have more or less 200 records.

What’s a topic you always talk about? Series I’m obssesed with that just “happen” to always have gay characters, yet again books, and MUSIC, I am absolutely obssesed with music!!

What’s a pet peeve of yours? Um… the general straightness in most films, to the point where they force really bad relationships so it’s not gay, like always those made for TV films that ALWAYS have weird things like daughters falling in love with their dads and really weird stuff, also, I am also irritated by american spellings,like @corsetscrinolinesandcupsoftea in fact I bet my username wasn’t taken because americans would write color instead of colour so at least that helped me get a username I thought would be taken :D  (even though my username doesn’t even have anything to do with what the actual blog is about XD) 

What are three songs you’d recommend? Ok, I’m going to end up spending half an hour trying to think of this cause I just have too many in my head rn!!


Stonemilker by Björk is beautiful, even if you don’t even know who Björk is, you should give it a listen!! (whoever wants to)

Can’t take my eyes off you- Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons

Dodie Clarke- She/ One for the road/Sick of losing soulmates (couldn’t decide)

Alsooooo I know it was only three but i’m just gonna leave these here… ;)

Emeli Sandé- Heaven

The Smiths-How soon is now (my mum loves this song xD)

Millie-My Boy Lollipop (slight guilty pleasure) 

(only one more I promise)

Ute Lemper-Je ne t’aime pas

Ok that was finally it!

I tag………………….

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It’s ok if you don’t want to do it thoo :)!


Hey everyone. As you may have seen I’ve been drawing a lot of slightly simple, transparent drawings as of lately. I’m hoping, with the help of @yumio-chan to sell some as charms (maybe stickers???) More under the cut, as I don’t want to spam your dash (sorry mobile users, I know cuts don’t always work. They don’t work for me; but, I’m using an itouch 4S still with a way outdated version of the Tumblr app.)

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anonymous asked:

6, 9, and 11 for Gabe?

What’s their sexual, romantic, and gender orientation? Do they feel comfortable telling other people?

He’s gay and pretty comfortable with it and open about it as long as the person he’s telling is, and they dont assume shit about him i guess? idk, a pretty common thing i’ve seen with telling people you’re not straight is its only uncomfortable if the person makes it uncomfortable. 

How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?

he is a bit… egotistical about his appearance, but he doesn’t really want to get known, like he’s kinda shy? Kinda funny for a guy with high charisma to be shy, but he is. he doesn’t really want to get popular because of work reasons. And with that 4th tagged skill and 100 points in Survival, this boy knows how to take care of himself, hygienically speaking. Knows what plants to eat and how to use them for soap, brushes his teeth regularly, and eats pretty healthily. Brushes hair and teeth regularly, showers when he can and uses dry shampoo from either cornstarch or xander root starch. xander root probably makes it a lot healthier. He’s still like… sweaty and dirty from the mojave though, there’s no stopping that, but he smells good.

anonymous asked:

i am thinking a lot about how people on here pile on to posts that attack a specific person, even people i disagree with, and i am just like huh i can't believe so many people are so quick to sling abuse. aro black hermione is rad and your tags but just for kicks they had to twist into something neg. i bet if you had put Black Aro Hermione some of those people would have hesitated. idk they only want to be seen as 1 kind of bigot. and obv to them canon hermione is white so they dogpiled on

Truth though on the other hand a ton of white ppl in the anti-ace/aro crowd don’t care about being racist… as long as it’s not other exclusionists calling them racist


Things that kept me awake last night:

–the 70% of my forearm that has been recently tattooed and is now at the REALLY FUCKING ITCHY AND YOU CAN’T SCRATCH IT healing stage

–me unable to stop thinking about and having literal nightmares about the Mass Effect Discourse™. I have never seen such an uproar before a game is even out yet. I am so looking forward to it and it seems like the majority of people are just shitting on it relentlessly. News flash: nothing is perfect. While I am myself disappointed with a few things I’ve seen so far, I’m waiting to see how I feel when I actually play the game and experience it myself. I don’t want to go into a big long thing but idk if I can even browse the tag anymore, the negativity is absolutely overwhelming. It makes me sad.

I keep seeing a lot of posts mentioning a certain lack of emotional depth in Steve and Bucky’s interactions in Civil War.

I think we need to remember that this is a movie that just came out and that we’ve only seen a few times at the theatre so far. We’ve spent 2 years talking about The Winter Soldier (and even longer if you joined the fandom after TFA), reading meta and overanalyzing every scene and breaking it down into a million gifs and studying every reaction.

We’ve been subjected to 2 years of fan art and fiction and speculation (and sometimes fanon and canon are hard to separate), and inevitably built up the movie in our heads.

I’m not saying Civil War necessarily meets the level of emotion in The Winter Soldier, because that’s hard to top and there was a certain angst to it, with them being on opposite sides and having to face each others as enemies, that we’re just not going to feel in this one, simply for the fact that they are fighting together this time (and angst always makes everything more emotional, because in the end this is what this fandom thrives on).

What I’m saying is that, personally, as much as I loved The Winter Soldier right away, my love for it is even stronger now. What I’m saying is we need time to fully process Civil War, to write meta and scrutinize their reactions, and create fan content and let ourselves realize that even if they don’t share so many lines, their actions speak volumes.

Also, their story hasn’t ended, we don’t have to take this as an ending to their arc that didn’t bring us the closure we wanted. Bucky and Steve tried to talk about everything at certain points of the movie, and couldn’t, and where there should’ve been intense lines between them we were left with just stares and jaw-clenching and them not being able to face their emotions, but that is understandable. After everything Bucky’s gone through he of course isn’t going to be the most cuddly and open person, and Steve himself has been keeping everything bottled up inside for years. They didn’t really have time to pause for a while and have a meaningful conversation, they were fighting a war. As much as the shipper in our hearts would love them to be throwing themselves into each other’s arms, it makes perfect sense that they didn’t. Yet.

And of course this is just my opinion, I’m not trying to start a fight and you are more than allowed to disagree with me. I just think that we need some time and multiple rewatchs to fully appreciate Civil War, and that the fact that TWS has been heavily fandomized for over two years might’ve given us somewhat unrealistic expectations for it.

OKAY so i’ve seen a lot of people making wonderful edits using the adorable kairi from the kingdom hearts I.5 hd remix cover. buuuut sora’s silly crown cuts off parts of her hand so…. i did my best to redraw it for you guys!!! (unfortunately i don’t think i have the talent or the patience to fix the lower half of her which is cut out by donald -_-)

obviously she’s free to use! you can crop, resize, do whatever you want! 

continue making those amazing edits, kids!!  ヽ(´ ▽ ` )ノ

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *makes a post thirsting after Tyler and doesn't tag Tyler so hopefully he doesn't see it*<p/><b>Tyler:</b> *see's it*<p/><b>Me:</b> *posts about something I want Tyler to see, making sure to put it in his tag about 5 times*<p/><b>Tyler:</b> *doesn't see it*<p/><b>Me:</b> Wyd Tyler<p/><b>Tyler:</b> Idk preorder Binge<p/></p>
to all the amazing fic writers

I’ve seen a lot of people posting fics on the olicity and the olicity fic tag and not getting much recognition. I love and enjoy olicity fics very VERY MUCH. And I’ve got many friends in here that are writers so I know the struggle of writing and finding inspiration to complete updates, So I’ve decided that I want to start kind of an Olicity Fic Patronage… LET ME EXPLAIN!

I’m not trying to be intrusive but if you ever feel like your fic is not getting enough recognition or if you simply want me to read it and reblog it (god knows me and my followers enjoy fics very much!) please tag me in your fic! I’m not sure I can do much but I will 100% leave a review and give kudos and reblog it so all my followers can see it!

Don’t be shy and tag me in your one-shots / multichapter fics / snippets / drabbles …. ANYTHING! If you ever want me to read the fic before you post it to get an opinion, talk to me! I love reading all the stuff you guys write and I sometimes feel like I’m letting awesome fics go by not reading them all.

So yeah, I just felt like it needed to be said (and now I’m assuming anyone cares oops)… oh and don’t feel scared/shy to message me if I’m not following you! A quick cute message “hey nora I want you to read my wonderful fic”  will 100% get you a follow :D

All being said, I’m taking a chance to wish all my lovely ladies on tumblr a Happy International Women’s Day! remember, you are all beautiful and smart and amazing and I love you!!!

(oliver does too)

operation C.R.E.W.

do you love twenty one pilots? have you seen them live? do you appreciate all the work that goes in to touring? show it!! 

me and tumblr user balanceandcombloshure want to put together a really quick project to thank all of twenty one pilots’ crew! if you have a story from the blurryface tour about how great the lights were, the sound mixing being amazing, the screens animation being mega cool, or even how quick they set up/tore down, please send them in! we’re also accepting more general “thank you/this couldn’t happen without you” messages too. 


  • entries can be as long or short as needed!
  • entries can be signed a certain way or left anonymous by request.
  • entries can be “dated” eg. “from tulsa, sept. 29″ 
  • send entries to my tumblr ask!
  • my submit is open if your entry is longer than ask-length!
  • its short notice but PLEASE have entries by 12 AM central time October 4
  • im sorry this is so short notice. sorr y. 
  • please message me if you have any questions!

also, c.r.e.w. doesn’t stand for anything. but that’s who its about and it looks cool.

remaster ≠ remake

I have seen that people here confuse it. This post is here just to inform people. Also i’d like to apologise if I make mistakes as I’m not from english speaking country.

Remaster is just reworking textures and adjusting them on meshes. It is usually done when you want a non-HD content as movies or games port on HD and make it look better. The base is intact and there are just made some enhancements. And if it’s just port, then it’s not changing anything. Here are some examples:

I see alot that when you talk about remastering you actually mean remaking. (eg Dragon Age: Origins in Inquisition graphics as most of you say)
Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a perfect example of game remake. The story is intact. They just upgraded the graphics from the first game to the newest engine used by Tomb Raider: Legend. Also it is a perfect example as it was also remastered from ps2 to HD on ps3.

A game remake can be made from scratch (new looks,audio and replaced VA, new ideas pushed but the story intact since then it would be reboot like TR 2013)



Definitive is the last one and that is something between both as it is still the same game with same mechanics, story and engine but has made some new improvements (in case of TR 2013 mainly Lara’s new face). These fix loading times, framerates. Cutting, changing or extending some dialogues. Making some changes. (Remaster does not change anything but the textures) These are the ports from last gen to next gen. Getting the PC max graphics on consoles.

Technically every one of these counts as remake. The difference is how much is the change deep.

Also If you have questions or find something wrong with this post just tell me. :)