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BUSTS IN EXCHANGE FOR GAMETIME CARDS! because i’m too anxious to spend my own money on them, for some reason.

so how it goes: you buy me $30 gametime cards, you get a nice bust of your cute character yes? yeah. it shouldnt take me more than a month to get you your piece, but if it does, i’ll let you know. you can send me an ask or a message via tumblr if you’d like to talk about getting one! :)


To new, inexperienced drivers:

so idk if they teach you this in drivers’ ed class or whatever, but if you see someone in the opposite direction flashing their high beams at you, they’re NOT being a dick. they’re saying, “SLOW DOWN, I just saw a police car back there”.

If I hadn’t known that today, I wouldn’t have noticed the police car hiding in its fox hole and gotten a ticket for going 20 over the speed limit. and I’m glad I don’t have to pay $80 for a dumb mistake!!!

[EDIT!!!] I am in no way advocating people who speed on purpose. you stop that!!! Always try to follow the speed limit! But some people can get a little distracted so it’s nice to have a reminder to check your speed.

tbh the only evidence i need that harry’s a gryffindor is the fact that he kept going back to the forbidden forest after voldemort tried to kill him, aragog tried to eat him, lupin turned into a wolf and attacked him, the dementors tried to kiss him, barty crouch was murdered and turned into a bone, umbridge was kidnapped by centaurs,, boy had to die in that forest before he stopped going back


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.”  T.S. Eliot

                                                  Happy New Year!