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i know we’d all love to think neil would have a pretty good diet to the point that kevin probably bitches at him the least, but nah man. neil constantly forgets to eat, will have an entire bag of cheeto puffs before a run and not throw up (how does he do that??? no one knows), he’ll eat like 5 cookies then have 3 grapes and be like “#health”

like half of it is just to annoy kevin and the other half is he’s shit at self care (but mostly its to annoy kevin)


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Kevin Khatchadourian x Reader

Request: Kevin x Male Reader

I dont know, this kinda sucked, I didn’t have any ideas so I just went with the first thing that came into my head. Idk, it could’ve been worse aye!

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Kevin knew everything about you.

Everything. Even the creepy stuff, like your preferred underwear brand, which he knew by staring at your ass non-stop, only seeing the same brand over and over. Kevin was cocky, that’s just who he was. He wanted you, and he would have you. 

When he would make an approach, it would always come out in a rather… angry way; which wasn’t on purpose, he just couldn’t help it, that’s just how he was. He would always watch you like a hawk, monitoring your every move, if you moved. He moved. 

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the foxes as history of the entire world, i guess quotes
  • renee: you can make a religion out of this
  • neil: that's bullshit, this whole thing is bullshit, that's a scam, fuck the church, here's 95 reasons why
  • andrew: ~sugar~
  • aaron: a long time ago. never. (now) nothing is nowhere.
  • kevin: ~and that's a human person~
  • nicky: all the hipsters move to amsterdam
  • dan: try to stick together, because the world is gonna get bigger. and emptier
  • allison: will you get the hell out of here if i give you 500 elephants? ok thanks, bye
  • matt: and there's no food yet so i don't care
  • seth: ~and now the dinosaurs are gone~
Whatever It Takes Pt.2 [j.j.]

Part One: here

Part Three: here


Jughead x reader in which Cheryl gets involved in (Y/N)’s love life.

Jason Blossom had always been popular. He was arrogant, self-centered, and rude, yet people couldn’t help but feel attracted to him, whether it be because of his looks or his charisma.

His death had shaken the small town of Riverdale down to the very last person. Of course, Cheryl and (Y/N) had taken it the hardest, especially once his body was found and they realized his plan to run away had failed.

Cheryl had had an amazing idea to get their minds off of Jason, and it involved (Y/N)’s love life, or rather, the lack of one.

“Alright losers!” Cheryl exclaimed as she approached Betty and Veronica, “Time to listen up!”

Both Betty and Veronica rolled their eyes in unison as they heard Cheryl’s obnoxious voice. “What do you want?” Veronica asked.

Glancing at Archie and Kevin, who were sitting with the two girls, Cheryl tilted her head, motioning to the two girls that she wanted to talk with them in private.

The two girls hesitantly got up, ignoring Kevin and Archie’s curious glances. Cheryl led them across the football field, stopping and plopping down when they arrived at the bleachers. She patted the grass next to her, and Betty and Veronica carefully sat down.

“What do you want Weasley?” Asked Veronica.

“No need to be so hostile Lodge. I come in peace,” Cheryl replied smoothly.

Betty scoffed, glaring harshly at the redhead.

“Anyways,” Cheryl continued, “I think you’ll be interested in what I have to say. You see, I have a concern involving (Y/N) and your little friend, Jughead.”

Betty and Veronica perked up when they heard (Y/N) and Jughead’s name in the same sentence. Everyone knew that they liked each other.

“You see…,” Cheryl began. She proceeded to tell the two girls all about the incident in biology, all the way from where Archie had asked (Y/N) out and how Jughead had confessed his feelings. She finished her little speech by telling them that she planned to get them together.

“Finally!” Veronica cried out. “That boy needed to grow a pair and confess. Whatever your plan is, I’m in.”

“But,” Betty interrupted, “We will need help.”

And so they roped Archie and Kevin into Cheryl’s wild plan.

“Archie,” Cheryl began, “So I know it will probably be totally awkward for you, but we need you to continue to try and charm (Y/N).”

The redheaded boy nodded, “If I had known that Jug likes her, I wouldn’t have tried to make a move. I’ll do my best.”

Cheryl nodded, satisfied with his answer. She turned to the next person, “Kevin. I need you to be around her like 24/7.”

Kevin gave her a mock salute. “I can do that. And yes, Cheryl, I know I have to convince her to keep hanging out with Archie.”

Cheryl smirked. Turning to Betty and Veronica, she pulled out her phone, handing it to them.

“Put your numbers in losers. I need to keep in touch with all of you.”

(Y/N) walked into school a few days after Jughead’s confession. Nothing had changed and the beanie-clad boy was still avoiding her. As soon as she approached her locker, Cheryl joined her, babbling on about some cheerleading stuff that (Y/N) was way too distracted to focus on.

Choosing to ignore her ginger friend, (Y/N) skillfully opened her locker, immediately being assaulted by bright pink flowers. Pulling them out, she realized they were roses.

“Oh (Y/N)! Those are like, totally beautiful!” Cheryl squealed. “Who are they from?”

(Y/N) carefully grabbed the card attached to the bouquet.

‘I saw these flowers and I couldn’t help myself. Their beauty reminded me of you, and although your beauty is much greater, I thought you’d appreciate them. -Archie’

“Ohhh, Archie,” Cheryl said, wiggling her eyebrows. Her plan was going according to plan. Her, B, & V had chosen the flowers, although Archie had indeed written the note.

(Y/N) blushed fiercely as Cheryl quickly texted Archie, telling him to come over. She had noticed Jughead watching the entire thing play out, leaning against the lockers, his jaw clenched.

“Hey (Y/N),” Archie began as he walked up to the two girls. “I know that you had already said no, but I was hoping that these flowers would change your mind.”

Cheryl harshly elbowed the (H/C) girl, jolting her out of her silence. “Accept his offer (Y/N), at least give the poor boy a chance,” she whispered into her ear.

Looking down at the flowers, (Y/N) smiled a bit. Jughead clearly wasn’t going to talk to her anytime soon. What harm was one date going to cause?

“Ok Archie,” (Y/N) said, “I’ll go out with you.”

Cheryl squealed as Archie held out his elbow. “Let me walk you to class (Y/N).”

As (Y/N) walked away with Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin walked up to Cheryl. All four of them watched as Jughead glared at Archie before pushing himself off the lockers and storming away.

“Step one: complete.”
Part two is up yasssss. Alright so idk how many parts there will be, maybe like 4 or 5 possibly and I’ll try to update as soon as possible. Thank you for reading :)

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Proof That Kevin Price is Gay

Since we all keep bringing up the “that’s a lot to remember” nervous laugh Kevin does when being introduced to District Nine… can we agree that Kevin was trying to play it cool when he met Elder McKinley because “holy shit he’s cute gotta make a good impression.”

And then adding on how about we think about how Kevin probably feels really stupid about it once he realizes that… “duh we all wear name tags” and he can’t stop thinking about it and it haunts him to this very day.

idk what’s more embarrassing, kevin spacey coming out as a pr move to deflect from the landslide of accusations that are about to come his way, or the fact that the general public are actually going to buy it

You have a clever and colorful fashion sense. You are a delight to be near!

‘have you drawn kevin yet?’ my friend asked.

i hadn’t. i can’t believe it took me this long to do that. oh, for the record, my cecil’s teeth are also really sharp, it’s not just kevin. i just… haven’t drawn cece with his mouth open yet.

if you don’t think kevin wears glasses on a chain i won’t say you’re wrong but we will have to agree to disagree.

yknow how in the entertainment weekly interview, jensen said something like “if we go down a weird path we can always tell, and we get ourselves out quickly.” ???

maybe he’s hinting at this episode ?? like yeah the whole “the-evil-twin-is-actully-the-real-ketch” thing was,,, stupid to say the least, and locking cas is a fucking prison cell after one episode with him was just plain ruDE,,, but we know this is a bucklemming ep, we know that these episodes aren’t the best. we know that they make up so many random things - that don’t even make sense - for one episode. but as jensen said, maybe they’re gonna pull themselves out of it? maybe the next few episodes will fix whatever mess those writers made?? maybe they were expecting a bit of a mixed view?? 

but i know for a fact that episode wasn’t a favorite for me. considering (in my opinion) how good this season has been so far, i was quite disappointed. i didn’t hate the episode, but there has been better eps than this one. 

kevin and the trojans
  • i’ve been seeing a lot about kevin’s love of the trojans and it got me thinking
  • i see things joking about how kevin adores the trojans and jeremy knox and how he is the biggest trojans fan to ever exist
  • but then i thought on it some more and
  • what if the reason kevin loves the trojans so much is because they’re virtually the opposite of the ravens?
  • think about a younger kevin, who been settled with the ravens for quite some time and realizes the dark place he’s in
  • he can’t play for the ravens just yet, but he knows he’ll always be number 2 (riko never lets him forget his place)
  • they don’t let him watch TV or read books except for anything related to exy so he can learn to be a better player
  • so he watches every exy game he can
  • and one day he is just watching college match where the trojans play another good team
  • a player trojans messes up (something the ravens would never tolerate) and kevin thinks man they are going to be punished for that mistake
  • but instead of being yanked off the court, the captain walks over to them and pats them on the shoulder and kevin is astonished
  • up to that point, kevin had rarely seen positive reinforcement at work
  • but it sparked something inside kevin
  • something that said
  • it can be different
  • and
  • exy doesn’t have to be painful
  • and the flame inside kevin was lit
  • while he was still with the ravens, kevin was reminded that exy won’t always be this way
  • that some day, he’ll play for a team that isn’t the ravens
  • so the trojans became kevin’s drive for exy
  • every time the trojans won, kevin was reminded that there was more than one way to stay connected on the court
  • that playing as a team was just as valid as following a leader
  • the trojans planted a seed in kevin that silently grew in the darkness of the nest
  • everything about the trojans rivals the ravens
    • the trojans are light and happy while the ravens are dark and serious
    • the trojans play as a network of people while the ravens turn into a machine
    • the trojans have no red cards while the ravens have the most
  • kevin held onto the trojans like a lifeline to get him through riko’s abuse
  • and then kevin saw the trojans thrive under jeremy knox
  • he saw how the team he clung to had managed to somehow become an even bigger inspiration for kevin
  • kevin saw how riko captained the ravens with insults, injuries, scowls, and pain
  • and he saw how jeremy captained the trojans with positivity, team spirit, smiles, and positive reinforcement
  • jeremy knox was the human embodiment of everything kevin wished exy could be for him
  • so kevin pushed himself even harder to be better, to secure himself a future in exy that wasn’t related to riko and the ravens and the hell his life had been
  • and he got his wish, because riko broke his hand and he joined the foxes and then riko was gone, and kevin was finally his own person
  • he played exy still very seriously (it’s in his blood) but every time he scored goals during a game, his heart beat with adrenaline and excitement, not fear
  • of course kevin is still kevin and cannot show his emotions correctly because of years of them being a secondary part of him, something that wasn’t important
  • so he doesn’t seem to enjoy exy, but internally there has been a shift 
  • but whenever the foxes bring up kevin’s odd adoration for trojans, kevin can’t help but think of what a lifeline they were for him
  • he can’t help but to remember feeling helpless in the darkness of the nest and the trojans breaking through like the sun had started shining at night
  • so kevin takes his teammates jabs, and looks at how far he’s come, where his is right now
  • he has his father, thea, and a team family that will always have his back
  • and he can’t help but attribute that to the trojans