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some movie night headcanons

- movie night Saturday is a BIG thing at the firehouse. 

- Kevin takes the lack of couch space as an opportunity to put all the pillows and blankets on the floor. it becomes a Saturday night tradition.

- they all take turns picking a movie each week and Patty has yet to pick something that isn’t a documentary or a musical. everyone complains that the songs will get stuck in their heads, but deep down they love it. 

- Patty knows this so she tries to pick a different style of musical every time it’s her turn. everyone is singing the show tunes until the next movie night.

- Abby alternates between comedies and 80s coming-of-age films which she shamelessly cries at a good majority of. 

- Erin trying to hide her obvious tears makes Holtz flirtatiously tease her about crying over a movie. the teasing usually doesn’t last long because Holtz is a sympathetic crier who “only teared up a little bit, I swear.” 

- Holtzmann doesn’t get that there is a limit to how many bad 70s-80s sci-fi films you can watch per lifetime and that she has greatly exceeded that limit.

- Kevin has no real pattern to his picks, but he has a soft spot for Disney. when it isn’t Disney, it’s something everyone ends up liking anyways. (except for the one time he picked a really metaphorical indie film and no one knew what was going on but him.) 

- Erin’s choices have yet to stray from Harry Potter after she got the girls to finally read all the books over a span of three weeks. 

-Patty didn’t mind rereading them for a third time. her book club dreams came true. Abby took some extra convincing. Holtz was adamant about finishing them as fast as possible. (it’s not because she liked seeing Erin’s smile when she’d go on about the characters that she held so close to her heart or anything.) 

- Abby is a night owl, so when everyone falls asleep in a big cuddled up heap she makes sure to take a picture. if that picture just so happens to make it to instagram then whoops.

kevin and the trojans
  • i’ve been seeing a lot about kevin’s love of the trojans and it got me thinking
  • i see things joking about how kevin adores the trojans and jeremy knox and how he is the biggest trojans fan to ever exist
  • but then i thought on it some more and
  • what if the reason kevin loves the trojans so much is because they’re virtually the opposite of the ravens?
  • think about a younger kevin, who been settled with the ravens for quite some time and realizes the dark place he’s in
  • he can’t play for the ravens just yet, but he knows he’ll always be number 2 (riko never lets him forget his place)
  • they don’t let him watch TV or read books except for anything related to exy so he can learn to be a better player
  • so he watches every exy game he can
  • and one day he is just watching college match where the trojans play another good team
  • a player trojans messes up (something the ravens would never tolerate) and kevin thinks man they are going to be punished for that mistake
  • but instead of being yanked off the court, the captain walks over to them and pats them on the shoulder and kevin is astonished
  • up to that point, kevin had rarely seen positive reinforcement at work
  • but it sparked something inside kevin
  • something that said
  • it can be different
  • and
  • exy doesn’t have to be painful
  • and the flame inside kevin was lit
  • while he was still with the ravens, kevin was reminded that exy won’t always be this way
  • that some day, he’ll play for a team that isn’t the ravens
  • so the trojans became kevin’s drive for exy
  • every time the trojans won, kevin was reminded that there was more than one way to stay connected on the court
  • that playing as a team was just as valid as following a leader
  • the trojans planted a seed in kevin that silently grew in the darkness of the nest
  • everything about the trojans rivals the ravens
    • the trojans are light and happy while the ravens are dark and serious
    • the trojans play as a network of people while the ravens turn into a machine
    • the trojans have no red cards while the ravens have the most
  • kevin held onto the trojans like a lifeline to get him through riko’s abuse
  • and then kevin saw the trojans thrive under jeremy knox
  • he saw how the team he clung to had managed to somehow become an even bigger inspiration for kevin
  • kevin saw how riko captained the ravens with insults, injuries, scowls, and pain
  • and he saw how jeremy captained the trojans with positivity, team spirit, smiles, and positive reinforcement
  • jeremy knox was the human embodiment of everything kevin wished exy could be for him
  • so kevin pushed himself even harder to be better, to secure himself a future in exy that wasn’t related to riko and the ravens and the hell his life had been
  • and he got his wish, because riko broke his hand and he joined the foxes and then riko was gone, and kevin was finally his own person
  • he played exy still very seriously (it’s in his blood) but every time he scored goals during a game, his heart beat with adrenaline and excitement, not fear
  • of course kevin is still kevin and cannot show his emotions correctly because of years of them being a secondary part of him, something that wasn’t important
  • so he doesn’t seem to enjoy exy, but internally there has been a shift 
  • but whenever the foxes bring up kevin’s odd adoration for trojans, kevin can’t help but think of what a lifeline they were for him
  • he can’t help but to remember feeling helpless in the darkness of the nest and the trojans breaking through like the sun had started shining at night
  • so kevin takes his teammates jabs, and looks at how far he’s come, where his is right now
  • he has his father, thea, and a team family that will always have his back
  • and he can’t help but attribute that to the trojans

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  1. alex karev, grey’s anatomy
  2. peter petrelli, heroes
  3. mellie grant, scandal
  4. john murphy, the 100
  5. caleb rivers, pretty little liars
  6. spencer hastings, pretty little liars
  7. kevin malone, the office
  8. charlie kelly, it’s always sunny in philadelphia
  9. connor walsh, how to get away with murder
  10. ben wyatt, parks and rec

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