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the situation on bts’ colorism in the japanese magazine

this is a long post, however i believe theres lots to understand on this subject that cannot be dismissed. i have two disclaimers: first, please read until the end before criticizing because when i say i made an effort to include all views i mean it. second, there will be hetero references in this since the interview was about their ideal girl.. i apologize n i dont mean to assume their sexuality or anything.

there are three main parts to this; 1) lets understand the whole picture, 2) be fair and 3) for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them (this is not patronizing, i really fucking sympathize here)

lets understand the whole picture

to begin, I’m pretty much positive they didn’t actually interview bts for the magazine… rather, they drew on old interviews for the magazine… i don’t think the members were actually involved in any way with this magazine specifically. there a few posts about this and i’ll like them, but the best was by @jkguks. they showed how each exact response was recycled from an old interview. the post can be found here. comments have also been made that this magazine is known for such moves in the past and that their credibility isn’t so great. @allforbts pointed out here that the magazine didnt have a photoshoot – they reused pictures from other sources – which probably indicates they didn’t have an actual interview; however this isn’t real evidence. in my own personal opinion i dont trust the person who posted the translations on twitter. yes the translations are correct as far as we all know, but what i mean is… i think she knew the interview was old/reused. everyone that asked about the interview’s date received no response from her. she even made a comment about how many followers shes gained. if she cleared up that the interview was old or reused then this whole thing would die out n she’d stop getting followers. anyway i find it suspicious but i could also just be reading too far into it. the whole point of this is that at this point we can pretty much conclusively say that the interview is recycled n this is not something they said recently. this is not to devalue the weight of their words because it still hurt a lot of people. old or new, getting told your skin color is “unideal” is painful. however we do wanna look at this because we at least now know that their status of “since educated on colorism and racism and now pretty pc/sensitive” is not going to be revoked! they’ve since educated themselves, that is still the truth. this is just the ugly past come to rear its head.

on the other end of understanding the whole picture, i’m going to make a sorta controversial statement. hopefully in fully explaining it, you all will get the full idea… but for the sake of k-armys who are getting attacked by intl fans constantly and also for the sake of perspective – which may lessen the blow of their words for those hurt by them – i need to say this. the concept of colorism is alive and well in korea… it just isn’t the same as it is in the west. in the west – for the most part – we are more ethnically/racially diverse while korea is almost entirely racially/ethnically homogeneous. so how does this effect the meaning of colorism? well because one of the largest identifiable traits when looking at the differences between the world’s races n ethnicities is skin color, race/ethnicity will always be tied to skin color, especially in really diverse areas. in the west where we are consistently exposed to different races/ethnicities as part of our daily lives, a preference of skin color holds not only colorist implications but also racist implications. if some mayo dude said “i think darker skin is ugly on girls” we can safely assume hes a racist fuck on top of being colorist. however, since korea is homogenous, there isnt any real racist implications. let me elaborate: korea has issues with being racist against other poc, however in an interview discussing ideal types where the ideal type is already assumed to be at the very basis korean (or maybe another east asian ethnicity if you’re stretching it), the statement on skin color is directed at people of their shared race. so how is this less problematic? it is still problematic definitely – i’d like to make this clear – but in korea, the concept of skin color amongst koreans as a beauty standard isnt racially or ethnically motivated and therefore its more akin to saying “i prefer blue eyes over brown eyes on white girls” because they’re discussing a physical variance within their own race. in the end, it’s still colorist, but please try to understand that in korea the remarks arent as horrible. they still shouldn’t say that, and really, any discussion of skin color preferences is ugly, but it’s extremely important to be considerate of korean culture. intl fans forget constantly that we are guests to korean culture. if you were invited to someones house you wouldnt bust in there feeling entitled n doing whatever the fuck you want. you’d try and respect their rules and how they run their home. if you had a problem with something there, you’d politely ask them to accommodate you, explaining why that accommodation was necessary. you wouldnt fucking trash them for not having their house already equipped to your preference. thats incredibly selfish. this is the same way. you are guests to this culture, and while you shouldnt allow colorism to continue, this theme of entitlement amongst intl fans – especially when we have done very little to respect their culture; we demand they understand ours while continually paying theirs no regard – is really shamefully. i ask that people reading this do their best to be more considerate in the future. not everything is black n white… lots of things have grey area and we can afford to be more socially conscious. im pretty sure most k-fans have it about up to here dealing with koreaboos criticizing their culture… 

be fair

this is a short statement but i need to remind you all that most of the members were problematic in that interview and if you are only trashing namjoon you need to fucking stop. you are allowed to offended, of course – i was pretty bothered too seeing how im the opposite to namjoons ideal in every way, my bias who i’d fucking die for – but if your whole focus is “namjoon this and namjoon that” than youre being a biased ass and im gonna need you to sit down. if youre going to be mad, by all means, be mad, but dont fucking pretend the other members said nothing wrong. im sick of people pretending every member but namjoon is perfect and unproblematic. present day he’s probably the most un-problematic member since educating himself on racial issues, feminism, n lgbtq rights, making himself an advocate for them all while idols remain silent…. hmm…. but keeping pushing that “problematic member” agenda sure. yeah lets pretend the facts dont exist ok

for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them

fans who read through the interview n realized they kinda fit their bias’ ideal type – esp in terms of skin color – please don’t make comments on how people need to “get over this”. for many fans, especially non light skinned poc, this really hurt. not only as a “i don’t fit my bias’ ideal type” but also as a betrayal of trust. many non light skinned poc have experienced some type of discrimination for their skin color and many had their sense of self confidence fucked over for it. its not just a “you dont think darker skin is beautiful, aw :(” its more of a, “you are someone i love and support and the fact that you’d call my skin color less attractive – the skin color for which i’ve had to struggle to find my own confidence in – just like so many others, feels like betrayal”. its really hurtful. so don’t be dismissive. you don’t understand. this isnt your discussion, im sorry.

and lastly, to the fans who were hurt by the interview. im sorry boo. im sorry that the industry you support continues to hurt you. im sorry someone you decided to love and support made you feel like that. please remember that the ideal type is such a flimsy concept. they really dont mean anything. those questions were grossly specific n they were so unnecessary, but at the end of the day, they are still made up preferences. the boys wouldn’t find you unattractive for not meeting the bits on their checklist – fuck no. attraction just doesnt work like that. no one falls in love with the person that hit everything on their little “ideal type” checklist. honestly, if you asked me to describe my ideal type n i just listed shit off the top of my head, it probably wouldnt add up to namjoon…. but in every way namjoon perfect to me. im fucking whipped. this is the same. dont take their ideals to heart, dont feel like anything on you needs to change. you are exactly the way you need to be, and dont ever let some guys “ideal type” make you feel any less. n if anyone every tries to tell you that you’re failing to meet their beauty standards… fucking kick them. fcuk them seriously. dont let this shit effect your self confidence. gross comments like that dont deserve a thought in your head

I drew this a loooonnnnggggg time ago but look, it’s my Sesshy bby <3

I don’t really have anything else to say other than I still love him

the moral of the story is that matsuhanas are a terrible influence

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Confession: i get lowkey upset every time I read a trimberly fic & see Trini's last name as Kwan. As a latinx person it kinda makes me feel bad cause theyre sorta erasing the fact that becky & trini are latinx. & I understand that theyre only doing it cause no one knows her last name but it still sucks. Ive seen other people use other Spanish last names or even use gomez cause thats beckys last name. Idk Im just a little frustrated & this isnt any hate to writers. I just wanted to vent. Thanks!

Oh god I feel. I try to only use it in the tags, call me out if I ever write it on a post.

On that note, I would love to see more headcanons/fics/anything that reflect her heritage. It holds so much potential, especially with how often she’s moved. It would have been one of the only constants in her life, something to hold onto. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

Plus the Rangers trying to learn more about each other’s respective cultures would be an A+++ storyline

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Hi, I have a question. Someone in the tag was saying Chris was Jewish, I thought he'd said something in an interview once about being raised Christian? Sorry if this is a personal question but idk if you've ever come across anything he has *publicly* said about it?

Chris has said he identifies with being agnostic:

I am not a religious guy, I am probably agnostic

As for how he was raised, he has also said he wasn’t raised religious:

I didn’t grow up in a religious family but we were definitely a family that enjoyed ritual and one of our great rituals was Christmas.

He does, however, have Jewish ancestry (maternal grandfather).

’    the first time was when i heard my parents fighting for the third night in a row and i realized life wasn’t as simple or as easy as i’d always thought. people aren’t exaggerating when they call it cruel. it will leave you sitting in the grocery store parking lot, begging for mercy. your eyes will burn and you’ll have spent so much time pretending that everything’s alright that you could bottle it up and sell it.

     the next time was when he started looking at someone else the same way he used to look at me. he held her hand and told her all the same things he told me and as i walked by with my head down i realized everything had been a lie. i wasn’t special i was expendable. sometimes people take the best parts of you only to leave you with the worst of themselves and the only way you can forget about them is showering in water so hot you’re convinced it’s burning away any trace of them that’s left.

      the third time is when my friend was coming home from college for thanksgiving. he was ten minutes from his house when someone swerved into his lane and just like that he was gone, and i realized that life just takes and takes no matter how much you give. i don’t think i’ll ever understand why and the only way to deal with it is grabbing two bottles of the cheapest alcohol you can find with a look so pathetic on your face that the clerk doesn’t ask for an i.d. because he knows, everyone knows. ’

—  i’ve learned two things. 1) a lot of different things can break your heart and 2) i don’t want to feel any of them anymore
Good luck! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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1.Dream job? Idk yet1.Dream job? Idk yet
2.anything you regret?
3.have you watched steven universe?
Yeah, I love the show ^u^
4.have you ever had that one oc that you
made when you were a child? Nope
5.who is important to you?
Family and friends 
6.what is your most memorable moment in your life? I was in big water park with my family. It’s was so funny old are you and when are your birthday? I’m 15 years old and 2. October 
8.any Plans this summer?
I going to Dubai this summer 
9.what do you think of norway?
It’s okay..nothing special happened in here/there ^~^
10:favorite ice cream flavor?
pistachio ヽ(▽`)ノ
11.anything nice to say to the end?
Have a nice day everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

1. your favorite foods and drinks?
2. When you were little, what did you want to be?
3. What makes you feel afraid?
4. What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?
5. What don’t you like so much?
6. What has been your best moment this year (so far)?
7. Why are you so amazing?!
8. What do you feel most proud of?
9. What is your favorite music?
10. How do you spend your free time?
11. Whats your favorite movie?

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you know what’s pretty fuckin fantastic about the zombies run fandom

we have little to no canon character designs and only very few clues of what some could look like. The main character is literally everyone playing the game and there’s a lot of potential (and canon) queer, a lot of freedom to imagine and decide the characters etc

(stuff that usually causes some fandom war or another)

but it’s like everyone’s just agreed that nothing and everything is canon - like, is five mute? if that’s your headcanon, that’s fantastic!!! are they not? great!! are sam and five platonic/romantic? you do you friend!!! any other otp? well it probably works out then! any other character headcanon?? let’s hear it!!!

ALSO EVERYONE’S SO SPOILER CAREFUL IT’S AMAZING like everything spoilery is warned about and under read more and such

the main character can be male, female, genderfluid, trans, intersex, literally anything and i’m just so happy that i’ve never ever seen anyone argue about ‘what’s right’ regarding any of the characters? idk it’s pretty great to have a fandom where there’s no drama in the tag and people just bond over running and characters who develop and sports bras and crying

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I don't mean to burden you with such a sudden question, but idk what to do? Someone I...well I wouldn't call them a friend, they don't really act like a friend. They have given me shit for shipping gency and they've reblogged hate for it and they don't ever tag anything unless it's something they personally post? And they know I like it and know I can see the hate so I feel they're doing it on purpose. Do you have any advice on how I could deal with this? Sorry for bothering you.

You aren’t bothering us anon, at all. We are so sorry this is happening to you. Best case scenario, maybe this person doesn’t know their actions are hurting you. You need to be brave enough to talk to them. Here is some of our advice that we hope will help you:

1) Talk to them. Communicate your feelings to this person. Ask them kindly to tag their hate so you can blacklist it and tell them that their behaviors/attitude are hurting you. I mean they have a right to their opinion, of course, but they also should, if they really are your friend, respect your opinion as well. Don’t try to justify or defend why your ship Gency, you have every right to do that. Explain that you’re not trying to get them to ship Gency either. You can like different ships and still be friends with someone, of course. The goal of this conversation would be to communicate your feelings to this person.

2) If your friend responds negatively to you asking them to stop, this is when you need to step back and think about your relationship with this person. Is it worth it being friends with them if they don’t value and respect your opinions? Do you really want to be friends with someone who won’t listen to your feelings? You have every right to ask for these things.

3) Focus on the positivity in the community. Stay positive and focus on your own circle. Don’t listen to haters and don’t engage in those conversations. Just block and move on. It’s nothing personal, it’s to keep your hobby (browsing tumblr) and your free time fun.

4) If your friend continues to give you troubles, block and ignore them. Tumblr is supposed to be your curated content. Comprise your dashboard with content you want.

Hopefully this helps. Good luck. Again, we’re sorry to hear this is happening to you. Maybe some of our other followers can chime in?

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How old are you? 28

What’s your current job? i work retail

What are you talented skilled at? drawing, taking photos, writing probably 

What’s your aesthetic? leather jackets, black lace, bordeaux lipsticks, untamed hair??? idk lol 

Do you collect anything? finished sketchbooks? lmao

What’s a topic you always talk about? ART, the foxhole court, politics, make up

What’s a pet peeve of yours? when ppl dont take my advice serious and then the thing happens exactly like i told them it would lol 

Good advice to give? if something is meant to happen, it will, so relax

What are three songs you’d recommend?
battle cry - angel haze feat sia
leben auf zeit - jennifer rostock 
747 (we ran out of time) - kent 

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This isn't a really important question for tra (the best fic I've read ever, hands down) but I was just curious, jk is obviously a fucboi, is Y/N pretty experienced too? If they grew up together surely jungkook has witnessed her dating/ sleeping around ??

omg thank you so much!!!!!!!! the way i see the reader is that she doesnt really sleep around like jungkook does but. she definitely isnt a virgin. shes had her fair share of boyfriends and had one night stands and what not :-) but for the most part!!!!!! jungkook and the reader mostly avoided each other and didnt have the same friends so he didnt really know if she slept around or had a boyfriend unless she brought a boyfriend over to her house n he was there!!!!!

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One song:  How to Save a Life by The Fray
Two movies: The Lion King | The Avengers
Three series: Agents of SHIELD | Friends | Young Justice
Four people: Iain de Caestecker | Elizabeth Henstridge | My mom | Uh…Wonder Woman idk??
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1. Favourite football player? (more than one answer possible of course)
Thomas Müller, Joshua Kimmich, & Manuel Neuer

2. Your dream line-up (of your fave team)?
I was going to write this and I was about to type Lahm and I got really sad so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. How your fave team became your fave team?
Idk honestly??? Like when I first got into soccer I didn’t know anything at all about it and it just happened idk i think the first match i watched of Bayern was actually an mls all star game

4. How your fave footballer became your fave footballer?
Idk man kinda like with the club thing it just happened

5. First football jersey you owned (club, season, editon, player)?
It was a Miroslav Klose Germany jersey but i ended up getting it too big and i can’t really wear it now

6. Have you ever been to a football match / fave football match you have been to?
I haven’t been to one unfortunately. 🙁

7. Favourite football match of all time?
Probably the 2014 World Cup final tbh

8. Favourite song(s) at the moment?
Stay Together- Noah Cyrus
Are You- A R I Z O N A
Joy- Sleeping At Last

9. Favourite spare time activity apart from watching football?
I really enjoy reading

10. Describe yourself in 3 words!
This is the hardest question I can’t pick any words what the heck

11. What are you looking forward to at the moment?
I’m really looking forward to transferring colleges in the fall semester

Anyway yeah this is the part where I ask questions and tag people but I never tag people so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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hi ok so i think i may have misophonia?? ever since i was young i've always been REALLY bothered by the sound of ppl scratching couches or like anything fabric. it gives me this weird painful feeling in my forearms and it makes me want to rip my fingernails off and just cry and like die cause idk how to deal with it. but other sounds like eating and breathing and common triggers don't bother me, would i still be misphonic?

hey!!! so, I actually have the exact same thing. I’ve always attributed it to my Sensory Processing Disorder rather than misophonia.

I can’t really say for absolute sure but in my experiences the sensations are both absolutely terrible but still different.

I also feel like ripping off my fingernails when I hear that, but with miso triggers I feel either terrified and wanting to run for my life or overwhelming rage and the urge to attack them with the intent to kill (pleasant I know😊🌸/s)

but honestly I’m not always sure when my spd ends and my miso begins, and to finally answer your question there are people with misophonia who don’t have the common triggers.

I’m sorry I can’t give you anything definite but I hope this still helped in some way. good luck with this I believe in you!!!!!!