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fun things abt growing up big
  • never being able to wear the same things as your friends
  • monitoring (or having monitored) everything you eat in public so no one says anything to you
  • people saying things anyway, no matter what you do
  • grown teachers comparing their bodies to yours, that of a child
  • being forced to go on diets that never work (because diets never work) when all your friends get to eat kiddie foods
  • being forced to exercise when all your friends get to play
  • crying in locker rooms
  • crying in dressing rooms
  • getting picked last in gym
  • getting picked never for plays/being shown off as a cute student for parents/dances
  • having to special order costumes/uniforms for sports/events
  • “did you lose/gain weight?” is a question ppl ask you after summer break
  • being the “smart” friend or the “nice” friend
  • having to try ten times harder in class and at relationships to become the “smart”/”nice” friend
  • always trying to look nice and be as clean as possible so no one can say you’re sloppy
  • never being able to get away with not dressing up bc you’re not “cute”
  • hating pictures of yourself
  • not being able to fit in the same spaces as your peers (small desks/chairs)
You should all watch The Bold Type

It’s a show that is inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles. It focuses on the lives of three young women who work with the magazine.

Some character descriptions, without too many spoilers (written by me so I apologize for any grammar/writing mistakes)

There’s Kat, a black woman who is struggling with her sexual identity. Struggling might not be the right word since her experience is very positive and you can see she’s happy to explore. Her friends are extremely supportive. Kat is the social media expert for the magazine. 

Sutton is someone who is very driven and goes after what she wants. She is an assistent, but dreams of going into fashion and works for it. 

Jane is an aspiring writer. She’s sometimes unsure of herself, but with the help of her friends and her boss, she gets through most of her obstacles. 

Adena is a recurring character. She describes herself as a ‘proud muslim lesbian’ and I think that’s a perfect description, even though there’s more to her character than that. She’s an artist and develops a close relationship with Kat. 

Jacqueline is the editor-in-chief at the magazine. Unlike most female bosses portrayed on TV, she’s very supportive of her employees and helps them out if needed. She makes sure she talks to anyone in need and is just really awesome tbh. 

Anyway, watch this show. It’s not perfect, there are mistakes, but it’s only 4 episodes so far and there is so much room for growth. We get to see three women navigate life in a different way, and we get to see a relationship between a bi/pan woman and a lesbian woman develop (and it’s really adorable and sweet). 

You can watch it on Freeform on Tuesdays, on Hulu (I think) or on the Freeform website. If you’re outside of Europe, you can find it on websites like watchseries and projectfreetv. 

Please support this show as much as you can. It would be a shame to only get one season of a show that is fun to watch, even when it tackles some serious issues. 

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I know that we don't know much about ashkore but could you write some headcanons about how do you think he looks like or personality wise?

ok i wouldn’t call these headcanons, i just wrote some random ideas to feed my self indulgent ass lol. don’t expect any accuracy with this because as you said, we don’t really know anything about him.

i’m so going to regret this post if he turns out to be some old half lizard dude lmao

- I know that dragons no longer exist in the world of Eldarya but I’d be pretty cool if he was one of them, (or at least half-dragon or something) and it might show in some of his features.

- Almond shaped, crimson eyes that you could actually catch fire if you stared at them long enough.

- At least one tattoo: in his back, arm, i don’t care just give him some tattoos.

- Definitely has some scars in his body.

- It’s canon that he’s actually pretty tall (188 cm I think?), so he’s almost as big as Valkyon. He doesn’t seem as brawny but then again we haven’t see him without his armor.

- Red hair (or just some red hair please)

- Smirks A LOT. It’s almost his signature facial expression and it makes him look quite mischievous at times.

- Goes from 0 to 100 real quick. He could be all his nonchalant, smug self one minute and then his attitude could take a turn completely if you piss him off.

- We’ve seen in later episodes that he’s pretty smug and he might be a bigger sassy shit than Ezarel. Ashkore seems like is the master of the backhanded compliment and just straight-up sassafras.

- I think that he might be able to manipulate people easily. He’s been using Gardienne to mess with the guard until now

- I’ve said this already but If Ashkore belonged to any Guard it would definitely be Shadow. The people in this guard are very agile and discreet and excel in secret incursions and espionage. Ashkore’s been able to get into the GQ and steal goods from the laboratory and the kitchen right under the guard’s noses. He’s smart and fast and not even Nevra can keep up with him (which pisses him off greatly lmao).

- He’s quite the badass and he probably prefers  knives or daggers or a frying pan as his weapon of choice.

- He’s just fabulous tbh

Bonus: I’m actually so in love with @velvet-black-cherry‘s idea of Ashkore that I’ll actually be disappointed the moment they’ll reveal his appereance and it turns out that he looks nothing like this.

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Okay so i think the fandom is wayyy to obsessed with black paladin lance, even now after the trailer i have seen people pull theories how lance will pilot black with a plot twist and honestly I dont think thats happening ever. I have been very few of those people who has been saying since the begining that a bp!lance is a far fetched theory and i dont want the fandom to go mad at the writers when lance piloting the black lion doesnt happen.

you come into my house and tell me black paladin lance is a far fetched theory when lance is the only person they mention in interviews that will gain “leadership” skills??? :/ If black paladin lance is a dream then I never want to wake up…but… listen I’ve learned my lesson from season two, I’m just going in expecting new content and I can’t be disappointed…and most of us would only go mad if it was like season two all over again…

Soft soft~

For whatever reason the colored version I made is more embarrassing to post, so I’ll just leave this sketch here and run :,3 I can’t handle my love for these two, like for real, I think they should hug, maybe hold hands.

I’m weak don’t mind me….

until dawn is making me miss having horror/supernatural/suspense related plots… what usually ends up bothering me about those plots is that we, the rpers, already know what’s going to happen because, well, we plot things.. so it sort of ruins the suspense/horror part of it? 

ohhhhh maybe it’d be cool to have one where we use random generators to decide what happens next???????? yes omg that could be SO NEAT???? 

i’d love to throw a couple characters together, just a group of friends hanging out somewhere for whatever reason, and sort of figure out the plot as we go (like have a super basic plot/premise and take it from there) and for the most part use a random generator to decide what happens next???????? maybe take turns and have each player “steer” the story/plot for a while (which can be considered vague godmodding but it’d ofc be monitored so everything is ic/etc)???

wow i really want this now. if you’re down let me know!!!

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Do you think Waver loves Iskandar? I saw your musing reblog and wanted your opinion.

       I am going to assume you are referencing this post that I reblogged earlier today, because that’s the only reblog I can recall that would have someone asking something like this, so I’m like - uhm, yes hello, hi there :)) But of course, I adore rambling about these two, so I would be more than happy to give an opinion. ❤️

       Short answer: without a doubt
There is no doubt in my mind that Waver does love him. Just looking at a certain detail in his day to day - video games. Waver, you ain’t slick.

(Just a warning, this is going to be taken from a platonic perspective rather than romantic. I can’t be like - AHHHH THIS SHIP IS CANON ASDGHJK!!11!1!! So, I’m going to keep this as platonic love throughout this entire post.)

       Detailing a bit more though, I can see Waver loving Alexander just as much as anyone could for their dear friend. His love stems from such an abundance of respect he has for him to calling Alexander his ‘King’ and agreeing to be his retainer, living on for not only himself but to make sure he can tell his Servant’s story. Yet sometimes I believe maybe Waver is continuing to live and hope that he will see Alexander again some day, just lingering on the thought that they will meet again.

       In Case Files, he is caught talking to “Alexander” (his relic in a locker) by Reines, which she tells him to stop talking to himself because it is weird - Which, c'mon, Waver. That is a little odd, but… it is also very sad. To think, he misses him that much he would openly talk to someone that isn’t there. It is a form of pining that reflects a deep longing for him. He wants to have his friend back, someone that saw him as an EQUAL despite being weaker and inferior to him. Waver’s inferiority complex is so great, and Alexander saw that but he built him up when he needed it most.

       Flat even describes Alexander as someone his professor would spend his entire life to see again. It might be silly, but the fact that Waver would go through his life and have this dream need to see him, even just once - It shows how much of an impact was made upon him that he would go through such lengths of waiting. Maybe he is longing for the idea or memory of him, a friend he clearly cherishes so much.

               There is probably a lot more reasons but jfc I can’t make this post too long,
                               but if that ^^^^^ ain’t love, then I don’t know what is.

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Fic Prompt: in laws visit, stute?

10. The in-laws come to visit

It honestly amuses me, how much you like this pairing that started as a crack ship.  So anyways, here, have Stute and their three adopted kids stumbling across Ma Pines in Gravity Falls.  I guess in this AU Stan didn’t get the closure with his parents that he got in the main Stanley McGucket ‘verse but eh.  It is what it is.  Hope you like it.

Send me an AU and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

               “And then- and then the teacher, she asked us what we were gonna do for Mother’s Day,” Suzie chattered amiably.  She was sitting on Stan’s shoulders (her preferred spot) during the weekly trip to the park.  A grand total of six years old, she was the youngest kid Lute and Stan had adopted, which made sense, since she was the last one they were planning on taking in.

               “What’d you say?” Stan asked.  

               “That I was gonna spend it with my dad and pa,” Suzie replied.  Stan and Lute smiled at each other.  There were two pairs of footsteps.  Roy, fourteen, who had disappeared for five minutes with Darryl, eleven, reappeared.  Lute eyed his sons.

               “And where did the two of ya vanish off to?” Lute asked.  

               “Mark said there was a weird old guy near the fountain that we should check out,” Roy replied, tucking a long strand of black hair behind an ear.  

               “A weird old guy, huh?” Stan said.  

               “Yeah!  And, Dad, you have to see him.  He’s so grumpy!  He keeps complainin’ about the pigeons.”  Roy and Darryl exchanged a grin.  “Old men are supposed to like pigeons.”

               “All right, all right, we’ll go see this weird old guy,” Stan said.  He patted one of Suzie’s feet.  “We’re makin’ a detour, lil miss mouse.”

               “Okay!” Suzie chirped.  She began to play with Stan’s hair.  

               “Do ya want to sing the pineapple song on the way?” Lute asked. Suzie frowned thoughtfully.  

               “Hmm, no,” she said shortly, resuming her attempts at being a hairdresser.

               “That’s a relief,” Roy muttered.  Lute raised an eyebrow.

               “Oh, are ya worried you’ll be embarrassed by yer pa?” Lute asked.  

               “Pfft.  Ya always embarrass me, Pa.”

               “Roy Clark Pines, I am wounded!” Lute gasped.  Roy rolled his eyes.

               “Sure.  If you say so.”

               “Dad, this old guy, it’s sorta weird, but he reminds me of you,” Darryl said. Stan looked at his son.


               “Yeah.  I dunno why. Maybe it’s ‘cause both of ya have that square face.  And the big ole nose.”  Darryl tapped his chin.  “Huh. Maybe it ain’t so weird that he reminds me of you.”  Lute looked at Stan.

               “Darlin’?  Somethin’ wrong?” Lute asked quietly.  Stan had completely frozen.  After a moment, Stan shook his head.

               “Nah.  Probably overreacting to something is all.”

               “Are ya sure?  We don’t have to see this strange old man.  We can turn ‘round and go home.”

               “No!” Darryl and Roy complained.

               “Despite what the kids might say,” Lute continued.  Stan shook his head again.

               “I’m fine, Lute.  Let’s go check it out.  We’re almost there already.”  The small family finished making their way to the park fountain, singing the pineapple song with Suzie, who had decided out of nowhere that she really did want to sing. Stan stopped a few feet away from the fountain and looked around.  “I don’t see anyone here, weird, old, man, or otherwise,” Stan said.

               “Aw, poo,” Darryl said, blowing a raspberry.  “He musta left already.”

               “That’s a shame,” Lute said idly.  “Maybe we should go get ice cream.  Drown our sorrows.”

               “Ice cream!” the children shouted eagerly.  Suzie tugged roughly on Stan’s hair during her exuberant yells.  

               “The best ice cream man is this way,” Stan said, turning around.  He froze.  The middle-aged woman in front of him stared.  

               “Stanley?” Ma Pines whispered.  Stan swallowed.

               “H-hey, Mom,” he stammered.  Ma Pines put her hands on her hips.  

               “And where have you been for the last fifteen years?” she demanded.  

               “Uh…Arkansas, and here, mostly,” Stan said.  Suzie cocked her head.

               “Who’s the lady?” Suzie asked curiously.  

               “I second the question,” Lute said.  Stan swallowed again.

               “Lute, Suzie, Roy, Darryl, this is my mom.  Gigi Pines.”  Ma Pines crossed her arms.  Her displeasure was clearly escalating.

               “Are these children yours?” she asked.

               “Yeah.  Adopted, all three of ‘em,” Stan said.  Ma Pines looked around.  

               “Where’s your wife?”

               “Don’t have one.”

               “I’m ‘bout the closest thing Stanley’s got to a wife,” Lute said, stepping forward and holding out a hand to shake.  “Howdy, ma’am.  I’m Lute, Stan’s partner.”  Ma Pines shook the offered hand cautiously.

               “And by partner, you mean…”

               “Romantic partner,” Lute finished.  

               “…Ah.”  Ma Pines sighed.  “In that case, the five of you better get going.  Stan, your father’s coming back any minute, and I know he wouldn’t be happy with this.”

               “Yep.  Figured,” Stan muttered.

               “But before you run off, give me your phone number so I can call and catch up,” Ma Pines said.  She smiled at Roy, Darryl, and Suzie.  “I’d love to hear more about these grandkids of mine.”

               “We have two grandmas?” Suzie said suddenly. Ma Pines beamed.

               “You do now, honey.”


all 23 countries where nationwide same-sex marriage is legalised. #LoveWins

update 30.6.2017: Germany votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.
update 13.7.2017: Malta votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.