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You should all watch The Bold Type

It’s a show that is inspired by the life of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Joanna Coles. It focuses on the lives of three young women who work with the magazine.

Some character descriptions, without too many spoilers (written by me so I apologize for any grammar/writing mistakes)

There’s Kat, a black woman who is struggling with her sexual identity. Struggling might not be the right word since her experience is very positive and you can see she’s happy to explore. Her friends are extremely supportive. Kat is the social media expert for the magazine. 

Sutton is someone who is very driven and goes after what she wants. She is an assistent, but dreams of going into fashion and works for it. 

Jane is an aspiring writer. She’s sometimes unsure of herself, but with the help of her friends and her boss, she gets through most of her obstacles. 

Adena is a recurring character. She describes herself as a ‘proud muslim lesbian’ and I think that’s a perfect description, even though there’s more to her character than that. She’s an artist and develops a close relationship with Kat. 

Jacqueline is the editor-in-chief at the magazine. Unlike most female bosses portrayed on TV, she’s very supportive of her employees and helps them out if needed. She makes sure she talks to anyone in need and is just really awesome tbh. 

Anyway, watch this show. It’s not perfect, there are mistakes, but it’s only 4 episodes so far and there is so much room for growth. We get to see three women navigate life in a different way, and we get to see a relationship between a bi/pan woman and a lesbian woman develop (and it’s really adorable and sweet). 

You can watch it on Freeform on Tuesdays, on Hulu (I think) or on the Freeform website. If you’re outside of Europe, you can find it on websites like watchseries and projectfreetv. 

Please support this show as much as you can. It would be a shame to only get one season of a show that is fun to watch, even when it tackles some serious issues. 

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Okay so i think the fandom is wayyy to obsessed with black paladin lance, even now after the trailer i have seen people pull theories how lance will pilot black with a plot twist and honestly I dont think thats happening ever. I have been very few of those people who has been saying since the begining that a bp!lance is a far fetched theory and i dont want the fandom to go mad at the writers when lance piloting the black lion doesnt happen.

you come into my house and tell me black paladin lance is a far fetched theory when lance is the only person they mention in interviews that will gain “leadership” skills??? :/ If black paladin lance is a dream then I never want to wake up…but… listen I’ve learned my lesson from season two, I’m just going in expecting new content and I can’t be disappointed…and most of us would only go mad if it was like season two all over again…


apologies if the camera quality is crap, but! I finished these! yay!

a while ago I liked my friend’s idea of recreating album covers on tiny canvases (i guess hers were even smaller than these?), but I couldn’t decide which covers to paint so these canvases were lying around for a couple of months? so thanks EXO for this comeback and for inspiration

also ngl I’ve never painted with acrylics before and I still can’t believe I did it

(4″x4″, acrylic paints on canvas)


all 23 countries where nationwide same-sex marriage is legalised. #LoveWins

update 30.6.2017: Germany votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.
update 13.7.2017: Malta votes to legalise same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.

I adore Homecoming so much and he’s such a pure good boy. Go and watch the movie. It’s amazing! I loved it from beginning to end. (2Redbubble