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hunting for an antagonist

i have no clue where else to post this, so i’m posting it here! i need a certain type of character for a plot i want to rp with koh. there are some things that i absolutely need from the character, but other than that it’s pretty flexible!

if you’re interested, the details are under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Does your bf know that you don't find him sexually attractive? Does he know you're 'putting up with it'? I feel sorry for him. He deserves someone who actually WANTS him instead of just tolerates him to manipulate him like you're doing. I'd buy him a night with a hooker for his birthday because it's no different than fucking you. Hookers aren't attracted to their clients either, but they still fuck them. So basically you're saying you're a whore. But ~~pure aces uwu~~

To be honest with you, the fact that you’re on anon gives me the impression that this was just to get a rise out of me.  That said, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re serious.

He does know.  It’s not really that I “put up with it.”  I like having sex with Cody.  I like how close it is and the fact that we don’t create that bond with anyone else.  It’s a reserved intimacy between us.  I just don’t like it for long periods of time, I get anxious easily during sex, I don’t outright desire it, and if I could go my whole life never having sex again, it wouldn’t disappoint me.  But I enjoy it when it does happen (which, honestly, isn’t that often at all).

We communicate thoroughly about this subject, and he understands fully that sex makes me highly uncomfortable and that I usually don’t want it.  He’s fine with it if it means he gets to be with me.

Just remember, anon: there is more to a relationship than sex, and it is possible for an asexual person to be in a happy relationship with a non-asexual person.  I hope there’s at least part of this that shows a whole new page to this type of relationship, and I’m more than open to answer any questions you may have about it.

gentle reminder that having low empathy doesnt necessarily mean u dont care about people. doesn’t necessarily mean u dont love people. doesn’t mean u dont care that someone u love is sad or happy.

i want u to be happy. i like that ur happy. i dont want u to be sad. i dont like that ur sad. just, emotionally, im neutral.

and if u cant or refuse to accept that..

maybe im not the only one with low empathy here