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Who is Jubilee?

Jubilation Lee, codename Jubilee, is a Chinese-American member of the X-Men. She’s been around since 1989. Her powers involve making what she refers to as “fireworks”, bright energy bursts from her fingers. She ended up losing her mutant powers in 2005, and nowadays she’s… a vampire (Twilight’s impact was strong), with the full array of vampire powers.

She was a main character in the (great) 90′s X-Men cartoon, and is going to be in the 2016 X-Men: Apocalypse movie portrayed by a rather new actress, Lana Condor. Hopefully she’ll be wearing her trademark yellow coat & those glasses.

Some of her relationships include a great father/daughter-like bond with Wolverine, friendship with Gambit, and X-23 (female clone of Wolverine, pictured below)

and she has a son she adopted, named Shogo. He’s a cute little baby now, but she did meet an adult version of him from an alternate reality, and it was great (single image pictured below, but more of that interaction here)

Fun fact: Her and Robin (Tim Drake) once had a little thing together, in an old DC/Marvel crossover

So yeah, she’s pretty cool. You can check out my Jubilee tag if you’re interested in seeing more of her.

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YAY FOR A BLOG TAKEOVER!!! Since Alex isn't here, can you do me a favour and shamelessly promote her fics? Because she gets all shy about it, and while that's adorable, her fics are amazing and deserve attention *EVIL CACKLE* Also, you're super talented. I LOVE Heartbeats, and your Tumblr prompts leave me breathless and feeling like a literary potato, in the best possible way <3

She’s gonna kill me. No one tell her. Hide this post when she comes back.

Ahh but thank you much! I don’t believe I’ve ever rendered anyone into a literary potato before so that’s pretty cool. I appreciate the compliment. ;)

Love Potion


Stan and Stanley accidentally drink a love potions and well wouldn’t you look at that, here comes Fiddleford McGucket. Opps. (In other words Stan and Stanley fall in love with the Fiddlenerd via love potion and the said nerd has to find a cure with two grown men clinging to him every step of the way. And even after he does, the situation only grows stickier from there.)


Gravity Falls


Stanford Pines/Fiddleford McGucket/Stanley Pines

(What’s their ship name, surely they have one? I guess I’ll put this in the Fiddlestan tag for now, IDK, Fiddlestans? Is that it, like with an s at the end, IDK. I also think I’m gonna tag this as Fiddley.)


WARNING, THERE ARE SOME BORDERLINE NSFW SCENES, NOT QUITE SMUT, BUT STILL DESERVES A WARNING (In all honesty I thought this would end up as smut, but it seems I was wrong). Profanity and plus I managed to throw in a little Angst along the way of writing this. Fluff is everywhere, love’s in the air, and btw excessively clinging large men to a smaller man.


This wasn’t a prompt, long story short I went to bed one night and I was like an inch away from going to sleep and then I gasped, shot up, eyes now opened, and whispered to myself, “What if Stan and (or) Stanley drank a love potion?” and BOOM, now we have a fic. I’ll get back to prompts now, but I wanted to share this story/idea.


Also, what’s this ship’s name, I’m gonna tag it as Fiddlestan and Fiddley, but I honestly don’t know what this ship’s name would be?

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thank you marinmorrells for tagging me to post a selfie for the 20 beautiful women challenge. also you are gorgeous <3

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just think. sephiroth and his cat having a staring contest. sephiroth taking the cat's side when it bites genesis for trying to pet it. sephiroth trying to train the cat not to sleep in the bed because it sheds but secretly being happy when he loses that battle. sephiroth buying it a cat bed and not understanding why it only wants to sleep in the box. the silent joy when the cat rolls around and does something cute. the treat baggie in his coat pocket that the bfs fine one day and ask him about.