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I actually didn’t have a problem at the beginning with Sakura having a crush on Sasuke instead of Naruto. Naruto stans are so entitled thinking someone has to have feelings for someone they happen to stan for. Crushes are not even a big deal, nothing wrong with having a crush on the popular talented guy instead of the trouble maker.

The problem is when Sakura can’t understand when Sasuke rejects her. Or when she is manipulative. Or when she acts her feelings are the biggest most relevant thing when they are in the middle of a war. Or when she is still being a dumb about them when she is a woman in her what, 30s?

When I see these posts like “you had a perfectly nice guy liking you and you still went for the jerk etc you deserve it” it’s pretty sexist. Sakura doesn’t have to start liking Naruto just because Sasuke doesn’t want her. Not to mention both Sakura and Naruto have moments where they dismiss the others feelings, not just Sakura.

Tumblr Update PSA

Okay so the tumblr update that lets you see if people are active or not is up and running. It shows a green dot next to the icon in the chat if you are on. This is what it looks like. The ones with the green dot haven’t turned it off yet. The ones without did turn it off. 

If you do not want to be seen by other people here is what you do:

On desktop: go to setting then account and find this and turn it off. 

If on mobile —- go to settings > general settings > privacy 

you will see the same thing but it will say “Let people see that you’re active” and turn that off 

(you will still be able to see those that did not turn theirs off but people will not be able to see your dot.) 

also, you do not have to do this on both mobile or desktop it is one or the other whichever is easier for you!