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krayzkit  asked:

Got any art tips on drawing hands? More specifically finger placements?

SO this is kinda the template that i use to draw hands

to figure out where the fingers would go, i draw a curve to indicate where the tips of the fingers would be (or the knuckles, it works both ways). by following that curve, i’m able to figure out where the fingers would go. 

you don’t have to follow it perfectly, but staying along the curve makes the finger placement look more natural and makes it easier for me to draw hands

i hope that helps!!!

What started off as a joke, soon became a reality with inspiration from decedent flora, stemmed a world known as Arilia. In this world strives three empires: Belori, Ciravus, & Tilaren. Each empire a reference to three powerful sisters that lived some time ago, who are mere legends now…

FRUCITAION is an open original character roleplay group that is inspired by fantasy & fruits. A strange combo but we hope to welcome all sorts of people– so please, come check us out!


Remember those romana WIP I posted a while ago? Well here’s the final thing for Juliet Landau’s version or Romana III ( a seriously underappreciated incarnation there’s clearly not enough fanart of her out there and yet she’s amazing!)

The first in hopefully a long series of dw fanart, the summer holidays are almost there and it’s a good way to not get rusty during the break.

anonymous asked:

what shows do u find easy to color?

Oooh, this is a fun question, thanks!

Sense8 and OITNB are always really easy to color for my colorporn sets, not sure why exactly. Most non-dramas (e.g. Broad City, Jane the Virgin, You’re the Worst, IASIP) are really easy and fun because they’re so bright and often colorful already.

Legion wasn’t exactly easy to color, but it was fun, and I was giffing it at the same time as The Expanse, which was VERY difficult to color, like holy shit it was a trudge. So in comparison, it felt easy.

Mr. Robot isn’t easy, but it’s good for my style bc there are always lots of shots where the person stays pretty still and has a lot of open space to color surrounding them.

One way of coping that I’ve learned over time that’s saved my ass countless times from flashbacks and severe dissociative episodes is that whole stating the facts thing. Where you recite facts about your real situation to yourself to remind yourself you aren’t in danger. 

Except When I’m dissociative it doesn’t help to say those things to myself because I don’t totally exist at that point. So I started talking to my animals, especially Pepper because then I can justify it by saying I’m comforting my severely anxious pet. When really I’m reinforcing reality to myself in a weird roundabout method.

And it works really well? Forcing myself to interact with something in my environment aside from myself also prevents me from dissociating any further even if it doesn’t ground me entirely.

supergirl crushed my heart
the flash crushed my soul
waiting for arrow to crush my whole existence because why not? what’s left anymore?🙂

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you mentioned something about taking xanax for depression, do you actually?? I've been on a lot of depression meds but never xanax

i was prescribed some against my extreme mood swings but i never took it lol i don’t like meds that will make me lose control of my own senses so i can’t give u the reviews but my sister had a nervous breakdown and she took xanax and it at least assuaged her moods… she didn’t like the side effects tho. i think xanax can be helpful if u have depression in conjunction with extreme anxiety. im not a doctor tho so maybe ask one!

lemme tell you i am so fucking tired of angsty vampires. its enough. 

give me a newly-turned twenty-something vampire who hears about their newfound immortality and is like “thank god,” then proceeds to invest in some promising startups and fucks off to take a nap for two decades

give me a vampire thats only the tiniest bit phased at the blood diet because “eh, i tried paleo a while back and it was just as weird”

give me a vampire with self image issues who never has to avoid mirrors again because - bingo - no reflection

give me a genderqueer vampire who finally has an answer when someone asks their gender. “are you a boy or a girl?” “i am a vampire.” “but whats in your pants?” “fangs.” 

best of all, give me a vampire chick who is so stoked about being nocturnal because she’s never been able to walk alone after dark before and it’s nice to be able to walk her friends home and know theyre all safe with her


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