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So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)

  • Sole Survivor: *picks a lock*
  • Maccready: nice job! But, can you do it blindfolded?
  • Me, under my breath: you'd be surprised what I can do blindfolded... 😉
an outsider’s perspective on pjo

submitted by the absolutely incredible @orhowfar

okay i’m not in pjo fandom. i havent read any of the books, and before joining tumblr i knew NOTHING about it other than there was a movie once. sooo idk what this is really, i guess i thought an outsider’s impressions would amuse you.

- a bunch of teenage demigods who… hang out and piss their parents off
- the consequences are disastrous
- because their parents are greek gods and therefore assholes
- everyone should just listen to annabeth
- percy’s a little shit who doesn’t know what he’s doing but gets it done anyway
- percy is poseidon’s son, annabeth is the daughter of athena, and like idek any of the others but i know their names are piper nico bianca hazel grover jason magnus (who is… annabeth’s brother?)
- percy annabeth and hazel remain to be the only three i can name by sight
- percabeth
- his memories of annabeth were too strong to be completely erased
- there’s a… prophecy?? or something? there’s always a prophecy
- but no one dies ever
- except where’s grover
- why are they all wearing orange shirts, seriously is that a collective favorite color or something
- boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been
- but srsly just listen to annabeth
- dark!percy aus are apparently a thing that are not entirely out of line with his character in canon which is a discussion i followed with interest
- nico’s gay but everyone hates the way this was revealed. also i think he has a sister.
- percy on the other hand goes out of his way to spell out how no-homo he is
- hazel teams up with annabeth at… some point. idk. there was fanart. it looked epic and apocalyptic.
- in the new book there’s a character who wears a hijab, and some other dude, and it’s also about norse gods, and also annabeth is there
- what movie
- “what i dont understand is why, over the course of several books, it’s proven that despite being an utter goofball percy actually comes through and saves the day, and everyone continually acts all surprised.”
- pjo fandom is stuck in some otherly-dimension groundhog day where they will be buying new pjo books for the rest of their life.
- did that underwater kiss actually happen or is it a natural byproduct of a fandom where the lead is the son of the god of the sea
- just… listen to annabeth
- percy no

i am dying because this is the most accurate summary of these books and this fandom and just “boo/hoo stands for the sound pjo fandom makes when they think about what might have been” I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING holy shit. bravo. bravo.

Klance According to my Brother
  • My brother: Hey why do I keep seeing all this crap about Voltron?
  • My brother: It's all about some ship?? K something?
  • Me: Klance?
  • My brother: Yea that! With Lance and... that guy
  • Me: Keith?
  • My brother: Yes! I don't even get it.. Like Lance could do so much better
  • Me: (・_・)
  • My brother: He's super good looking??? I don't understand??
Dirty Norwegian: swears, insults and other bad words explained

Faen i forbanna kuksugende helvete, for noe jælva dritt. 

Do you wanna learn how to say “fuck in damned cocksucking hell, this is some fucking shit” and more like this in Norwegian? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I spent a good two hours of my life explaining to you guys.

Also let me know if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer!

m, f, nt. = masculine, feminine or neutral nouns


The equivalent to fuck. If you stubbed your toe in a table corner, this is what you will yell out in pained frustration. After years of being a swear word it has lost it’s meaning but it’s original meaning comes from fanden, which means the devil. Additional fact: In Denmark they’ll still yell fanden instead of faen. 

A lot of expressions are tied to faen. Here are some examples:

Faen ta deg. (Fuck you.)
Fy faen! (Fuck, but emphasized.)
Faen i helvete. (Fuck in hell. Again, for emphasis.)
Stygg som faen. (Ugly as fuck.)
Jeg gir faen. (I don’t give a fuck.)
Gi faen. (Knock it off.)
… for faen.* ( … for fuck’s sake.)

*Can’t be used alone, you have to fill inn the dots with something else. Usually used when you’re saying something that may contradict what has just been said. Han er jo fæl, for faen / But he’s terrible, for fuck’s sake.

Satan og helvete 

Helvete: means hell, we use this all the time. 
Additional fact: Many of you might know of the town in Norway called Hell and how it’s so far north that during the winter, Hell may freeze over. But the word “hell” in Norwegian means luck. Do whatever you like with this information.

Satan: You’ll yell this out the same way you’ll yell out fuck, but it doesn’t have the same dynamic as faen. You may use it as an adjective, however. For emphasis, add svarte at the end.

Satan helvetes fitte!
Satan svarte!

Jævla, forbanna og jævel

Jævla is an adjective, kind of like “fucking”, except it can’t be used alone, then you’re not making sense. 

You can use forbanna in two ways: (1) wherever you can use jævla. It’s an adjective, and it describes something cursed. You can also combine forbanna and jævla if you’re really pissed off!  (2) to let people know that you or another person is pissed off. Basically, you ARE forbanna. Usually you add an adverb such as these in front: “fly”, “skikkelig” or “helt” forbanna. “Fly” is exclusively used for forbanna.

Jævla/forbanna idiot. (Fucking idiot.)
Hun ble fly forbanna når hun så meg. (She got really pissed off when she saw me.)

Jævel is a noun (m) and means devil. It’s an insult, usually expresses dislike OR someone being mischievous. 

Han er en forbanna liten jævel. (He’s a little fucking bastard.)


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Actual conversation I overheard today in class:

Guy 1: Bro, ima get the fuck out of that group-chat.

Guy 2: Why, man?

Guy 1: Everyone’s fucking illiterate like for real who doesn’t know how to spell restaurant?

*Some third guy walks into the class all excited and goes over to them*


It is the year of our Lord 2017 and Catherine friggin’ Tate is honestly out there playing my favourite Disney comics character, completely out of the blue, opposite David Tennant who is playing Scrooge McDuck

Never, not in my wildest dreams, could I imagine I would be typing this one day. 

What a time to be alive guys. 

Queenie’s Matchmaking 101 (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by xrobbiexkayx

Request:  Could you pretty please write one where Queenie (probs didn’t spell that correctly) reads both the reader and Newt’s minds and ends up confessing their attraction for one another in front of everyone at dinner? Then the reader and Newt have to leave and end up ranting about how incredibly embarrassing it was until they both stop and realize that it doesn’t matter and they should just act on their feelings. Idk if that’s confusing or not sorry 😅  - Anon

Got a bit carried away again (aka this is actual trash)

You and Newt Scamander were completely in love with each other.  You had been for about two months now, but neither of you said anything about it.  You had first met Newt when your best friend and fellow auror Tina Goldstein told you she needed help on a case involving a bunch of magical creatures loose around New York City.  What she didn’t mention, however, was that the man who owned the magical creatures was flipping A D O R A B L E.  (You also got to witness the sexy mating dance firsthand).

Today, Queenie decided to invite: you, Newt, and Jacob over for dinner.  You all hadn’t seen each other in about two weeks, so everyone was talking and simply catching up with each other as they ate the delicious dinner Queenie had prepared.  

Everything was going great.  The food was amazing, everyone was nice; it was all perfect.  Except for the fact that you and Newt would awkwardly make eye contact every now and then.  Nobody else seemed to notice, but naturally, the legilimen did.  

Queenie read Newt’s mind and let out a happy squeal, causing everyone to stop what they were doing and stare at her.

“Uh, Queenie, what is it?” Tina asked.

Queenie smiled.  “Well, it appears our friend Newt here fancies Y/N!”

Newt blushed the deepest shade of red.  “W-well uh—you se–!”

Queenie interrupted him.  “Oh, honey don’t worry!  Y/N thinks you’re handsome as well,” she said happily after reading your mind.

You dropped your fork causing it to clatter against your plate, and your cheeks turned the same shade of Newt’s entire face.  “Queenie!”

Tina and Jacob sat back and laughed together.  “Well, you two would make an adorable couple!” Jacob said.

You pulled your cloth napkin off of your lap and threw it onto your plate.  You stood up, your chair screeching as it slid against the floor.  “I—uh—ought to be going now.”

Newt followed.  “Er, I should, too.  Can’t leave my creatures alone for much longer.”

Tina raised her eyebrows.  You did too.

You walked over to the front door, grabbing your coat from the coat rack and heading out the door; Newt not too far behind.  You immediately began the walk to the next block where your apartment was.  But, being a nice person, you let Newt catch up with you.

After about three minutes of no words between the two of you, you finally decided to speak up.  “Well. That was interesting.”

“Yes… very much so.”

You groaned.  “Queenie sure does know how to embarrass somebody, doesn’t she?”

He nodded and sighed.  “Well, she can read minds.  I imagine she would use it to her advantage.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Don’t like being embarrassed much, do you?”

You nodded.

“Yes, we have that in common.”

You stopped in your tracks once you arrived at the front of your apartment.  Newt insisted on making sure you got to your apartment safely.  “Screw it,” you mumbled.

Newt stopped too.  “What?”

You turned and grabbed his bow tie, yanking him towards you, crashing your lips onto his. Surprisingly, he reacted immediately as if it were a natural action, bringing his hands down to your waist. You didn’t care you were in public, all that mattered to you right now was that Newt was yours.

Once you both pulled away for air, he rested his forehead against yours.  “I guess we have something to thank Queenie for now, don’t we?” he said grinning.

You laughed.  “Indeed we do, Newt.  Turns out she can use her mind-reading skill to make something wonderful happen, huh?” Newt nodded.  “Hmm, maybe we’ll have to get her a gift of some sort?”

Newt thought for a moment.  “I think snogging in front of her will do.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

zdjdiskparjrnsidiksbwhwiajddn  asked:

not really an important question, but did bravery decide how betty was going to look like? like was she like oh sweet she's gonna have boots and a purple and pink sweater. or was it just magic from the spell that made betty's clothes?? idk this question is a bit dumb

that’s actually a very interesting question

( owo)

@theadamantdaughter @seapruncs this is the poster I was talking about. The animation director drew it and i did a little research (by little I mean very little) this isnt actually a season 4 promo poster it was just a drawing he did and they gave as gifts to fans or something. Ive seen posts about it somewhere saying it was made for season 4 before m night shamalayn (Idk how to spell his name) got the rights to make the movie. Thus stopping season 4. anyway I don’t know nothin really just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Reasons why Wreck-it Ralph is still my favorite Disney movie
  • The world is so interesting and honestly fun to look at (especially Sugar Rush)
  • The best plot twist in a children’s movie I’ve ever seen
  • Vanellope is so good?
  • actually scratch that all of them are good
  • Sour Pete is pretty funny
  • it has an actually pretty good allegory for discrimination (against “bad guys”)
  • Sonic the freaking Hedgehog makes a cameo and talks about safety outside your own game
  • Eggman and Bowser also make cameos
  • The plot/concept is just so fun and they did it so well (unlike some stories that had interesting ideas that started them, but did terribly with the execution)
  • Did I mention how much I love the world of Sugar Rush
  • Ralph is actually such a nice person despite being seen as a bad guy? Like he acts really grumpy but when Vanellope’s getting bullied by the other racers he gets really mad (I really liked that scene tbh)
  • The ending makes me really happy
  • I’ve seen the movie like six times and I still almost cry when I watch it
  • It’s got so much in it?? Like, it’s got comedy, there’s some action at the climax of the movie, and it still warms my heart whenever I watch it… and it still comes together so well
  • I just really love this movie ok
Mandarin: Flowers

Hey I’ve finally got some time to actually make some original content again, but still like zero ideas (can you guys pls give me some?!) so here’s kind of a random list abt flowers. Idk, maybe some of you are Chinese-learning flower enthusiasts. No idea. But here’s this.

花 (huā) flower
鲜花 (xiānhuā) fresh flowers
花束 (huāshù) bouquet
香呋 (xiāngwèi) fragrance, sweet smell
花商 (huāshāng) florist (shop)
花园 (huāyuán) flower garden
开花 (kāihuā) to bloom, to blossom
玫瑰 (méigui) rose
百合 (bâihé) lily
水仙 (shuîxiān) daffodil
雏菊 (chújú) daisy
郁金香 (yùjīnxiāng) tulip
杜鹃 (dùjuān) azalea
蒲公英 (púgōngyīng) dandelion
葵花 (kuíhuā) sunflower
毛莨 (máogèn) buttercup
罂粟 (yīngsù) poppy
康乃馨 (kāngnâixīn) carnation
大丽花 (dàlìhuā) dahlia
勿忘草 (wùwàngcâo) forget-me-not
鸢尾 (yuānwêi) iris

Yeah okay so maybe this’ll be vaguely interesting to someone? No idea. Anyway, pls hmu if you have ideas/requests, for whatever kind of post, bc I’m very much out of them. (Also, please let me know if there are mistakes ofc.)

Hand In Hand

Request:  Can you make a Carl fluff about how you go out on like a first date with him and go back to his place, but then right when things start to get heated rick and michonne or Judith walk in you and completely ruins the moment? Lol idk I just think fluffs like that are so funny : )

a/n: Thank you to the person who requested this really it was fun to write. It’s not very long and there may be some spelling errors but hey :)) Please don’t forget my requests are open and so is my messages! xo

Warning: A little bit of smut, no actual sex lol.

Tagged: @localantisocial :) Enjoy!!

You look at yourself in the mirror and try to flatten your hair down but instead you decide to put it up in a pony tail because Carl sees you in a pony tail most of the time anyway. Carl had asked you out on a ‘date’ and you happily agreed. You were also very surprised given that you liked him but he never showed any sign of interest.

When Carl arrived to Alexandria he was shy. Too shy. You, with the help of Enid, finally brought him out of his shell and then you two became best friends but you liked him a little more than that. You’ve dropped the subtle hints but he seemed to never understand the hints and then when he asked if you wanted to go on a date you embarrassed yourself by going bright red.

The knock on the door brought you back to reality as you checked yourself in the mirror again.

“I’ll get it.” You shout to Carol. When Rick brought his group Carol had to share a house with you. You didn’t mind though. It felt like having a mother again. You opened the door to see Carl stood calmly and you smiled.

“You ready to go.” He says as you shut the door behind you and nod. You follow him and he takes you to one of the many walls of Alexandria and smiles. “Because of the circumstances of our world right now I wasn’t really sure on what a date would be considered as. We’ve had fun outside of the walls I figured why not do it again but as a date this time?” He smiles and you blush

“Okay. Let’s do it.” You say as he started to climb the wall and you follow suit. 

You walk down the street of Alexandria, hand in hand, with Carl as you laugh.

“Yes! Not only did you almost fall over a log but then you almost fell over nothing and apologised for it.” He chuckles as you both walk together. “Hey, let’s go back to mine.”

You walk through the door and to your knowledge there seemed to be no one in the front room. He led you to his bedroom and you walked in and sat on his bed. As you look around you acknowledge the comic on the floor.

“Really? You’ve read that comic at least 13 times now.” You scoff and he tilts his head.

“If you can find me something else to read beside every comic here then by all means do it. But trust me, I’ve already tried.” He huffs and he comes to sit next to you, placing his hat on the floor by his feet.

“I had a good time today. I haven’t felt as good as I did today in a long time.” You whisper. He looks at you and smiles.

“You’re most welcome.” He utters as his face inches closer and closer to yours. Within a small amount of time his lips are on yours and you’re both moving in sync. You feel the kiss deepen as his tongue enters your mouth and you move to straddle him.

You continue to kiss him as you feel his hands move down to the button of your jeans and he’s soon deftly undoing it. His hand slides past your panties and his finger comes in contact with your clit. You gasp with an immense amount of pleasure when he put pressure on your clit and your brows furrow. His other hand moves to yours so that you’re both hand in hand while his fingers do works of magic.

“S-shit.” You stutter out as his finger moves further south and slips into you. You back arches into him and then the door swings open to reveal Rick, Michonne and a tired, but unwilling to go to sleep, Judith resting on Michonne’s arm. You push yourself off of him and do the button on your jeans up as you both sit up and look a them.

“Oh, sorry we didn’t mean to interrupt anything we were just um, checking to see if you got back. Looks like you did.” Rick says as Michonne’s head leans against Ricks arm and she chuckles. As does Rick when he sees you both go red.

“(Y/n) I’ll let Carol know you got home, she was a little worried about you. I’ll tell her you’re staying over our’s tonight then yeah?” Michonne mutters as they walk out of the room together. Just when you were about to laugh the door opened again to reveal an embarrassed looking Rick.

“Look just promise me. Make sure you use a condom or something yeah?” He says and Carl nods.

“Sure dad.” Carl utters as his checks turn crimson. When Rick leaves you laugh into Carl’s neck. “Wow.” He mutters.

“Yeah, wow.” You chuckle as you move closer to Carl and lay your head on his chest as you both lay on his bed together. “Maybe we should check next time to see if anyone else is home.” You look up to Carl to see his eye starting to flutter shut. He nods.

“Definitely.” He sighs and you grab hold of his hand. You listen to his steady breathing as your eyelids get heavy. You both lay there, hand in hand as you fell asleep. You smile to yourself knowing that when you wake tomorrow Carl will still be there. He’ll be right next to you.

anonymous asked:

Never read Sarah j Mass (?? Idk how to spell her name) books but I saw a post where you said you disliked her? Is there a reason? I'm just curious I'm by hating lol

When I said ‘disliked’, anon, I didn’t want to offend any of my followers - I’ve got quite a few users with SJM lit-related URLS. 

But ‘dislike’ may be too brief of a word. When I say I ‘dislike’ SJM, I actually mean I absolutely detest her and her writing, and both of them need to stay the hell away from me. 


Cute  [ viii ]

h2ovanoss fic - punk!pastel! highschool au
warnings: a lot of chat, the usual language, slight! terrornuckel.
3740 words
part eight


Rehearsal was split up into sections for both Wednesday and Thursday evenings, one and a half hours of learning two new pieces and practicing them with the rest of the string section. At home Jon was lovingly harassed by both Riley and Alice about the boy he’d bought home. Riley was suspicious about what they’d done together and what Evan was like at school whereas Alice couldn’t stop cooing about how handsome he was and “is he your boyfriend yet?”

He didn’t mind, laughing and answering his parents’ questions. There wasn’t anything to hide and he knew if anything were to happen he would tell them in an instant. They would never really get angry at him unless he hurt someone or did something totally irresponsible and that keeping secrets and lying would only lead to distrust and arguing down the line.

The last few days of the week drifted by swiftly. Compared to Tuesday in which he watched a kid get beaten up, had detention with Evan, almost kissed Evan twice and took Evan home with him; the remainder of the week were relaxed and easy. Jon did his work, spoke to Evan here and there about nothing in particular and ignored his friends’ constant teasing.

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