idk how to spell it tbh

Dirty Norwegian: swears, insults and other bad words explained

Faen i forbanna kuksugende helvete, for noe jælva dritt. 

Do you wanna learn how to say “fuck in damned cocksucking hell, this is some fucking shit” and more like this in Norwegian? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what I spent a good two hours of my life explaining to you guys.

Also let me know if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer!

m, f, nt. = masculine, feminine or neutral nouns


The equivalent to fuck. If you stubbed your toe in a table corner, this is what you will yell out in pained frustration. After years of being a swear word it has lost it’s meaning but it’s original meaning comes from fanden, which means the devil. Additional fact: In Denmark they’ll still yell fanden instead of faen. 

A lot of expressions are tied to faen. Here are some examples:

Faen ta deg. (Fuck you.)
Fy faen! (Fuck, but emphasized.)
Faen i helvete. (Fuck in hell. Again, for emphasis.)
Stygg som faen. (Ugly as fuck.)
Jeg gir faen. (I don’t give a fuck.)
Gi faen. (Knock it off.)
… for faen.* ( … for fuck’s sake.)

*Can’t be used alone, you have to fill inn the dots with something else. Usually used when you’re saying something that may contradict what has just been said. Han er jo fæl, for faen / But he’s terrible, for fuck’s sake.

Satan og helvete 

Helvete: means hell, we use this all the time. 
Additional fact: Many of you might know of the town in Norway called Hell and how it’s so far north that during the winter, Hell may freeze over. But the word “hell” in Norwegian means luck. Do whatever you like with this information.

Satan: You’ll yell this out the same way you’ll yell out fuck, but it doesn’t have the same dynamic as faen. You may use it as an adjective, however. For emphasis, add svarte at the end.

Satan helvetes fitte!
Satan svarte!

Jævla, forbanna og jævel

Jævla is an adjective, kind of like “fucking”, except it can’t be used alone, then you’re not making sense. 

You can use forbanna in two ways: (1) wherever you can use jævla. It’s an adjective, and it describes something cursed. You can also combine forbanna and jævla if you’re really pissed off!  (2) to let people know that you or another person is pissed off. Basically, you ARE forbanna. Usually you add an adverb such as these in front: “fly”, “skikkelig” or “helt” forbanna. “Fly” is exclusively used for forbanna.

Jævla/forbanna idiot. (Fucking idiot.)
Hun ble fly forbanna når hun så meg. (She got really pissed off when she saw me.)

Jævel is a noun (m) and means devil. It’s an insult, usually expresses dislike OR someone being mischievous. 

Han er en forbanna liten jævel. (He’s a little fucking bastard.)


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Screw mp100 personality posts

Wanna know a lot abt a person? Check on how they spell the Boss’s name whether if it’s Touichirou, Toichiro, or Toitsuro

I’ll find you ∾ j.s

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request? yes
   “ Could you just do something with reader x Jason Scott and she is a ranger ”

pairing(s): jason x fem!reader (platonic)

warning(s): might get you in your feels

a/n: i have risen from the dead for about the fourth time, wow
+ this is inspo by tori kelly & lecrae’s song i’ll find you. it’s such a good song i’m addicted
+ idk how i feel about this writing tbh. oh wells
+ i didn’t feel like proofreading so excuse anything that doesn’t make sense, spelling & grammar errors

Just fight a little longer my friend.
It’s all worth it in the end.
But when you got nobody to turn to.
Just hold on and I’ll find you.”

Being a white ranger didn’t benefit you as much as it benefited the others on your team. 

After the battle against Rita, everything seemed to go downhill. You couldn’t tell your parents about your secret identity which lead to them filing divorce papers and your mother having custody over you. Except, your mother was constantly out partying and seemed to never have time for you. She always came home drunk and you had no control over her decisions whatsoever.

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  • Someone: "Will Byers is straight"
  • Me: you come into MY house and disrespect MY beautiful queer son on the day of his wedding I'm suing

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((idk if this is the right spot to ask but i want to start an ask blog.. but i dont want to do stuff that has like 50 ask blogs, so i might want to do 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Chip Tolentino but im not sure if people would care?? help))

(I’m not really sure how to run an ask blog either tbh but @shironyane says they would definitely follow u for that blog lmao. Good luck in your endeavors friend !!)

my sister is making me watch the bachelor so like

bachelor au where korra and asami are contestants, but as they spend time with each other in the mansion they start thinking “haha fuck the bachelor lets date each other instead”

except theres a huge prospect of reaping loads of cash if one of them wins, which will fund their own wedding, so they decide that one of them has to win

(cue the hurt/comfort “you were totally into that date” “korra please have you seen his eyebrows”/“you said he looked good” “yeah but you pull red off better”)

except theres a roadblock when the bachelor, mako, starts icing out all the girls bc damnit, these girls are all super cool and he loves hanging out with them, and they seem to love hanging out with him (especially korra and asami - like to a scary level? obsessive level? those girls are way too competitive) but he just doesnt feel that kind of connection with any of them there must be something wrong with him

until he does a quick google search and Oh My God Im Aromantic

(the producers wont let him quit, so he confides in asami during one of their dates that he doesnt know what to do and so they Make A Deal, get married, get loads of cash from interviews and advertisements and then more interviews and advertisements when they break up, and more interviews and advertisements when the press find out asami is dating a past contestant and they all stay friends and live happily ever after)

now someone fic this for me

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I'm new but I want to know how I can get into witchcraft? I'm really interested.

There is no set way to get into witchcraft, it’s different for all of us. I’ll share the path I started on (well, kind of) to get you started! 

I got into witchcraft with by means of energy manipulation and meditation a few years ago. I think these two are basic building blocks for any witch, considering that energy manipulation will be needed to cast spells, and that meditation can be used as a setting stone for various rituals, techniques, etc.,

Here’s some links regarding energy manipulation 😊 
Here’s another (btw I recommend starting with this one). 

Meditation, as I mentioned above, is another fundamental stepping stone of witch craft. Simply taking a deep breath, clearing your mind, and focusing on your breathing is a form of meditation. 

I was always taught meditation by word of mouth, not through a book or anything. Not until I started looking myself. 

Also, because as a witch you’ll be working with the universe and altering it, I recommend cleansing your chakras as often as you can. Here’s a video link and here’s a written link ,

and those are what I consider the fundamental. 

From here, you can start branching off into other, more “witchy” things. An easy beginner “spell” that most people start with is a sigil, which is a magickal symbol with a meaning.

here’s an tutorial on how to make one (and I’ll be making my own later on). Tbh I haven’t even read through the whole thing I linked and it’s a lot, i haven’t given my opinion on it. I’ll be making a sigil post later, and I’ll link it. 

As a witch, you’ll also want a grimorie or a book of shadow. While they are technically separate, most people use the term interchangeably. A grimorie is a book used to keep all your “research” that you do as a witch. So moon phases, spells*, crystal information, herb info, etc., is what you’ll be putting in your grimorie. 

Essentially it’s anything witchy related. 

Your book of Shadows is where your spells go, apparently. But I don’t have one, I have a grimorie and that alone, and I put my research and spells inside of it. 

Crystals are another thing that many witches start with. Crystals can be used for various things. I have a smokey quartz for protection and to dispel negative energy, a clear quartz for spell work (idk where it went tbh tho, i think it ran away), and two selenites. One to raise my vibrations, and another to use as a wand. 

Find a crystal you think you may need, look up its meaning, and go from there. 

These are the basics. This is how I got in.
Now from here, you branch out, and your research is your own.

Find out what kind of witch you are. What do you have an attraction to? The woods, the city, space, everything? Finding out what kind of witch you are can give you a direction of where you want to go with your path and what you want to study.

You’ll mostly start casting spells when you find a need to cast spells. You’ll maybe find specific spells to cast. Some for beauty, money, protection, and so on.

here and here are some links that have a ton of information for beginner witches! 

A word of caution–Take precaution. Don’t dive into anything without fully understanding it or protecting yourself. Some things can be dangerous if we’re not handling them correctly. 

Feel free to ask more questions! 

Reasons why Wreck-it Ralph is still my favorite Disney movie
  • The world is so interesting and honestly fun to look at (especially Sugar Rush)
  • The best plot twist in a children’s movie I’ve ever seen
  • Vanellope is so good?
  • actually scratch that all of them are good
  • Sour Pete is pretty funny
  • it has an actually pretty good allegory for discrimination (against “bad guys”)
  • Sonic the freaking Hedgehog makes a cameo and talks about safety outside your own game
  • Eggman and Bowser also make cameos
  • The plot/concept is just so fun and they did it so well (unlike some stories that had interesting ideas that started them, but did terribly with the execution)
  • Did I mention how much I love the world of Sugar Rush
  • Ralph is actually such a nice person despite being seen as a bad guy? Like he acts really grumpy but when Vanellope’s getting bullied by the other racers he gets really mad (I really liked that scene tbh)
  • The ending makes me really happy
  • I’ve seen the movie like six times and I still almost cry when I watch it
  • It’s got so much in it?? Like, it’s got comedy, there’s some action at the climax of the movie, and it still warms my heart whenever I watch it… and it still comes together so well
  • I just really love this movie ok