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Reverse Heroine | I

parts: ➳ 1 | 2 /?

fic ft. fuckboy!jungkook x reader

summary: because platonic love is underrated

genre: college au, fluff/angst idk? 

word count: 2.9k

a/n: i’m so sick of the fics where oc’s are always leading on the boys. so let’s put a change in perspective for once. 

              Office hours are open for students who has any concerns or questions for the professor. For Jeon Jungkook, however, it was a completely different definition.

               It was frustrating how your TA had given you a 70 on the recent paper that was assigned. You followed every criteria that was on the rubric, and took extra time to find extra sources to support your argument. It was obvious that your TA didn’t really like you due to your passive attitude during tutorials, but you attended every class and completed all the assignments on time. And for goodness sake, participation wasn’t even mandatory! After your brief and futile argument with your TA, you decided to go talk to your professor about the situation. Ms. Choi was one of your favorite professors of all time, she was fun and fairly young – for a professor that is, and her lectures were never really boring.

               The door was closed when you arrived at her office, with muffled noises coming from behind. You knocked twice quietly, hoping to get her attention. However, things took a different turn when the door creaked open and you saw Ms. Choi spread across her desk with Jeon Jungkook thrusting into her from the back. The muffled noises became apparent as the quiet moans Ms. Choi was trying to hold back and the heavy pants that Jeon Jungkook was making. The two of them looked up at you, standing near the doorway with eyes that looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets.

               A normal person would have been flustered at walking in on their professor fucking one of the biggest campus fuckboys, running out of the room immediately. But then again, you never really considered yourself normal.

               “Shit, I thought you said you locked the door!”

               “Uh…” You zone out, watching the very entertaining scene unravel before your eyes, “I’ll come back another time, Professor.” The amused grin was threatening to spill on your lips, but you took all your years of mastering indifference to excuse yourself and quietly close the door behind you.

               As you walked away, there was only one idea that popped in your head.

               “There’s no way that I won’t be getting that A now.”

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Petition · Hallmark Channel: Take Down 'Love On Ice' ·

So I’m not sure how many people have heard of this, but there is a clear rip off of Yuri on Ice in the form of a shitty whitewashed hallmark movie.

Idk if this petition will help, but I wanna put it out there.


Main 10: Original Concept Art vs. Final Sprites

(Source: Initial designs - Boys’ Sprites - Girls’ Sprites)

Both the art and the characters belong to the creators of Sweet Elite.

I wanted to put the designs side to side and see all the differences ;)

Ok low key I notice sometime that tumblr likes to make fun of how white people look and it really bothers me. I mean I know that beauty standards are super problematic, and tend to favor white people and maybe attacking how white people look will (idk) “break” those standards….but I still think attacking looks is below the belt…
Like people are privileged in some ways and put down in others. Like I’m Latina, and a woman, but I’m privileged bc I’m in a middle class family and in college and am white passing. I’m privileged in some ways but in others I’m not. Like a white guy is super privileged, but may have major image issues (not being tall enough, not being muscley enough, acne, not have facial hair whatever is a source of the negativity) and I don’t think it’s fair to attack them. Their insecurities should not be targeted, even if they are a white guy.
We can’t be body positive and tell everyone to accept themselves then turn and attack people for things we told them to accept about themselves.
Tldr: please be body positive to everyone because anyone can have insecurities and don’t be a jackass

i don’t know how to vocalize exactly the source of my frustration w what i feel is a fandom habit to go to ppl most affected by specific marginalization issues in media and nitpick? idk how to put it exactly - i feel like ppl want to find something that’s good and warn others away from what’s bad but there’s a point where it’s like… it’s not perfect but please we’re starving just let us enjoy this? idk

  • Annabeth: I warn you, I've been trained to kill since I was seven.
  • Percy: Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?
  • Annabeth: You can't address me like that.
  • Percy: Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat, Miss Chase?

crochanblackbeak  asked:

What's your thouggts on ACOWAR being based off Snow White? Have you seen where exactly Sarah said it was? And if so point me in the direction of the source?? Thanks.

I don’t know where she said this tbh. And after chatting with @sparkleywonderful the whole glass coffin thing was covered in the Hewn City chapter of ACOMAF. So idk how much more she can give us…maybe some general themes/ideas? Also….. IDK how much stock I would put into it seeing as ACOMAF was “based off” the Hades and Persephone myth and it was really more like inspo for the book than an actual “based off” is that makes sense?