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You have such a wonderful touch with color! Where do you get your inspiration for these super fun palettes? Any tips on How to Color Good©?

AHH thank you!!   I’m really bad about using smart correct ART terms for what I do lol so idk how useful any advice I give would be but

Main source of inspiration is just.. I really love colors lol.  Colors make me SO HAPPY and I guess using more = more happy lmao, that’s why most of my stuff is so saturated.

As far as character palettes go, what I do is figure out 3-4 dominant colors that fit the character and then make every other color compliment those colors.  For in-game characters I’ll eyeball the palette straight off the models and then alter each color so they work together a little better.  

In Photoshop I put every color on it’s own separate layer and then mess with the sliders in Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation on each individual color until I like it.  I might find one color I really like and alter the colors around it to compliment it. 

90% of what I do is push those sliders around until I like what I see. \o/  If you do this enough you’ll start to passively learn what colors feel best together and against each other.  I’ve been doing it for yeeears. 

Sometimes even if I like a color it’s good to slide it around anyway to see if I can make a stronger or more interesting palette.

Most of my stuff is very saturated and rainbowy because I LIKE EVERY COLOR and every color can work together if you mess around with it enough lol

(WIPs lol)

Design is important but the colors you use should be part of the story too.  Color should always make you feel something because color speaks!  Sometimes it’s very soft and sometimes it’s very loud, but it’s like the music that goes along with the narration.  It sets the atmosphere of a piece. 

I LOVE using limited palettes too, though.  Limiting my colors to just 3-4 forces me to tell the story more clearly because I can’t rely on colors to make certain things obvious.  Makes me think a lil different because layers and opacity can turn few colors into many.  

I usually only use limited palettes for comic/storytelling stuff, otherwise I make everything rainbow lol COLOR MAKES ME SO HAPPY and I wanna share that happiness!

Reverse Heroine | I

parts: ➳ 1 | 2 | 3 / ?

fic ft. fuckboy!jungkook x reader

summary: because platonic love is underrated

genre: college au, fluff/angst idk? 

word count: 2.9k

a/n: i’m so sick of the fics where oc’s are always leading on the boys. so let’s put a change in perspective for once. 

              Office hours are open for students who has any concerns or questions for the professor. For Jeon Jungkook, however, it was a completely different definition.

               It was frustrating how your TA had given you a 70 on the recent paper that was assigned. You followed every criteria that was on the rubric, and took extra time to find extra sources to support your argument. It was obvious that your TA didn’t really like you due to your passive attitude during tutorials, but you attended every class and completed all the assignments on time. And for goodness sake, participation wasn’t even mandatory! After your brief and futile argument with your TA, you decided to go talk to your professor about the situation. Ms. Choi was one of your favorite professors of all time, she was fun and fairly young – for a professor that is, and her lectures were never really boring.

               The door was closed when you arrived at her office, with muffled noises coming from behind. You knocked twice quietly, hoping to get her attention. However, things took a different turn when the door creaked open and you saw Ms. Choi spread across her desk with Jeon Jungkook thrusting into her from the back. The muffled noises became apparent as the quiet moans Ms. Choi was trying to hold back and the heavy pants that Jeon Jungkook was making. The two of them looked up at you, standing near the doorway with eyes that looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets.

               A normal person would have been flustered at walking in on their professor fucking one of the biggest campus fuckboys, running out of the room immediately. But then again, you never really considered yourself normal.

               “Shit, I thought you said you locked the door!”

               “Uh…” You zone out, watching the very entertaining scene unravel before your eyes, “I’ll come back another time, Professor.” The amused grin was threatening to spill on your lips, but you took all your years of mastering indifference to excuse yourself and quietly close the door behind you.

               As you walked away, there was only one idea that popped in your head.

               “There’s no way that I won’t be getting that A now.”

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hey i’ve been thinking a lot about the little things you do, your quirks, and things you do when you’re with me 
and how they affect me a lot
like the way you smile automatically when you’ve been hit on the face with a ray of sunshine

that time you told me i have a calming presence and it made my heart feel things i didn’t know were possible to feel
how you etch your fingers over my hand, and the touch lingers just a little longer than it should, but it does, and it does things to me
i play that time you came into a room, saw me,
and kissed my cheek and chin
over and over again in my head a lot
and wonder if it was just my imagination or it really happened
i think a lot about how you can’t really wink, but you wink at me anyway
and i feel like you’re the greatest winker in the world
if that’s even a word

i think a lot about those times you tell me about people you’re texting, people who think you’re beautiful
(but possibly not as much as I think you’re beautiful)
and i try my best not to get jealous
but remember that you tell me these because you trust me
and i try to put up a brave face

i also think a lot about the way you make me feel
like how every time things get dark, i know you are there
a light at the end of the tunnel, a source of joy and happiness
and everything good in life

i think of how every time we meet
i almost tell you i love you
but i don’t
because i want things to be the way they are
just for another day

—  a letter to my love i’ll possibly never send by @emotionsarecrazy

there’s something that’s been bothering me and so I’m going to bust out this account real quick to say it

over the years Tumblr has gotten a lot better at the issue of art sourcing and reposting – I remember when I first joined art without source (let alone repost permission) was rampant and everyone was doing pastel filter edits for aesthetic without remorse, and now although the problem does still remain it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be and people are generally far more aware of source and permission etiquette

I’m glad but I wish the people here could apply this mentality to things that aren’t visual art, too

the same people who look down on “art not by me” I see reblogging videos that were obviously taken from some user on Twitter on YouTube but aren’t sourced back to them just because the video is memeworthy or something (which I guess somehow entails it didn’t have a ton of effort put into it??? idk)

and as another example, music – I see things like “listen to this cool remix of (game song)!” or “omg this mashup” and everyone will comment on how this gives them life or how it weirdly fits but absolutely no credit will be given to the person who did it; if all of you cared even half as much about nightcore as you do about pastel filter aesthetic art edits (they’re really just as damaging!) you’d be making an uproar about the fact there are actual YouTube channels monetizing their unauthorized edits of people’s work, but here it’s treated as just some minor cringeworthy phenomenon at worst

speaking as a musician it’s even more damaging to have this kind of thing happen to us than visual artists because we don’t have things like reverse image search to help us once our work is taken from us and it will be completely dependent on some kind soul remembering who made it – yet the problem is largely ignored because we don’t do visual art

so the next time you’re thinking about posting or reblogging something like that where there’s no source whatsoever please do consider what you’re doing, thank you

hello internet ;) i’ve been stalking studyblr for quite a while now and i’ve finally been bothered decided to create one of my own, in hopes of it being something fun yet productive and a source of motivation (which I’ll need a lot in the coming years) i totally haven’t been stressing out over/putting off this introduction for a couple of days oops

on this blog, i’ll (try!) and post pictures of my bullet journal, notes, my desk, aka the usual studyblr content as well as reblogs of other posts

(psa: capital letters stress me out so i just don’t use em)

about me: 

  • you guys can call me ri :)
  • i’m currently studying for my gcses and i live in the uk
  • idk how this works in other countries but i’m not studying anything in particular at the moment, just regular subjects like maths, english, humanities, the sciences, art, etc
  • originally from sri lanka (an island to the south of india :)
  • i speak english and tamil (native), i’m learning arabic and “teaching” myself korean :)
  • tbh, all i do wanna is become a polygot and speak 12 languages and just travel the world for the rest of my life wow
  • libraaaa and an infj (i tried multiple tests on multiple websites because i refused to have the same personality type as such influential people, e.g. neLSON MANDELA)(well, apparently he was an infj)
  • hella awkward and boring (:(
  • last year me would’ve been ashamed to say this but i haven’t read a (good) book so hmu with those book recommendations

favourites (aka the shit for procrastinating):

  • i listen to a looooot of music and i’m always up for trying out different genres so send me music recommendations too 
  • i like korean music too.. like a lot (bts, zico, dean, day6, punchnello, i could go on forever)
  • i watch a lot of youtubers, tv/variety shows and asian dramas :) and ofc anime (i need to stop) (but i’ve just started haikyuu! and it is way too addictive oops)(hiNATA’S SO CYUTE)
  • i just realised how much time i probably spend reading fanfics too, i actually need to stop
  • i like drawing and painting but i’ve been on an art block for like a month ?? my stuff isn’t even good so idk


just some studyblrs that have motivated me to create this blog (this is literally off the top of my head, so i’ve missed out a lot of blogs, im sorry):

@rhubarbstudies @mochi-studies @jiyeonstudies @tbhstudying @studyign @revisicn @elkstudies @emmastudies @estudier @studylustre i really look up to y’all :)


Main 10: Original Concept Art vs. Final Sprites

(Source: Initial designs - Boys’ Sprites - Girls’ Sprites)

Both the art and the characters belong to the creators of Sweet Elite.

I wanted to put the designs side to side and see all the differences ;)

ロー&ルフィ log 01 | BAMD | Artist twitter

※ Permission to upload was personally granted by the artist, please do not remove the source or re-post this without permission.

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You never know but I don't believe he put his hands on her he says alot of things he shouldn't say and there is no excuse for that but physical? idk helicopters a swat team and LAPD had a stand off at his house for hours b/c a women said he attacked her so how would several attacks on Kae were she is screaming at the top of her lungs slide under the radar from TMZ, his PO and no 'sources' people called for graffiti on his property and the next day it there were headlines.

I’ll just put my thoughts on how Moana might have ended up being the “chosen one”.
In the beginning, Maui stole the heart for whatever reason, and we still see him with his hook when he leaves the island.
At some point he encountered tamatoa who took away his hook and thus Maui lost his shape-shifting ability.
Perhaps Maui had the potential to get the island back, but after loosing his source of power, he was no longer considered eligible to restore the island.

So the mission had to go to somebody else…

  • Annabeth: I warn you, I've been trained to kill since I was seven.
  • Percy: Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?
  • Annabeth: You can't address me like that.
  • Percy: Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat, Miss Chase?

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That comic is trying to imply all leftists are scary communists. :P Check the source, it's incredible.

Or maybe it’s about how authoritarianism is garbage no matter if it’s for the state, the volk, law and order, or the glorious revolution???

Idk, i went to the OP and there wasn’t, like, any caption or tags that says that All Leftists are and amalgamation of Stalin/Pol Pot/the Kims. All I saw was a couple sarcastic responses to someone calling OP a milquetoast centrist.

I am sliiiightly annoyed that he couldn’t put it in the bottom corner, that’s probably because where political compass tests puts me usually idk.

nezclaw replied to your post: i secretly dislike how people who know a fuckton…

WADTT does ask other blogs that are more knowledgeable regarding certain animals if they don’t know for sure.

thats good if they do that, but i just checked and it turns out theyre not even vets, which i thought they were

idk having people who arent even vets (while im sure theres vets on tumblr) be in charge of the most well known animal care blog doesnt seem too smart imo. like i know THEY probably realize they’re not an endless source of knowledge, but it seems like half of tumblr doesnt, and if they were wrong someday and someone called em out, no one would listen.

idk man im just worried with how much faith people put in this one blog without consulting like…a vet or a well-known expert on certain animals they wanna know about

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i just wanted to say i love ur blog ??? everytime i see u on my dash im all like !!!! and it makes me so happy and idk im bad at explaining things but i love ur blog and ur character and how much effort u put into him

oh my goodness, you are so kind!! thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to send me this message, it really made my evening!  i hope my blog continues to be a source of pleasure, as slow as i can be sometimes. 

Alright children huddle up let’s talk about some shit.

I’m freaking the fuck out because a Philippine TV network just premiered a show three days ago and it is SO QUEER LIKE, CANONICALLY QUEER. I’m gonna put a link if you guys wanna idk, maybe check it out. (x)

Edit: I corrected the part about Batchi’s gender identity. Source: [x] at 8:55 within the video

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Ok low key I notice sometime that tumblr likes to make fun of how white people look and it really bothers me. I mean I know that beauty standards are super problematic, and tend to favor white people and maybe attacking how white people look will (idk) “break” those standards….but I still think attacking looks is below the belt…
Like people are privileged in some ways and put down in others. Like I’m Latina, and a woman, but I’m privileged bc I’m in a middle class family and in college and am white passing. I’m privileged in some ways but in others I’m not. Like a white guy is super privileged, but may have major image issues (not being tall enough, not being muscley enough, acne, not have facial hair whatever is a source of the negativity) and I don’t think it’s fair to attack them. Their insecurities should not be targeted, even if they are a white guy.
We can’t be body positive and tell everyone to accept themselves then turn and attack people for things we told them to accept about themselves.
Tldr: please be body positive to everyone because anyone can have insecurities and don’t be a jackass

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do you have any thoughts on memory loss coming out of the CoL? if this is a possibility for the finale and (dare i say it) clarke or lexa come out of it with amnesia because idk ALIE got upgraded to super AI if she manages to get the code...i mean we've seen jaha forget wells but under different circumstances in that he was a source of pain and grief for him but it makes me wonder...

I actually wrote about this quite a while ago in my second ALIE Update after Episode 2 when i was trying to figure out how you could live in the City of Light forever. I haven’t put much else thought into this ‘theory’ so here is the sections on that along with some of the van leaks:

Death in the real reality & still alive in the City of Light

The best explanation I have for this phenomenon is that the longer you stay in The City of Light and ‘accept’ it, your brain is downloaded onto ALIE’s server. There are theoretical scientific studies that talk about how if humans could download their brain on to a computer, they could live forever. Your brain functions by sending electrical impulses, so if you could replicate that, theoretically you could replicate someone’s consciousness. Therefore, if your ‘real body’ dies in the ‘real reality’ your consciousness has been downloaded and you can live forever in the City of Light. But, the catch is that you have to say ‘yes’ to entering the City of Light. So, Gideon’s brain and consciousness was downloaded onto ALIE’s servers that allows his consciousness to live forever ‘digitally’ in the City of Light. However, is that really being alive?  

Maybe when you enter the City of Light, and ALIE starts to download your consciousness, it also erases your brain. Maybe this is the build up to the finale. Maybe they are about to destroy ALIE but then the epiphany hits that if they destroy her; everyone that is inside the City of Light might lose their memories/who they are. A person is more than just then their body.  

Vancouver Leaks – why is Clarke in pain while she is in the City of Light? Isn’t there supposed to not be pain there?

ALIE says that there is no pain in the City of Light….but that is A LIE.

As mentioned, ALIE controls your body while your mind is in the City of Light. She might create pain as some sort of ‘conditioning therapy’ to train and teach the humans inside the City of Light to behave. I’m not sure what her plans are once she gets the people inside the City of Light, but her claims that the city of light is this Utopia is A LIE.

Moving on, you see Lexa grab Clarke and ask “Are you hurt?” meaning that in the ‘real reality’ Clarke’s body is fine, but Clarke believes that she has been stabbed or somehow injured. ALIE is making Clarke believe she is hurt when she isn’t. I wrote HERE, that I think Clarke is in the City of Light against her will and that is why she is in her season 1 clothes and not modern ones. I think that ALIE is trying to convince Clarke to say ‘yes’ to the City of Light. In order for the City of Light to work, you have to say ‘Yes’ – you have to be willing and wanting. But, I think that ALIE will have somehow been able to get Clarke to enter the City of Light by using people Clarke loves (hurting them possibly – think of Raven banging her head against the wall) to get her to say ‘yes’ which isn’t a free-will choice; it was a choice made under duress. But, the act of Clarke saying ‘yes’ and wanting the suffering of her friends to end was enough to send her mind into the City of Light.

Some more biblical parallels: God created humans in his image. And like their Creator, they have free-will. So, to be human is to have free-will. In order for ALIE’s plan to work she has to have the human choose – without choosing under duress – to enter the City of Light for the connection to take complete hold. Clarke enters the City of Light, but not completely because it was under duress. I think that ALIE then temps Clarke to say ‘yes’ (of her own free-will) while she is in the City of Light; tempting her like Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat the forbidden fruit. ALIE shows her a time where she was free of burdens and had no blood on her hands, which was in season 1.  Remember what Clarke said in 1x01 “The ground — that’s the dream. This is reality. Reality sucks.” ALIE is giving her what she wants – to be on the Ground but not in reality because “reality sucks”. Also, it looks like the people are feeling rain on their faces with the same expression Raven had when she felt rain on her face. ALIE is using things from Clarke’s own dreams that she has to convince her to accept the lie. This isn’t Clarke’s full dream though, she wants “I see trees all around me, the scent of wildflowers on a breeze” this modern metropolis from the past is not what she wants.

Lexa is able to reach Clarke due to their ‘real human connection’, and Clarke’s entrance into the City of Light not being ‘complete’. ALIE doesn’t have complete control over Clarke’s mind or body. Clarke is able to somewhat see/feel Lexa while she is in the City of Light. Clarke is holding onto Lexa for dear life in the Vancouver leaks – I think she can’t fully see Lexa yet. There is a moment when they are on the steps where Clarke says something to Lexa and Lexa smiles and grabs her face. We think that Lexa is saying, “Your mind is already changing” or something along those lines. I think that Clarke was telling Lexa that she can see Lexa’s face; Lexa is probably a blurry figure that Clarke can barely see, but due to their ‘real human connection’ and love – she can sense her. Lexa is slowly able to draw Clarke’s mind out of the City of Light and back into her body that is in the real reality. Lexa and Clarke are each other’s anchors to the real reality.

[Side note: You might be asking why Otan wasn’t able to resist ALIE when she used his body to hold a knife against Emori’s throat. I think there are two parts to this, 1) he willingly said ‘yes’ to go into the City of Light, and 2) Otan and Emori have a brother/sister connection rather than a ‘real human’ romantic one. I see this being paralleled with Bellamy/Octavia or Bellamy/Clarke or other friends. We see in transcript that Octavia, Bellamy, and Clarke have a real band-of-brothers moment.

This is not a moment of ‘real human connection’ but a familial one – like Otan and Emori. Therefore, I think that romantic love is the only thing that can anchor a person. Love might be the thing that is able to destroy ALIE because love can’t be explained or replicated digitally. Love is a weapon and shield.]

Finale theory and Lexa being trapped in the City of Light.

Now, if we are going with this theory – which is a far stretch and I’m not sure I even believe it anymore – there are many MANY questions that arise that I simply don’t have the answers to. So, the plan is to kill ALIE and free everyone ‘trapped’ inside the City of Light. For me, I think there are three things that could happen if ALIE is destroyed:

  1. ALIE is destroyed the connection breaks and people’s minds return to their bodies in the real reality.
  2. The people whose minds were in the City of Light are trapped there while their bodies are alive in the real reality. So they are in a coma like state since ALIE isn’t controlling their minds
  3. ALIE is killed and all the data downloaded for them to live forever in the City of Light is wiped from their memory; giving everyone amnesia or totally wiping away who the person is.  

Now, there might be even more repercussions for killing ALIE. I could see an ‘OH SHIT’ moment arise when they find out that destroying ALIE would also be destroying a person. A person is the summation of their memories and experiences as well as DNA and certain genetic factors. If you get rid of those memories, you are essentially ‘killing’ the person; you are saving the human body but you are killing the human inside of it. So, Lexa might not be trapped inside the City of Light…she might have her memories erased.  This would also fall in line with the ‘its complicated’ surrounding Lexa’s survival as well as Clexa. Lexa is her mind and her experiences, take those away….and is she still ‘Lexa’? This might be another ending to the finale that fits in with the ‘it’s complicated’ scenario. BUT!!! If Lexa was chosen to be the Commander due to her being able to resist ALIE’s mind control…idk how this would work.

Prediction for Volpina: so according to that source we know Lila gets akumatized, but what if Master Fu sees the same potential in her as he saw in Marinette and Adrien, and at the end of the episode gives her the orange miraculous? He just made his first major appearance in Princess Fragrance (according to episode order and keeping Origins as a special for after the first season), so it would make sense for him to give Volpina a miraculous at the end of the episode as the finale, and then have Origins afterwards explaining a little more who he is and how the other miraculous users (Marinette, Adrien, and Hawk Moth) came to be.

Idk idk it’s late and I’m tired and about to go to sleep so this is probs v incoherent and rambling but I just wanted to put it out there