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Taako: Alright, from now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as “Eagle One”. 

Taako: Barry, code name – “Been There, Done That”.

Barry: Listen, Taako, I mistook you for your sister for two seconds–

Taako: It was the wrong two seconds, my dude.

Taako: Kravitz is – “Currently Doing That”. 

Taako: Merle is – “It Happened Once in a Dream”… although it was more of a nightmare really… 

Taako: Lucretia, code name – “If I Had To Pick a Gal”.

Lucretia: Taako, this is highly unprofessional–

Taako: Cap’n Port is – “Eagle Two”.

Davenport: Oh thank God. 


Magnus, ignoring the plan and taking off: “I’d Be Lying If I Said I Hadn’t Thought About It” rushes in.

bluecrysto-blog  asked:

You have such a wonderful touch with color! Where do you get your inspiration for these super fun palettes? Any tips on How to Color Good©?

AHH thank you!!   I’m really bad about using smart correct ART terms for what I do lol so idk how useful any advice I give would be but

Main source of inspiration is just.. I really love colors lol.  Colors make me SO HAPPY and I guess using more = more happy lmao, that’s why most of my stuff is so saturated.

As far as character palettes go, what I do is figure out 3-4 dominant colors that fit the character and then make every other color compliment those colors.  For in-game characters I’ll eyeball the palette straight off the models and then alter each color so they work together a little better.  

In Photoshop I put every color on it’s own separate layer and then mess with the sliders in Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation on each individual color until I like it.  I might find one color I really like and alter the colors around it to compliment it. 

90% of what I do is push those sliders around until I like what I see. \o/  If you do this enough you’ll start to passively learn what colors feel best together and against each other.  I’ve been doing it for yeeears. 

Sometimes even if I like a color it’s good to slide it around anyway to see if I can make a stronger or more interesting palette.

Most of my stuff is very saturated and rainbowy because I LIKE EVERY COLOR and every color can work together if you mess around with it enough lol

(WIPs lol)

Design is important but the colors you use should be part of the story too.  Color should always make you feel something because color speaks!  Sometimes it’s very soft and sometimes it’s very loud, but it’s like the music that goes along with the narration.  It sets the atmosphere of a piece. 

I LOVE using limited palettes too, though.  Limiting my colors to just 3-4 forces me to tell the story more clearly because I can’t rely on colors to make certain things obvious.  Makes me think a lil different because layers and opacity can turn few colors into many.  

I usually only use limited palettes for comic/storytelling stuff, otherwise I make everything rainbow lol COLOR MAKES ME SO HAPPY and I wanna share that happiness!

it’s 12:24 am and I’m laying here thinking how much I love bap like??? Holy shit they’ve given me 5 amazing years and I hope they’ll give me another 5 ??? and today I got asked about them n I was really anxious beforehand but !!! god the moment I was asked about them I felt so excited and happy and I was really emo because I thought about the concert and how I got to see them and meet them n idk I’m just so happy I have the 6 best men in the world to be my biggest source of happiness n I can’t see anyone else taking their place

Reverse Heroine | I

parts: ➳ 1 | 2 | 3 / ?

fic ft. fuckboy!jungkook x reader

summary: because platonic love is underrated

genre: college au, fluff/angst idk? 

word count: 2.9k

a/n: i’m so sick of the fics where oc’s are always leading on the boys. so let’s put a change in perspective for once. 

              Office hours are open for students who has any concerns or questions for the professor. For Jeon Jungkook, however, it was a completely different definition.

               It was frustrating how your TA had given you a 70 on the recent paper that was assigned. You followed every criteria that was on the rubric, and took extra time to find extra sources to support your argument. It was obvious that your TA didn’t really like you due to your passive attitude during tutorials, but you attended every class and completed all the assignments on time. And for goodness sake, participation wasn’t even mandatory! After your brief and futile argument with your TA, you decided to go talk to your professor about the situation. Ms. Choi was one of your favorite professors of all time, she was fun and fairly young – for a professor that is, and her lectures were never really boring.

               The door was closed when you arrived at her office, with muffled noises coming from behind. You knocked twice quietly, hoping to get her attention. However, things took a different turn when the door creaked open and you saw Ms. Choi spread across her desk with Jeon Jungkook thrusting into her from the back. The muffled noises became apparent as the quiet moans Ms. Choi was trying to hold back and the heavy pants that Jeon Jungkook was making. The two of them looked up at you, standing near the doorway with eyes that looked like they were about to jump out of their sockets.

               A normal person would have been flustered at walking in on their professor fucking one of the biggest campus fuckboys, running out of the room immediately. But then again, you never really considered yourself normal.

               “Shit, I thought you said you locked the door!”

               “Uh…” You zone out, watching the very entertaining scene unravel before your eyes, “I’ll come back another time, Professor.” The amused grin was threatening to spill on your lips, but you took all your years of mastering indifference to excuse yourself and quietly close the door behind you.

               As you walked away, there was only one idea that popped in your head.

               “There’s no way that I won’t be getting that A now.”

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hey i’ve been thinking a lot about the little things you do, your quirks, and things you do when you’re with me 
and how they affect me a lot
like the way you smile automatically when you’ve been hit on the face with a ray of sunshine

that time you told me i have a calming presence and it made my heart feel things i didn’t know were possible to feel
how you etch your fingers over my hand, and the touch lingers just a little longer than it should, but it does, and it does things to me
i play that time you came into a room, saw me,
and kissed my cheek and chin
over and over again in my head a lot
and wonder if it was just my imagination or it really happened
i think a lot about how you can’t really wink, but you wink at me anyway
and i feel like you’re the greatest winker in the world
if that’s even a word

i think a lot about those times you tell me about people you’re texting, people who think you’re beautiful
(but possibly not as much as I think you’re beautiful)
and i try my best not to get jealous
but remember that you tell me these because you trust me
and i try to put up a brave face

i also think a lot about the way you make me feel
like how every time things get dark, i know you are there
a light at the end of the tunnel, a source of joy and happiness
and everything good in life

i think of how every time we meet
i almost tell you i love you
but i don’t
because i want things to be the way they are
just for another day

—  a letter to my love i’ll possibly never send by @emotionsarecrazy

sometimes I wonder why the brain has to go all hardcore with transmitting pain in order to let you know you got hurt, but then I remember I’m one of those people who gets plenty of nicks and cuts without realizing it until there are like smears of blood on surfaces or even on my skin and I need to put my Sherlock cap and figure out the source and even then Idk when or how it happened smh 

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hey uuuuuhhhh no hate or shade or anything just bc idk if ur aware: according to ovid's version of the myth of poseidon and caeneus, poseidon kidnapped and raped caenis, and caenis requested to be changed into a man (caeneus) so that they could never be raped again. the story varies from different sources but im p sure ovid's is the most well-known (it's the one i knew anyway) so i guess there's some context??

hey uuuuuhhhh no hate or shade or anything just bc idk if ur aware, but it’s incredibly presumptuous and arrogant of you to assume i’m not aware of the source material of my own work, if i’m to tell these stories differently then obviously i have to be aware of how they were told originally, rest assured i’m perfectly aware of the backstory of every myth i write about

hey uuuuuhhhh no hate or shade or anything just bc idk if ur aware but icarus didn’t live after he fell, arachne never became a person again, hermes didn’t put hope in pandora’s jar, artemis and sipriotes never got together, prometheus was a titan and not a man, persephone never threw herself into the styx, medusa and perseus didn’t get married, and ares and hades don’t sleep together - it’s kinda like most of the events of the series never happened in the original myths

hey uuuuuhhhh no hate or shade or anything just bc idk if ur aware  but i would never, ever write something as damaging and awful to both those who have experienced sexual assault and trans people as a person being raped into being transgender

so i guess there’s some context??            

Important Announcement!

Starting September 5, this blog will be solely running on a queue for the next year or so (hopefully).

Why is this happening?: Starting this year, I’m beginning high school and am at a new school, so between school work, extra circulars, other stuff and maintaining a social life, I really don’t want to worry about this blog, however I do want to keep it active.
What does this mean?:
-What it means for this blog: This means this blog’s post will be scheduled to posted in advance, instead of being posted in real time. While I have definitely queued posts before, the difference is that I queueing a year’s worth of posts now, which means no posts will be that recent quotes. This also means that there will only be one incorrect quote a day, and maybe a few extra posts in between. I will also be on this blog, however must times it will be to check in on my feed, so please, don’t feel that I’m ignoring you if for some reason your messages and asks go unanswered. I also do not know how frequent I will actually be checking Tumblr
-What it means for you: Ideally, this shouldn’t affect you all that much. Differences you can expect are less reblogs, extra postings, and other minor things. The two big things that you will notice is that it will take me longer to answer asks, as well as respond to messages. Now, because this blog is running on a queue, I cannot express how much appreciated submissions are at this time. This truly is the time to be able to contribute your own to this blog, and I urge all to submit as many (or few) incorrect posts as you want! There are really only two things I ask of people if they do submit stuff. Firstly, please try to credit the source the original quote came from since I like to give the source. If you cannot find the source, that’s fine, just put source: unknown or source: idk, either suffice. Secondly, please do not submit quotes I have already usedin the past. Other than that, go crazy!

Anyways that’s all for now! For the rest of this week and the half that this blog is actively running, I will be queueing, and trying to answer all prompts and asks in my inbox. Again, feel free to send me submissions, and I’m very curious to see how this next year or so goes!

Creation Energy and Source Wells (drunk edition)

Some cool kids write drunk posts so I was like “hey, I have alcohol, I should do that!!!” so here tf we are boys. To maintain that Drunk Aesthetic I’m probably not gonna fix a lotta misspellings, don’t wan t people on tumblr dot com accusing me of being a fake alcohol : (.. if something’s jank af don’t worry I’ll fix it though. UI’m gonna be sorta coherent. Sorta

This topic popped back up in my head bc I ran into @nobodyandheartless by coincidence on a server I’m in! A while ago they sent me this ask and was all “wtf is life energy what is this bull shit” and, you see, I didn’t have a lot of the vernacular I needed to quite explain what I was talking about. In the past I’ve talked ab life energy and void energy having diametric opposition, but life energy is so vague. Like… w life energy, are you talking ab essence, vitality, shi, prana, what the fuck are you DOING MATE you know?? So for a while I kinda quietly sat and tried to figure my life out. Bc even talking and answering a lot of these questions I felt like something was off. Like I was missing pieces of information I needed.

Well this just in: I got it now!! B))) And it’s funny how this answer kinda marriages to a subject I was already interested in.

So something I’ve been interested in a lot of my “deity meta” pursuits is this idea of a source well. That almost every paradigm has some sort of connecting piece to some larger “source” thing. A lot of times it’s a deity of some sort. See. Okay. So within most paradigms, there are plenty of deities or entities or w/e tf that can create shit. hell, we can create shit, so what makes source wells so special??? Why’s this shit even matter? And wtf is this New Age source bull shit what does that even MEAN

@chaosjelly i mentioned him too lol

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A few words I think both antis and shaladins missuse

Stalking: as garbage as it sounds someone visting your public af tumblr page isnt stalking someone scrolling your blog even after you blocked them isnt stalking

If anything its annoying as shit but it’s definitely not stalking in the context alot of y'all use

Harassment: someone going against your views isnt harassment or bullying someone telling you the honest truth with sources etc etc isnt harassment its just you not being able to admit your wrong

“Callout Culture is Toxic”: literally only people who have been called out for bad shit or is the friend of someone who has says this shit this isn’t even worthy of an explanation

Callouts in General: if someone is calling you out maybe you should listen

If your getting called out for the way you speak and how you put others below you maybe…idk..listen

If your getting called out for how you treat minors maybe listen and learn how to better yourself

Ship War: this word is specifically for shaladins

A ship war is unnecessary fighting between to healthy ships let me repeat that


Antis/Shaladins isn’t a shipwar like at all klnce/klunk or lance×plaxum/hunk×shay are ship wars (no they arent actually happening this is an example)

It’s early in the morning but I am tired as shit of seeing people call visiting a tumblr blog stalking it might make you uncomfortable but it’s not stalking if there are any other words you’ve seen both sides or one side misuse (no pedophilia doesnt count numbnuts) I’m fine with you listing it here

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Hi Anna. Why do I feel like "someone" is looking very relaxed? Is it just me or are the recent IW set pics much better than the DS set pics? Idk how this is going to go but I have a feeling that the end is on the horizon. I did read your plan and I really do wish that something of that sort happens. I think next weekend will provide more answers (or questions)

I don’t know if he’s looking relaxed or sad / contemplating his life Nonny.  Going by this pic I saw today:

(source) it’s looking like the latter.  Plus he hasn’t really been giving the camera his big winning smiles lately.  For example, here’s a collage ATCB put together from Atlanta:

She really hasn’t chosen any of the upbeat pics, has she? (source)

Remember a week ago when I was saying I expect SadBatch to start doing the rounds, looking pensive?  Well, to me it looks like SadBatch is already doing the rounds, looking pensive, but in Atlanta instead of London.  Perhaps LA is about to be added to the mix, given @watch-this-face‘s find from this morning (LINK).  

Have Wimbledon and LL been replaced by Aneheim and the Disney Expo?  I’ll be waiting to find out.

ロー&ルフィ log 01 | BAMD | Artist twitter

※ Permission to upload was personally granted by the artist, please do not remove the source or re-post this without permission.


Main 10: Original Concept Art vs. Final Sprites

(Source: Initial designs - Boys’ Sprites - Girls’ Sprites)

Both the art and the characters belong to the creators of Sweet Elite.

I wanted to put the designs side to side and see all the differences ;)

  • Annabeth: I warn you, I've been trained to kill since I was seven.
  • Percy: Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?
  • Annabeth: You can't address me like that.
  • Percy: Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat, Miss Chase?

Aaron Tveit Imagine –

(thank you to @rosiecoles95 for suggesting this idea <3 )

It was Halloween. Both you and your husband’s favorite time of year. You had pre-prepared the candies to give out when the children arrived for ‘trick or treat-ing’.

“Hey, babe?”


“How does this look?” Aaron pulled on a scary looking clown mask and began making odd noises and jumping around the room.

“You’d be a lot scarier if you weren’t such a dork!” You laughed, heading up the stairs into your room to get dressed for the party you were both attending later that night.

Just as you sat down on your dressing table, the door bell rang.

“AARON?!” You bellowed. “COULD YOU GET THAT?”

No response.


The door bell rang again, several times.

Sighing, you hurried down the steps and pulled open the door when Aaron jumped towards you in the clown mask. “ROOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!”

You screamed, slapping him repeatedly across his chest.
When you stopped, you glared at Aaron who was hunched over and laughing madly. “T-T-Trick or… hahahaha! Trick or treat!” He managed to splutter.

“Nothing for you, Mr Tveit. You can live out there with the rest of the clowns.” You start to shut the door but you see a few kids coming over from the house across the street. Aaron seizes the opportunity and hides behind the door. You watch him with amusement plastered all over your face. Aaron waits for the kids to come right up to you before he jumps out and screams threateningly at them. Predictably, the kids scream at the top of their lungs, and one even starts to cry.

Aaron whips off the mask quickly, concern showing on his face for the kid who began crying. “Hey babe, don’t you think these guys deserve candy?”

“They sure do!” You grin and hand out bits of candy to the children and shut the door after they leave. You feel Aaron’s arms snake their way around your waist and he rests his chin on your shoulder. “We should make a few of those.”

“What? Candies?” You smirk.

“No silly, kids.”

“So you can scare them with your clown mask… i don’t think so.” You tease, taking the mask out of his hand and putting it on, imitating Aaron. He laughs gently before shrugging. “I’m serious. We should make a baby.”

You return a smile, giving a small kiss upon his lips. “Maybe.”


I don’t mind if y’all reblog memes from me every once in a while, but not all the time please. like idk how many times this needs to be said…I am not a meme source. if anything, if you wanna reblog the meme, go to the original post, unless the post was deleted, then feel free to reblog it. but besides that, please do not. it’s really annoying thinking i have important notifications that have to do with replies or asks, but it turns out someone has reblogged the past 10 memes i’ve reblogged from me. furthermore, do not scroll my account and reblog every meme you see, put it in queue at least so it’s not all at once. 

so if this continues to happen i might have to block some people ( ofc not my mutuals i love you all ). i’m sorry if this comes off as rude, i’m just kind of peeved. 

Alright children huddle up let’s talk about some shit.

I’m freaking the fuck out because a Philippine TV network just premiered a show three days ago and it is SO QUEER LIKE, CANONICALLY QUEER. I’m gonna put a link if you guys wanna idk, maybe check it out. (x)

Edit: I corrected the part about Batchi’s gender identity. Source: [x] at 8:55 within the video

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