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Hilo just wanted to ask how do you personally do your drawings, I find it very hard to draw full body:p

idk, it just… happens??? i have no idea. i just sit and try to do the very best of me. starting with a very simple sketch with few lines helps a lot i think. here is my drawing process maybe it will help

it’s one frame from a thing i’m working on right now

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Hi!! I was reading through your smart lance posts (not calling them headcanons cause i know my boi is smart for rEALS) and i started getting a real "pretty face doesnt mean empty head" vibe! Do you have any "headcanons" along those lines?

I should stop calling them ‘Headcannons’ too because you are so right 

and yes I think I have a few? idk if its what you would like or if it counts tho

- Lance excels in Chemistry and Biology. Its a gift, he picks it up effortlessly. He uses his skills and now Lance knows how to create almost any make up or self care product from scratch. Every chemical formula, every process has been drilled to his brain.  

- He can also alter or clone already created make up but whats the fun in that?

- The make up that he makes is 100% better than those bought in stores. Bad acne? Sensitive skin? Eczema? Past Trichotillomania? Lance will infuse whatever product he made with herbs that will heal your motherfuckin skin/scalp like magic amen. 

- He tries to use it for good, to keep people safe. The nail polish can detect date rape drugs from a mile away and will turn pastel to neon. Some nail polish is made with essence to calm a person’s anxiety. He is currently experimenting for nail polish to be able to detect STDs. 

- Eye shadow that keeps a person feeling refreshed in class. He had tons of orders for this during finals it was nuts.

- There was this one class with a teacher was rude af, and had scolded one of the boys for wearing pink eyeliner because “That’s not manly” and Lance was pissed as hell. The next day he slapped on the brightest lipstick to school, and handed out the sparkliest eye shadows for everyone to wear. The whole class rioted looking like Gods and Goddesses as the teacher resigned on the spot. 

- He tutors part time in the Garrison. Some subjects that he teaches are language (Spanish, English, French, etc), Chemistry, Biology and Maths. Lance is an amazing teacher, ofcourse. He makes sure they get the theories down to the best of their abilities. He also makes sure they dont wear themselves out, and practices self care with them so they dont feel like DEath Incarnate during the exam.

- Lance can complete any calculus question correctly in a blink of an eye while waltzing around you french braiding Pidge’s hair.

Well I think thats all I can think of now? I hope you like it :)

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Saeren and the RFA reacting to MC having an emotional moment where she is just really thankful to them for loving her and accepting her and she tells them how much they mean to her.

((Oh god I get these moments so often atm it’s ridiculous. Also late night headcannons when I’m running on ~5 hours sleep in the past two days. Letsgoooo))


  • He worships you so much
  • So you pouring your heart out to him is?? strange??
  • Especially since you’re thankful that he’s in love with you
  • You barely finished talking when he pulled you close to him
  • ruined the moment a little bit by laughing a lil under his breath because it’s adorable to find you like this
  • He just holds you and strokes your hair and kisses your forehead
  • Repeating that he loves you, more than you could every see
  • Because you mean so much to him and you need to know that too


  • Oh boy he’s a wreck too
  • Like the second you started becoming emotional he was tearing up
  • When he managed to get to you he just picked you up and spun you around
  • He kept planting kisses on you when he put you down
  • he was grinning like hell though you can bet
  • And he just cuddles you all night
  • Every now and again saying something else that he loves about you
  • He’s just so overwhelmed and he really loves it


  • He doesn’t know how to react bless him
  • Honestly he was confused and a little overwhelmed in search of a better word about his feelings for you
  • So he gets what you’re going though
  • “You know you don’t have to thank me for loving you, right? I would have loved you no matter what.”
  • He’s smiling too. so. much.
  • You find yourself being pulled into a kiss
  • And then another
  • And then more as the night goes on


  • Jaehee.exe has stopped working someone help
  • She lets you talk at first
  • holding your hand and doing that thing where she strokes it with her thumb while you speak
  • But eventually you find her just kissing your nose lightly
  • She really realises how much she loves you in this moment
  • And she’s sure gonna tell you


  • He admires you more than anything
  • And to hear you thanking him for loving you
  • He had no idea what to do
  • All he could do was just hug you so damn tight because you blessed him with all the happiness he could ever dream of
  • And then he starts telling you every reason for him being in love with you
  • It literally turns into a heartfelt competition to see who can deal with the most emotion 
  • idk if you realise but this boy is mad for you


  • what
  • You really caught him off guard oH boy
  • All he can really do at first is just listen to you?
  • how does one deal with emotions?? what??
  • But after you’ve kind of run out of steam with talking and he’s processed what you’ve said
  • And is just taken over with the feeling of being in love with you
  • Because for so long he’s been wondering how to put the emotion into words and you did if first
  • All he can really do is kiss you because he can’t find his voice right now
the morning after

about five of my friends and i were just casually chilling around the coffee table @ 3 am last night (morning) talking about what we would do if any of us ever hooked up with harry. don’t ask, idk either. but that’s how this got thrown together. i should be doing homework right now btw. i hate harry styles a lot (jk i love that bitch) 

WARNINGS :: a lot of this is literally just “texts” but you know i like to think i have a sense of humor so :-) like i said this is what i, ME PERSONALLY, would do if i ever hooked up with harold (lol) soooooo keep that in mind lmfao. 

don’t know how i feel about this one (questions my entire thought process) but hey! it’s something and i haven’t posted in a while :) enjoy (;

O V E R V I E W 

“Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets or summat like tha’?”

He gets a playful shove and the roll of her eyes as she tries not to laugh at that. What a fuckin’ dork (which, in truth, just makes him all the more perfect to Y/N.)

“You’re a comedic lad, aren’t ya?”

She didn’t get crushes very easily, but it seems Harry was just the right amount of charming to have her falling faster than Alice did chasing after that damn rabbit.


Y/N doesn’t do one night stands and Harry truly and honestly believes she’s a proper angel or something. 

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pokemon au headcanons, kanto third year style

i’d actually been thinking of something like this for a while, but then i saw @kaitoelichika​‘s pokemon au and had a sudden burst of inspiration to flesh this out with @grayneigh so here!!

- the three of them are part of the pokedex project, they’re basically testing the pokedex. instead of handing out guidebooks oak wanted something a little more modern to hand out to kids going on their journey, hence the pokedex project!! as part of the project, the kids also get a card for free pokecenter accomodation and healing, making it pretty highly contested to get a spot!!

- eli is from cerulean. she lives up on the cape w/ arisa and her grandma (who has an azumarill). used to live in snowpoint city in sinnoh but moved to stay with her grandmother.

- one time (eli was 10~) a magikarp suddenly evolved in the cerulean gym. eli was in town running errands with her grandma’s azumarill, and eli managed to rescue a five year old who fell in the pool after the gyarados started going wild. misty noticed how calm eli was when everyone else was panicking, and recommended her personally to oak.

- nico is from celadon, where she lived with her family and siblings. she attended the trainer school there, and whilst she had shitty marks in maths and japanese and english and everything else, she had almost perfect marks in pokemon studies, so her teacher (begrudgingly) recommended her to oak.

- nozomi’s parents move around a lot, so as her parents were well acquaintanced with oak, she was given a chance to go on a pokemon journey. nozomi jumped at the chance bc at least now she could have some pokemon friends who she wouldn’t have to leave behind.

there’s a ton more under the cut ;; ;

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Can I ask you how you get the face shape right? I mean yes practise but do you have tips ? I love your art! <3

hello! :3 first of all, thank you sooo much! ♥ I’m really glad you love it~

and…idek. I don’t think I have tips, but I can try to describe how I draw face shapes? I actually have big problems with face shapes lol

I need to tell, that it’s very important for me to draw facial features first, bcs for me it’s a guide for the face shape (maybe it’s weird idk) that’s why I’m going to describe almost EVERYTHING I do

let’s draw this adorable picture of adorable ByunBaek~

(gif)I start with simple circle and lines for eyes, nose, lips, ears, the approximate angle of the face and jawline. then, guided by these lines I draw actual features without big details. I use these lines (red lines on a gif) to place things right. (1) nostrils and earlobe are on the same line (2) the corner of the lips and iris are on the same line right eye placed next to the (3) nostril line, but not right ON this line I actually need eye line (4) just bcs that ear line (5) should be a little bit higher, so it’s easier for me to see where exactly it should be.

I know you didn’t ask for this information, but that’s what I have to do to draw face shape right lol


I hope that everything I wrote on this picture is readable and understandable :D and I hope now you understand why I have to draw all the noses, eyes and ears in the right place. If I won’t - I won’t be able to draw freaking face shape.

then I just added more details and shadows:

even if I think that my lineart is good, in the process of painting, I always change it, bcs the longer I look at the picture - the more I see. for example, WYF fanart I drew few weeks ago:

(from gif)(1) rought sketch/lineart/idk how to call this (2) (3) (4) I moved right eye a little bit closer to his nose, moved “face line” closer to the eye, closer to the lips, made his chin pointier, moved his hair a little bit lower and changed ear shape…

you can also try to look at the picture you draw and “erase” the face leaving only the face shape. try to understand how pointy is chin, are his cheeks chubby or not, how wide is his face/forehead, are his cheekbones sharp, is his face long or round or maybe square..

check out this tutorial by genicecream​ . she explains drawing from references. it may help you more than my shit lol but I really hope my thing will be helpful too~

I’m really sorry for the long answer. I tried my best :3

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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So I know you love Adam's filthy mouth bUT get this: Adam attempts to sext, Ronan almost smashes his phone because it makes him incredibly embarassed but it's also extremely hot

YOU ASKED ANON (i sin because i care)

  • so when adam first saves up enough to be able to get his own phone he texts ronan like hi it’s adam, gansey gave me your number. I hope that’s okay
  • and ronan mr i-never-use-my-phone replies within 5 minutes: welcome to the 21st century parrish
  • and adam ends up pretty addicted to his phone like… he can’t believe phones can actually do so much and he’s always asking noah to show him how to do things and he spends about half an hour picking out which little jingle he wants for his text alerts and yes. adam parrish is very much excited about his new phone
  • so he’s lying in bed at st agnes one night and he texts ronan like: what are you doing?
  • and ronan replies: why are u still awake?
  • I only just got back from work and now I can’t sleep. I feel restless
  • ok
  • do you know what I do sometimes when I can’t sleep?
  • what?
  • now adam’s fingers are shaking as he positions them over the screen to tap out his reply, he’s feeling brave in the darkness and the fact that he can pretend it’s not really ronan who he’s talking to. he considers for only a moment that he might regret this…
  • I touch myself
  • now let me just take you over to ronan for a second because look you need to picture ronan receiving this message.
  • he’s already nervous because he gets so fucking nervous every time adam texts him, especially at night when he’s lying in bed… but usually he’ll tell him about something funny he found online or he’ll ask him about homework
  • adam parrish doesn’t sext… or at least adam parrish didn’t sext
  • and ronan doesn’t know what to say! he’s so embarrassed! but he’s also so turned on because now all he can think about is adam parrish doing… that!
  • I guess it just helps me to relax idk is that weird? does it help you to relax?
  • ronan wants to throw his phone across the room now because he is farfrom relaxed and he can’t decide if adam knows what he’s doing and he’s being a fucking smug bastard, or if he’s genuinely just telling ronan how he relaxes at night?
  • and adam sends him another message before he even has time to begin to process what’s going on: shit now i’m just thinking about you getting yourself off. Is that bad? should I stop?
  • shit-the-fucking-bed ronan is thinking right now… but to adam he types back with clammy fingers: no
  • adam responds in seconds: are you doing it now? don’t spoil it and say you’re not because I am
  • and ronan lets one hand wander down his body as he replies: shut up
  • tell me how it feels
  • shut tf up
  • that good hm?
  • then a few minutes later he adds: fuck ronan

  • they don’t talk about this night until months later because ronan is intensely embarrassed and adam is too scared to confront ronan for fear of being hit in the face

here we go! a speedpaint video because people asked for my process. its a frisk as reimu. im doing an asriel and chara later

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Hi, I've been so busy reading through your analysis of everything and the Art/Banners which are really good. I tried to look to see if you have answered this question. What Design program do you use to make your art,Banners and posters? I would like to give it a go! have you got any advice for a newbie who cannot draw amazing designs but tries to be artistic? (maybe I should start simple)

I have answered this question a few times on private, so I’ll publish this one. I actually don’t use a ‘design program’ I mainly use PowerPoint 2010. I do use GIMP (a crappy free version of Photoshop) to remove some background on images. However, probably 95% of all the posters I made were made was using PowerPoint. So, I’m probably not the best person to ask about such things lol. But, I am proof that you don’t need to buy an extra $200 piece of software to make stuff. Now, the reason why I use PowerPoint is because you can ctrl+A and then right click and “save as picture” in PowerPoint. You can’t do that in word. I use the ‘Picture tools’ in PowerPoint to brighten things or change contrast. I also “shapes’ with varying transparencies it to create shadows on images….to make things look more “realistic” idk how to explain my weird process. Here are a few screen grabs from my the Gun poster i made 

You see I started out with just a ‘image’ of the ground and i found an image of a gun and added stuff to it; added stuff to make it less ‘shiny’ and more worn. Then ALL i did was google image search pictures of dirt and lay them across the image and then used ‘shapes’ to give it a ‘depth effect’ – to make the hole. I have NO graphic design or art training so it was really difficult. However, I am extremely happy with the final product :D  


So…it is a weird process. I sometimes save images multiple times then add to them on the next slide. I have A LOT of slides lol.