idk how to make one so i creeped

First Language (Part 5) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: how does one say smut in French? idk ……i want him to sing Lollipop…

WARNING: Smut (blowjobs)

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Classes are so confusing to Sebastian. Back at Dalton, he was in advance classes, not…this! Huffing, he shoves people of the doorway, books at his side. A smile creeps on his face when he sees you. He peeks through small window on the door, fixing his windswept hair. Yes, it may be always perfect, but he just needs to check.

Popping his white collar, so it’s barely grazing his sharp jawline, he sneaks toward you, making sure to keep silent. After sticking your math book into your locker, you shake out the skirt of your jean dress, giggling slightly. Hands are on your waist, causing a little yelp to bubble out of your mouth. “Bonjour mon bébé (hello my baby).” he chuckles, pressing his lips to your cheek.

Your hands rest on his, thumb running across his bony knuckles. Laughing, you shy away, feeling the tickle of his light brown locks against your ear. “Hey Sebby.” you grin, spinning around to face him. He rolls his eyes at the nickname, placing his dictionary in your locker before peering down at you. Fingers connect with his upper chest, curling against his clothing; he stares at them blankly, unsure what’s happening. “What is it with you and rugby shir-”

“Je te veux (I want you).” he whispers in a dark tone, looking from side to side. There’s a cute little crease in between your eyebrows and Sebastian frowns, knowing you don’t understand. Ugh, how can he let you know he wants sex before his free period is up? He sucks in a deep breath, focusing on his words. “I… want… you?” he says in more of a question.

Widening your eyes, you open your mouth, blinking. Not only has he said a complete sentence, but he wants…sex. “Oh.” you stutter, face heating up. Sebastian bites his lip, fluttering his long eyelashes at you. How does someone look so adorable yet so sexy at the same time? “Well…” you start bashfully, gripping his hands. “I can’t say no to you. Allons-y (let’s go).”

He allows you to lead him through the partially crowded hallway, the oh so notorious smirk plastered on his face. His converse squeak to a stop in front of the girls bathroom; he raises an eyebrow but follows you in. Surprisingly, it’s vacant, probably because nobody really comes through here.

The back of his black and yellow rugby shirt collides with the musty brown stall, hands roaming his torso. “Woah.” Sebastian breathes out, lime green eyes watching your every move. His dick throbs when your fingers dance around the zipper of his dark blue jeans, eventually pulling it down, exposing his soft black boxer briefs. “Dieu, comment allez-vous si chaud (God, how are you so hot)?” he groans as you continue to undress him.

Panting, you sneak a peek at the door, undoing your colorful scarf. “Okay, this is gonna be a quicky.” you nod at Sebastian, who tilts his head to the side, chest heaving. “Um, vite, oui (fast, yes)?” Sebastian nods eagerly, resting his arms against the stall. A shallow gasp escapes his perfect lips as soon as you take him in your mouth.

His pale eyelids squeeze closed, fingers gripping the sides of the bathroom stall for dear life. You bob your head up and down, twirling your tongue around his swollen member. Gasping again, he thrusts unwillingly; luckily you don‘t choke. “Oui, oui, donnez-le moi (yes, yes, give it to me)!” Sebastian moans, lower lip quivering, hands reaching for your hair.

They never make it there; he pulls his hands back, not wanting to ruin your gorgeous locks. You hollow your cheeks, taking him deeper, lips wrapped around his cock. Oh, if he remembered how, he would definitely be singing ‘Lollipop’ right now. “Tu te sens si bien autour de moi (You feel so good around me).” he hums, moving his hips.

You groan against his skin, vibrating your mouth. Sebastian moans deep from his throat, adam’s apple bobbing up and down like crazy. “Je ne peux… pas (I can not)-” he grunts, dick twitching before he completely lets go. “Y/N!” the Warbler shouts, watching you swallow. He breathes heavy, hearing the door creak faintly. “Avez-vous entendu que (did you hear that)?”

“OH MY GGD!” Tina yells, covering her mouth before she runs away.

Your eyes widen and you stare up at a blushing Sebastian. “Do you think she’ll tell the rest?”  you whisper as you stand up, voice hoarse.

Sebastian stares at you, frowning, “Ce qui pourrait arriver (what could happen)?” he smirks, pulling up his pants.

calum knows you hate going to the dentist, so he always offers to come with you and hold your hand. he’s supportive on the entire drive there, holding the steering wheel with one hand and your hand with the other, telling you it’ll be okay and offering you small smiles. he makes small talk with your dentist as you make your way back towards the chair, and then points out all the odd tools and devices, cracking jokes to ease your nerves. but the second the dentist comes up with the anesthesia needle to numb your mouth, his entire face flushes and he starts sweating, stuttering out, “looks like you’ve got it from here babe, I’ll be in the waiting room.” and dipping while you glare at his weak retreating back.