idk how to make one so i creeped

Paper Men

Original Request: I was wondering if you could write an imagine where the reader and Henry are making out or something and Henry’s dad catches them, um idk what else to say so yea ended how you like and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Warning: Henry’s dad is a creep, sexual situation, otherwise SFW

Note: I don’t know really how you fully wanted his dad to act, but I kinda just went with it, so hopefully it’s to your liking!

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Your Biggest Fan.

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Request from anon: oh hey, can I request somethin where fem reader and boyf eth are out somewhere and some guy makes the reader uncomfortable (idk maybe at a meet up or something) and protective Ethan comes over and defends her? thanks your writing is great!

Author’s Note: This gave me the creeps just writing it, yikes. I hope your enjoy it!

It was always one of your favorite things, to see Ethan at cons and with fans. He’d been getting a lot more popular lately, and you were so proud of him for accomplishing all of this, especially since you knew how much the channel meant to him. You weren’t just at Indy PopCon for him, however. You’d acquired quite a few subscribers on your own channel, and your fans had requested a small meet up with you at the con. How could you say no?

Ethan was just finishing up his own meet up when yours started. You had a better turn out than you ever could’ve hoped, and a small box of gifts was already piling up to the side of you. You almost wanted to cry with the happiness you felt. You were bringing people joy, and helping them through the bad times they were having, just by making videos. You felt incredible, at that moment!

It was coming to the end of Ethan’s line that you were about halfway through your own, smiling and taking selfies and giving out hugs. You comforted a crying girl named Emily, who had been watching your videos since the beginning and couldn’t believe she was finally able to meet you, and even give you a bracelet she made with your channel name on it, that you instantly tied onto your wrist. After she walked away with a giant smile, a boy about your aged stepped up, and you felt on edge just looking at him.

He was giving you what you could only call a suggestive stare, eyes slightly squinted, with a smirk and an occasional lick of his lips. Instantly you wanted your boyfriend, Ethan, by your side, but he wasn’t quite done with his meet and greet, and you didn’t want to bother him with something that you could probably just handle yourself. The boy stepped up to you with a sharpie and one of your charity posters, assuming to be asking for an autograph.

“Who should I make it out to?” you asked cheerfully, trying not to make a big deal about how close he was standing and how he was staring down at you.

“Your biggest fan,” he answered quickly, licking his lips once more. He was so close that you could smell his cologne, that of which he seemed to have bathe in that morning. You took a small step back, using the table as an excuse, writing out a small message to ‘your biggest fan’ before handing the poster and sharpie back with a grin.

You glanced over to Ethan again, who was greeting the last fan of his, thank God. He’d be over in a minute, and you wouldn’t have to be so anxious, anymore. “Anything else I can do for ya?” you questioned, regretting it instantly as he replied with a rather creepy grin.

“I’d love a hug,” Of course. You really didn’t want to, but if it meant getting him out of the way, than you’d do it. You also didn’t want to seem like a dick in front of your other fans, who seemed to be getting antsy waiting for so long in line.

“Sure thing!” an enthusiastic response for someone who would rather just tell him to move along. You stretched out your arms and let him wrap his own around your waist, uncomfortably tight, hands settled on your lower back, where you couldn’t imagine how you would ever get out of such a tight grip.

“Maybe I can get your number, meet up in private, sometime,” Yikes. How were you going to handle this? The hug was lasting an awkwardly long time, and the others waiting around for their own hugs could see how uncomfortable you were, just by looking at your face.

“I’m gonna have t’pass on that,” you clarified, nonchalantly pushing him away. He didn’t seem to take the hint, removing his hands from you, but not moving away. His face was very close to yours, same expression from earlier on his face, and you were starting to sweat with how nervous you were. Where was Ethan?

“I’d treat you right,” he continued, giving you the creeps. Is this what celebrities felt like when they found out they had a stalker? You couldn’t imagine. “I know it’d be weird dating a fan, but you’d get used to it,”

“That’s… nice, but I actually…”

“Not to be rude or anything, man, but there’s a line behind ya!” Ethan’s chipper voice appeared beside you, and the air was let out of you in a relieved sigh. Instantly his arm slipped around your waist, and without pulling too much notice, he yanked you back in the slightest, so he was standing somewhat between you and the fan. It seemed like he’s dealt with someone like him before.

The boy squinted at Ethan, clearly annoyed, but he didn’t seem to know what to say.

“Go ahead and take your autograph and let others have a chance t’meet Y/N, alright?” even though his voice was light, you could tell Ethan was stern, and almost angry, about what had been going on. The boy looked from Ethan to you and back once before storming off in the opposite direction. The fans still waiting to meet you mumbled to each other, a few even applauding Ethan for getting the creep out of the way.

“You okay?” your boyfriend asked, taking a glance over you to make sure nothing had actually happened. You were still freaked out, but you saw that both Ethan and the other fans were there for you, and you knew you’d be okay.

“I am now that I have a blue haired security guard,” you beamed up at Ethan, ruffling the fluff of blue poking out of his backwards cap before you turned back to the line of fans. “Who’s next?”

First Language (Part 5) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: how does one say smut in French? idk ……i want him to sing Lollipop…

WARNING: Smut (blowjobs)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Classes are so confusing to Sebastian. Back at Dalton, he was in advance classes, not…this! Huffing, he shoves people of the doorway, books at his side. A smile creeps on his face when he sees you. He peeks through small window on the door, fixing his windswept hair. Yes, it may be always perfect, but he just needs to check.

Popping his white collar, so it’s barely grazing his sharp jawline, he sneaks toward you, making sure to keep silent. After sticking your math book into your locker, you shake out the skirt of your jean dress, giggling slightly. Hands are on your waist, causing a little yelp to bubble out of your mouth. “Bonjour mon bébé (hello my baby).” he chuckles, pressing his lips to your cheek.

Your hands rest on his, thumb running across his bony knuckles. Laughing, you shy away, feeling the tickle of his light brown locks against your ear. “Hey Sebby.” you grin, spinning around to face him. He rolls his eyes at the nickname, placing his dictionary in your locker before peering down at you. Fingers connect with his upper chest, curling against his clothing; he stares at them blankly, unsure what’s happening. “What is it with you and rugby shir-”

“Je te veux (I want you).” he whispers in a dark tone, looking from side to side. There’s a cute little crease in between your eyebrows and Sebastian frowns, knowing you don’t understand. Ugh, how can he let you know he wants sex before his free period is up? He sucks in a deep breath, focusing on his words. “I… want… you?” he says in more of a question.

Widening your eyes, you open your mouth, blinking. Not only has he said a complete sentence, but he wants…sex. “Oh.” you stutter, face heating up. Sebastian bites his lip, fluttering his long eyelashes at you. How does someone look so adorable yet so sexy at the same time? “Well…” you start bashfully, gripping his hands. “I can’t say no to you. Allons-y (let’s go).”

He allows you to lead him through the partially crowded hallway, the oh so notorious smirk plastered on his face. His converse squeak to a stop in front of the girls bathroom; he raises an eyebrow but follows you in. Surprisingly, it’s vacant, probably because nobody really comes through here.

The back of his black and yellow rugby shirt collides with the musty brown stall, hands roaming his torso. “Woah.” Sebastian breathes out, lime green eyes watching your every move. His dick throbs when your fingers dance around the zipper of his dark blue jeans, eventually pulling it down, exposing his soft black boxer briefs. “Dieu, comment allez-vous si chaud (God, how are you so hot)?” he groans as you continue to undress him.

Panting, you sneak a peek at the door, undoing your colorful scarf. “Okay, this is gonna be a quicky.” you nod at Sebastian, who tilts his head to the side, chest heaving. “Um, vite, oui (fast, yes)?” Sebastian nods eagerly, resting his arms against the stall. A shallow gasp escapes his perfect lips as soon as you take him in your mouth.

His pale eyelids squeeze closed, fingers gripping the sides of the bathroom stall for dear life. You bob your head up and down, twirling your tongue around his swollen member. Gasping again, he thrusts unwillingly; luckily you don‘t choke. “Oui, oui, donnez-le moi (yes, yes, give it to me)!” Sebastian moans, lower lip quivering, hands reaching for your hair.

They never make it there; he pulls his hands back, not wanting to ruin your gorgeous locks. You hollow your cheeks, taking him deeper, lips wrapped around his cock. Oh, if he remembered how, he would definitely be singing ‘Lollipop’ right now. “Tu te sens si bien autour de moi (You feel so good around me).” he hums, moving his hips.

You groan against his skin, vibrating your mouth. Sebastian moans deep from his throat, adam’s apple bobbing up and down like crazy. “Je ne peux… pas (I can not)-” he grunts, dick twitching before he completely lets go. “Y/N!” the Warbler shouts, watching you swallow. He breathes heavy, hearing the door creak faintly. “Avez-vous entendu que (did you hear that)?”

“OH MY GGD!” Tina yells, covering her mouth before she runs away.

Your eyes widen and you stare up at a blushing Sebastian. “Do you think she’ll tell the rest?”  you whisper as you stand up, voice hoarse.

Sebastian stares at you, frowning, “Ce qui pourrait arriver (what could happen)?” he smirks, pulling up his pants.

thevengefulsmol  asked:

How would the guys react to sexual comments on the DARE video where Noodle is dancing. Like somebody says 'I'd pound that ass' or maybe talking about her boobs? Idk I just like overprotective dads

2D: Reading any sexual comments about the girl he considered his little sister made his skin crawl. It was disgusting how a video of a fifteen year old dancing to a song she wrote could round up so many creeps and perverts on the internet

Murdoc: It only really took one weird comment for him to hire multiple different hit men. It was one thing to make some creepy comment about a woman dancing but when it was a teenager just having a good time, it really rubbed him the wrong way

Russel: Listen he is by no means a violent man but make no mistake if he hears ANYONE even suggesting something sexual about Noodle in that video he will hunt them down and whoop their ass all the way over to the next millennium

the-big-bad-wulf  asked:

Candy Corn, Cauldron, Eerie

Candy Corn: What food disgusts you the most?

I absolutely hate all seafood, its all just disgusting, bland, and slimy to me. Although tomatoes and mustard are a close runner up 🤔 I’d actually eat a piece of cod before I’d eat a tomato slice so… idk 

Cauldron: What is your favorite thing to cook?

Omurice is the most rewarding (because I get to stuff my face afterwards) But I love cooking japchae, it’s a korean noodle dish. After my grams moved from S. Korea she taught me how to make it, and you stir fry all these vegetables seperately. The aromas are 👌👌👌👌👌

Eerie: One thing that always creeps you out?

I just asked my brother what I jump at the most, and his answer is fairly accurate- “Uh? Everything? Cus’ you’re a little bitch.” But in all seriousness everything scares me and im a huge wuss. 

idk, I don’t want to rant or anything but I do want to say thank you so much to all those who like, reblog, and reblog + leave feedback in the comments because I really don’t think you know how much it means to content creators.

As someone who creeps the tags of reblogs, seeing someone’s thoughts on the fic makes me so happy because it lets me know what they thought-if they liked it or didn’t like it, if there was a part that stood out. Being able to see this response from readers only motivates me to write more so to anyone who leave feedback, thank you!

cosmic-fantasizer  asked:

Hi, just saying I really love your spiritmatsu au. But there's one small thing that confuses me. It's not a big deal, but you mentioned how strong spirits are the ones that are easier to see while the weak ones aren't. Wouldn't it make much more sense if a stronger spirit is much harder to see? I'd think they'd have much better control on their level of visibility than weaker spirits. Idk I probably read something wrong, but it's just my two cents.

How I thought of it was that, because the spirit was so strong, it was unable to remain on the spiritual plane of existence, and that its aura would creep out to the physical plane of existence, which is why normal people can see it much better! It’s also the idea that like, the stronger a spirit is the more horror stories there are about it, because more people can see it!

Meanwhile, tiny lil spirits that have almost no aura are just. they’re just there, floatin around wwww 

Game of Thrones 5x1

Is this a little Cerci?!?
It is!
So Roberts has 20 kids
I wonder how many got killed

Bang on your fathers grave just like you did on your sons

And this is why I wouldn’t mind Tyrion becoming the king of Westeros

Who is this guy … Did they get a new actor for gray worm?!?!?
Ok never mind it was some rando dude
Yeah the whole brothel thing is weird

Ugh fuck this red bitch! I hate her so much …
Jon nows your chance push Stannis off the wall!


I forgot about breann and podrick

Littlefinger you still a creep I see

So is the “sparrow” on of Varys’ little birds?!?!

Margaery is my favorite

Varys I like where your head is at. Let’s give one of the girls a honest shot

When did Dany start screwing this dude?!?!
Idk how I feel about this…
He is cute and he is right about telling her the truth…
Are the dragons dead? Nope
It’d be cool if there were new eggs. Show could just keep breading them and killing them when they got to be to control.

I don’t like this dude … But right now he’s making a lot of since

This red chick is like the Umbridge of this show. I hate her more than the actual people fighting
I hope someone kills her soon … I hope it’s Stannis’ wife or daughter that does it

calum knows you hate going to the dentist, so he always offers to come with you and hold your hand. he’s supportive on the entire drive there, holding the steering wheel with one hand and your hand with the other, telling you it’ll be okay and offering you small smiles. he makes small talk with your dentist as you make your way back towards the chair, and then points out all the odd tools and devices, cracking jokes to ease your nerves. but the second the dentist comes up with the anesthesia needle to numb your mouth, his entire face flushes and he starts sweating, stuttering out, “looks like you’ve got it from here babe, I’ll be in the waiting room.” and dipping while you glare at his weak retreating back.