idk how to make good gifs okay

i know i haven’t finished my 300 celebration edits ok but behold!! a blaze it celebration in honor of reaching 400 and 420 blaze it followers. thank you guys so much for following me!! like you guys this is amazing. i never thought i’ll be able to surpass 100, let alone 400 followers!! makes me feel lit™. thanks again so muchhdsj


  • follow your kermit enthusiast™
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with any of the following (max of 2 pls)
    • 👌 + any rec for a normal smol br
    • 🐸 + ur fave meme for a dank™ i think smol br
    • 🍵 + your fave character of all time™ for an aesthetic rate
    • 🎉 + your name and fave color for a name edit
  • maybe include how ur day went? or anything you’d like to say? that’s not mentioned above or smth? idk..
  • blacklist “alyssablazeit” if u don’t wanna see this

formats under cut

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it’s because it’s closed