idk how to identify these signs

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idk if you're bored or not, but I'm gonna throw this out there incase you decide you wanna do it. lol. I was thinking of how there are the typical symbols for all of the signs like a ram, fish, scorpion, etc. but can you think of any other identifying symbols? like, other animals or nature things or objects? I was just doodling Libra stuff as gusts of wind and scales; and I realized there's pretty much one element and one main symbol for all of them, and there should be more identifiers!

I could tryyyyy…
Aries: ram, fire, spear, war, red, dragons (imo), sports, armor, coyote
Taurus: bull, earth, minotaurs, flowers
Gemini: twins, air, fox, snake, writing, puzzles
Cancer: crab, water, mother, moon, blankets
Leo: lion, fire, sun, art, light, color pencils, tiger
Virgo: virgin, earth, grass, deer, fruits, white
Libra: scales, air, birds, rabbit, wind chimes, court hammer
Scorpio: scorpion, water, panther, black
Sagittarius: archer, fire, centaurs, horse, meditation
Capricorn: sea-goat, earth, money, sea-water, crafts
Aquarius: water-bearer, air, streams, facts, eternal youth
Pisces: fish, polar bear, water, dreams, spirits, ghosts, supernatural, music, stars, gemstones/crystals, lava lamps 

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The Tedros Theory

Okay so this is half headcanon, half theory with actual proof, so I wasn’t going to post the on the headcanons blog. But basically @sabrinaofwoodsbeyond and I had a convo about a week or two ago, and I proposed a theory I’d vaguely thought of, and we realised it actually had some weight behind it.
So, we came up with the Tedros is Dyslexic theory. I’m marking Sabrina’s suggestions with (S).

The Idea:
-Now I know Ever Never TV is a) improv and b) not exactly canon, but it’s where my idea came from in the first place. I don’t remember the exact episode (something about book 4) but I remember that Tedros confused PETA with Pita. I know, it’s to show he’s meant to be stupid, but it made me wonder if he could possibly be dyslexic.

The Evidence:

-Tedros is handed back a “red-drenched test” by Dovey in Book 1. It was obviously meant to show the vanity of his answers, but it was the first thing I noticed when looking for evidence. If he was dyslexic, it might explain that.

-We have never seen him write in the books, to my memory.

-(S) Hort calls him “dumb” and Agatha regularly implies that he gets by in school more on the basis of behaving princely and doing well in physical classes than actually excelling at studying.

-I highly doubt any of the boys classes involve writing or reading- Chivalry and Grooming and Swordplay most likely do not, Good Deeds has some, Surviving Fairy Tales has none we’ve seen. The only one, really, is History of Heroism, and, as I say, he’s never been seen to write. Sabrina suggested one of the other boys could be doing it for him. It wouldn’t be hard for him to convince them. Sabrina also suggested it could have been Tristan, as Tristan was obviously prepared to do a great deal for him (likely due to his crush).

-(S) In the 2nd book I think there was something about how he was having a hard time looking through spellbooks for sleeping curse antidotes? And it was Tristan that found the solution, not him. Obviously, it’s not like people with dyslexia can’t read at all, and he’s only described as “rifling through the pages.” (S) Recipes are kinda different than textbooks, like he’d probably have trouble parsing out the different ingredients, but there’d be a huge title at the top of the page for him to focus on.

-Tedros is only looking at the book, before Tristan tells him about the man-wolf howl- it seems as if he is focused on the title, not necessarily the ingredients.

- (S) It’s canon that Merlin was Tedros’s tutor until he was around 8-9, when he disappeared. That’s pretty early, so maybe Merlin never got the chance to identify the problem, or teach him how to work around it?

-The two times Tedros is shown to have written something are not wholly convincing. The first is the note to Sophie in book 1, which goes something along the lines of “Cheater, liar, snake. You’re right where you are. All hail the witch.” (I think? idk, i lost my copy of book one, but as Sabrina put it, It’s not like Tedros was out there writing poetry for Sophie or Agatha lmao). The second time is the note proclaiming the Trial by Tale in book 2, which while it was signed in his name, doesn’t mean he didn’t a) struggle with it or b) have someone else write it for him.

-(S) I think it’s notable that Tedros was so easily fooled by Aric’s lie about Agatha bringing Sophie to the tower to kill him, when the text proving otherwise was literally right in front of him. Like he literally just looked at the picture, which showed Sophie hiding in the shadows, and it sort of matched the version of events Aric was presenting, so he just took his word for it. But if the Storian was writing the same story we were reading, all it would take is a quick glance at the page to know Sophie was hiding from him AND Agatha.

Obviously I think it would be really good for representation in the books if Tedros was dyslexic, much like the Greek demigods in Rick Riordan’s books. We can’t know for certain, but if you’ve got any other ideas or evidence, add it on!

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Name: Wiktoria (Victoria)

Nicknames:  ugh Idk, the one I’m using? But I don’t like ppl calling me that cuz I hate it? ;_;  I wish I had  a cool nickname to Identify with

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 170cm  (idk how feet inches works)

Hogwarts House: what lol idk but I think Gryffindor would fit me best

Favourite Colour:Blue, green, black,  grey, red.. I can’t decide .-.

Favourite Animal(s):  cat, wolf, raven, snake

Average Hours of sleep: At night or in general? Bc like I sleep a lot during the day too. Im very tired person .-. it’s about 8-11 hours at night and around 1-6 hours at day  

Cat or dog person:  Cat (I would say both but deep down in my heart I know that I prefer cats, I mean THEY’RE SO SQUISHY AND SOFT + I have a cat and I friggin love her)

Favourite Fictional Characters: Rin Okumura<- all time fave, Danny Phantom, Katsuki Bakugo, Tamaki Amajiki  aand others

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 (2 during winter)

Favourite Band/Singer:  Thousand Foot Krutch, Starset, Set it Off, Three Days Grace, Fall Out Boy,  Get Scared, Skillet, Shinedown, Nine Lashes, Escape The Fate, My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent, All Good Things, Like a Storm, One ok Rock, Throw The Fight, Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys AND MANY MORE I love rock in general

Dream Trip: somewhere where I could see aurora borealis, Japan, Tropical countries and ocean! Trip around the world would be great <3

Dream Job: eh I always wanted to make cartoons or something like that.

When was this blog created: I think it was somewhere in 2014?

Current number of followers: 2336

When did your blog reach its peak:  ??? ;-; I quess  everytime I post some blue exorcist/danny phantom fanart? I don’t really understand the question XD

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?:  There was that Danny Phantom collab organised on tumblr and I wanted to take a part in it.

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Heyaaaa! I have a little question to ask xD how can i understand when someone tells me past things? I saw many signs that hasn´t a past tense (idk, that´s the reason of this) and how can i identify past signs? (not was or were of course) like ´saw´´reproduced´´lived´, etc. Thanks a lot again;)

when someone is referring to the past they will either start off the sentence with the date,or use the date in the sentence. another way is using the past sign such as “ I PAST LIVE HERE”. you could also ask them when the event they’re talking about happened.hope i helped (:

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  1. Name: My name is Amber! 
  2. Nickname: I don’t really have one that’s used often but my friends sometimes call me Bambi (like the Disney movie!)
  3. Zodiac sign: I’m a capricorn (I don’t think my zodiac represents me that well though..)
  4. Height: I’m about 1.65 meters tall (idk how inches work but i’m basically pretty short)
  5. Orientation: (I’m not sure if i understand this right so bear with me) I identify as bisexual but I might be pansexual?? All i know is that i’m not straight lmao
  6. Ethnicity: I’m from a tiny little country called the Netherlands
  7. Favorite fruit: Apples I guess? Honestly i’m fine with every fruit exept for bananas and peaches
  8. Favorite season: I’d say winter/fall as I fucking hate warm weather
  9. Favorite book: ohh it’s definitely More than this by Patrick Ness!
  10. Favorite flower: I freaking love Hydrangea’s mate
  11. Favourite scent: I definitely agree with @angrysciencenerd on petrichor but I also really love the smell of freshly baked bread (I am currently waiting for some croissant dough to rise)
  12. Favorite color: pastel yellows are really pretty but I also like dark blue and grayish greens (basically i’m a mess)
  13. Favorite animal(s): Bees! (but I also really love cats)
  14. Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?: I’m a slut for a good cup of coffee tbh
  15. Average sleep hours: I tend to go to bed at around 10 and get up at 7 so that’s a good 9 hours of sleep
  16. Cats or dogs?: Cats all the way
  17. Favorite fictional character: This is actually one of the most horrible questions ever. I really love Carl Grimes from the Walking Dead but I also like Bobby Singer from Supernatural and Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter
  18. Number of blankets you sleep with: I don’t think i’ve ever slept with more than one? 
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Steven Universe Theory: ~"Diamond Authority"~


(forgive me guys this is a long one)

Remember the episode “Keep Beach City Weird”? Remember how Ronaldo was completely insane? Well, at the very end of the episode, he says a few things that could actually be really important….

First, he starts shouting about “Polymorphic sentient rocks!”. Which, is literally the nutshell definition of what the gems are. Their real essence resides in their gems, while their bodies are just “illusions” that can change form. So that was the first thing he said that caught my attention.

Here’s the video where he says this:

Second, he starts talking about how these polymorphic sentient rocks want to “Hollow out the Earth“ as part of the ”Diamond Authority”. And that got me thinking….

I think that there is a grand gem government-like structure called the Diamond Authority.


I started thinking about why Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl specifically called themselves the CRYSTAL gems. After all, there are other kinds of gemstones. So I did some research… 

Some of the following information I got from tumblr user: cc-da-wolf


Amethysts are indeed crystals, with the chemical formula: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). They are classified under the Mineral Variety. Mineral-like gems tend to form in environments that are free enough to allow them to form  crystals

We now know that Amethyst was “made” by the “bad gems”, on Earth. We can assume that these “bad gems” are not “crystal” gems. Also, the star on her outfit looks ripped, altered. This, however, is not to insinuate that ALL crystal gems are “made”.


Pearls, however, are not crystal gems. They are indeed minerals, but their formation process does not let them grow into crystal-like structures.

Pearl has a DEEP connection to gem culture. More so than the others. This is especially prominent in the Episode “Space Race”. And her hologram  has a diamond on it:


Garnets are part of a family of gems called Neosilicates with the formula: is X3Y2(SiO4)3 . A complicated substance, but they can form as crystals naturally. 

Garnet is complicated. I can’t say too much about her without going into yet another theory. So, I’ll post a link to my Garnet Theory for you guys and things may be made a little more clear.


Rose Quartz. As we have said, Quartz can also form as crystals.

We know that Rose was around when Garnet and Pearl realized that what the “bad gems” were doing was wrong. She is shown in an ancient mural, fighting a diamond-like enemy. And she has a star on her belly.

So lets review:

Garnet: Crystal

Amethyst Crystal 

Rose Quartz: Crystal

Pearl: NOT Crystal (Pearl is the gem who is MOST attached to gem culture)

I’m thinking that their gems not only reflect their personalities, but also speak to who they are in relation to gem culture.I’m not sure if this is a RECOGNIZED different within gem culture (like different classes or whatever), it’s just something I noticed.


Their outfits most likely correlate with their identity as the crystal gems. All of the “crystal gems” we’ve seen have had start, while all of the “other” (like Lapis & Peridot) gems we’ve seen have had diamond shapes on their clothing. Amethyst is the only one to have her star as a visible rip. Maybe she adopted this when she became a crystal gem.

These symbols also establish themselves as different from the “bad gems”. Its their identity against an enemy group.


1. At one point, we see a mural on this wall. We can see (who looks like) Rose Quartz fighting a sharp-looking opponent. This could very possibly be the gem, Diamond. 

2. Diamond is the strongest gemstone. It would make sense that this particular gem would be incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to be the “Gem President”, so to speak.

“Hollow-out the Earth”

Going back to Ronaldo. Wow. The episode “On the Run” pretty much confirmed that the “hollowing of the earth” part was legit. So, why stop there? Why assume that his statement about Kindergarten was the ONLY relevant one he made? Why not the Diamond Order? It would be weird if only SOME of the main points he made were instances of foreshadowing.  


There is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that there IS indeed a “diamond order”. We can assume that it was this order that makes up the group of “bad gems”. We can see that the crystal gems are a minority compared to the numbers of gems that identify with the diamond order (they have advanced equipment “kindergarten”, and even have scouts patrolling random warps ”Paridot”). Pearl may have originally identified with this order before realizing that things were getting too corrupt (thus, the diamond on her holo-form).

I think that Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, & Rose adopted the name “Crystal Gems” in order to separate themselves from the Diamond Authority. I’m skeptical about whether or not these classifications are actually part of a class system within gem society. 

So there it is. I think there is a diamond order. I think there are signs all throughout the series. I think their outfits, and their gems themselves reflect this. AND THIS IS SO COOL I LOVE THIS SERIES YOU GUYS SHOULD LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.  

if you identify with your blackness as a dominican you’ll get shit for it from confused family and friends and other strangers. if you don’t identify with it you’ll still get shit for it because it’s probably a sign that you’re antiblack cus u know “all dominicans are antiblack” even though misinformation and colonialism hid our histories and access to information that would allow to us identify with blackness. how can I even make room for self love, relearning my roots and history and then reciprocating the love while balancing on such a thin string? idk but that’s definitely something I’m trying to understand better when I go on this break.