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Doomworld - Len’s Progression

I’ve literally rewatched all of Doomworld to make sense of Len’s characterization and honestly, I don’t think it’s as far off as I originally thought it was, or that it’s irreconcilable with the Len we know. After I calmed down, I could make sense of so much of his behavior by reading between the lines.

So I’m sharing that with you, a sort of quick look into his scenes in the episode. 

Long post, no gifs, but here we go.

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Actually a bit weirder sns prompt: sasuke is a drug dealer (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and naruto is cop and hes assigned to sasuke's case

“Sorry,” the bastard didn’t even bother to glance at him, “I don’t deal to minors.”

Naruto was a cop. An undercover cop, actually. So he probably… had to keep cool. Like, they didn’t call him ‘Ice-cold Uzumaki’ for nothing. (Okay fine, they didn’t call him that at all but Naruto was never the type to let shit go. The nickname will catch on. Believe it!)

Somehow, there was something about this guy that really, really pissed him off, so instead of laughing at the insult, the cop flushed, flailed, and shouted, “I’m twenty-seven, asshole!”

Que smirk and raised eyebrow. How fucking predictable.

There was nothing subtle about the notorious bad boy Sasuke Uchiha. He was tattooed almost head to toe, covered in piercings where he wasn’t, chain-smoked, wore a leather jacket, drove a motorcycle- the whole stereotypical shebang.

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@timcanpy-the-golem hopefully this is good!

-Lotor was proud that they decided to call him in

-for the most part, they had kept him out and away from everything, because while he was smooth and did have potential, a thing or two almost always went wrong

-but Lotor was ready to move past that. it had been years since the last time he was in charge and he was going to show everyone that he was ready now

-he plans and plans and plans. once he was sure that nothing could go wrong, he decides it’s finally time to put it in action

-everything was great until it was time for him to meet the paladins

-he had them trapped in a room that he was about to enter and demand them to lower the force fields around the castle and lions

-as he walked in he could see the fear and confusion. everything was going exactly how he- wait dang, the one in blue is h o t

-he ends up tripping and falling right onto a tied up Lance

-he quickly stands up and hopes to move past it as if nothing had happened but he can’t think of anything to say because he was mentally screaming

-Lotor’s too distracted by the way the blue paladin was looking at him in disgust, and the other galra try to take over, but the paladins end up getting away

-a couple of days passed and Lotor’s on a planet in hopes of forgetting and moving on

-guess who shows up

-Lance sees him from behind and starts to flirt

-Lotor realizes that Lance thought he was female and turns around and makes it clear that that was not the case, ignoring the pangs in his heart

-Lance is shocked originally because this is a dude, a galra dude, but hey, this guy is hot, and there are some good galras such as Keith and the Blade of Marmora so as long as he’s not gonna punch him Lance’ll continue

-Lotor wonders why Lance doesn’t recognise him and realizes that he wasn’t wearing his armor and helmet anymore

-Lance notices Lotor’s face and is all, ok I think I’m bothering this guy too much I’ll just go

-but as he’s leaving Lotor gives some sort of really smooth pick up line and Lance is like, “dang”

-Lotor continues to be super smooth and “accidentally” continues to run into Lance peacefully and they start dating

-but when he’s in his armor with the galra he messes up and hopes no one will kill him out of anger

-the other galra go with it and just pretend that Prince Lotor is some other guy that is leading from afar (so they don’t die of embarrassment)

-one day they don’t even let him come to “help”

-he sneaks in anyway, and Haggar is using magic to bring out Lance’s insecurities

-Lotor panics and subtly takes out Haggar by leading the other paladins to her

-but they’re off fighting Haggar and Lance is still crying in the corner and Lotor sneaks over to him

-he’s still in his armor but he doesn’t care

-he helps Lance and tells him how much he’s needed, about how the galra saw Lance as just as much of a threat as the rest of the paladins are

-Lance worries because now he has a crush on TWO galra and Allura’s gonna be mad, and he already has a boyfriend (lol, Lotor is Hannah Montana)

-Lotor realizes that this paladin doesn’t even recognise him as the galra he knew, but was nicer to him than any other galra ever was just because he helped Lance

-Lotor is thinking about it and realizes that he wants to help Voltron

-it’s really awkward at first

-I mean, this dude is smooth and knows how to get what he wants but manipulation is not something a good guy does

-he tries tho (“why am I so bad at being good‽‽”)

-he finally sees the team again and he talks to them

-at first, they’re all like, “well yeah, ok, we have’t seen this guy do anything bad”

-he lets it slip that he was that clumsy galra, aka Prince Lotor (like when Zuko accidentally says he sent Combustion Man)

-trust is g o n e

-except for Lance, he remembers how nice he was when Haggar had gotten to him (when Aang remembers how Zuko was the Blue Spirit)

-he ends up saving them from a fake Prince Lotor that the galra were trying to trick the team with (Zuko saves them from Combustion Man)

-trust slowly comes back with everyone except for Allura (Katara)

-Allura had tried to convince Lotor to be on the good side when the war had started (“I was the first one to trust you, back in Ba Sing Se”)

-I don’t know how he fixes that, but he does with a magical field trip

-Lance and Lotor’s realtionship is going great, and Lotor makes sure Lance knows he’s loved

…and idk what else because I have never dated anyone in my life so…

I also have no idea how to do Lotor. I just know that he’s smooth but I only remembered that in the middle so this might just be crap idk

Imagine Jaebum as a Dad
  • Honestly I can see him having a little girl first
  • Like he would hope it was a boy but when he found out it was a girl he would get even more excited
  • His heart-eyes that he had for the pregnancy would get even bigger
  • This guy would turn into the biggest fluff ball BUT only for his wife and daughter
  • got7 would still be victim to cold leader JB
  • He would have the nursery all planned out even though he told you he was going to leave it up to you
  • There would be bows and ruffles and lace and so much pink
  • The PERFECT princess nursery
  • Not exactly what you pictured but you could tell he was over the moon when it was finally finished
  • You would go shopping for baby stuff together
  • He would manage to keep his cool image
  • But every now and then you could catch him staring at baby shoes and just smiling like there’s no tomorrow
  • As the days counted down, you could tell he was getting nervous
  • You would ensure him of how great of a dad he is going to be but his eyes still held uncertainty
  • When the actual day came he wouldn’t know what to do
  • Calm, collected leader JB would fly out the window and you would have to deal with silent, panicking Jaebum
  • You would call Jinyoung who already had a game plan in place for the sole purpose of a silent, panicking Jaebum
  • Jinyoung would have everything packed and ready to meet you at the hospital with the rest of the guys
  • Once you got to the hospital Jaebum would have calmed down enough to be there for you through the whole thing
  • As soon as he saw his little girl though…
  • This man would melt into a puddle of father goo
  • That little bundle would come first before everything
  • She would have him wrapped around her finger so tight that even you would get limited amount of heart eyes
  • Anything she wanted she would get
  • “Bambam let her play with your sunglasses”
  • “They cost $700!”
  • “I said give her your sunglasses” *shoots lazers out of his eyes aiming at Bambam*
  • He still loves you though!
  • He respects you a whole lot more for bringing this bundle of joy into both of your lives
  • Overall he would be a great dad
  • He would love it no matter what the gender is let’s be honest 
  • I still imagine him with a girl first though

A/N: It looks really weird on mobile….idk how to fix that. Sorry! Anyway, I’m working on the other members and I kind of want to make another series since this just goes through the pregnancy. Let me know what you think! Also, Lady B, now going to be called Lady G I’ll let her explain that on her own time lol, has been working on many things so we should be posting more often now. Sorry for the silence. Anyway, happy reading! -Admin Totoro 

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I must be a masochist.. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE TONY ANGST and I want more!! my heart fucking broke at the letters!! Tell us more about it please! How do Steve and Bucky make it up to Tony? How do the others make up to him?? Who does Peter end up marrying? Can you please explain why Tony thinks that Peter is not doing his duty?

Anonymous said:But they care, right??? Steve and Bucky fix this, don’t they?? Poor Tony ;-; [regency au] ☆

Anonymous said:In the regency au does Tony ever sometimes slip back into the moidset where he thinks what Obidiah (idk how to spell it) said about omegas was true even though Steve and Bucky have proved time and time again that he was wrong?

Anonymous said:Abuse and trama can have long lasting effects that aren’t always shown immediately… is there somthing that they didnt relize was bad or upsetting to Tony for a long time? Or like a extremely sudden random trigger no one knew about??

Tony creeps into bed later than he usually does. He’d gotten caught up in a book and, honestly, had been trying to avoid going to bed at all. But he’s tired. Exhausted. And even though he’s hurt, and angry, he likes the comforting warmth of his husbands on either side of him. He sighs as he feels their arms curling around his waist, melting into it, even though he knows it’s going to hurt when he wriggles free in the morning. He lets his eyes drift closed, basking in how safe and warm he feels, when he’s jarred back away by Bucky’s breath hitching with a sob.

“Bucky? Are you okay? Does your arm hurt?” he whispers hurriedly, because it does, sometimes—sometimes when it’s cold, or something brushes against his stump wrong, he gets distressed and goes back to when it was being amputated, when he was in so much pain. He’s so focused on trying to soothe Bucky that it takes him a few minutes to realize that his nightshirt is—wet on Steve’s side, and he notices that Steve is trembling where he’s curled around him. He pauses uncertainly, hands curled in their hair, unsure of how he can help if they’re flashing back to the horrors of the war they fought in.

“We could have lost you,” Steve whispers, distraught, and Tony flinches. “We could have lost you, and we wouldn’t have even known it. We love you so much. Please know that.” “I… I know,” Tony answers, bewildered. “I wouldn’t have left you.” “You didn’t know you had us,” Bucky croaks, curling his arm tighter around his waist. “You wished you’d run away before we got there, or—or that you’d died—” “No I didn’t,” Tony answers immediately, before what Bucky said even really registers. Then it does, and his blood feels like ice in his veins. “No I didn’t,” he repeats, quieter. “I—I was a stupid child then. It was childish to try and escape my duties to my people.”

“Your duties,” Steve spits, and Tony tenses up, frightened of what he’s about to hear and unable to flee. “You keep talking about your duties but you never bring up Bucky’s and mine. One of which is to love and support you.” Tony’s brows furrow together with confusion. Of course—of course Steve and Bucky have duties, but—but loving him is just a bonus, just a pleasant surprise. They would have been married and he would have had their children even if they hadn’t grown to love each other. “You really think that, don’t you?” Bucky asks, voice cracking with emotion. “You really think we would have made you marry us if you hadn’t wanted to. Tony, no.

“Ma wouldn’t have made us marry if she thought you’d be unhappy,” Steve whispers, distraught. “Not after you told her everything Obadiah did to you. Not after she realized how frightened you were.” Tony frowns. That. That doesn’t sound right. “But—it would have been my duty to—” “You are more than your duties, Tony!” Steve snaps, sitting up, and Tony’s breath hitches when he sees the tears still rolling down his cheeks. “You were just barely an adult when you came here, away from everything and everyone you knew, trying so hard not to cause problems even though you were uncomfortable. You couldn’t even tell us that our food was making you feel sick. Doing your duty to your people hurt you, Tony. And I know that if you were given the option you would make all those decisions again, and I love you for that, but why can’t you hold us to the same standards that you hold yourself?”

Tony opens his mouth, then shuts it again, uncertain. He’d thought—he’d thought he had. He always supported Steve and Bucky when they said they had to go out into their country to take care of teams of bandits or settle unrest. He supported them when they were bent over treaties late at night, nearly in tears because they couldn’t find a happy medium for both parties. He supported them when they settled disputes that the local magistrates couldn’t handle. He… he thought he had.

“It kills me a little,” Bucky whispers, voice full of emotion. “That you feel your duty is to give us your blind devotion, but you don’t think we should have that duty to you.” Tony squirms uncomfortably under their attention, unable to meet their eyes. “We made vows to each other,” Steve adds, voice taking on an angry note. “To love each other, to have and to hold, to support one another. Darling, we went into Rage over you. And you think—you think your opinion doesn’t matter, that we would have made the decision to allow Peter to marry Matt without you being on board. Do you think we had all those arguments to rub it in your face? We were trying to get you to say yes, or for you to convince us no, not to tell you that your opinion didn’t matter. Your opinion is the most important one of them all, Tony.”

Tony turns his head to try and hide the fact that he’s weeping, because perhaps—perhaps Obadiah had sunk his claws into him deeper than he’d thought. Hearing Steve say this, tell him that he is loved and his opinions matter, it—it makes sense. Even when they’d been courting, they had asked him for his opinions and taken them into account when making decisions that affected all of them. Obadiah had groomed him to be a passive party to his alpha’s decisions, and he’d thought he’d put everything Obadiah had done to him behind him, but here he was anyway, twenty years later, affecting his decisions. Having a detrimental effect on Tony’s life even though he’s long been dead.

“Sweetheart,” Steve murmurs, cupping his cheek, turning his head so he can kiss him. “Darling, we just want you to understand how much we love you, how much we adore you and want to hear what you think.” Tony sobs with the tenderness of the kiss, especially when Steve breaks it just so Bucky can have a turn, lips trembling with emotion against his own. “Steve—Bucky—” “We love you, Anthony,” Bucky says quietly, and Tony clings to him, sobbing into his shoulder, because it occurs to him—

It occurs to him that he’d been waiting, all this time, for the other shoe to drop, because Obadiah had made him think he wasn’t important enough to be loved—and he’d believed it. And then he’d tried to push it on his baby, too.

The Right Choice (3)

DPR Master list |Pt1, pt2|

(Requested) // Word Count; 1,249

Christian Yu x Reader - A/F

a/n sorry for taking so long to update this, it was sitting in my notes for ages but I didn’t like what I was coming up with so I ignored it and then forgot about it until it was requested - idk what happened but I was inspired to write another part :)

Dabin, Scott And CLine were more than happy to help Christian fix his relationship with you, they knew how much he loved you even though he was never around and the thought of having a small Yu running around made them even more eager to help their friend.

You were worried about what you did, taking the ring off was the wrong move; Christian hadn’t called or texted you in two weeks, he didn’t even come and see you. You were afraid he thought you broke up with him, yes you were angry and trying to get a point across but maybe you took it too far.

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Fearful Love Part 9

Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 1,325

Warnings: nothing really….

Summary: I’m horrible at these so I’m not even going to give one for this part.

A/N: So what you’re about to read is actual shit. I almost deleted the whole thing idk how many fucking times….anyways…I kept my promise on getting something out tonight even though it’s absolute trash….beta’d by the @mamapeterson (honestly I wouldn’t have posted if she didn’t fix all of the horrible mistakes) and feedback(negative or positive) is greatly appreciated!!

Fearful Love Masterlist

Originally posted by jared-jensen-misha-mark67

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 5

Please read part 1, part 2,  part 3 and part 4 so this will make sense

You can read part 6 here 


Yoongi x Reader

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You ended up in a coffee shop with the boy who introduced himself as Jungkook. He said he had a lot to discuss with you, and it was cold outside. He also muttered something about it being safer, and when you had asked from what, he told you that Yoongi wouldn’t be too happy if he saw him talking to you. “That makes two people today that he thinks I’m not supposed to talk to,” You thought. But it only made you more curious, and against your better judgement decided to hear him out.

Once you both got a warm drink and sat down at a table, you crossed your arms and frowned at Jungkook. This was turning out to be a strange day, and you were really ready to be done with it.

“So.” You said. “What is it that you needed to tell me?”

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Apparently I Can't Do Anything Right

This is going to be a long one and I do apologize.
A little bit of background: I work at a small gas kiosk that is connected to a grocery store. I have worked at the store for a year now and have worked the gas kiosk for about ten months.
The story: Friday (9/29) the head cashier ® at my store came up to me and told me that I had triple charged someone for their gas. Apparently the customer had pre-paid for $25 worth with a credit card and I somehow charged them three times for it. This is odd for two reasons:
1.) Once a pre-pay is rung up on our pumps, you CAN NOT ring another pre-pay up until the amount at the pump has been pumped. I mean, it just will not physically allow you at all.
2.) I didn’t even remember scanning someone’s card three times.
Then I got to thinking about how in the world that could have occurred and I know what happened. If you take the nozzle out and then go up and pre-pay, it will not allow me to ring that pre-pay up. A message will pop up saying, “Pre-pay failed. Ticket will be voided” and the till will NOT pop open. (This is relevant to the rest of the story.) The only way to fix it is to have then hang the nozzle up and then keep ringing the pre-pay up until it goes through. This happens a lot. Like literally everyday. And it is the ONLY scenario in which I would (or could for that matter) scan someone’s card three times. Idk how it charged her card three times for it though. My assumption is that it was just pending in her bank account and she assumed it had taken it out. But whatever. The head cashier ® gave her a refund for it . Chalk it up to a weird situation. Move on.
But oh no. Today (9/30) I almost blew my fucking top off.
So a lady comes up. She had already pumped her gas and was paying inside for it. I inserted her card, and my pin pad froze on me. Again, this happens a lot. All I ever do is reset the pin pad and the payment will go through. That did not happen this time. After I was done resetting it, the pin pad said approved but a message popped up on my register saying, “Transaction timed out.” This had never happened before. So I call the front office and an FEM (M) told me that she was going to have the head cashier ® call me and tell me what to do. Ten minutes pass. No call. M calls me back and asks me if R has called me. Nope. M tells me to call the help desk and have them see if the payment went through. I do this. The guy at the help desk said that it did and to cash it out as EFT offline. I do this. I call M back and let her know what I did. She said alright and I thought that was the end of it. Nope. R calls me 10 minutes later BITCHING at me that the payment didn’t go through. I tell her what happened. She says that the help desk is wrong and that they always are, that the gas kiosk is just like the front end when it comes to accepting payments, and that since MY TILL DIDN’T POP OPEN IT DIDN’T CHARGE HER. So which is it???? Am I supposed to keep trying to run their card when my till doesn’t pop open or not??? Because you were just bitching at me yesterday for charging a lady too much when my till DIDN’T OPEN.
I tell her in the most respectful way I could that my till didn’t open the day I triple charged that lady. And she just kinda danced around that fact. I was sooooo pissed. I still am. To top it all off, R has never even worked in the gas kiosk. She didn’t even work the front end until she was promoted to head cashier. The pumps, registers, and card readers at our store are all shit. Don’t fucking come at me with your patronizing bullshit when you haven’t worked down here AND our pumps fucking crash every single day. Legitamitlly I have to call the help desk and have them reset the pumps EVERDAY. It’s insane. They need to get their shit together and fucking fix that place. I’m getting the shit end of the stick for stuff that isn’t my fault. I was doing what I was fucking told to do by two separate people who both said it was okay. Fuck off.

couragetofight  asked:

Sanvers 4 life (for the OTP thing)

an anon also asked for sanvers so I WOULD BE HAPPY TO OBLIGE

Who’s the messiest one:

Maggie 100%. Alex is a big sister and big sisters are always the neat and organized ones. Maggie is a slob and leaves her shit everywhere and it drives Alex crazy because she always trips over the shoes Maggie leaves scattered across the living room

Who feels the most uncomfortable about PDA:

Maggie, both because she’s afraid of making Alex feel uncomfortable because it’s Alex’s first relationship with a woman, and also because of internalized stuff from her homophobic parents gives her anxiety

Who’s the funniest drunk:

Alex definitely. She gets clumsy and blunt and Maggie thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.

Who texts the most:

ALEX she doesn’t just double text she triple quadruple and more texts. Like, Maggie will be busy interrogating a suspect for an hour and when she gets back to her phone there will be like twenty new texts from Alex

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music:

Alex had her emo/punk phase and she TOTALLY DIDN’T like the same music Kara did like N’Sync and Britney Spears

(she totally did like it. reluctantly. and she would never admit it today)

Who reads the most:

Alex is totally the type who would read in bed before going to sleep every night and Maggie would like climb into Alex’s lap and try to pull the book out of her hands in dire need of attention

Who’s better with kids:

They both suck with kids. Maggie likes them but she doesn’t know what kids like so she can never bond with them. Kids just make Alex uncomfortable. They’re so…small and fragile and dumb like they freak her out so she typically avoids them

Who’s the one that fixes things around the house:

Maggie is totally the Useful Lesbian ™ in the relationship like one night after a shower Alex complains about a clogged drain saying they should call a plumber and the next day she comes home to find Maggie with her sleeves rolled up to her elbows in the tub fixing it. 

Who’s got the weirdest hobby:

Maggie, probably. Between the bonsai trees and yoga? idk how much weirder you can get but she probably does.

Who cooks and who cleans up:

Maggie cooks because Alex can’t cook for shit. They both clean up even though Alex insists to let her do it

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Can I request a HC or RFA+V+Saeran discovering that MC is a tatted up rockstar. >.< sorry

• Can’t stop staring at MC’s tattoos
• Was a little bit intimidated when he first met them
• He isn’t really into rock music
• But he likes what MC plays and sings

• Loves MC’s style
• Knew about MC even before he met them
• Amazing rock duets
• Zen loves MC’s tattoos
• Often traces his fingers along them, admiring

• Rock isn’t exactly her thing
• But she acknowledges MC’s talent
• Actually a bit jealous of MC’s tattoos
• She couldn’t get them even if she wanted to because of the office dress code
• Secretly thinks it’d be very cool if MC collaborated with Zen


• Finds MC’s style a little.. unconventional
• Is very curious about the tattoos
• Asks tons of questions about them
• Secretly likes singing MC’s songs in karaoke
Gap moe

• He already knew about MC’s band from the background check
• Was surprised to learn that MC was someone quite famous
• Blasts their music while he’s working
• Totally would offer to get matching tattoos 

• Loves taking photos of MC while they’re singing
• Really manages to capture all the emotions and the energy
• Asks what the tattoos mean for MC
• Draws a sketch for MC’s next tattoo

~Aesthetic match~
• Their music tastes also match
• Saeran can’t sing really well though
• So he’s too shy to sing along to MC’s songs

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dude I just marathoned your blog and shit I'm so glad someone compiled all of these posts. One thing though I'm not sure if this was just how my laptop formatted it or something else but some of the longest posts with lots of add-ons (like the one where our new alien overlords keep getting taken out by various wildlife) mush the first parts of the post against the side to the point of it becoming almost unreadable. Idk if you can fix that but, now you know!

This is a problem I’m not sure how to fix! I know a lot of the posts are chains that get pretty long, and currently if you’re on desktop browsing the blog, they’re formatted old-style with the blockquotes, meaning early replies of long posts get so squeezed you get a single letter on each line–totally unreadable.


Can anyone recommend a good fix? I’d prefer to keep my blog basically as-is, with the picture [header on mobile] background, icon and about-me in the middle, color scheme, tags/notes/date posted easily seen at the bottom, ~10 posts per page (and have pages, not infinite scrolling)…but have replies stacked like the new style that shows on your dashboard, or on mobile.

Heeeeelp, please? Bitte? Por favor?


Second week whoo! This started out as a Slytherin inspired look, then kinda turned into Bellatrix goes to the ball. The Corset I’m wearing is the cs411 from @orchardcorset. Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the entire thing but I will be wearing it again. (it’s one of my favorites.) 


“This is all just… very familiar.”

witchever  asked:

watching tom get ready for a premiere. he's all excited and nervous and you can't help but sit n admire him. every once in a while he glances in the mirror and is like "dAmn look at this SPOT!!" and you'll walk up to him and hold his face and say "babe you're so handsome you're gonna rock this thing you're amazing" and he kinda calms down in your arms while you adjust his tie and smooth his hair down a little. his stylist is all huffy w ur fixing tom just thinks it's funny. idk cute premiere boy

tom still gets jitters for premieres and event though he’s done so many interviews, he knows how unpredictable they can be so he’s a little cautious and nervous of what they might ask and he knows its been a joke that he spills too many secrets he starts to wonder if it’s actually a problem and he’s trying to rehearse what he has to/will say and you’re there holding his hand, helping him rehearse by giving him possible questions and throwing in a “so, tom holland, what do you do to stay this cute?” and he’d swat your hand away despite the blush on his face and you’d even throw in a “how’d you land such a looker, mr. holland?” which he’s roll his eyes, but lean in to kiss you and whisper “don’t know. but, i’m lucky, aren’t i?”

sappy/sinful sunday xoxo

Another one of those weird quick mood doodle paintings haha. :D This one I call ‘Jay’s compassion’, and it’s something I’ve been trying to write - about how Jay got his mabari, Apostate. :) That story will show up soon hopefully, but basically he kinda sorta stole her. Only kinda, though, idk if it counts as theft if someone tells you to get rid of something for them and you keep it instead and fix it and it becomes way awesome…?