idk how to feel about this now tbh


Spicy Boy’s fins have like almost doubled in length since I got him. Idk how I feel about it tbh. I mean he doesn’t bite them and he has never had them rip or get fin rot but I hope they are done growing. The person I bought him from didn’t say he was a rosetail or feathertail nothing like that, but damn he has some long fins. I’m gonna expect issues when he gets old tho. 😕

But for now he is my little red fairy fish. 🐠❤️

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I love your drawings! I can image seijo's situation to be as Shiratorozawa's with Semi and Shirabu as setters. I feel kinda bad for Oikawa if Tobio had gone to seijo but Tobio being friends with everyone melts my heart ❤✨

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my art (and sorry for the late answer ;; )

When I drew the Seijou!Kageyama thing, I tried not to think about Oikawa but then I read your tags, they made me think… I don’t know how Oikawa would react tbh, (now) he’s more mature than Kitadai!Oikawa, I think he could feel threaten his position being the setter and have a difficult relationship with Kags, but then in the canon Oikawa was nice enough to give him advise when he was his rival, in this AU you can say Kageyama is his ally, so maybe he would polish and use his talent as an advantage to win…idk, I thought so many things

oh well, kitadai trio going to the seijou and being friends is so cute, we need more!!

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I just saw someone also say even/isak scenes this season feel too much like fanservice (which i don't agree) but then they said that they feel that way bc they are too "perfect" and like, i know some ppl like drama but this is sana's season, julie ain't gonna have even/isak angst in between that? there's season 3 for that. also this is evak from sana's pov, which i feel ppl forget. idk i just don't understand how a m/m couple being happy is now being considered fanservice, it upsets me tbh sigh

hey you! aaah, I think you write this down perfectly. and you are absolutely right, this is exactly how I feel about it. these boys have gone through enough, I’m glad they’re now in a place in their lives where leaving clothes in the washing machine for too long is what they worry about! I really do think it’s a little harmful to call these happy boys in a healthy relationship fan service, it’s much more than that. thanks for these words!

lol @ past me, remember when you were confused because girls were (are) so attractive, you’re actually attracted to more girls than boys? and when your friends ask if you’re lesbian, you denied because? you have a massive crush on this one boy? how is that gay? well honey, bisexuality is a thing.

Dating Amber

@little-septic-eye :Could you do a thing about what it would be like dating Amber? Idk if you’re taking requests right now or if you even do that sort of thing… but still! Worth a shot!

anon: How would dating Amber be like?

Here you are :) Ambruh is my ulti, so this would be … i cant even describe how much I’d hyperventilate tbh… 

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- so amber is like a bro

- but at the same time very girly when you get to know her

- she’s that kind of girl, who you just feel comfortable with

- you can let yourself go, you don’t have to dress fancy.. and:

- prepare for long nights of ….

- playing video games! :D

- You’ll play overwatch, even if you hate video games.

- Trust me, even if you don’t know to play it, It’ll be fun with her

- Casually staying in bed all day watching netflix together and chill

- you’ll only get up to order food or make popcorn

- other than that, you’ll snuggle up in your bed and relax

- so, you’re an introvert who doesn’t have a lot of friends?


- You’ll get to know everybody. Amber’s friends with people you wouldn’t even guess they had met ever before.

- That’s because she IS friends with many people she’s never met before!

- so don’t be jealous. Amber just likes company and is a little sunshine

- When you’re not hanging out @ home or are at work, you’re probably traveling or doing something with your 1000000 friends

- or both

- like I said, she’s popular

- has no problem with PDA

- she even does it quite often

- is more comfortable with it than you are

- I don’t think netizens/fans will be a real problem, they are still busy with finding out whether she’s a boy or not

- small hint: she is not

- that’s kind of annoying and saddening for her

- pls protect her from rude comments on her outer appearance

- this really gets her down sometimes, and she’ll let you know, so don’t worry bout that

- just buy her tacos and comfort her, and her smile will be brighter than the sun

- not  only because of the tacos, but more because she knows you care for her and that’s all she needs

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- your relationship is all about reliability and a strong bond

- she’d buy you tons of ice cream if you ask her to

- stays at home if you’re ill. 

- you’re the no. 1 priority for her, schedule can wait. 

- but if she has to go, don’t worry, you’ll facetime the whole time ;)

- and she’ll send a lot of selcas with the members

- sends you snaps even if you’re sitting right next to her

- always keeps you up to date

- gets you cute souvenirs when she is in Japan or the US

- or gross food she finds hilarious to prank you with

- oh i forgot to mention: this girl is a goddamn prankster

- she’s evil

- but because she loves you, she annoys the crap out of you 

- it’s her sign of affection (?)

- she loves you, you can be sure about that

- and she’ll show it 

 - she’s so proud to have you :’)

- so be proud too, she’s your soulmate!

Hunger Games! au | Im Youngmin

*i know i said this would be out by next week but i really felt like writing something SO BOOM HERE IT IS, THE SECOND HUNGER GAMES AU

  • hunger games au 2/?

part 1

part 2

part 3



  • youngmin looks over at you with a large smile resting on his mouth
  • your eyes flick up to meet his gaze and you break into a smile
  • “why are you smiling like that?” you ask, laying your heart down on his chest
  • you hear his heart beating and it calms you down immensely 
  • he grabs your small hand and kisses it
  • “tomorrow is officially our final reaping. after this, we are free from the stupid hunger games” you hear youngmins chest vibrate meaning he is letting out a laugh
  • you cant help but laugh with him
  • nothing but good feelings were floating around the two of you
  • you and youngmin have been dating since the two of you were 14 and now you were both 18, nothing but love between the two of you
  • “what if…?” you ask, fear coming down on you
  • youngmin shakes his head, lips tight, “dont think like that, babe. it wont happen to us. not now, never again”


  • “mom, i’m leaving for the reaping! see you tonight” you call out to your mom who just pokes her head out from behind the door
  • “are you going out with youngmin after the reaping?”
  • you nod and hum in response
  • “alright see you later sweetie!”
  • you open your door only to be shocked with your tall boyfriend standing in front of you
  • “jesus, youngmin!” you hit his chest lightly 
  • he responds by grabbing your hand and kissing it gently, “you look beautiful, as always. let’s go”
  • the two of you walk down to the reaping center
  • “after this, do you want to go fishing?”
  • since the two of you are in district 4, the ‘fishing’ district, fishing was a past time everybody loved to do
  • it was so relaxing dipping your feet into the cold water and catching fish to take home and grill
  • “of course i want to go fishing!” 
  • the two of you walk a little while longer, enjoying the silence and the slight breeze
  • then the reaping center comes into view
  • sure, youngmin said it would never happen to the two of you
  • but there was always that little voice in the back of your head that said, “what if?”
  • you grasp onto his hand tighter when the reaping center come
  • he looks at you with worry on his face, “hey, look at me”
  • you look up at him, fear in your eyes
  • “we are going to be okay, our names are only in there 6 times, that’s not a lot. there is a kid with his name in there 42 times because he got food from the capitol so we are in good shape okay?”
  • you nod your head as you try and let youngmin’s words soak in
  • “we will be fine” you repeat and that makes youngmin breakout into a big smile
  • “that’s right, baby. now i’m gonna go to the male section okay? see you after the reaping” he kisses your cheek before running off
  • you see him slap the back of his friend donghyun and they put their fingerprints on the sheet before walking into the arena
  • “_______!” you hear a voice call out from behind you
  • you turn around and is met with the one and only beautiful jeon somi
  • the two of you have been close since basically forever 
  • she was more popular and prettier than you but in the grand scheme of things, that didn’t matter because you had the best boyfriend ever
  • “are you ready for your last hunger games?” she smiles at you
  • you bump her shoulder, “of course! i will be free of the hell hole after 25 minutes. thank god!” you exclaim while putting your fingerprint on the sheet of paper and walking into the arena
  • “i’m jealous, i still have 2 years left!” somi pouts, sitting down in one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs next to you
  • you click your tongue, “that’s right! you are still a baby!”
  • somi pouts while slinking down in the chair a bit
  • the two of you jump in surprise when the loud anthem for the capitol start playing
  • a wildly colorful woman walks onto the stage tapping the microphone
  • “oh god, not this lady again” you groan at somi who silently snickers
  • you knew youngmin and donghyun were making fun of her too
  • her name was park bom and she represented district 4 in the last hunger games
  • her over enthusiastic tone of voice was enough to make anybody want to die
  • “welcome welcome to the 75th annual hunger games! as usual, may the odds be ever in your favor”
  • somi lets out a silent laugh which you follow
  • her voice was enough to make you and somi crack up on the spot
  • you knew that your little friend group (you, somi, donghyun, and youngmin) was going to make fun of this for days on end
  • “did you hear the way her voice cracked a little bit?” somi hits your thigh while trying to silence her laughter
  • she keeps droning on but you and somi keep making fun, honestly enjoying this moment
  • “oh my god, i’m going to di-”
  • “_____ ______! _____ ______!” 
  • the smile immediately drops off of your face when you hear your name echo through the arena
  • “come on sweetheart!” you look at somi who looks like she is about to pass out
  • your legs stand up and you walk out to the center
  • the military escorts you up to the stage
  • holy shit
  • you were going to die
  • you scan the crowd below you and spot youngmin who was as pale as a ghost
  • donghyun was patting his back calmly, trying to comfort your boyfriend
  • “why are you shaking, dear? there is nothing to be nervous about” she pats your shoulder before walking over to the boy’s bowl
  • she shuffles the papers around before grabbing a slip 
  • please not youngmin
  • please not youngmin
  • please not youngm-
  • “ha sungwoon! ha sungwoon!” you feel yourself relax, knowing that you weren’t going to have to kill your boyfriend or vice versa
  • you close your eyes, not wanting to look out at your boyfriend or the crows
  • you had a chance now
  • “i volunteer!” you hear a deep voice call out from the audience
  • “oh! sungwoon, we have a volunteer!” you hear sungwoon let out a sigh of relief
  • your eyes shoot open and you see youngmin walking up the aisle
  • “hi, tribute! what is your name?” bom rubs his arm
  • you didn’t even have the conscious to be angry at her
  • you were royally pissed off at youngmin though
  • “im youngmin”
  • “why did you volunteer?”
  • “i couldnt let my girlfriend do this all alone” he looks over at you with an apologetic stare
  • “oh! well, then” bom clears her throat, taking her hand off of his arm, “let me introduce to you the tributes of the 75th annual hunger games!”


  • the train ride was so awkward
  • there was a tension that you and youngmin had never had before
  • it was anger and some sort of disgust
  • “why are you mad at me?” youngmin breaks the uncomfortable silence
  • you scoff, running your hands through your hair, “youngmin, you do realize what has to happen now, right?”
  • youngmin nods his head, “we have to survive in an arena and then the two of us will come out victorious! we will make it”
  • you shake your head, tears springing to your eyes
  • “when has there ever been two victors, youngmin? never! not once in these 75 years this shit has been going on! you basically just signed yourself up for killing me or me killing you”
  • youngmin’s face goes pale in realization as he leans back in the comfortable chair
  • “holy shit, i did, didn’t i?”

ehhh idk how i feel about this tbh


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Request: could you write bill weasley x reader imagine? i don’t really have ideas for the plot but maybe a fight (someone is jealous?) and then they make it up? i dunno but thanks anyway! :) ~ Anon

A/N: ( Gif doesn’t belong to us! Credit to the creator!) Thank you for the request! I love me some Bill Weasley tbh. This was a bit longer than I expected it to be, and I’m not to sure how I feel about it, and I know the title is a bit bland. Buuuuut anyway, enjoy! ~Admin Kat

You were in the middle of helping Molly clean up the kitchen when there was a loud crash upstairs. You rolled your eyes as you set down some plates, “ I’ll go check it out.”. Molly smiled, “ Thank you dear!” then she went back to cleaning up. You made your way upstairs and walked to the twins’s room. You already knew whatever the noise was, it was their fault. You opened the door before speaking. “ What are you two up to this time?”. You coughed as you spoke while a bunch of smoke came billowing out of the room.

Soon you heard one of the twins say a spell to immediately clear the smoke. Finally you saw Fred and George sitting near a box that had a small fire starting in it. You raised your eyebrows and stared at the two boys. “ It was his idea!” they both shouted in unison pointing to each other. You chuckled and rolled your eyes. “ Clean this up and I won’t say a word to your mother.” you said smirking as you walked down the hall and back down to the kitchen. “ Everything alright up there dear?” Molly asked straightening her apron. “ Just Fred and George being themselves. But don’t worry, there wasn’t a whole lot of damage and they should be cleaning it as we speak.” You said with a smile and Molly smiled back at you.

You heard the door open as you finished picking up the living room. You heard Molly greet the person and you walked into the kitchen to see Bill. You smiled as he turned to you. You skipped over and gave him a hug. He picked you up and spun you around. “ I missed you!” you exclaimed as Bill put you down. He chuckled still holding your waist, “ I was only gone for a few hours love.”. “ Yeah but it felt like a long time.”. You leaned up to give him a quick kiss on the lips before you pulled away. You walked back into the living room and collapsed onto the couch with a sigh. Bill leaned on the wall next to the entrance, “ Rough day?”. “ I’ve been helping your mum clean and get things organized all day, takes a lot outta you.” You said stretching out and sitting up motioning for Bill to join you on the couch.

Bill came and sat on the couch with you and put an arm around you. You leaned into him closing your eyes dozing off a bit. That is, until yet another loud crash was heard from upstairs. You jumped and sat up, soon you heard the twins yelling. “ Hey Y/N! We could use some help up here!.” You rolled your eyes getting up, “ Honestly I swear they are 5 years old.” you muttered to Bill as you got up and walked quickly upstairs. You heard Bill sigh in frustration as you got up.

You were once again greeted by smoke but it soon cleared. “ Seriously you guys, if you’re gonna mess with things that can start on fire or explode, take it outside.”. The twins rolled their eyes and grabbed their things.” Well then you can help us!” Fred exclaimed tossing some small boxes to you and pushing you down the stairs and outside.

After a while Bill had strolled outside watching the chaos that was unfolding. “What exactly am I doing?” You asked the twins as you stood holding several different boxes. They didn’t answer you, but they did take the boxes from you and open them up. They handed you objects to help put in place and fiddle with. You were standing there doing nothing when Bill stood next to you. “What’s happening?” he asked. You shrugged, “ That’s a good question.”. “ C’mon, let’s go inside, I think these two can manage on their own.I want to spend time with you.” Bill said turning slightly. 

You sighed, you had been spending a lot of time with Fred and George lately. But can anyone really blame you? Everyone was usually busy or out working so you went back and forth between helping Molly around the house and hanging out with the twins. Bill always seemed to be a bit upset when you didn’t spend time with him because you were busy with Fred and George. You knew he had his reasons for getting upset but sometimes it would get out of hand.

“ I would love to, but if they set fire to the house, it’s on me. We can spend time together later tonight, I promise.” you said smiling at Bill. You watched the twins run off with 2 bright blue boxes and then they were out of sight. “ Sometimes I wonder if you are even into this relationship anymore.” Bill mumbled turning on his heel. You furrowed your eyebrows, “ What?”, you said making Bill stop. “ You spend more time with my brothers than you do me! It’s getting ridiculous!” Bill exclaimed turning to face you.

“ You can’t be serious Bill-” “ I am serious Y/N! I’m surprised we’re still together, you might as well be with one of my brothers instead of me!” Bill yelled throwing his hands in the air. The argument went back and forth. You trying to calm Bill down and assure him you were just trying to make sure the twins never blew themselves up. Bill yelling about how they can take care of themselves. Bill was never one to get jealous, but I guess with siblings he’s different.Finally you lost it, “ Well maybe I would be with you more if you weren’t always gone!”. Bill stormed off into the house leaving you outside in the night.

You sat out in the fields near the house for an hour. You tried to clear your head. Maybe it was wrong of you for spending so much time with Fred and George. But all Bill had to do was talk to you about his feelings on the matter. No need for yelling. You never liked to yell at Bill. You wiped the tears forming in your eyes and took a deep breath. You hated fighting, you were always too emotional for them.

As you ripped blades of grass apart you heard footsteps and someone sitting next to you. There was silence for a bit before the person next to you spoke. “ I shouldn’t have yelled earlier.” Bill said softly. You shook your head, “ I should have listened to how you felt.”. Bill moved closer to you, “ No, I should have talked to you about it, but instead I kept it to myself and got angry.”. You leaned you head on Bill’s shoulder. “ You know I would never pick any of your brothers over you right?” you said causing Bill to chuckle.

“ Yeah I know, I’m way better looking.” Bill said making you let out a laugh. You both sat in silence again. “ I’m really sorry about the things I said, it was stupid of me… that will never happen again.” Bill said putting an arm around you and pulling you close. He kissed your head as you nodded in agreement. “ From now on we are 100% honest about how we feel.” you stated. Bill sat with you outside for a while talking about random things.

Eventually you both went inside and went up to bed no longer upset with each other, and happy that you and Bill were over the little argument.

~ Admin Kat

I’ve said it before but look wash and york are absolutely not friends tbh. and the only reason I can think of that would work canonically for why wash continued to hang out with him and north despite being straight up mean to him is an unrequited… thing. I mean come on high stress situations??? constant threat of death?? hot boys????

Green Eyes

Her eyes were poetry she would share with the world.

Although it could only be felt and not seen, they danced through the hues with exhilarating ease, from the dullest grey, to a serene jade, to the brightest green. They were hot and fierce, and oh, how they burned, the poet would see. Burned with passion, for her kingdom and research – and burned with grace, as befitting of a princess blessed by the Goddess herself. Her fire was contagious and inspiring, so much that he had written about it more times than he could count.

But one day, the Sheikah saw in her eyes a different type of flame.

It didn’t burn the same way – his soul didn’t bathe in its warmth the way it could before. The mysterious fire plagued his mind for a while. What could it possibly be?

A thought would cross his mind from time to time, and he would shoot it down just as fast as it appeared, as to avoid possibly feeding it. He couldn’t get… hopeful.

He expected to find some answers in his own writing, desperately looking for anything remotely similar to the unfamiliar fire in those green eyes. That writing was different from the one he would show to the Royal Family – it was raw and emotional, and featured the Princess’s eyes to an almost uncomfortable degree.

But despite his numerous accounts on her piercing gaze, he couldn’t find anything that helped with his issue. He allowed himself to sit back and think.

The same thought came to him, and this time, he reluctantly allowed it to flourish, seemingly out of options. Could it be…?

There weren’t many people around her age in the castle, let alone the ones who would actually interact with her. The only two he could think of was himself, and…


He laughed at the thought, foolish at it was – the boy wasn’t even nobility, and clearly didn’t look like a sensible man of the arts like himself. Could that Hylian write his feelings onto paper as well as he did? Could he speak in a manner as refined and enthralling as the Sheikah had learned with the years living in the better parts of the castle?

No, scrap that – could that kid even speak? He probably had chosen not to after realizing how much more eloquent and wise the Princess was. What a ridiculous idea that was.

And yet, quick as lightning, the Sheikah’s chest tightened as he imagined the two lying on a grassy field and staring at the clouds, with the boy casually calling the Princess by her first name.


He quickly got up from his desk, his heart heavy. He paced around in his room, staring at the floor with a wide-eyed stare. He wouldn’t even call her that in his dreams.

The poet’s imagination got increasingly vile, depicting the pair sitting together in front of a fire in a small cave. The two stared deeply into each other’s eyes, fingers intertwined. The Princess pulled the knight’s face closer until their lips crashed into a passionate kiss, quickly being followed by—

No, no, no.

He took a deep breath, and a reassuring laugh as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Preposterous. Not just the bizarre scenarios his mind had brewed, but the whole idea of the Princess having feelings for her appointed knight. His breathing felt less heavy now, and he shook his head with a smile as he stared to the ceiling, as if silently making fun of himself for having such fanciful thoughts.

He recalled the Princess seemingly despising the knight, judging by the cold stares she would give him each day as they were to leave the Castle. The Sheikah had barely seen them lately, being occupied with his own art, but nothing could have changed that drastically, right?

But then… what could possibly explain the foreign warmth in her eyes as he passed by her earlier in the evening? What else could it possibly be, if not that?

His chest tightened again. It was futile to fight against the increasingly real possibility that the Princess was in love – and not with him, a sensible talented artist – but with an awkward boy with a sword that seemed too big for him. With Link.

The poet caught his reflection in the mirror – he looked distressed. His hair was disheveled, his face was paler and his eyes… he saw them green. Not a beautiful, blooming green like the Princess’s, but a sick, spiteful shade that he would never want her to lay eyes upon, lest she find out about his true feelings. 

He looked away from the repulsive image in the mirror. His eyes were before full of love and admiration, but now… now they were this. Dancing between shades as swiftly as hers, but picking the wrong colors. He sighed, slowly making his way back to the desk.

His eyes were poetry he would keep to himself.

we know that james losing thomas was what brought captain flint into the world. we know that james losing john will be what eventually ends captain flint. these are facts!! we can almost guarantee (looking at the odyssey and don quixote and the story about his grandfather in 209) that james won’t die from rum poisoning and instead will retire and find peace [prayer circle formation]

the question we should be asking is /how/ losing john enables him to find peace. how can it be so tragic if he is able to find sanity afterwards? if thomas is alive we know it’s not going to be as simple as flint dropping everything and choosing him over of the war (over silver). he asked flint if he would give it all up to have thomas back and flint told him that ‘he wouldn’t want me to’. but like silver says that wasn’t what he asked. he wanted to know if he /would/ choose thomas and flint doesn’t actually give him an answer. why? because either he wouldn’t give up the war for thomas or that he can’t choose between the two. being with thomas would mean giving up his dream for nassau and also john, whereas if he continued fighting he would be fulfilling what they wanted to achieve all those years ago, and he would get to do it all standing by john’s side. if anything this is proof that if thomas does come back flint won’t just leave silver in a heartbeat. he is part of who he is now. he is the only person that actually understands him. maybe even more than thomas and miranda ever did. it wouldn’t be easy for him to just leave that part of him behind. remember he’s lived as flint for more than 10 years now. everything that he has become during that time doesn’t just go away when you want it to. he lost miranda. i don’t see how getting thomas back could ever fix that, not with all the guilt he carries from it. it would always eat away at him and that’s why i’m having difficulty seeing him find peace. also there’s the likelihood that thomas would not be the same man anymore, and just like james would have changed completely. like as much as i want to believe it would be all good i know that it wouldn’t be, they’d have to rebuild their relationship up from scratch and we wouldn’t get to see it hence a none satisfying and very confusing uncertain ending that a lot of viewers wouldn’t understand. this is the main reason im not getting my hopes up about it because i just don’t see how they’d have time to pull it off, especially since we were told that it’s about silver/flint right down to the last scene.

so im still like ??? how will he find peace then? we’ve literally been told part of it. silver ending flint is what will give james peace. it’s /always/ come down to that. but why is it so tragic? we know that flint is fine with letting silver succeed him so?? why is it such a tragedy?? because they lost the war and silver tells him he has to give up??? like that’s it???? we literally already /KNOW/ that they’re not going to win the war so??? it just seems way too predictable to be the cause of their breakup. “who was silver to flint? the answer can’t be simple” its already confirmed that it’s not going to be simple, their relationship is /not/ going to be simple!!! so if they’re not just best friends what are they? soulmates? we know that they ‘love’ each other, we know that flint needed silver most of all, we know that silver is a summation of all the relationships flint has had so far. but /who was he/ to flint?

im going to speak plainly now because i just [sighs] cannot see for the life of me how this doesn’t involve romantic feelings. tbh even if flint wasn’t confirmed gay i would still be like ????? at the outcome of all this just being ‘agape’. at least one of them has to be /in love/ with other for this tragedy to be a tragedy. that’s the only way i see this working. either that or thomas does come back and james chooses john over thomas. either way it’s him choosing his past lover over the 'love of his life’ so idk about you but thats just about as unplatonic as you can get. i still have no idea how he’s supposed to find peace after all this though. maybe he just lets it all go, and /finally/ accepts the inevitable. maybe silver finally sees what it’s doing to him and let’s /him/ go for his own sake, and tells him 'it’s ok’. maybe silver knows that letting him stay on this path will lead to his actual death. and whereas before silver was encouraging him not to give up in order to save captain flint, now he’s the one actually encouraging him to let it go, but this time to save james mcgraw. maybe it’s silver that gives him peace but the tragedy of it all is that he can’t share that peace with silver, not just yet anyway

Pretty Boy (prologue)

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Pairing: Taemin x Reader (Appearance by Minho)

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 875

Warnings: for now none :)

Summary: you’ll have to wait for part 1 :)))

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Some head canons about Lance, Keith, and the Garrison.

Ok, so a while back my friend @the-colors-of-voltron and I were spit balling some head canons instead of studying for our anatomy test and I pointed out how when Lance first met Pidge it was really sweet that his first instinct is to invite her out so they can all get to know each other better and become friends. He doesn’t just think of people as fellow crew members he thinks of them as friends and tries to make friends with every new person he meets. This lead to a snow ball effect of us thinking of what life was like at the garrison, so here are those head canons:

- The other kids at the Garrison are super surprised at Lance’s immediate niceness. They all kind of expected this to be a super serious and rigid place and none of them thought they were going to make any friends there. Then they meet this dude who is a human ray of sunshine compared to the teachers and sergeants. They’re both confused and relieved to know that there’s someone who’s willing to be friends with everyone. (they’re all silently uncomfortable when Lance gets scolded and as much as they like him they probably fear Iverson more)

- Keith’s “discipline issue” was him demanding that the Garrison tell him what happened to Shiro on the Kerberos mission and when they refused to give him a straight answer he started yelling and call them liars (among probably a few other choice words) and they had to physically throw him out of the Garrison.

- Lance didn’t always hate Keith, he actually looked up to him a lot at first and saw him as a motivator to do better. 

- Lance only really started to see Keith as a rival because Iverson kept telling him that he was only there because Keith couldn’t cut it. (we also thought about how a conversation between the two of them about it would go down but more on that later.)

-  Lance is actually a bit angry and disappointed when he finds out Keith gets kicked out.Lance: *thinking* “Dude, you had such a bright future how could you throw that away? Now I feel stupid for looking up to you.”

- Lance was there the day Keith got kicked out, however he wasn’t in the same classes as Keith so didn’t know exactly what happened so he ended up hearing a highly distorted version of the story through the grape vine and anyone that could give him a better story won’t spill. All he knows is that he’s suddenly given the opportunity to take the test to rank up to fighter class. He passes.

- None of the other students are really torn up about Keith getting kicked out. To them Keith had always been kind of a shady dude so nobody really liked him. Despite the fact that he wasn’t very personable they put up with him because he was such a good pilot. Still though he was definitely not the most popular guy at school and he often had a short temper with his crew mates. To them he seemed to show up out of nowhere at the heels of the Garrison’s finest soldier (Shiro). He was so off putting/short tempered (as well as never really talking to people outside of the simulator/class, plus that one time he seemed to lose it when some kids like 4 tables away in the cafeteria were saying that *insert conspiracy here* couldn’t be real (”how did he even hear us from that far away??”)) the students just thought he was kinda off kilter and it was only a matter of time before he really snapped. The day he got kicked out was that day. (wasn’t this supposed to be short? oops my hand slipped.)

- Since Keith wasn’t really well like and Lance was considered super approachable a lot of them were really happy for him when he got ranked up to fighter class and they hoped that he could prove Iverson wrong.

- Everyone secretly wished they could be on Lance’s crew, even if he isn’t the best they all think flying with him would be a much better time.

-Some of them actually cry when they find out Hunk and Pidge are assigned to his team.

and that’s the end of that. we wrote these a couple months ago and tbh we always have new ideas so idk how we’ll feel about these in a while but for now we think they’re fun to think about, hope you guys think so too. 

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So, I'm new to actually...Thinking J2 are in love. For the longest time I thought "conspiracy theory!!" but as of late, I decided to be open-minded and, well, now I see it. I was wondering, can you remember the thing or moment that first made you realize they're in love? Tbh I think they love their wives, but I don't think they're IN love with them. I get the feeling they're sweet, close friends and parents together but not in love. Again I'm VERY new so I don't truly know about the wives.

But also…Idk how to feel about Gen. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t mesh quite as well with J2? What do you think? (Sorry if you’ve answered similar questions before, again I’m new as in like…Only today literally did I finally realize lol)

hey! it’s cool to hear you now see the light! thanks for being open minded!

for me there wasn’t a specific moment that made me go: “ok that’s it THAT is gay” lol no, it’s just an accumulation of things and looking at the big picture

so long story (not so) short:

i started watching spn in summer 2015, and dug in the fandom in september 2015 and the thing is i never gave a shit about jared and jensen and conventions and all, i figured they got along but didn’t care more than that because i was only in it for sam and dean and during those months i never EVER saw once a tinhat post or even a mention that there are fans who think j2 are together all i saw was posts by people shipping j2 being like “hahaha they are such husbands!” you know? but only in a joking shipper tone so i never took it seriously and the way i found about their relationship was purely coincidental!! so i could have never learnt about them at all if not for this coincidence!!! 

i found @jaredandjensendaily blog by pure luck (i suggest you read it if you haven’t yet, it’s really great) and it was the most shockng experience of my fandom life i swear to god because i really did NOT expect something like that coming from jared and jensen lmao, i remember EXACTLY when and where it happened, and i was in a shop and i was staring at my phone for like 10 minutes like “what the fuck is THIS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!” so i was really excited and interested but it was 100% the thrill of discovering a big secret and pure juicy gossip lmao i still didn’t give a shit about j2 themselves, and she talked about j2 being together like its the most natural and obvious thing in the world (which it is but i didn’t know that at the time) and i was like “WHAT??? IS SHE SERIOUS????!!!!!” 

anyway on her blog she linked “speak the truth”   and said to read it if you’re a newbie so i did it and was truly impressed, i wasn’t convinced at all but i was definitely leaning on the j2 tinhat side and since i was interested i made research and started looking for tinhats blogs and all and watching conventions and little by little you start seeing the patterns and you start seeing and witnessing how much j2 love each other and since speak the truth stops in early 2013 i learnt thanks to tinhat blogs that j2 actually live in the same place which made me go “WAIT WHAT?????!!!!!” and again with time you discover new slips and inconsistencies and you see that j2 spend all their time together instead of with their “wives” lol so in the end you understand that the only logical reason that explains all of that (the slips, the inconsistencies, the them always being together and living together and raising their kids together and getting married at the same time and people they work with saying how much they get along and actually witnessing how much they get along during cons and knowing the only reason spn went for so long was because of how well they get along and the not brotherly looks they give each other etc etc etc) the ONLY reason it all makes sense is that they’re in love and have to hide it because otherwise it would put an end to the show, THIS  is the key that exlains everything else, them being gay and bearding is the last piece that completes the puzzle, that explains all the weird and shady stuff that surrounds j2

so it’s been a while now that im 10000% sure that j2 are together and what they have is relationship goals and every day with more slips and the time they spend together or the damage control that comes after they look too gay (couch couch date night incident), they only convince me more and more

so yeah no, sorry, there’s no one thing that sealed the deal for me, it’s everything put together that does it and honestly i really don’t get how people can be convinced by one moment, i get when people go to conventions and see them together IRL and they’re struck by their love but just one moment?? nah man i need some cold hard facts, and catching j2 red handed in their lies, that’s what truly convince me

to me understanding j2 are together is 50% seeing how beautiful their love is and the sacrifices they make to stay together in this homophobic business and society and it’s 50% respecting myself because i hate how j2 and their PR team treat us like fucking morons and think we’re all stupid sheeps and they can sell us their bullshit narrative and we’ll swallow it and say thanks, yeah no i have my fucking pride and im not gonna let those assholes make fun of me like that no way

about the wives, youll learn little by little why people (me included) dont like them and dont believe they’re close friends 

but basically danneel was a party girl, drinking, doing drugs and forced jensen into the marriage by going on the ted casablanca show assuring everyone she will marry jensen so jensen was trapped but after jj’s birth she calmed down and now shes pretty low key so now she’s the “good” beard, and also jensen is giving jobs to her entire family with the beer business and that’s annoying to me, she can fuck off

and gen was cool at first but jared was always the one doing the most OTT bearding *insert eye rolls*, also people dont like her cos she cant act and ruined ruby and she’s gotten worse and worse with the years, fighting with the Js leading to jareds breakdown in 2015 and now with all that instagram bullshit to have all the attention on her bla bla bla and with the latest vid of her with jared shes officially THE worst tm (and with this latest vid i think it’s an understatement to say she doesn’t mesh with j2 lmao) so she really needs to fuck off lol

but most of the relationship with the wives is based on behind the scenes talks so there is no hard proof of that and i suggest you make your own opinion, take your time, but just don’t believe it when j2 say they have a support system with the wives thats utter bullshit, they just push the narrative that they’re  a big family to make it look normal that they (j2) spend that much time together, live together and raise their kids together and if it weren’t for those bearding arrangements j2 would never spend that much time with gen nor danneel so nope not a close friendship

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nobody gets why I used to love Brendon and now I dont, and its like??? Bc I didnt know the Facts and the Tea. Like, okokok, he can fat shame, make jokes abt trans ppl, mouth/say (i cant remember which) the n word (or some variation idk bc idc), litterally brag about turning away girl scouts, have like?? 10+ writers on this last album, and constantly be pitchy in preformances... yet here yall are... in 2017, stanning him. sigh.

i mean tbh i feel like we all liked brendon at some point in being a panic fan like especially depending on how early u became a fan. what people rly dont understand that changing ur opinion on something doesnt mean ur a flake or a fake stan or watever it just means that u learned things that changed ur perspective its not that deep

ah. i’m so overwhelmed tbh.
everywhere i look, there’s someone prettier or more successful than me and it makes me feel like utter shit.
i know i’m not supposed to compare my progress and self to other people, but i can’t help it.
i can’t help but look at someone with clear skin, good grades, happiness, etc. and feel as though i’m not good enough.

lately i’ve been feeling really down.
i’m overwhelmed with school,
i’m sad because of my acne and weight,
i’m devastated because literally anyone who i like— likes someone else and it hurts.

idk it just doesn’t help when i already feel shitty about myself and how i am.

i just want to be satisfied and happy with myself and my life;
but i’m starting to think that it’s not going to happen because every damn time something good in my life comes, it leaves before i even know it.

fuck my life tbh.
i’m logging off now.
i need to cry or some shit.
i love you all, stay safe.
dunno when the next time i’ll long on will be but either way; stay safe and remember you’re more important than these negative thoughts that i’m giving examples of rn.