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Hii sorry if you are not doing this but can you write about sarcastic and lowkey mean slytherin girlfriend and flirty gryffindor boyfriend?I think thats best ship tbh together they could rule the world or something lol

Gryffindor: oh my gosh, you are the most srubborn, hot headed, frustrating person I have ever met.
Slytherin: that explains it then.
Gryffindor: explains what
Slytherin: why you are so head over heels for me.
Gryffindor: whatever you are so full of it
Slytherin: *throwing herself against his back* I prefer the term confident.
Gryffindor: you would you lunatic~
Slytherin: Aw, you’re sweet.
Gryffindor: I hate you *totally doesn’t hate her*
Slytherin: Aw darling I love you too

*idk how gryffindors would flirt so I guessed*

actually he does!!
this is an email u could find in 2d’s computer back on the old kong studios site:

so it’s canon that he has kids…somewhere lol

i made sydney as a joke based on that email and then i thought “HEY but what if he was stuck with her for whatever reason????” and imo it was an interesting idea bc 2d isn’t dad material at all (i mean he can’t even pay child support properly lmao) so i thought it’d be fun to see how he tries (emphasis on tries bc he kinda sucks) to raise syd despite having p much zero experience with kids and stuff like that……and that’s basically how i came up with this au thing lol

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prerna please tell me more about valek i feel like i will love him from page 1 (or whatever page he first appears lol)

omg jay you will love him!!!!!! well I’m kind of scared to hype him up cause what if he doesn’t live up to your expectations?? but idk he’s greAT and you will love him I mean:

- darkling vibes??? he’s not a villain though but that tragic backstory stuff y’know we got from aleksander is kind of here idk how to explain it without spoilers but you’ll see

- takes commitment and promises and oaths etc very seriously aka loyal af

- would kill for those he’s loyal to of course

- kills anyway since he’s literally an assassin but you know!!!!

- smart af, sly af, conniving af, sneaky af etc etc

- amazing male lead!!!!!! the love and respect he has for yelena is A+ and shames every other /alpha/ lead 

and idk tbh I read this a year ago and I don’t remember much details but TRUST ME!!!!!! and the diversity/rep is amazing so there’s that too


Top 5 (Edit: 10) Ships You’ll Go Down With To The Bitter End!

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YOSH! So this is not in order cause I love them all so much (maybe the first ship a bit TOO much….ANYWAYS)!!! Don’t bash me if you don’t like any of these ships!

Sorry if I have more then one or two gifs XD

1. Ichigo Kurosaki X Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM?! I AM OBSESSED *tries to stay calm* be still heart, be still…

I shipped them (before I even knew the term “otp”) when episode 1 first came out! They just…belong together. Like, I could type a 10 page essay on why they are perfect together; however, I will not do that. They understand each other. They care for each other (a bit TOO much on Ichigo’s part lol although Rukia is getting there). They are literally the KING and QUEEN; DEATHBERRY; WHITE MOON/BLACK SUN. But, the most important thing about this ship is the way the look at each other - at least to me it is. That eye smex tho 


2. Hitsugaya Toushiro X Karin Kurosaki (Bleach)

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Now, I know you guys are probably like “WTF is wrong with you, steph?!” or “Why the hell do you ship them? They never meet in the manga!!” BUT!!! They had TWO episodes that mainly focused on them! I don’t care if they’re filler! Kubo could’ve made those two episodes about other things, like Ichigo and the gang or what goes on in Soul Society other than fighting or even Kannoji! *coughs* anyways…

I think they’re amazing together! They have great chemistry. Plus, I love it when Toushiro protects her from danger! (^3^) I’m just weird like that lol Just look at the HItsuKarin tags and see why I love them!

3. Okita Sougo X Kagura Yato (Gintama)

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Honestly, you have to read the manga/watch the anime to understand why this ship is so so SO cute and obvious! You can even read some of the tumblr users posts about their moments!

4. Natsu Dragneel X Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

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OH.MY.GOD  THIS FREAKING SHIP GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS I CAN’T STAND IT BUT I LOVE IT XD They’re SO meant to be and it’s obvious with the moments they had together!! I can’t explain these feelings lo it’s an emotional roller coaster ridel! They just need to kiss and make babies right now!!!!

5. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

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HNNNNNNNG this ship is AH-MAY-ZING! (yes I know how to spell lol) I just love the development between these two. The reason why I chose gifs of mostly Gray is because of his development in the ship (if that makes sense….? Idk if does but whatever) 


6. Hinata Shoyo X Yachi Hitsuoka (Haikyuu!!)

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THIS ADORABLE SHIP!!! I will seriously go to the ends of the earth with this ship! 

7. Kuroo Tetsurou X Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!!)

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OMG WHO WOULDN’T SHIP THESE TWO!?! Like holy shit man! You can easily tell Kuroo cares about him A LOOOT (same goes with Kenma but it’s more obvious with Kuroo maybe it’s just me).

8. Haru Nanase X Rin Matsuoka (Free!!)

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I swear they seriously need to make out or more cause they way the look at each other…*whistles* But, seriously watch the anime if you haven’t in order to understand what I am talking about XD

9. Sora X Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

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Shipped these two since Kingdom Hearts I came out lol hardcore shipper for these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Namine x Roxas

love love love love love these two!!! I hope we see more interaction from them in KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had so much fun with this!

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Lol it's good that you have such a relationship.I just asked how you feel about him. Well, just in a nutshell as it is. Sexy/not sexy, talented/ungifted ecttt. I'm not insisting of course, if you're not comfortable. I'm actually asking this because I've met quite a lot people from Malaysia who don't like him. I thought you could explain why lol (They didn't answer me)




how… to… explain… like, i have to admit, reading up more about him now post-r1 has really changed my opinion, because i was one of those malaysians (lmao????). idk man, he just didn’t have a good rep in east asian pop culture, as far as i can explain badly, because i’m not chinese literate so this is allllll cultural osmosis. something about his conduct on film sets or whatever, but don’t take my word for it abt those. but it IS true, if u were to ask a typical person who consume east asian pop culture, a lot of people wrote him off as an asshole. mind you, a lot of that has to do with his movie persona, because he’s also usually typecasted as a villain most of the time (at least for the movies with him that actually did well at the box office). also his movies has a 60:40 ratio of bombing for good reason when he’s lead (pls cue the two hours i will never get back from the monkey king). of course i find him quite tolerable now??? undeniably he’s handsome and talented, NO QUESTION, but idk. that’s decades of conditioning i have to get over, you understand. :D PLEASE DON’T HATE US WE HAVE BAGGAGE LMAO

So hi, it’s me (hannah baker?) lmao no. Last year it’s kinda hard and rough life for me and I almost ignore everything just to survive in the pits of hell. Ive been suffering from my panic attack, anger issues and anxiety that affects my performance at school and even my relationship to my friends and fam. I just want to say sorry for being moody and against to everything…It’s hard to explain why and idk how to handle this stupid feeling. I guess the universe loves to see me from suffering in this kind of idk what they call it, psychological pain? mental pain? whatever. But thanked god I survive. Although I’m dealing these^^ kind of negativities everyday, there’s alot of things that I really appreciate and makes me inspire to go and fulfill my duties.

okay let’s stop this drama and start to this positivity blog (lol ang korni ng title) no?
okay a little bit of background:

7 years ago I started blogging about relatables and personal blogs. my first tumblr name is ninaynastic (yuck so jeje) hahahahaha followed by sandoknibuninay. Gaaahd I miss that tumblr name! (had so many friends and memories there) Until one day, one of my real-life friend is rotting me and spill all of my personal problems and rants to my friends. Yup. It sucks. So I decided to changed it again and abandon it anymore (because of that traumatic situation).

Anywaysssss back to now. (the present)
where I decided to be more positive in life and blog about it. Probably this blog is about me’ being anxious freshgrad millennial who faces the real world lol.



This is my typing of GOT7 (aka my number 1 bias group)

JB: ISTJ/ISTP, I think he’s mostly ISTJ now although I see his former ISTP show itself every now and then in his mannerisms and reactions, JB is very well mannered and has a sense of duty which drive his leadership in the group, not particularly feely, seems quite shy and quiet when not among his members, has said before that out of all the members, he woukd date himself if he was a girl because he’s known himself for 22 years (Si much?), JB was definitely an ISTP before the GOT7 days since he described himself as the “neighborhood gangster” (JB said that he would easily get into fights) and Jimin (from 15&) said that he used to be very cold but has softened up (aww)  

Junior: INFJ, speaks very poetically and abstractly and likes to read novels (Ni), always careful about other members’ feelings and is called the “mom” of GOT7, Yugyeom has said that Jr always thinks ahead (Ni) whereas he (Yugyeom) focuses on the present time, Jackson says Jr holds himself to very high standards (he said “Jr is like one of those people who become sad at getting a 97% on test and will sulk for a year about it),

Mark: INTP, (TBH I’m probably least sure of Mark) doesn’t seem particularly gregarious and doesn’t talk very much, INTPs do not like to pursue a romantic interest (Mark: “I want a girl who will make me want to be with her”) and are among the highest types likely to learn a foreign language. His friends back in CA and also Jackson both describe Mark as “down” to do whatever (hence the P I’m guessing?)

Jackson: ESFP, ESFP’s are also known as “The Performer” (need I explain this more?)

Youngjae: ENTP, I don’t get introvert vibes from him, he seems like he enjoys being around others, not very emotional (in GOT2DAY YJ was laughing as he was telling a (rather scary) story of how he almost got mugged lol), YJ also loves to troll people (a signature trait of ENTPs), he’s stated before that he doesn’t think he’ll ever get married (idk something all my ENTP friends have said before coincidentally)

Bambam: ExFJ, (I cannot tell if he uses Si or Ni because I’ve seen different things from him that could mean either Si or Ni but I’m leaning towards Ni), BB loves being around others, he’s the “Fan Service King” and is very kind to his fans (Fe), always spends alot of time trying on different airport outfits (J),

Yugyeom: ESTP, has said that he himself is very focused on the present, always dancing around and others in JYP have ranked him as one of the “craziest” JYP artists (Se), definitely a Ti user (bullying and disobeying his hyungs ect),

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Doodle do you have any tips on drawings eyes? Mine always look wonky and not the same as each other and I'd like the fix that. Is there a certain good way to draw them? Do you think it's better to start with the iris or the outer part of the eye?

(sorry it’s so blurry you might wanna try going on mobile to properly view the image)

Okey dokie I drew this hoping it might be helpful but I’m shit at explaining either way so let’s go both. I usually go one eye at a time, but doing bit by bit for both eyes might be most accurate symmetry-wise. To be honest, I don’t really have a system for drawing eyes, and for the most part, I just go with the flow and draw whatever, but I realize that isn’t a good way, for both myself and people who ask me for help. 

Anyways, back to the explanation, if you have a digital art program that can flip the canvas, then that might be one of the most helpful things to check if it’s symmetrical, but when I draw on paper, I like to hold my paper up to the light and see the drawing from the back to check it. I can’t even trust myself to draw properly on one side without checking because my sense of balance is so off lol. Guidelines are your best friend when you’re trying to match up the eyes, and you’ll have an easier when you’re following those lines to make sure the details match up with each other. Also, if you’re trying to go for symmetry, try to use the same motions for the each eye so you don’t end up with something strange (idk how to explain this, but try to repeat whatever you drew on one eye to the other, but flipped). 

I’m really not the best person to ask, since I’ve struggling with symmetry myself, and I’ve been getting pretty pissy when I’m drawing because my old methods haven’t been working and now I’m basically starting from scratch lol. But just try to remember that in real life, eyes aren’t always perfectly symmetrical, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Also, sometimes people won’t even notice if it isn’t all that symmetrical, so don’t fret if it’s something minor. I hoped this helped (to some degree) and I believe in you anon! If you have anything else you don’t understand, feel free to ask me again, (or someone else that actually knows what they’re doing) but I’ll try my best to explain!