idk how to explain whatever lol

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Hii sorry if you are not doing this but can you write about sarcastic and lowkey mean slytherin girlfriend and flirty gryffindor boyfriend?I think thats best ship tbh together they could rule the world or something lol

Gryffindor: oh my gosh, you are the most srubborn, hot headed, frustrating person I have ever met.
Slytherin: that explains it then.
Gryffindor: explains what
Slytherin: why you are so head over heels for me.
Gryffindor: whatever you are so full of it
Slytherin: *throwing herself against his back* I prefer the term confident.
Gryffindor: you would you lunatic~
Slytherin: Aw, you’re sweet.
Gryffindor: I hate you *totally doesn’t hate her*
Slytherin: Aw darling I love you too

*idk how gryffindors would flirt so I guessed*