idk how to explain fandom

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

why is teenage fandom culture so bad. it was bad then and it’s bad now

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hello! so what's the difference between six of crows and the raven cycle (like the plots n stuff) because honestly after seeing all of these edits on tumblr all of the books just get morphed into one in my head

six of crows:

  • ya fantasy heist novel
  • really diverse. like really diverse.
  • characters are all morally gray
  • you’ll probably see edits with a shit ton of crows, ravens, a general bird theme going on
  • maybe some card decks
  • also weapons
  • great portrayal of girl/girl friendship
  • poc and lgbtq+ representation done well

the raven cycle:

  • you’ve probably heard of gansey
  • white preppy boy™ aesthetic
  • ya magical realism/paranormal/urban fantasy ?
  • the plot is fuckin Weird and idk how to really explain
  • welsh kings?
  • fandom aesthetics make some characters poc (but they’re really all white yiiiikes)
  • blue sargent is the main character and she has 4 frands, aka the “raven boys”

idk if i answered your question but here ya go

Honestly, 80% of the reason I adore the Yugioh fandom is because they don’t participate in this “Omg u r ship is abusive and problematic!!” bullshit.

  • me: so today's been a nice, regular day. i got my coffe, my new sketchbook, now i'll just find a nice cafe with wifi to...
  • me: *goes on tumblr*
  • me: ...
  • me: *frantically googling "tony stark/justin trudeau ao3"*
  • me: today will forever go into the annals of history. today's the day all of the fandoms sins have been absolved. today my skin has cleared and my crops have been blessed with water. today