idk how to draw them so oop

dog-lock  asked:

would greed and denari be buds or would they hate each other? they're pretty similar in personality so i can imagine a friendship between them would be either the best thing ever or just a complete miss

I kinda figure Denari would be his Usual Asshole Self to Greed tbh, which would either end in lots of getting decked in the face with a carbon fist OR they’d be real good drinkin buddies. idk how to draw ppl gettin punched tho oop

sekaryu  asked:

Heyo! I checked your FAQ before asking but i didn't see it- so I apologize if you've answered this before! But I was wondering how you keep your art looking so sharp and pretty on Tumblr? I know you chop them up when they get too big- but how do you keep the rest of them looking gorgeous when they aren't "tumblr" dimensions? Thank you and I adore your art!


I don’t rly do anything special tbh; the only thing I can think of is that I actually draw on very large canvases, and scale them down to post online. 

The one on the left started out as ~2500x3500 px, but I posted it as ~600x700px.