idk how to draw couple stuff


Just so you can see how I draw some of the skeles that I do, as stated earlier in the “ sketchy updates” a couple of posts back :>

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are you gonna draw any more mp100?

possibly? sorry pal I still love it, it’s just I’m trying to not draw/look at screens too much since *that-thing-that-happened* so I’m likely to be slow on fanart doodles for the next couple of days/weeks (also you gotta remember I’m like, one of those dreadful people who does huge splurges of fanart for a thing for a few months then moves onto yet another obsession like bro were you even here for my Gravity Falls stint that was wild)

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would u mind idk explaining or making some kind of tutorial on how you color you stuff?

I’ve been thinking back and forth because truthfully idk what I’m doing most of the time and I just make everything up as I go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also don’t think I’m reinventing the wheel here and what I do isn’t any different from what you can find in every other colouring tutorial on the internet, so I thought I’d just take some screenshots of whatever my process is in the hope that it might help you in some way?

But then I remembered that I already did that when I was drawing this thing a couple of months ago and for some reason never posted the gif. It’s a bit older now obviously and I think (hope) I’m constantly improving, but the basic steps are still more or less the same

  • flat colours (use 3892789872 layers if you have to. I know I do)
  • block in basic shadows/highlights etc
  • refine, throw in an overlay layer (or three), rinse, repeat until you’re satisfied (or just want to give up)
  • colour the lineart
  • merge/group all the layers and draw finishing touches on top

switch/skip/expand on any step as you see fit! And let me know if you have any questions :]

so umm heres the finnished thing, i never usually name stuff but the name monument seven kinda fitted? idk lol

this drawing was inspired/based off of by this drawing - i love monument valley so these peices of art were amazing to me so i thought id do a version with seven cuz why not?

but yeah after a couple or more days of doing this, ive fianlly finnished. im nto all too happy with how the stars turned out but i guess it looks okay then again im not quite happy with how the background turned out but i cant be bothered to fix it so yeah


So a couple of months back, all the mods of @securecontainplsno tried to draw each other in their styles and ah….well I was doing stuff so I didn’t have time until now also i forgot and so I decided to do them today while I had time, Top one is my usual style, but i havent drawn myself in forever so i just did it quick to get it overwith lol

@beheeyem honestly I dont know how you make everything you draw so cute??? like your art style distills everything into its cutest form and idk how to even begin to replicate that??? and how you color looks like colored pencil and anyway????

@caffeinateddecaf I made you a homestuck im so sorry. Your art style is super hard like???? your colors are top notch and i dont even know how you do lineless like its nothin? and making ppl round but also sharp? um?


In this great inbetween stage with my art

Objectively it’s bad, I have some kind of style going but it’s fairly flawed anatomically and has very little detail, plus I only ever draw the same three characters

But on the other hand, most of the stuff I make just incites such joy in me when I see it again, like “yes I remember the emotions I had right then, and the story behind the picture, I’m so glad I have it preserved like this”

wow. so...Josh's inconsistent age means that the crew's work doesn't matter? wooooow.

First of all, I cannot believe there are people who actually believe dialogue is the only thing that really matters on a teleVISION show.

Like wow. Unless you are a younger teenager or a child, that level of ignorance is just sad. It’s pathetic. Why do you even bother watching the show? Just read a transcript and make everything else up in your head. Or listen only to the audio. Why even bother praising the crew? You clearly don’t believe their jobs mean anything or contribute anything meaningful to the story.

If the only important element of how this story’s being told was the words, Girl Meets World would be a damn novel, not a television series. And a damn boring novel at that, with nothing but dialogue. Clunky dialogue too, since they’d have to be constantly describing where they are and what they’re doing.

Second of all: WOW! are there really people who don’t understand how completely aware these writers are of the various continuity issues (particularly in the old show)? Y'all wanna use the discontinuity of BMW to discount the level of visual detail and intricate plotting on GMW (which, like BMW, constantly makes self-deprecating jokes regarding imperfect continuity), but you don’t seem to understand the difference between screwing up the continuity and screwing up the STORY. Y'all sit there acting like they just eff up the continuity without realizing or caring. No. They’re more than aware, most of the time.

The actual deal is that these writers are willing to toss certain types of continuity out the window if it’s more convenient or if doing so MAKES THE STORY BETTER. And when they do, you can pretty much bet they’ll lampshade it eventually. They know. Cue Morgan: “That was the longest time out of my life!” (And can we talk about how Jacobs wished he could use both Lily & Lindsay interchangeably on GMW, cutting between them as if they were the same actor? 😂)

There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between not giving two flips about Josh’s exact age and dressing the set or the characters for a particular episode. Characters are dressed with intention and their costuming is chosen carefully to serve the story. Even if the kids get some degree of creative input, they are NOT just waltzing into wardrobe and dressing themselves in whatever. Just about everything you see onscreen is there with some kind of a purpose, even if it’s just to give the actors some movement. But most of what you see is there to INFORM and HELP TELL THE STORY. Right down to the crew taking the time to SWITCH OUT the Matthews’ appliances for something cheaper in the Bay Window flashback to Auggie’s birth. It was even confirmed at the taping last week that Michael Jacobs himself is involved and very hands-on in choosing what goes on the classroom walls and what the bulletin boards look like. Why would the freaking executive producer be involved with that stuff if it didn’t matter?

It’s not an issue of “not knowing” how old Josh is, it’s a matter of NOT CARING. Because Josh’s exact age doesn’t matter. This story is not about Josh Matthews or his exact age. If it serves the current storylines better for him to be three years older than Maya instead of just two, if they WANT him to be 18 today instead of 17 (oh hey, happy birthday Josh!), then he’s 18! Hell, back on BMW he went from being a premature newborn to a toddler in one season flat. And they KNOW this. I guarantee you when they decided to bring him back for GMW, someone in the room said “okay, how old should Josh be? his original birth age or the age he’d be based on how he looked in the series finale?” And what’s more, if they decide in season three that they wanna make him an uber-young college freshman (perhaps so his potential involvement with Maya is less…issue-ridden), they will make him 17 again without batting an eyelash. They don’t care about maintaining perfect continuity, but for the most part they KNOW when they’ve tossed it out the window. Not every time (the whole thing with Lucas’s mom/Crazy Hat seems to have got by them, for example), but most of the time.

I mean jfc, if you think these writers aren’t totally aware of most of the discontinuity, please go watch Topanga tell Riley about her and Cory’s first date(s) again. Or, idk, listen to that bit in Pluto about how history books can be wrong…THEY KNOW.

People are seriously trying to say visual details don’t matter on teleVISION and that they aren’t keeping track of this stuff or deploying it with intention because they “don’t know” Josh’s age, and yet we’ve got stuff like the return of May’s guitar, Maya’s drawing from Boy on the wall in the fake Maya’s room, Beary-Bear repeating in a couples episodes, Farkle’s turtlenecks as a recurring motif (and mentioned in the DIALOGUE, so), NOT TO MENTION the whole thing with Lucas’s boot(s). I PROMISE you the wardrobe and set and prop departments keep track of stuff like that. I GUARANTEE you the writers and the crew are more than aware of symbolic objects and their placement in the show (how many horses and unicorns were there in the Bay Window musical scene again? 😂)

Hell, at the taping I went to last week, there was a guy who basically just rolled and unrolled the rug in Riley’s room in between takes for a while. Literally. Someone earned at least part of their paycheck last week by picking up and putting a rug back down between takes. And that’s not even for any kind of a major story hint, it was just for visual consistency between the shots and to keep the cameras from having to roll over the rug when they pushed in for closer shots of the actors. (Although of course the rug is part of the new decor of Riley’s room, which helps tell the story visually by showing us how she’s matured—a more grown-up room for a more grown-up girl.) For one of the kitchen scenes, they had a guy taking photos of where the food props were and then resetting them just-exactly-so for each new take. And that was pretty much just for a pair of juice glasses Topanga was moving from the table to the counter. They were keeping meticulous track of the relatively mundane objects in those scenes, and I GUARANTEE you similar attention is paid to symbolic elements when it comes to props and set dressing.

GAH! I am just sick to damn death of ignorant buffoons devaluing and dismissing the artistry of this show. Good lord. Pull your head out and APPRECIATE the freaking ART in front of you. Wift your heads already.

idk how many of u guys know him but i recently got back into watching haydunn’s videos–he’s a super chill guy and he does pokemon lets plays and stuff like that. you should check him out!!