idk how to draw couple stuff


(Please don’t steal)


I’ve been a couple of years in tumblr but i’ve never thought about making a blog about drawing because i want to see if my drawings are cool or they’re horrible and i’ll never improve them, so I thought, why not now? 

I’ll be honest, I have nO idea of how to use tumblr but I’ll try my best to make my blog look cool I promisE.

idk how many of u guys know him but i recently got back into watching haydunn’s videos–he’s a super chill guy and he does pokemon lets plays and stuff like that. you should check him out!!

Ashe’s Commissions

Things I Will Draw:

  • OC’s (Please provide a visual and/or detailed written reference)
  • Anime (Note: I am only doing the ones I know of)
  • RWBY
  • Love Live!
  • Couple stuff! (cuddles, kisses, mild lewdness, etc)
  • Animals 
  • Armor/Weapons
  • Undertale

Things I Refuse To Draw:

  • NSFW 
  • Heavy Gore
  • Anything Relating to Sexual Abuse

You can find examples of my work here

Other Information:

Backgrounds - Can be negotiated! The most likely price for a fairly detailed background is $8.00 (depending on how detailed the background is, that price will go up)

Wanna Add A Character? - Will be half of the original price of what you’ve decided on!

Ex. Character A = $25

Character B = $12.50

(In a simpler example: $25 for one character, $12.50 for every additional character)


The first half of the commission must be paid when the sketch is established
When the sketch is to your satisfaction, the second half must be paid when the piece is done

Remember to use this option when paying

If you would like to ask for a commission, please contact me with this email:

And please keep it in a format to this example:

Title: Commissions - <Your Username/URL>

Hello Ashe,

I’d like an artwork of [ex. Bust, Full Color], with [character].

[To make this easier for me and you, please attach any references you have of the character! Especially if they’re an OC!]

Finally, please signal boost!