idk how to color shows anymore :(

tag thing!!!

Aaaaaaahhhh ok so i was tagged by @letsprayitwritesitself which is WOW because i love their fics so much oh my gosh!!! Seriously go check them out!!!

Relationship Status: @racetrrack u silly gay

Fave Color: purple!!!

Lipstick or Chapstick: love me some lipstick my dudes!!!

Last Song You Listened To: How Bout A Dance from Bonnie and Clyde!!!! Have i mentioned im in love with Laura Osnes???

Last Movie You Watched: The Light Between Oceans

Top 3 TV Shows: ATLA!!!! um Merlin? and Turn: Washington’s Spies because im a slut for history lmao

Top 3 Characters: fuck this is hard,,, Davey Jacobs deffo rn,,, um Minerva McGonagall and uhhhhh idk i have too many to choose from ok!!!

Top 3 Ships: Javid, Merthur, and i dont watch spn anymore but destiel ok im sorry,,, also i have so many ships 3 is not enough :/

Books I’m Currently Reading: Grapes of Wrath (4 school) and The Lord of the Rings (4 my personal enlightenment)

Top 5 Musicals: Listen so i cant choose this accurately so im just going to list the ones ive been listening to recently! Newsies, Dear Evan Hansen, Bonnie and Clyde, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, and Spring Awakening!!!

Tag 9 people you want to get to know better: I’m going to tag the newsies discord squad, theyre a bunch of losahs i love them!!! @racetrrack @moonlightorpoetry @smackjelly @bentylershook @benfankhauserrr @spotsies @screamingnewsies                              @jewish-davey-jacobs  @gayjackkelly

Name: Talon
Gender: Genderfluid
Eye Color:  brown
Hair Color: brown
Relationship: Uh… idk.
Zodiac: Libra
Favorite Color: blue!
Favorite Season: All of them
Favorite Place: The woods, I guess.
Favorite Holiday: Uh… I’m not sure on holidays anymore :/
Favorite Video Game: Star Trek Online, Skyrim, WWE 2k17
Last show you watched: Haven’t watched TV in a while

What’s your honest opinion about your muse? - He’s lovely. But sometimes he can be a bit of a pushover.
Would you date your muse? - How could you not want to date him? He’s a sweet little cinnamon roll.

What are your favorite kinds of threads? - Angst. But I like everything
Are you a selective roleplayer? - Slightly
Do you have a favorite muse (if you have more than one)? - I do have more than one muse but not here sooooo…
What made you decide to join the fandom? - I’ve followed Anton’s movies for years. When I found out he’d be Chekov in the reboot movies, I followed… he’s perfect in the role, I fell in love with Pavel, lol.
Do you see yourself staying with the fandom for a long time? - Hopefully! Sometimes I feel like an outsider because of my ships but…

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